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Tarot cards were first introduced and used in the fifteenth century, and since then, it has been a fascination for most people. Most people that want a tarot card reading are always excited to know the outcome – it lets them know things that might happen.

However, technology has been transferred to all aspects of life. People now get their tarot card readings online, but the situation is not as straightforward as it seems.

The number of people who believe in tarot cards has increased over time, translating to an increase in demand for readings. Unfortunately, some people have taken this opportunity and developed the attitude of scam tarot believers with fake readings. This is why we did our research and curated five (5) of the best online tarot reading platforms that are legit.

We had criteria (s) that we followed in selecting these tarot reading platforms. Therefore, we will not only list the websites for you, but we will also give you important information about their services and what you are sure to get. We have also detailed our selection process to show you we prioritized quality and legitimacy.

Top 5 Online Tarot Reading Platforms With Free Tarot Trial [2022]:

  1. Purple GardenBest Tarot Reading Platform To Get Live Tarot Sessions
  2. KasambaAffordable Psychic Readers With Cheap Psychics Online
  3. Mystic SensePopular Psychics & Tarot Readers For Life Guidance
  4. Keen Renowned Tarot Card Readers With Long Experience In Spiritual Readings
  5. Psychic OzRecommended Psychic Reading Sites For Regular Psychic Guidance

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple GardenBest Tarot Reading Platform To Get Live Tarot Sessions


Tarot card believers well know this brand, and within the industry, the brand’s reputation reeks quality. This brand is versatile with the readings they offer to customers – they have a sustainable amount of experience (8 years) in reading cards. They have been consistent with the correctness of their readings.

They have various ways by which the reading can occur via live chat, video call, and phone call. It is left to the customer to choose the most convenient way for them. The platform houses many different advisors in skill, cost, experience, ratings, and specialty. Again, the customers are left to choose the advisor they would like.


  • One major that has helped the brand build the great reputation they possess now is its advisors on the platform. On the company’s side, when a new customer wants to get a reading, they always present them with the profile of all their advisors. These profiles contain a short biography of each advisor, their rating on the platform, and the number of jobs they have handled. The ratings shown to you are determined by previous customers who have patronized the advisors. In addition, there is a filter feature on the site that can help you cut down the options of advisors depending on the factors you select. Factors can be their price, the percentage of readings they have done, and the specialty of your reading.
  • The interpretation of reading differs based on advisors. This is one of the two differences between readings; the other is the card spread. The reading interpretation can be determined by the question a customer is searching for answers to. Readings vary based on a customer’s want – there are love, psychic, intuitive, and career readings.
  • Based on the information we gathered, the advisors on this platform are relatively affordable compared to others. The customer will also decide the process of the whole exercise. Based on your selection of either phone, chat, or video reading, the cost of the reading might increase or decrease. The charge for seeing an advisor is per minute; the length of your conversation with the advisor determines the total cost.
  • The brand has a mobile app to make communication with an advisor more comfortable. With this, you can have your reading anywhere; you do not need to be on a video call

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden


  • The brand’s website is of top quality.
  • Their advisors are always available 24/7
  • The pay-per-minute strategy helps the customer determine the total cost of their reading.
  • The readings are accurate.
  • Their advisors charge as low as $0.99 per minute of reading.


  • You can only access video and call readings via the Mobile app.
  • There is no return policy.

Why We Recommend This Brand

We recommend this brand because of their pay-per-minute billing; they offer different types of readings and offer accurate readings.

#2.KasambaAffordable Psychic Readers With Cheap Psychics Online


This is one of the long-standing tarot card reading sites; they have been in the business for two (2) decades. This brand is well known for the quality and accurate readings they have done in the past. Their readings are divided into two (2) cartomancy and angel card readings.

This brand does not offer customers the chance to book an appointment; however, they offer to send you a notification when an advisor is available.

Readings are available via live chat and phone calls. This brand offers discounts to both old and new customers; new customers enjoy up to 70% of their first reading.


