Online Psychic Readings – Best Psychic Reading Services of 2022

The fact is that all organisms require direction, mentorship, and care. The cycle begins as soon as a creature is conceived. Parents are constantly around to nurture their youngsters, followed by teachers in schools, and so on as we get older. Without direction and mentorship, the situation would have been quite otherwise. This is not as simple to continue living as it is to say the term life.

The highs can be thrilling, but the lows can be devastating. It is up to the individual to determine how they view a given circumstance. It is critical to understand oneself, one’s inner existence, before learning anything else. There is a lot that goes on in a person’s head, and it is critical nowadays to strike a balance between both heart and mind.

If you’re concerned about the future or even have urgent concerns that cause trouble in the mind, phone psychics can provide you with the extra insight you need to make more confident decisions. However, with so many services to select from, locating the most suitable online psychic phone readings can indeed be difficult.

Here are the finest online psychic phone readings sites that provide minutes of free psychic readings by phone minutes, affordable prices, and fulfillment assurance if one is eager to have a life-changing psychic reading.

The Best Online Psychic Readings Websites: Top 4 Psychic Readers of 2022

Psychic Source : Editor’s Choice, The master of love psychic readings, Best Deals for New Members

Keen Psychics : The most accurate psychic reading platform, Get first minutes for free

Kasamba Psychics : A range of fully certified, experienced and trusted psychic readers, Get the first 3 minutes free

California Psychics : Private and personal touched psychic reading platform, Great Customer Experience

#1. Psychic Source: The Love Psychic Experts


At Psychic Source, individuals may get answers to all of these topics and more. This is one of the oldest psychic services, having been founded in 1989. It is known for its inexpensive chat, video, and phone psychics and its pleasant service.

Psychic Source online sessions are similar to YouTube in that they do not require a personal webcam or microphone. They also provide free psychic readings by phone for a few minutes to new customers. Customers can engage with the adviser via the camera video’s chat box, and the consultant answers live on the monitor. However, if somebody has a microphone and camera, they may talk directly to the psychics and receive answers.

Even during psychic phone readings online or on Psychic Source chat psychics, the mentors and regular readers at Psychic Source coach encourage and engage with the consumer. For romance reading, Psychic Source is one of the top online psychic reading services. Will I ever marry? Is there someone out there who can be my soulmate?

The psychics that work here go through a rigorous screening process. They have the necessary qualifications and experience, as well as incredible exceptional abilities and talents. Their areas of expertise vary, but their accuracy and customer service are commendable. Quality and customer experience are never compromised at Psychic Source. There are currently over 250 trained clairvoyants, psychics, and communicators available, including pet psychics (also known as animal communicators). The first screening guarantees that the knowledge one obtains during the phone psychics sessions is accurate.

At Psychic Source, love interpretations are by far the most popular service. A psychic medium can help a person overcome his/her worries or clear up any doubts regarding their present or previous relationships. Psychic Source’s love tarot readings have assisted people in finding love, solving problems with dear ones, advising on relationship concerns, dealing with loyalty or trust issues, guidance on cooperating with partners, and any other love-related difficulty or misunderstanding.

Loving is an essential requirement of existence, and it can be refuted that love provides happiness or that loving is a means of achieving satisfaction.

Types of reading available at Psychic Source at phone psychics:

  • Astrological psychic phone readings
  • Energy work
  • Angel readings
  • Numerology reading
  • Past Life Consultations
  • Spiritual readings

What makes Psychic Source even more appealing is its reasonable Price and cheap session rates. Even the most skilled and experienced mentor or reader may be found at a reasonable cost. Psychic Source’s cost varies by specialty, and specific specializations may cost more. Still, it never defrauds clients in any manner, and the guidance and counselling are well worth every money. Price starts at $0.66 per minute, with your first call getting you three minutes complimentary.

Periodical deals and incentives are available at Psychic Source, which serves as the icing on the cake for customers. With a Psychic Source coupon code, one may save even more money on specific sessions and specializations. As a unique offer, Psychic Source offers a 3-minute free psychic readings by phone session at the time of the first reading, as well as a 75 per cent discount.

Proceed by visiting Psychic Source’s website or installing the app from the App Store or Google Play. Each phone psychics reading includes a money-back assurance if a client is not completely satisfied.

