Online Psychic Readings: Best Psychics Online For Accurate Readings Via Phone & Chat

In these unprecedented times, people have started to increasingly depend on the spiritual side of life, and the world of online psychics has helped them achieve wonders in regards to peace of mind and comfort. The advent of psychics on online reading platforms has helped people from across the world connect with spiritual minds, gain valuable insights into their lives and engage in deep introspection.

The digital boom of psychics through the setting up of a large number of online reading websites has fastened the process of finding a psychic reading near me. A psychic reading can be very helpful for people who are stuck at crossroads in life and are confused to choose a path. The psychic reading services cover different areas of life, including career aspects, personal lives, love and relationships, past life, family life and many more.

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All you need to do is have an open mind, ready to listen and a curious approach to life before approaching a psychic who can help you find the most suitable path for you. The psychic experts who initiate these readings are gifted with heavenly powers and the ability to analyze and comprehend different aspects of life. They have the gifted talent of making use of symbols and visions to make powerful psychic predictions that have high transformational powers.

If you are particularly troubled by a situation in life, and you are struggling to find a solution, opening up to a psychic reader might alleviate your situation. The readers have interacted with diverse groups of people and are well versed in the techniques of dealing with life problems. A reassuring session with a psychic reading might help you open up new avenues of your mind and help you reflect on important things.

There are different types of psychics available online, and each psychic advisor arranges a session based on their special style or psychic tools. If you are planning to experience the world of psychics, it is important you read about different aspects of psychics and the various ways they can influence your life. The psychics spend their powerful thinking skills and visionary powers to help figure out the mysteries and intricacies of life.

Since there are a lot of online psychic reading websites and local psychic reading platforms available, it is important to understand the features of what makes a good psychic platform. If you are not well informed on different psychic practices and the authenticity levels of psychic websites, there is a high chance of getting attacked by fraud sites. Luckily for you, here is a detailed guide on the top rated psychic reading platforms that you can refer to before choosing one for you.

Top Rated Online Psychic Reading Websites of 2022

Psychic Website

Special Features

Kasamba Psychics

  • Three free minutes trial session along with offers starting from 15% to 50% off
  • Arrange a session with the top rated love psychics with great expertise
  • Get instant good psychic responses to your questions through any mode
  • Easy and secure payment options on the Kasamba psychic website

Psychic Source

  • Best online psychics with three decades of experience in the field
  • Unique tools to help you find the perfect psychic advisor
  • Extremely affordable cheap psychics sessions beginning at prices as low as $1 per minute
  • A wide range of psychic options to choose from

California Psychics

  • Popular psychic readings online platform offering trustworthy services 24/7
  • A user friendly California Psychics app for android and ios users
  • Sign up and get free daily horoscope newsletters
  • Get exclusive 5 free minutes using code “ADD5”

Keen Psychics

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed for all psychic sessions
  • Find the right psychics near me through expert filtering options
  • Attain the special of first 3 minutes free along with just $1.99 for 10 minutes
  • Choose from a variety of psychic advisors specialized in free psychic love reading

#1. Kasamba Psychics: Authentic Love Forecasts By Expert Advisors


Kasamba is a mystical abode of gifted psychic advisors offering their specialized services to users for the last 20 years. These long years of conducting different types of psychic readings with diverse customers have helped in the steady and stable growth of Kasamba psychics as the best psychic reading website. If you are seeking the aid of experienced psychic readers who are well versed in a different psychic medium, Kasamba is the right place for you.

The best online psychics and experienced psychics at Kasamba offer plenty of services ranging from tarot card reading and astrology to dream analysis and fortune-telling through chat or phone psychics. If you are troubled by a particular instance or a specific phase in your life, you can approach the powerful psychics at Kasamba and get the most out of their live psychic sessions.

If you want to experience the world of real psychics at Kasamba psychic reading online, you can easily register by choosing a username and password along with the preferred mode of payment. Once you are logged in to the psychic site, there are multiple options for you to explore, ranging from different psychic types and a long list of expert psychic online readers with their profiles displayed for you.

