Online Psychic Readings: Top 4 Best Psychic Reading Sites For Most Accurate Readings In 2022

If you’ve ever been to a psychic reading, you know what a magical experience it is. On the other hand, if this is a novel concept for you, you’re in for a treat!

No, they won’t plan your entire life for you, but they will give you some guidelines that will help you in many ways. Future uncertainty can have a negative impact on a person’s emotional and mental health. It is times like these when you can rely on a psychic.

Before you make up your mind regarding psychic readings, we recommend reading the following article to understand everything about it. Continue reading!

The services provided by psychic reading companies are varied. It could be a problem if there is confusion about which psychics to trust. It can become an impediment to finding the proper service. Would a tarot card reader be the ideal person to help you with your problems? Perhaps, you’ve been looking for a psychic medium. If you have no prior experience with psychics, it can be difficult to tell which one is appropriate to do away with your problems.

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We’ve put up a useful guide explaining the numerous components of online psychic reading. Read through to know what to expect and how to best prepare for one. Besides, it’ll provide you with essential information on these services. By the end of this article, you should be well prepared to choose a psychic reading service ideal for your needs.

How Did We Select the Most Effective Psychic Services?

It was difficult to reduce our list to just four services from the hundreds of thousands of enterprises and freelancers available today. To make an informed judgment on what to include here, we spent a significant amount of time reading reviews, speaking with experts, and testing services. With all the research, we concluded and presented the following detailed review. These four sites not only provide you with access to experienced, established psychics for online readings, but also exceptional customer service, pricing, and user experience.

Our three primary factors for selecting reputable online psychic reading services are:

  • Online psychic reading service that is friendly, experienced, and proven.
  • A fantastic online experience.
  • Unwavering customer service.

There were still many other websites to go through after we weeded out most of them using these three criteria. Following that, we needed to look at customer reviews and the sites’ track records over the last few years. The four internet psychic reading services we’ve selected not only provide excellent service now but have done so for many years.

Top 4 Best Online Psychic Reading Services In 2022

There are many psychic services available, but we took the effort to discover the finest for you. These three are genuinely incredible, and you may reach out to any of them right now!

Famous Psychic Websites

Prominent services provided


  • Mobile app for tarot readings and other psychic readings.
  • Best overall psychic readers online
  • Three free minutes with each reading.
  • New customers receive a 70 percent discount.


  • Best for guidance on life’s biggest decisions.
  • Connect with psychics by phone, chat, or email.
  • Sort psychics by price, rating, and specialty.
  • Get free first minutes free with any advisor

Psychic Source

  • Readings for love and relationships are excellent.
  • Contact them at any point via phone, chat, or video.
  • Psychics are examined for authenticity.
  • Get free trial readings + 75% discount.

Purple Green

  • Accurate readings on various aspects of life.
  • Contact us by phone whenever you wish to or chat with their experts.
  • Love, money, and career suggestions for 15 minutes for just $10 + 5 minutes free.

#1. Kasamba: Get Accurate, Truthful Answers from Experienced Advisors



  • They are quite picky about who they put on the site.
  • Have several choices in even more uncommon psychic disciplines like numerology.
  • With over two decades of experience, it’s clear why they are one of the favorites.
  • Customer service is responsive and easy to utilize.


  • Prices may be slightly higher than those offered by other online psychic reading services.

Among all the psychic reading businesses we’ve reviewed, Kasamba is likely the pickiest about which internet psychics they allow to work on their platform. They provide numerous services, from cheating and affairs advisors to career projections. But, they are a little more selective about who can represent their brand. Of course, if you’re unsure about a psychic, you may always look over their ratings. You can find thousands of five-star ratings concerning several selections on Kasamba, which should tell you something about their quality.

They have also been in the internet psychic reading business for over twenty years, which contributes to the high quality of their online psychics. Kasamba has built up a pool of exceptionally gifted seers over the years, providing a great offering for their patrons. Great customer service and an easily navigable website are important factors in their success.

Relationship guidance, dream interpretations, tarot readings, astrology, and career insights are just a few of the greatest services available on Kasamba.

Why we like it: even though Kasamba’s services span across diverse topics, including astrology and numerology, they show no lenience about the quality of their psychics, their customer service and user interface are likewise of this caliber.

Kasamba has been up and running for over two decades, and you can see how that experience has paid off. It can be the greatest option for first-time users who are unsure of what service they want. So, allow Kasambato provide you with a great psychic experience and a good time.

