Online Tarot Reading Sites: Top 6 Best Psychic Readers For Most-Accurate Future Predictions In 2022

Tarot card reading refers to the use of special cards by a psychic to make predictions about an individual’s life, helping them achieve a sense of clarity about their future which may rather have been unknown.

To outsiders, this practice is fraudulent and encased in strange rituals to scare anyone that may try criticizing it.

Psychics, however, claim that the idea that tarot reading is just empty mysticism stems from the fact that people don’t understand it.

The practice, although ancient, hasn’t lost its influence. Instead, it has evolved to provide meaning that is relevant to today’s society, just as it was in the past.

Tarot reading sessions now take place online, making the tarot card reading service more accessible.

In this article, we present the best online tarot reading sites with great customer reviews that will help you attain clarity and reduce anxiety.

Top 6 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For Tarot Reading:

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site for Spiritual Readings
  2. Keen – Affordable Tarot Online with Top Psychic Readers
  3. Kasamba – Reliable Future Readers for Psychic Interaction Sessions
  4. AskNow – Trusted Tarot Readings for Career & Love Life
  5. Oranum – Popular Tarot Deck Reading Platform
  6. MysticSense – Recommended Tarot Online with Initial Free Sessions

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site for Spiritual Readings


Purple Garden is an exclusive tarot reading psychic website. It is voted Most Accurate.

Our exclusive list of psychics advisors whom our users acknowledged as being most accurate in their advice and guidance. These advisors who are ready to enlighten, inspire, and empower you – are all vetted and voted for by people like you. Our top-accuracy advisors cover a wide range of services including love readings, mediumship, tarot cards, career advice, and more. Purple Garden provides its customers with an all-time top-rated lineup of master psychic advisors – tried, reviewed, and rated by tens of thousands of users over many years. Ask them all your burning questions and gain new insights and a deeper understanding.


Across the site and app, the psychic profiles appear to have the most credibility. You can see when they started, how many readings they’ve done, and their average star rating. Many of the platform’s psychics have given thousands of readings and still have a high average rating, which made me feel a little more confident in the app and site’s legitimacy.

Purple Garden has a large number of psychic readers. It’s similar to a massive directory of advisors, and there are always a lot of them online to connect with. So, if you have the time and enjoy the process of connecting with a unique psychic, you’ll have plenty of options.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden


  • Video readings
  • Psychic chat
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Reputable company
  • Informative profiles
  • A wide variety of readers
  • A wide range of reading types


  • No free readings
  • No psychic blog or information
  • There could be a better customer guarantee

#2. Keen – Affordable Tarot Online with Top Psychic Readers


Keen, unlike most tarot reading websites that price their readings directly proportional to their level of rating, provided affordable options for admirable reviews and ratings.

The site offers dynamic ways via which readers can offer reading sessions. It can be over a call, via email, or any type of chat.

Keen provides reading services that have been classified into different categories. When compared to other sites, it exhibited a unique way by which people with issues received reading advice.


The site recognizes that the solution to problems individuals come to them with is not one that is just limited to tarot cards. It, therefore, offers psychic reading and sessions with psychic mediums on its website. This is beside the service of reading tarot cards as primarily offered.

It even offers a Life Questions service to help people finding it difficult to make certain life-altering decisions.

Keen is a website that offers solutions in great detail. This differentiates it from other sites in the domain, making it more relatable to people seeking a deeper meaning to life.

Last but not the least, the site offers services to help individuals who want to contact loved ones in spirit make a connection with them. This unique service, in addition to all previously mentioned, makes the site worthy of a place in our list of best online tarot reading services.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • The rates for readings on the site are ridiculously low compared to other similar sites. It also offers the first 3 minutes of these readings for free.
  • You can have an intuitive reading option together with tarot reading on the site.
  • The psychics and reviews of readings show that the site is great for the love and relationship category.
  • A person has the option of either calling in or chatting online for readings. The site is customer focused.