Instant Psychic Responses

Once you have created your account at Kasamba and selected your psychic reader, you can directly plunge into a live session that focuses on your selected type of psychic reading. Kasamba offers its users a real-time live online chat platform wherein you can ask questions and get instant responses from advisors. The offline email services provided by the Kasamba psychics site allow you to find an answer to your questions within 24 hours.

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed

The most highlighting factor that makes Kasamba online psychics one of the best psychic reading websites is the complete satisfaction guarantee it offers for all sessions. You can approach a psychic reader of your choice and arrange a session, hoping for the most intense and engaging experience. If you are not satisfied with your particular session, there is an option to seek a full refund as a welcoming gesture for all customers.

If you are new to the world of psychics, you can always start with the 3 minutes free psychic trial session at Kasamba’s best online psychics platform. If you are completely satisfied with the initial minutes of interacting with the psychic advisor, you can choose to continue the psychic readings online by paying the required amount. Otherwise, if you are not satisfied with the session, you can opt for a refund. This special arrangement underlines the way Kasamba psychic sites root for customer satisfaction.

Love and Relationships Specialization

The psychic reading experts at Kasamba have particularly focused on the aspects of love and relationships, and psychic love reading is a special category you can explore. The area of love psychics is divided into different categories specializing in marital life, relationships between parents and children, single and dating, soulmate connections, breaking up and divorce, and gay and lesbian relationships.

You can find more clarity about the section you are interested in by reaching out to the online psychic readings or phone psychics Kasamba psychic website. Once you have picked the category best suited to your requirements, you will reach a list of best psychic readings online advisors specialized in that area. The good psychic reader profiles are packed with all the information you need before setting up a live session.

Easy Payment Options

One of the factors that led to the rise in popularity of the online psychic reading website of Kasamba is the easy to handle payment system that works for all. There are plenty of convenient payment options for users to choose from. You can choose to make the payments through your credit card or debit card, or PayPal account. You can easily create a Kasamba account and deposit your funds in it to pay for the sessions you choose. The simple and convenient payment method has attracted many customers to avail the services of the best psychics at Kasamba.

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#2. Psychic Source: Experienced Psychic Readers Providing Affordable Services


Psychic Source is one of the most popular psychic reading online platforms known for its effective and striking approach to the psychic industry. The best online psychics readers at Psychic Source are equipped with the right skills and expertise to conduct live virtual sessions or phone psychic reading sessions and make powerful psychic predictions. Psychics can be accessed on the easy-to-use website of Psychic Source.

The psychic reading online advisors at Psychic Source offer their valuable services through different modes that can be arranged according to users’ preferences. If you are inclined towards phone psychic reading or prefer phone psychics over chat psychics, you can opt for a reader specializing in that domain. Psychic Source provides its users with the option to choose from live chat, video psychic readings or phone psychic reading.

You can easily become a member of the psychic readings online platform of Psychic Source by creating an account using your name, email id, password, gender and date of birth. Once you are officially logged in to the website, you can finalize your preferred psychic reader and initiate the session. You can check for special offers or discounts for cheap psychic reading before making the final payment for your session.

30 Years of Psychic Expertise

A unique factor that makes the psychics at Psychic Source stand out is their extensive experience of 30 long years in the field. The psychics at Psychic Source have interacted with different types of people across the world and have helped them discover a whole new life-transforming path. These gifted psychics are trying their best to provide you with the most effective virtual live or phone psychics session.

The customer reviews, ratings and testimonials point to the effectiveness of psychic sessions at Psychic Source. The level of experience gained by the trained psychics allows them to make every session productive, successful with the best psychic readings online experience. The best online psychic advisors focus on producing the most reliable psychic online, all the while specializing in different types of psychic mediums and psychic readings.