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#2. Keen: Get Access to A Wide Range of Top-Rated Psychics



  • Many popular services here, like horoscope reading and other uncommon arts, are not easy to find.
  • A seasoned firm with a fantastic functional site based on consumer input.
  • With several psychics to choose from and powerful filtering tools, you can find a service to help you.
  • Due to the enormous number of options, you can choose from a wide price range.


  • Despite their advanced screening capabilities, they have some lesser-known psychics with few ratings to analyze.

Keen has a large network of psychics, and they recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. Yes, Keen has been doing amazing internet psychic readings for almost two decades! They’ve used their considerable experience to expand their offerings and give a better product for their users over time. You can find thousands of trained psychics working in several fields on Keen. Questions and answers related to life, reading through tarot cards, and distance reading are among their most popular psychic services. There is also a popular horoscope part on their website.

While there are thousands of active psychics on the site, you can rapidly go through them with some easy-to-use filtering options. Sort your choices according to category, price, reviews, skill set, and availability. They also provide you with the first three minutes of readings on Keen for free. Thus, they ensure that you try their services without holding back. Specializing in working with pets is just a few of the unique psychic reading options available on Keen.

You can also discuss specific issues with them, like loss (whether of a person, pet, or thing), sorrow, relationships (divorce, adultery, and so on), reincarnation and former lifetimes, and LGBTQ+. Psychics often believe in acceptance and openness; thus, the breadth and complexity of the themes and talents they deal with are not unexpected.

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#3. Physic Source – Get Love, Financial, Career and Life Readings on a Single Platform



  • It is the most effective platform for love readings, financial psychic interpretations, career guidance, tarot readings, and foretelling the future.
  • The three readings available are reading with phone psychics, chat readings, and live video readings.
  • You can avail yourselves of Chat psychics, energy healing, and career counseling.
  • Special deals include a 75% discount on the first session and 3 minutes free.


  • It has a varied price range. While some psychic readers have acceptable fees, the rates may be considerably costly for others.

Psychic Source is an internet psychic reading service well-known for its accuracy in its predictions. It contains the top psychics from all professions that aid in every possible manner to cure a person and discover a way out of life’s troubles. Psychic Source, run by several psychic professionals, assures an experience that will show the magic of psychics and how they make a beneficial impression on our lives. Psychics employed here must prove their worth thoroughly before Psychic Source hires them. Consequently, those employed here have the necessary qualifications, experience, and incredibly remarkable talents and skills. Their specialty varies, but their accuracy and client service are commendable.

Psychic Source psychics is open for clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is devoted to leading human beings along a road from which there will be no turning back. Members of Psychic Source work with empathy and friendliness to make customers feel at ease. That ensures that the customers inquire and discuss their concerns openly and without reluctance, resulting in the greatest mentorship and counseling. Psychic Source offers every possible reading, including phone calls, chat readings, emails, tarot readings, and much more. What’s more, it uses every media to interact with consumers.

Psychic Source has successfully worked for about 30 years, providing people with accurate, high-quality service. Other services they provide are psychic reading online, love tarot reading, astrological reading, counseling, etc.

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#4. Purple Garden – The Best Psychic Service Provider You Can Get



  • Benefit from psychic readings on video.
  • Chat with a psychic and list your doubts conveniently.
  • The UI is convenient to use.
  • A reputable psychic service provider with informative profiles for each psychic.
  • Numerous readers who specialize in multiple reading styles.


  • There are no free readings.
  • There is no psychic blog or information.
  • A better consumer guarantee might enhance the user experience.

Purple Garden is one of the latest mobile psychic reading platforms on the market. Its selling point is it allows you to communicate with psychics from your phone. Thus, it is convenient for you to access Purple Garden and their psychics with a touch only — it is a psychic convenience at its finest.

Is this a platform you can trust, though, with very little information accessible on the site and an apparently, limitless number of psychics?

Purple Garden’s biggest distinguishing feature is that the entire platform has been customized for mobile devices. As a result, some functionalities are only available in the mobile version, not the desktop version. You’ll see a section named Journeys in the app.

It is a section where you may read messages and tales from other users about their experiences with Purple Garden.

They discuss where they were in life before opting for a psychic reading, how their reader assisted them in dealing with their difficulties, and where they are today. If you like, you can post your journey on the platform for others to read.