  • This brand ensures that its advisors are of the best quality. They attain this by putting potential advisors through a screening exercise to determine if they are up to the standard. The brand understands the need to have quality advisors on board; this is why they have been able to sustain the brand.
  • This platform has a feature that lets you talk to an advisor via chat before the commencement of your reading. This way, customers can negotiate the reading price with the advisor. This essential feature helps both the customer and the advisor decide if they want to continue the reading.
  • Some other sites allow their new customers to enjoy a free first-time reading – it is different on kasamba. Also, any time you meet a different advisor for the first time, they will allow you three (3) minutes to understand how that advisor works and if that suits you.
  • The brand does its best to educate customers on its operations and the quality of readings they provide. They do this via their website by posting in-depth information. Through the website, customers can check through profiles of various advisors; that way, you get a better understanding of how each of them works, their ratings, their price, and the number of jobs they have done.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • The brand has a mobile app.
  • You can rest assured knowing you will get a quality advisor 24/7.
  • The brand’s customer service agents are top class.
  • They also offer customers the option of receiving their reading via email.
  • The brand has a refund policy for unsatisfied customers.


  • There is a selection of advisors that are available via phone call.

Why We Recommend This Brand

This brand knows the expectation of people when it comes to tarot readings, and they strive to meet those expectations. Their advisors take their time to explain readings to customers in the simplest terms possible.

#3. Mystic SensePopular Psychics & Tarot Readers For Life Guidance


This brand has been in operation for the last fifteen (15) years. All of the advisors on this platform are grouped into one, unlike the other platforms that separate them based on their specialty.

This makes it difficult to choose because customers will have to read the profiles of many advisors to see the one that suits the reading they want.

For example, it is much easier for someone to get a guided tarot reading on Mystic Sense because most of their advisors are mediums.


  • This is one of the platforms that have the book an appointment feature. The platform will inform you of the location of the advisor you choose and the different times they will be available; that way, you can choose any of the times and book your appointment. For example, you can book the day you want reading a week in advance. This feature is made easier as the advisor will be notified of your booking, and when it is time, they will call you.
  • The brand offers customers a free five (5) minutes of reading; however, this only applies to some selected advisors. After this, you can then decide on the advisor you would like to do a reading with. This feature is helpful to customers; you can use the free five (5) minutes to understand the advisor’s process and how much they charge – some charge up to $14 per minute.
  • The platform offers you a subscription package for new customers that gets you a twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes reading charged at $1 per minute. This package lasts for twelve (12) months. The free five minutes package is still part of this package. This subscription is only available to new customers and can only be done once.
  • The platform has some videos posted to help users understand the process of their readings properly. They tell you about how the platform operates, and they can help you create a reading schedule. This video has been earmarked to be helpful to those that are new to tarot readings or talking to mediums.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mystic Sense


  • Most of the advisors on the platform are affordable.
  • They offer tarot readings with an extra package of talking to a medium.
  • You can book an appointment with an advisor of your choice.


  • Selecting your advisor is tough as you would have to read through many profiles.

Why We Recommend This Brand

The medium-guided tarot reading is an advantage the brand has over others. This is helpful for those that would love to communicate with a dead family member or friend.

#4.KeenRenowned Tarot Card Readers With Long Experience In Spiritual Readings


This is the second brand we selected based on the quality they offer. This brand was established in 1999, and they have been in the business of reading tarot cards since then till now. They have successfully built a great brand with lots of quality advisors onboard.

This brand presents its advisors to customers, detailing their experience level and the rate they charge in their profile.

The lowest the advisors on this platform charge are $1.99 per minute – your reading can take place via call or live chat. In addition, the brand has a Paypal payment option for those skeptical about using their credit card.