Affordable Services for All

The psychic services at Psychic Source are available at prices that can be afforded by all. As an attractive introductory user offer, you will get three free psychics minutes of a session, and the extended minutes will be calculated at an extremely low rate of $1 per minute. The pricing varies from $1, $2, $3 per minute on the basis of the reader you choose. The reader’s expertise and ratings become crucial deciding factors in this respect. Additionally, you could receive exciting offers and discount packages for live sessions.

Risk-free Money Back Guarantee

If you have decided to try out the magic of online psychics at Psychic Source, it is the best choice due to multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is the 100% satisfaction and risk-free money back guarantee provided by the team at Psychics Source. If you are not satisfied or content with your paid reading session on the psychic sites, you can ask for a refund and be assured of the money back guarantee.

Customised Tools to Find the Right Advisor

A distinctive feature that helps Psychic Source to stand out among its users is the introduction of a new and creative tool called the ‘Find a Psychic’ tool. This interactive tool available on the official psychic reading website of Psychic Source allows you to choose the right psychic advisor that is apt for you. The tool is available on the home page, and you can click on the option to proceed.

The tool consists of different questions that you will be made to answer in order to find your perfect match for producing the best psychic readings or psychic predictions. Through the answers you provide for each question, the tool will scan through hundreds of profiles of online psychic advisors and find the most suitable match for you.

Visit the official website of Psychic Source

#3. California Psychics : Professional Psychic Reading Services at Feasible Rates


California Psychics have been at the forefront of bringing the magic of psychics into a normal person’s life through a variety of top rated psychic techniques. The trustworthy platform hosts a large number of talented psychic readers specializing in different types of readings. These psychic readers have been successfully running the psychic platform since 1995 and have helped people fight the odds of life through optimism and encouragement.

The expert psychic advisors at California Psychics are experts in different types of psychic readings, including love psychics, career psychics, past life psychics, pet psychics, money psychics and career advice psychics. You can clearly understand different categories of psychics along with the psychic tools and style used by each reader in order to arrange a live or phone psychic reading session for the one that suits you the most.

The phone psychic sessions of California Psychics are offered at extremely feasible rates starting at $1 per minute. The session prices will go further than $2 per minute and $4 per minute. The rates change based on the experience level of the psychic readers. If you are seeking a real psychic’s guidance or a cheap psychic reading platform for experiencing the grandeur of the psychic world, California Psychics is the right place to start your journey.

Best Online Psychics App

The journey towards the world of psychics has been made extra effortless and smooth with the advent of the California Psychics app. The phone psychics application is available for both Android and iOS users and can easily be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play store. Once downloaded, the app will help you easily navigate and browse different psychic profiles and help you find your zodiac compatibility.

You can immediately connect with a psychic advisor on the app through the phone psychics, chat psychic readings or phone psychic reading option. There is a provision to get free tarot readings with instant results through the application. You can also set your personalized horoscope readings and get them delivered at daily, weekly or monthly intervals through the psychic websites.

Professionally Qualified Psychic Readers

The one major feature you can be assured of while engaging in psychic reading online sessions at California Psychics is the level of experience and skills possessed by each psychic reader. All experienced psychic readers who are part of the California Psychics community are selected after many rounds of rigorous screening and profile study that ensures their credibility and reliability. You can be assured of experiencing the best psychics session that has the potential to change your life for the better.

Reliable Horoscope Readings

You can trust the online psychic advisors at California Psychics to provide you with daily horoscope reading that can amp up your everyday activities. You can easily register for receiving the free daily horoscope newsletter on the official website and receive personalized phone psychic reading or phone psychic services. You can sign up with your username and password along with your birth date to receive free psychic reading online.

Professional Customer Care Services

California Psychics has set up a professional customer care service team that has been able to attend to all concerns and queries of users and made it a platform for famous psychics. The multilingual team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and guide you through the right path to find a suitable psychic reader and set up a convenient live psychic session. You can approach customer care services with the most frequently asked questions and be assured of finding a personalized answer.