How to Make Use of the Purple Garden Platform

The most crucial thing about Purple Garden is that, while you may access the platform via a desktop computer, the site is built and optimized for mobile devices. Starting is simple and free; the only things you’ll need are an email address and a password. After you’ve established an account, you may access it from your desktop or mobile device.

However, you will quickly notice variations in the platform’s operation. You might only engage in readings through chat on the desktop version of the site. You must use the app to get a reading by phone or video.

Since the platform is mobile-focused, accessing different reading genres and psychics on your mobile device is considerably easier and more enjoyable. It distinguishes Purple Garden from other psychic reading service providers in the market. Even large sites like Oranum and Kasamba do not have applications as excellent as this one!

Once you’ve identified a reader with whom you’d want to contact, you may select whether you’d like to communicate by chat, phone, or video. However, not all psychics provide all of these services.

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What Should You Know About Psychic Readings?

You may be facing problems related to your present and future life; it could also concern your career, relationship, or anything else. Psychic reading is the best answer to your troubles in all these cases.

Psychic reading proves helpful for you when facing issues ranging from love and profession to future vacations and children. To attain your objectives, trust them and pay attention to their recommendations.

1. They Help You See the Sunny Side of Life.

It often happens with us that everything seems to go wrong. If you feel caught in the dark and can’t see the rising sun, seek the help of a psychic.

You must realize that we attract the energies we feel. That is, being positive can help attract more positive energy and otherwise. So, only we can bring about a change when we need one. A psychic is invaluable in assisting you in recognizing the barriers preventing the beams of light and hope from entering your life.

2. Inspire and Prepare You for A Better Life

You cannot predict the future and mold it to your liking. On the other hand, you may brace yourselves for anything that comes your way.

To do so, seeking the help of a psychic might be a good option. A clairvoyant can provide you with critical information about your future to plan it properly.

A psychic can also help you recognize the potential of your passion and rekindle your enthusiasm for it. That motivation has the potential to change your life!

3. A Sense of Closure for Your Peace of Mind

A psychic reading presents and lets you understand the important aspects of life. They may utilize their spiritual energy and equip you with that energy when you need help handling a difficult situation. Such situations include losing someone very dear to you or something that took you by surprise and disoriented you.

A vague scenario always generates a slew of questions, which, if unanswered, can rip a hole in one’s heart. You can find answers to your question with the help of a psychic, bring closure to your situation, and restore your faith in love and hope.

4. What Is It That Can Make Your Life More Meaningful and Enjoyable?

Do you realize that the universe would be a different place if you hadn’t been born?

We’re here for a reason, but do you know what that reason is? If not, psychic readings can assist you in your quest for self-awareness. The day you realize the significance of your existence is when you start living a happy and fulfilled life.

Psychics can tap into the future to some level, using their deep connection to the forces of nature, and assist you in making decisions to improve your life. Make a reservation for your session now!

What’s The Difference Between Online Psychic Readings and Local Psychic Readings?

While the ‘hows’ of psychic readings are difficult to comprehend, the results speak for themselves. Online psychic readings have become extremely prevalent. For professional seers, the distance is nothing compared to the mental barriers many people have built around themselves. Performing some services via the internet could be difficult, such as physical energy healing. However, it is not true for many other psychic readings, such as astrological or tarot readings. Many psychics believe that because people are more peaceful and at ease in their homes, their energies are less protective and easier to read.

There is one more advantage of these online readings. That is, you can be pickier than you can with local psychics. Many online psychic reading services also provide free psychic reading to try their services. Although most online psychic reading services (including our top four picks) limit free psychic readings to a few minutes, it’s worthwhile to take advantage of them.

What Steps Can Take You Towards a Successful Psychic Reading?

There is much variation concerning the types of psychic readings. Moreover, not all psychics perform a psychic reading in the same way. Though we can follow certain general suggestions, preparing for one is generally rather particular to the reading you will receive.

  • Synchronize with Your Emotions and Let Them Flow.

    While skepticism is natural, you must be sensitive to the energies in your environment. A clear and open mind, like in meditation, is essential for blending with the spiritual world – and, in this case, letting someone take a reading from you. The psychic will find it tough reading you if you are closed off, and the reading will be less accurate.

  • Have A Specific Objective or Query in Mind.

    While certain readings do not necessitate the use of a specific query, some do necessitate the use of a well-thought-out question. The clearer your inquiry is and the more you can focus your energies around it, the easier a psychic reading is. It also helps with the eventual responses for psychic mediums and those looking for answers for a specific inquiry.