  • For every customer, your first reading will be for free. But the reading can only last for three (3) minutes. This way, you can gauge the quality of the reading, which will help you decide if you want to continue.
  • On this platform, making appointments with an advisor is possible. This is useful for those with an advisor they are more comfortable with; instead of waiting for your turn, you can book an appointment. In addition, you can choose a conducive time for you and your advisor based on your difference in time zones.
  • The advisors that work on this platform are well experienced in the art; they have been doing this for years. They have maintained their work by building steady relationships with their clients. The platform also has a blog that its advisors use to post randomly to educate customers about the process and art. This is helpful to their customers – they can visit each advisor’s blog to see how they run their readings.
  • For customers that are indecisive about what they want, the platform has a feature that can help you decide on which to choose. You will be asked a couple of questions, and your questions will be related to the algorithm, which will decide on an advisor for you.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • The platform houses over 1700 advisors.
  • Their advisors are available online 24/7.
  • This platform has been at it for a while, so customers are assured of satisfaction.
  • The fact you can make an appointment makes getting reading more comfortable.
  • The brand’s website educates customers.


  • Some advisors on the platform charge plenty for their services.

Why We Recommend This Brand

This brand is one of those that ensure maximum value for the time spent. The appointment feature is advantageous to those who are busy. They also offer new customers a first-time free reading and can help you decide on an advisor.

#5. Psychic OzRecommended Psychic Reading Sites For Regular Psychic Guidance


This is the last website we selected. The brand has been around for over a decade, and they have successfully built a brand through the quality reading they provide. The brand is more of a live reading brand, and users have earmarked this as a good thing because they get to feel and experience everything.

However, the brand’s website can be tough to navigate because you are immediately presented with the profiles of many advisors. The downside Is that you will be required to sign up on the platform before being granted access to view the advisor’s profiles.

However, this does not bother most customers because the quality of the advisors makes up for great value for money and stress.


  • On the platform, customers can only pay for advisors’ services through coins. So your total payment is calculated based on coins per minute. After every session, your total coin amount can be converted to dollars to know how much you are paying. The lowest amount of coins charged is enough for a two (2) minute reading based on the prices.
  • There are videos posted on every advisor’s profile, so you can get a hack of how they run their readings. Users can only enjoy the full feature of the platform when they are signed up. There is a selection of questions users that are yet to sign up can ask advisors. Asking the advisor questions is not included in your reading time, and you can only send questions of your choice when you sign up. It is a way for you to meet the advisor and get to know them.
  • Thai brand runs an awards section every week to recognize the top advisor for that week. This is curated based on factors or marks an advisor needs to meet. Advisors earn their coins for these awards through their client interaction. At the end of every week, the top advisor is rewarded. This serves as an incentive for advisors to ensure their top-quality readings.
  • The brand operates a blog that educates users on tarot readings. A link to this blog is posted on their website to help users access it easily. Advisors are also allowed to post personal posts on the blog. The information posted on this blog is helpful to new believers of tarot readings.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Psychic Oz


  • There are live recordings of advisors for potential clients to watch.
  • Customers have the feature of awarding the advisor they love.


  • Customers are required to subscribe before they can access the price list of advisors.

Why We Recommend This Brand

This brand only offers the option of a live reading; this is better cause you can experience the whole scenery. In addition, the live reading feature also helps build trust between the client and the advisor.

How We Made The List Of Best Tarot Reading Platforms With Trusted Tarot Cards Reader:

Our research into curating this list was in-depth; we had to compile the names of brands that offer this service. Then, we checked through review sites and social media pages for client reviews on each site we compiled.

After these, we took part in some readings ourselves; we did this to understand if their process is of top quality, this way, we had first-hand experience of their expertise. Finally, we made our recommendation on the five (5) top brands with these.

These are the steps we took during our selection process:

  • Identifying Online Tarot Reading:

Identifying a tarot reading platform can be difficult, so this was our first step. Customers can enjoy free readings on some of these sites, while others are based on subscription and live readings. Surging through these platforms can be difficult for users, especially beginners. Checking through all sites available was exhausting, but we endured and ensured we checked through all of the platforms available.

  • Narrowed Down The List:

Knowledge of the sites was essential in helping us achieve this correctly. The only way to learn about these platforms was to go through the client reviews and the brand’s reputations. The brand’s history and time of existence say a lot about its operations over time and its success. The process of the readings was also something we considered; knowing it is more comforting to do a live reading session so that you can get your result immediately. We ensured the sites we selected were open about who their advisors are; this is information some sites withheld.

Some scam sites use an algorithm to run tarot readings; this means your result is generated hence why we insisted on selecting sites that offered live reading sessions.