  • The website is relatively new and doesn’t have as many loyal customers as some sites in the domain.

Why Do We Recommend This?

Not everyone has had an excellent experience on the site, but most have, and mostly commend, the level of detail with which solutions to their problems were presented. You are presented with a wide variety of readers, all of the highest quality for you to choose from.

#3. Kasamba – Reliable Future Readers for Psychic Interaction Sessions


The Kasamba website has existed for more than 30 years, with many dedicated readers. We considered it the best overall compared to other tarot reading sites due to the following features identified.

First of all, the site gives free reading sessions to any first-time visitors. For 3 minutes, the potential customer gets to have a feel of the services on offer. This helps eliminate any ideas of mysticism one might have about the practice and provides an opportunity for you to assess the quality of their services.


The site is well built with a highly professional look and easy navigation. It provides information on the experience of its psychics and their areas of expertise. These areas can range from marital life to relationships between parents and children.

Kasamba also shows reviews of their psychics from individuals that have already had sessions with them. These reviews provide more background on the abilities of the psychics as seen by others like yourself. You can identify top-rated psychics this way, although services of such professionals may come at a slightly higher cost.

For customers that may not be willing to pay higher, the site provides other options of psychics that cover almost every type of budget.

The website has made it a goal to catalog psychics of almost every specialization so that anyone who seeks a tarot reading session can get it no matter how unique their problem is.

At the bottom of the homepage is a quick guide to understanding tarot reading and how one can identify the psychic best for them. This is a great way to help visitors understand the service on offer.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • The site has existed for a long time and has a lot of people that can vouch for it.
  • It has a huge reading base with loads of experience
  • It provides different categories of psychics for different reading requirements.
  • Their catalog and site navigation makes it easy to find readers with a particular skill.
  • The site now has an app available on both Google Play and App Store.


  • Some specialized readings might cost a bit too much for customers.

Why Do We Recommend This?

The site continuously proves its quality to its massive user base and receives a lot of good reviews from them. Its longevity and experience of readers make it trustworthy. For online tarot reading, you don’t get better professionalism and quality than Kasamba.

#4. AskNow – Trusted Tarot Readings for Career & Love Life


The AskNow website is a very inclusive tarot reading website that provides services not only in English, but Spanish, French, and many other languages.

It recognizes the diverse nature of its clients and provides online services in multiple languages to help anyone that might require the expertise of their carefully selected readers. Visitors are more expressive when they engage with readers in their native tongues, contributing to better communication of their problems to the psychics.

Better communication helps readers understand the needs of customers better and how they can help them out with their skills and expertise. This helps customers get the most value for the money and time they put into attaining the reading service.


AskNow dedicates itself to providing very detailed information on readers in its catalog. A visitor on the site gets to know a reader’s background, experience, and rating from past customers. They even go further to provide zodiac information on each of them. In addition, the site filters the readers based on availability, making it easy for users to tell whether a reader is online or offline at any time.

It also provides alternative ways for users to contact a reader if they are offline.

AskNow makes articles and videos available on their site to help users learn more about the psychic domain.

The site has reading services for various categories, covering career and professional reading, dream analysis, reincarnation, and general spiritual guidance.

The website also lists readers who offer psychic protection and teach people how to defend their spiritual energies.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • Readings are available in multiple languages for visitors
  • They provide detailed information of readers
  • The information it provides shows that most of the readers on the site are very experienced in the services they offer
  • The site offers customers 5 minutes with any reader for free.


  • The design and general layout of the website looks a bit outdated
  • It has only a limited number of readers available for customers

Why Do We Recommend This?

The site dedicates itself to making only the best readers available to customers through a strict screening. This is the reason why its visitors get served by only a handful of readers. An advantage, though, is that customers attest to the professionalism of these readers and express a lot of satisfaction in the experiences they had.