  • Don’t Expect a Specific Outcome.

    Don’t try to impose an answer: the more open you are to other possibilities, even those you don’t want, the more accurate a prediction or reading will be. With an open mind, you allow yourselves to understand and accept the truths revealed to you during a psychic reading , whether in person or online.

Why Are People Terrified of Psychic Readings?

Psychic readings are associated with numerous religions that view the “occult” as wicked or dangerous. While such abilities can be unpredictable, they are seldom dangerous, especially when used for good. Many of our phobias result from a lack of understanding or a misunderstanding. For instance, if people didn’t understand something in earlier times, they would consider it the devil’s work. A simple example could be fire. If you don’t know what fire is, you would fear it. So, it comes to perspective and knowledge.

The earlier people used physical abilities for various functions in indigenous traditions, east Asian beliefs, and even early European paganism, most of which wouldn’t harm a fly.

Today, you should have no qualms about contacting the psychic realm, especially if you’re working with a skilled expert.

People may be fearful of the information they receive from an online psychic reading in some situations. This fear is normal, and people who have it should keep in mind that psychic readings exist in numerous forms, and just a few of them deal with divining the future. You might deprive yourself of a great opportunity to learn more about yourself because of fear.

What Kinds of Psychic Readings Are There?

One might define psychic sense as the ability to employ a higher plane of perceptive talents beyond or are a more refined version of our natural human senses. You might see several examples of such highly developed perceptions. Some of those are:

  • Clairvoyance (to see or predict what will happen),
  • Clairsentience (to know things beyond comprehension for typical humans),
  • Clair cognizance (perceiving and acquiring knowledge without anyone telling you about it).

Some shamans with a great understanding of ancient astrology and the secrets of our hidden world, as well as psychic mediums supposed to communicate with ghosts, have such abilities.

In many situations, the various psychic readings have little in common. However, the factor that connects psychic readings is that they do not fit neatly into the normal scientific understanding of things. Since such a broad phrase encompasses so many different behaviors, there is much room for individual variance.

  • Astrology

    Astrology is a very old art that predates recorded languages. By merely studying the movements and placements of celestial objects, specialized and qualified professionals discover crucial information about human affairs and possible events.

    Surprisingly, recent research has revealed that gravity waves can directly impact our brain waves in multiple ways. We know that crime rates and such events spike when there is a full moon. It’s simple to believe that other, larger celestial objects are exerting effects on your planet. Due to the renewed interest in this subject, even renowned colleges are now providing courses on it.

  • Tarot Reading or Carto Mancy

    The origin and goal of traditional cartomancy and specialist tarot readings are the same. Both employ cards to represent various parts of life and themes and meanings. In either case, they pose a question to the cards. Then, they guide the pulling and laying out of cards through their energies and intuition. Following that, a trained cartomancer can deduce meanings from how the cards are laid out and how they interact.

    It is a centuries-old technique still in the news and gaining favor in several groups, including the business world.

  • Aura or Energy Reading

    Though this power extends back thousands of years, energy readings by qualified energy consultants have become increasingly popular recently. Even if they aren’t aware of it, someone’s energy will reveal their inner feelings, intentions, and desires. Energy readings are a direct line to our subconscious and can assist people in learning something new about themselves.

    In many circumstances, how one’s energy interacts with the rest of the universe can be a harbinger of things to come. Some highly experienced energy readers can use these readings to predict one’s future.

  • Readings from a distance

    “Distance readings” is a broad word referring to various techniques carried out without the reading seeker being present in the same physical space as the reader. Many online psychic reading providers specialize in these psychic services. Traveling clairvoyance, also known as remote perception, is usually done over the phone, via texts, email, or other remote means.

    Since the metaphysical world does not follow the same rules as our physical world, one can occasionally establish a deep connection with one’s energy via technological means. The seeker has to use the appropriate emotion and intention in their interaction to make it happen.

    One can also use a remote reading with many other psychic readings.

  • Cleromancy

    Cleromancy, commonly known as casting lots, is archaic sortation observed in various ancient civilizations. This ceremony entails selecting a group of spiritually charged artifacts, such as bones or dice, and casting them into a designated region.

    To trained cleromancy personnel, what appears to many a random scattering becomes a clear, if slightly cryptic, message. These objects are said to be guided by a higher power to disclose hidden truths.