The advisors’ price and availability time played a part in narrowing down the list. No one wants a site that charges exorbitant prices, and it is a lie that you can not get quality readings if you do not pay excessively.

  • Had Our Tarot Reading Experience:

After narrowing down our list to a smaller list, we decided to get a tarot reading from each platform. This gave us insight into the process of tarot readings on each platform and how they carry out the readings from start to finish.

This also helped us get a better visualization of their charging process. The quality of the advisors also mattered, how they carried out the card readings, their way of communicating their readings to customers, and how well they communicated.

  • Rate Each Platform Accordingly:

We decided to rate each of the sites we experienced according to our experiences. All of the things we have talked about above led us to select these five (5) brands above.

Our list was made according to how good we feel the platforms are and the quality of services they provide.

Buying Guide : Live Tarot Readings Session:

Experiencing a tarot reading comes with two types of emotions; you can feel excited about the whole process or feel terrified about the reading results. Understanding that feeling either of these emotions is possible will better help you navigate the process.

  • Have Some Background Knowledge of Tarot Cards

These readings are not that difficult to understand; although they may seem mysterious, they are still understandable. However, you will enjoy the reading process better when you have prior knowledge of the cards and what they are for.

When you are in a normal tarot reading session, there are seven-eight (78) cards; these cards are segregated into two parts which are the Major Arcana – which has twenty-two (22) cards, and Minor Arcana – which has fifty-six (56) cards.

The advisor’s set or section of cards depends on the advisor and the cards they feel more connected to. The spreads used during a reading are different from each other – there are different types. This is why the card drawings of an advisor, and the spread may differ from another advisor.

  • Do Not Expect a Prediction for The Future

This is one of the wrong mindsets to go into a reading with – you should avoid expecting a reading or prediction on your future. Mostly, tarot card readings focus on the current events in your life and how you can navigate the situations.

This way, you can tap into your intuition to help understand your situation better. In essence, the experience will help you through the current and future events that are likely to occur.

  • Have Clear Questions to Focus On

Having something you want the reading to focus on; will help you get a straightforward reading that will not cost much per-minute billing. Readings can be about different things, from love life to career.

First, however, you need to have an outline of the questions you will ask. Specific questions will help you get more straightforward answers with clear guidance. You should prepare beforehand; that way, you can ask your questions effectively.

  • Online Vs. Offline Tarot Card Reading

One of the better reasons you should prefer online tarot reading is that advisors are available at all times (24/7). This way, you can carefully schedule reading into your calendar when it fits. While for offline readings, the advisor has to find a way to fit you into their schedule, which might be an inconvenient time for you.

Another benefit is the no travel feature of online readings. You do not need to be in the same room as the advisor before getting your reading done. This is beneficial to people who are introverts. It is also your choice on how your reading will go. You can choose to have a live reading session or a live chat session.

The last benefit we are staying with is that you get free minutes to help you gauge the advisor. This way, you can get a short experience of what a reading with that advisor will be like. You can also ask questions about their process and their price. It is impossible to do all this when you have an offline reading.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Psychic Reading Sites:

Q1: Are the Results of Online Reading Accurate?

The interpretation of one advisor can differ from another. However, most parts of a result are usually accurate.

Q2: What Information Do Advisors Require for A Reading?

This system applies to most advisors; they will only require your name and the questions you want them to find answers to. In rare cases, they can ask for the name of a loved one.

Q3: Why Are the Interpretations of Advisors Different?

Their experiences and how they learned the art guide how they interpret card readings. This does not signify that one advisor is right and the other is wrong. The deck of cards being used also determines an interpretation. However, both interpretations are mostly valid.

Concluding – Best Tarot Reading Sites For Psychic Readings Online [2022]

The thorough process of selecting the tarot reading platform to use can be stressful; however, the convenience of the whole process makes up for that. If you can not select a platform, you can choose from the listed ones.

Most of the top brands have many advisors available at all times. The advisors are usually well experienced and have a process that is of top quality.

The major perks of online reading are the convenience of your reading location and the way you want the reading. You can have your reading any time and any day of the week.


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