#5. Oranum – Popular Tarot Deck Reading Platform


Oranum stands out among other online tarot reading sites because it has a wide variety of readers with different backgrounds. The readers listed on the site have diverse cultures and skills. It is one of the few sites that includes readers specialized in eastern reading styles and general spiritual healing.

The whole feeling when using the Oranum site is different compared to other reading websites. It provides a variety of reading styles and psychic healing methods for visitors that want to explore the psychic world in full.

The uniqueness of this site makes it very easy for visitors from different backgrounds to find readers they can relate to. These readers may even be able to communicate in your local language, making the customer feel more at home during reading sessions.

Readers are not only presented with well-detailed information on their backgrounds but are also rated. You can find a list of the top 100 psychics based on the experience of readers and feedback from customers.


The site has a beautiful layout of psychics with easy navigation that allows users to filter them out according to specified categories. It blends quality images and videos nicely to make the site more interactive than many other similar ones.

It provides stories and articles that give visitors more insight into the world of psychics and guides them with the knowledge that may not readily be available. It even offers live video streams of psychics and readers talking about all sorts of subjects.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • Users get the chance to chat with psychics and readers for free. These are usually through live streams readers make on the site.
  • It provides readers from all over the world to help cater to visitors with any kind of background.
  • The site has a beautiful layout with easy navigation, making it very user-friendly.
  • The diversity of readers means there’s a high probability of getting a reading service in your native tongue.
  • Visitors can get readings via video calls available on the site
  • You get a list rating the top 100 psychics and readers on the website


  • The site is near perfect, and if there are any cons, our standards for assessment have not been discovered yet.

Why Do We Recommend This?

Per ratings, the site offers the best interactivity between accurate tarot card readers and visitors. Users are able to learn so much about the practice and readers even before booking a session with them.

Users loved the effort put into making sure they were able to easily find information of readers while making it simple to move between pages. No matter which part of the site they happen to be browsing, users claimed that they felt help was nothing more than a click away.

They also expressed a lot of confidence in the kind of assistance these help channels provided.

#6. Mysticsense – Recommended Tarot Online with Initial Free Sessions


The Mysticsense website, unlike other tarot reading websites, has many features that differentiate it. The site presents a well-crafted list of psychics that are categorized according to their various specialties.

It neatly presents readers along with information about them, necessary to help you choose which of them to consult.


The site has a proper layout of elements which makes navigation easy for the user. Switching between pages, readers, and review sections is very easy to get used to.

Also, the details of readers available are well detailed along with reviews from people that have experienced their services before. It even presents tools that make it easy for you to book a session with any of the readers. This can be done via call or chat.

There is a help section for new visitors to the domain by helping define some basic concepts of the practice and the kind of services they promise.

The variety of readers on the site makes it easy for anyone to find a reader who fits their specific needs and budget. There’s also a 5-minute free reading offer visitors can claim.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MysticSense


  • It makes it easy to contact readers by providing both audio and video call options, as well as chat.
  • Readers in their catalog have high expertise, with most of them having over 5 years of experience.
  • The site’s layout focuses on making it easy to use for customers
  • The rates for readers vary, making it possible for anyone with any budget level to get a reading
  • They offer a 5-minute reading for free


  • The site hasn’t been around for long as compared to others in the domain.

Why Do We Recommend This?

For a relatively new website in the tarot reading space, the reviews from users on their experiences are amazing. A lot of them rated it as the best tarot reading service they had encountered so far online.

Customers also loved the comprehensive answers readers gave to their questions. This assured them that they were sure of what they were doing and not just putting up a façade.

The site has a help page to assist customers and a helpline to provide further information users might require.

How We Made The List Of Tarot Reading Sites:

Knowing how easy it is for fraudulent individuals to pose as tarot readers and psychics, we took it upon ourselves to do a thorough examination of online tarot sites in our efforts to find the best quality ones to suggest to you.