    Mediums are those with the ability to communicate with spirits and energies existing beyond the physical sphere. Most successful mediums have been reported to communicate with persons who have passed away, such as relatives or loved ones.

    Many mediums claim this is accomplished through energy vibrations. A medium can raise their vibrations to contact spirits who choose to lower their frequencies, allowing the two planes of awareness to intersect.

  • Interpretation of dreams and symbols

    Many people believe that our dreams can lead us to other worlds of knowledge, including spiritual ones. We can realize the importance of our life and the factors that affect us due to these encounters. Dreams, like cryptic poems, are not always apparent, and the symbolism they contain is highly dependent on the context and timing of the dream.


1. Can I Put My Trust in Online Psychics?

If you trust in-person psychics, there’s no reason you shouldn’t believe internet psychics as well. If the reader is an expert, you will not find any difference between in-person psychic sessions and psychic readings online. Some people believe that internet psychic readings are superior to in-person readings. It is so because:

  • They are an excellent choice for folks hesitant to chat face to face while reading.
  • Online psychic reading platforms have decades of expertise in assisting individuals in making sense of life’s riddles. They enable people to seek spiritual direction sitting at their homes.
  • Live psychics are typically less expensive than in-person psychics.
  • The best online psychic reading platforms have a thorough recruiting procedure to guarantee they do not give fake individuals a platform to trick you.
  • It helps save your time because you won’t have to Google “psychics near me.”

2. How Can I Get Psychic Reading Online?

Getting an internet psychic reading is far more convenient than meeting with a psychic in person.

The first step in locating expert live psychics is choosing a trustworthy site. Follow the steps below to locate an online psychic reading platform that has helped many individuals:

  • Run a Google search to identify the top 4-5 online psychic reading sites, or read our suggestions.
  • Examine the websites and the features and services they provide.
  • Compare the cost, return policies, available channels of communication, introductory packages, and the filtration process of the websites.
  • After you’ve sifted through the possibilities and decided on one platform, it’s important to test the trustworthiness of the psychic.

Most of the greatest psychic reading sites mentioned above and at jpost.com include a tailored filtration procedure. Sort by price, availability, and expertise with that tool. Read the comprehensive profiles to learn more about internet psychics. Choose one whose skills correspond to the reading you require.

3. Are There Any Ways to Better My Psychic Reading?

Yes, surely. Whether you choose free psychic readings over the phone or an in-person online psychics appointment, there are some things you can do to get the most out of your reading, as follows:

  • Stick to one topic; if you want to have more of your questions addressed, go with one at a time. It guarantees that the session isn’t disjointed and that you may address your issues one at a time.
  • Allow the top psychics to guide the session. When you see a healthcare expert, you let them perform their job because you know they are skilled.
  • Similarly, you should offer the psychic the space they need to channel their energy and find solutions to your difficulties.

Make a point of asking inquiries. Here’s an example of a question you may ask to make the psychic reading more beneficial:

  • What type of energy is surrounding me?
  • Is my relationship progressing as it should?
  • What measures can I take to improve the quality of my life?
  • Do I have dependable friends?
  • What can I do to advance my career?
  • Is it worth my time to invest in a given business?


People investigate psychic subjects for numerous reasons. Some do it for solace, some for direction, and others for enlightenment. But not everyone has access to a psychic, and it isn’t easy to find one who genuinely understands you – one who can properly read you.

The psychic service providers we’ve talked about are fair and consistent in their operations. Before these platforms allow psychics to serve you, they screen those psychics and ensure they can help you with your problems.

Many of those who feel that they cannot trust psychics reading internet websites must recognize the fallacy. Although there can be fake psychics online, there are genuine ones.

These previously stated websites provide psychic services to people worldwide. You can surely locate a psychic expert that meets your requirements among their large repertoire of psychic specialists.

Even in modern society, psychic reading has become popular. A person may seek psychic assistance to find out what they might face in the future. People seek psychics for various reasons, including an urge to identify the correct direction. That is another reason people seek psychic readings or assistance. Life throws several questions at you that not everyone can answer. Psychics have shown that they can help in such circumstances.

Due to their abilities and powers, psychics fascinate many individuals. These abilities enable them to see things from angles that a typical person cannot perceive. It is also why people associate them with supernatural talents and extraordinary comprehension. They are born with unusual abilities and powers. On the other hand, psychic reading is an act one should consider carefully and completely. Being prepared for future events is essential to steer oneself in the proper direction.

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