Visit the official website of California Psychics

#4. Keen Psychics: Top Rated Psychics with Exciting Offers


Keen is one major psychic reading platform that has been flourishing in the online space for more than 20 years since it began its journey in 1999. The psychic readers at Keen are considered to be gifted and blessed with powerful psychic minds that have served more than 35 million users worldwide. To all people who are wondering why they should not just search for a psychic near me but rather go to the web and search for Keen psychics, multiple reasons hold up the legacy of Keen in the limelight.

Keen is well known for its effective live psychics and local psychic sessions available at budget-friendly prices. At Keen, you can engage in a 10-minute-long session for just $1.99. As a special offer for a first time user, you can get a trial of 3 minutes of free psychic readings that will ultimately let you witness the credibility of the session. If you are satisfied with the session of chat or phone psychics, you can choose to continue by paying for the extended session.

Keen is the right place for people who are stepping into the world of psychics with lots of questions and an inquisitive mind. The experts at Keen are ever ready to engage you in a spiritual session and take you along the path of enlightenment. You can connect with gifted psychic advisors from different parts of the world by registering on the Keen website. The experts at Keen offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all live psychics or phone psychic reading sessions.

Wide Range of Psychics

Keen provides a great range of good psychic reading services that encompasses different domains of specialization. The types of psychic readings vary from love psychics, tarot card readings, astrology advice, horoscope readings, psychic mediums, phone psychics and spiritual readings. The psychic readers make use of different types of psychic mediums in order to arrive at the one that best suits your life questions.

You can browse through the psychic website of Keen to find varieties of psychics and readers specializing in different categories, including chat psychic reading or phone psychic reading. Once you have made the selection, you can prepare yourselves to take part in each session based on the type of tools and techniques used and the reading styles of each specialist of psychic readings online.

Best Future Psychics

One of the major highlights of Keen real psychics is the availability of the best psychics who are committed to providing reliable psychic predictions to you. These gifted psychics have extensive experience in engaging with futuristic aspects of life and utilize their visionary minds and predictive capacities to initiate psychic reading sessions. You can evaluate your future prospects in terms of family and career and make use of the wise sayings of the psychics to take important decisions in life.

Chat Psychics, Phone Psychics or Email Psychics

The popular reading services at Keen are available in different communication modes that can be chosen according to the preferences of the user. All expert psychics at Keen provide phone psychic reading through calls, chat psychic readings, phone psychics or email options. You can check the reader profiles to find out the preferred mode of the session. You can stop worrying about finding a psychic near me and invest in the psychic portal of Keen that can be accessed from the comfort of your space.

Easy Psychic Filtering Options

The psychic reading website of Keen stands out among users because of its easy-to-use website functions along with the multiple filtering options. You can easily scroll through the website to find the right psychic online advisor for you. You can filter the long list of psychic advisors based on their current availability, price range, user star ratings, psychic skills and methods used, conversion types, specialties, and offers available.

The detailed filtering options allow you to find the perfect match for a psychic advisor who could address your special concerns through the next phone psychic session. Once you filter out the best psychic reader profiles, you can read the description in detail to check whether the search results are most suited to your requirements. The filtering option of Keen also lets you detect exciting offers and price discounts available for the best psychic readings online.

Visit the official website of Keen

What are the benefits of psychic readings?

Living in a world of unpredicted vigor and sudden occurrences can be tiring and confusing for all. Amidst the unforeseen circumstances, the world of psychics could open a door of hope and optimism. Through the advent of psychic reading, you will be able to enter the doors of spirituality and life changing insights into life. By choosing the best psychics specialized readers, you can get the chance to experience otherworldly bliss.

The power of the psychic network can be experienced in different aspects of life, and there are different psychic advisors specialized in specific areas. The range of psychic readings online constitutes life decisions, love and relationships, future and career, family life, health and wellness and past life. There are a large number of online psychic reading websites offering their services in different domains. All you have to do is find the most pressing question that needs to be addressed and find the psychic type that matches it.

Is psychic reading online better than in-person readings?