We have read through a myriad of tarot reading online sites, looking at reviews from clients. Our team members went further to have sessions with some of these online tarot readers to get first-hand experience and help generate their own feedback. We compared this feedback with reviews on these sites to roughly gauge how honest the latter was.

This research was done in consultation with expert tarot readers as well as independent people who have had extensive experience in seeking such services. We even went further to add individuals who considered themselves skeptics of the practice to help eliminate any biased elements that may influence our assessment methods.

Here are the various parameters we used in our assessment:

  • Site and Reader Reviews

We looked at the number of positive reviews a tarot reading site had. These were not limited to reviews on the site itself. We checked out external reviews. i.e., views from other parts of the internet. Have these sites been mentioned on any social media site or forum? And were these mentions positive or negative? The more positive external reviews a site had, the more trustworthy it was.

In the same way that reviews affect a tarot reading site, they also affect the readers that offer the service. We checked out the readers on these sites and the kind of feedback they got from former clients. These were also not limited to those on the site, but external reviews too. We assessed the number of positive and negative reviews for these readers to help our rating.

  • How Long Has the Site Been in Existence?

The length of time for which a tarot reading site has existed is a testament to its professionalism and quality. It is virtually impossible for a site that offers services and allows reviews to fraudulently exist for years without an alarm being raised by a former client somewhere on the internet. The fake experience will definitely be talked about on someone’s timeline or in a forum.

  • Experience of the Readers

Just as the site itself, the number of years a reader has practiced can be used to rate their level of skill and the quality of work they deliver. We also looked at the fact that the more experience a reader had, the more probable that they had enough reviews to help us assess them.

  • Sign Up Process and Information Security

We looked at how easy it was for visitors to sign up for a service on the site, as well as the assurances the site gave on the safety and privacy of the personal information they provided.

  • Free Offers

Finally, we looked at how ready the site was to give introductory offers to clients. We used this factor to assess how confident they were in the service they offered.

Things to Consider When Choosing Top Online Psychics For Tarot Card Reading

The most common fear among humans is the fear of the unknown, which is why most people have a lot of anxiety over their future.

They constantly wonder if the future aligns with their dreams or whether they will end up disappointed and miserable. As a result, most of these people seek spiritual guidance to help bring them some clarity over their worries.

Spiritual guidance comes in many forms, psychic reading, crystal reading, mediumship, etc. Online Tarot card reading is just one form that helps people make important life decisions by providing insights into their fate.

As with every service, there are those who attempt to use the mystical nature of psychic activities to defraud people seeking spiritual advice. Unfortunately, these fraudulent psychics give the practice a bad reputation, preventing people who might find the help they seek in the service from trying it out.

This is why we have made it our mandate to use this article to help guide people seeking online psychics. The following tips should help you identify and avoid shady characters that offer fake psychic services online.

  • First, check out the general outlook of the website. A proper website will have its owners dedicate a lot of effort to making sure visitors can verify their identity and that of their tarot card readers. The aesthetics, information available, and general quality of the website is a good first indicator of its authenticity.
  • Many authentic tarot reading websites are confident in the work of their readers and know that the best way they prove it to you is by getting you to book a tarot card reading session. These sites mostly offer free sessions to new customers for a limited period. This may vary from site to site.
  • Next, you should try to establish the identity of the tarot card reader and investigate their past work claims. This can be determined from going through the reviews other people have written about that reader. If the reviews are good enough, you can go further by using the free minutes often given to book a session where you assess them.
  • Look out for readers who always tell you things you want to hear or keep affirming what you say. These individuals will lead you on as you create stuff from your experience that they can twist to suit whatever agenda they have. You can assess the directness of the answers they give you for problems you state to gauge their capabilities.
  • Psychics are supposed to help bring you clarity and not predict your future. Most proper readers give you a fair idea of your direction and help you work out how best you can approach it. Be careful with readers that emphasize predicting your future.

Why Is It Better to Use Online Tarot Card Reading Services?

The processes involved in the art of tarot reading make it possible for a reading session to happen even when the reader and customer are far apart. We have compared in-person reading and those done online and will list a few reasons why we think getting psychic readings online is a better option.

  • Unlimited number of readers available to you

The ability to contact any reader from any part of the world for a session is perhaps the best advantage of online reading over in-person ones. Technology has made it possible to reach readers of great reputation wherever they are to help you with the guidance you require.

  • Availability of Reviews

Unlike offline psychics, you have reviews of the reader you are checking out available from past customers to help you decide their professionalism before seeking their services.

  • 24/7 Availability

You can access online psychics almost all the time, even if they are offline.

  • Variety of Expertise

Unlike offline psychics that usually come as all in one, online psychics usually specify areas of expertise, helping you receive specialized services.

  • Different Rates

Online tarot readings come with charges already stated. Thus, visitors can assess different rates to choose those that best fit their budget.

FAQs About Psychic Readers Online:

Q1. Is Tarot Reading Accurate?

Psychic readers differ in their experience, and the accuracy of each depends on their knowledge and expertise. The precision of the help you receive will be influenced by how long the reader has been practicing, their abilities, and also by how well both of you communicate.

A client that fails to open to a reader may not provide the reader with the necessary information they might need to offer you proper help. Thus, the accuracy level does not just depend on the reader but the customer too.

Even the solution, when presented, needs a certain level of understanding for them to be properly emulated by the customer. You should understand that tarot reading is more than questions about your future that have to be answered.

It is a process that should help you understand why you want to know your future and how to deal with the answers you receive.

Q2. Is Psychic Reading the same as Tarot Reading?

The confusion between psychic reading and tarot reading is common within the reading space. Even how we have sometimes interchanged the two in this article might make some readers think the two are the same, but they are not.

Tarot reading uses a tarot deck or mystical cards to reveal aspects of the customer’s fate that the reader interprets. Psychic reading, on the other hand, focuses more on the clairvoyance of the reader to reveal aspects of the customer’s future.

The psychic reader may be able to connect with spirits to communicate messages they hear or see about you.

You should always be clear on the kind of service you are being offered to help you prepare better for reading sessions.

Q3. Does Tarot Reading Predict the Future?

As stated earlier, the practice uses tarot cards to reveal certain aspects of your fate, but the future is never set in stone as it has not yet happened.

So, how are you going to classify an outcome that a tarot reader helps you avoid with some guidance? Are you going to say that the predicted future was not true because the outcome changed?

It is like the art of forecasting in business. From events occurring, one can tell the accuracy of a prediction that was made. In this case, a specified outcome occurring or not doesn’t matter to the customer.

Your focus at a tarot session should be on the insight and guidance you receive from the reader on your future and not about predicting it.

Q4. What Should I Tell my Tarot Reader, and What Should I hide?

Tarot reading depends massively on communication between the customer and the reader. You want to open up to the reader without telling them everything about yourself.

Having prior knowledge of you and your personality may influence a reader’s work negatively. It is therefore advisable to wait till the reader has shared enough with you before opening up more about your issues to them.

Concluding – Online Tarot Reading Sites For Guidance Via Tarot Card Spreads

Tarot card reading is an interesting space and having an experience with an authentic reader will provide you with the clarity you need on certain events in your life. You will eliminate a lot of unnecessary fear and anxiety you have about your future, making you more courageous about the actions you take in the present.

Online tarot card readings have made access to the service easier. You can schedule and have reading sessions from the comfort and safety of your home instead of being in a strange place that might make you uncomfortable.

With this privilege comes the responsibility of finding authentic sites where you attain the services you seek. This article has done a lot to help you assess tarot reading sites to filter out the fraudulent ones. We have even gone further to suggest some of them for you to get started with.

Finding the tarot reading sites that are best for you can help turn your life around for the better. Try it now.

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