There have been constant discussions on the benefits of online psychic readings when compared to in-person readings, especially since we are living amidst the digital boom. The flourishing success of psychic online reading websites stands testimony to the more beneficial side of virtual live psychics. The main advantage of an online reading session is that it allows you to gain the same intense feeling of a physical session even while you are in your comfortable personal space and attending it online.

In contrast to in-person readings, online readings allow you to choose from a wide range of psychics from across the world and even allow you to choose a particular psychic reading type that suits your personality and requirements. All these steps could be carried out effortlessly with a single click of a button, and you no longer need to take the trouble of travelling distances and revealing your life secrets at an unknown place. You can engage with a psychic online and choose to take forward the session only if you are satisfied.

How to find the best psychic reading website online?

Since the popularity of online psychics has been on the rise for a long time, there is a large number of psychics reading online websites available on the web. It is vital to understand the factors that contribute to the best psychic website because there is a high chance you may reach the wrong place or come across fraudulent practices. The first and foremost signal that tells you the authenticity of a website is the years of experience and expertise they have in the field.

However, a thoroughly experienced psychic reading website is not the only factor that should be considered while evaluating a psychic platform. The second most important factor for analyzing the website quality is by reading the user reviews and ratings. The testimonials of users will provide an honest opinion about the platform and readers. Apart from that, you can check the payment options, privacy settings, satisfaction guarantee, introductory offers and money back guarantee for all sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are online psychic readings accurate?

With the right expertise and knowledge of psychics, online psychic sessions could give the same results as an in-person reading or a psychic reading near me. You can approach the best psychics in the field to receive accurate online psychic readings.

2. How to find an online psychic near me?

You can easily find a psychic online by searching the web; always remember to do your research and find the best psychic reading website that excels in terms of experienced readers and user reviews.

3. Can I choose the mode of communication for online readings?

Yes, the online chat psychics, phone psychics or phone psychic reading websites allow users to choose the preferred mode of communication before the start of every session. The most common modes include chat, email or phone psychic reading.

4. How can I get a free psychic reading online?

All major online psychic reading websites allow you to try out a session by providing initial minutes free of cost. If you are new to the world of online psychics, you can opt for these cheap psychic trials and find out whether it suits your requirements. All you need to do is to register on the website by creating an account which is an easy process.

5. How should I prepare before meeting a psychic reader?

If you are meeting a psychic online for the first time, it is always advisable to gather information about the type of psychic network handled by the advisor along with the tools and techniques from previous users. You can begin preparation by writing down your set of questions and concerns. Always try to free your minds of unnecessary thoughts and keep an open mind for the session.

6. Can online psychic readers make mistakes?

Although gifted psychic readers provide the most reliable, authentic psychic reading and the best psychic readings online, they are humans and cannot be exempted from the risk of making mistakes. You should always keep this fact in mind while attending all online reading sessions.

7. Is phone psychic reading or chat reading better?

Phone psychic reading or phone psychics and chat psychics have their perks and it entirely depends on the person who is attending the session. If you are comfortable with the phone psychic reading through voice or video call, you can opt for that for getting satisfactory results from the session. If you are not comfortable speaking upfront, you can use the chat option which comes with the advantage of getting access to chat transcripts.

Final Word

The psychics world has offered people an abode of peace and comfort from their otherwise troublesome lives. If you are seeking a place of solace and clarity of your life’s purpose, reaching out to a psychic is probably the best option you could choose. You can either vouch for a psychic near me or local psychics, or you can opt for an effortless and effective online psychic reading session.

Although there are plenty of online psychic reading platforms available on the web, it is vital to do thorough research, read more about different types of psychics and find the right platform that suits your interest. Choosing an online reading platform rather than visiting a psychic near me has its own pros and cons. You can attend a live session in the comfort of your personal space and get access to a variety of experienced psychic advisors.

You can navigate through the major psychic reading platforms, understand the type of sessions they offer, read through the psychic advisors they host and arrive at the best solution. You should also consider the user reviews and ratings along with the satisfaction guarantee offer given out by these websites. After you have checked all these factors and selected one, you can prepare yourself to enter the world of psychics.

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