⇒ Visit the official website of Psychic Source

#2. Keen Psychics: Best Life Guidance Portal


Keen Psychics was founded in 1999, and by 2020, it will have a network of about 35 million customers. It’s a group of psychics and spiritualists whose goal is to use their clairvoyant and psychic skills to aid others. Because this service is so frequently used, it has earned a reputation for being faithful and loyal. Keen has helped 14 million individuals in 42 million discussions using tarot, dream reading, and other methods.

Keen Psychic’s website design is high-speed and responsive. It includes various features and subcategories that are simple to notice and will entice readers to remain on the page longer. The numerous filtering methods make it simple to discover the Psychic who best fits an individual’s needs. Choose the categories that are important to you, and Keen Psychics will arrange its 1,700 psychics depending on your selections.

There are options of phone psychics readings, video conference, or text. If someone wants to use chat psychics on the go, there’s even a smartphone app to make things eaiser. The customer can stay connected using the user-friendly experience, which has many of the same functions as the chrome browser.

The offerings of keen are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, allowing people to avoid being time-bound when visiting any nearby advisors. When a person is trapped in this situation, phone psychics conversations or chats are preferred over meeting in person since they may not be able to open up as effectively as they would over a phone psychics reading.

All Keen psychic consultations are completely private and confidential. Whatever the client discusses in discussions will be recorded. The safe setting allows you to speak freely about the most personal aspects of your life.

Types of readings offered at Keen Psychics at phone psychics

  • Love and relationships
  • Spiritual psychic phone readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Astrology
  • Crystal Ball
  • Angel Oracle

Keen is a go-to platform for getting guidance from specialists in various fields, including tarot readings, psychic phone readings, financial assistance, life questions, and any relationship difficulties. Not only does it offer professional advice, but it also allows consumers to pick from a group of specialists who they would want to work with.

To locate the most excellent Psychic for major life decisions, go to the Keen Psychic website. You may browse numerous internet psychics depending on their Price, user reviews, specializations, and years of expertise after making an account. If your first option is unavailable, provide a callback number, and they will contact the user later.

⇒ Visit the official website of Keen

#3. Kasamba Psychics: Authentic And Customer Friendly


Kasamba has built a reputation for providing precise and dependable tarot readings. Astrologers, tarot readers, numerologists, pet psychics, and mediums are among the clairvoyants, tarot readers, astrologists, and psychics who work on the psychic internet platform founded in 1999. Over four million people have used Kasamba to obtain life-changing advice.

Many people prefer to get their psychic phone readings. They set up a meeting with a consultant, who will call each of them when the time comes. Kasamba also offers chat psychics consultations and live video assessments.

Kasamba is possibly the best website where newbies may get a free tour of their many service alternatives and network of spiritual counsellors before selecting how to continue. You may go through each Psychic’s bio to learn more about them and their areas of expertise, and then check which advisers are presently accessible for online chat sessions or phone psychics readings. This is a fantastic feature because it allows a person to speak with an adviser right away.

Kasamba advisors each have a profile page that showcases their skills. To discover the finest psychic for your budget, look at their specializations and prices. Don’t forget to read the customer reviews left by past customers. Kasmaba divides its psychic advisers into eight significant categories before sorting their top psychic reading services. Then there’s a list of more specialized services for each of those areas—the primary categories, as well as the subgroups within each category.

Types of readings offered at Kasamba Psychics at phone psychics:

  • Crystal ball readings
  • Tarot card interpretations
  • Aura readings
  • Rune casting
  • Dream interpretations
  • Palm psychic phone readings
  • Numerology

Kasamba accepts a variety of payment methods. Users may either add a certain amount of money to their wallet using a bank account or pay in full at the end of their session. Then there is the option of utilizing PayPal to add funds and use for psychic phone readings. According to how famous a given reader is, the average fee for each session for Kasamba love psychics ranges from $1.99 to over twenty dollars.

If you’re utilizing a Kasamba psychic for the first time, you can receive three minutes of free psychic readings by phone. The discount can be used on each new adviser that one attempts. The firm would even give a 70 per cent discount on a first chat psychics or telephone reading.

However, suppose the customer is uncomfortable with making phone psychics readings or believes that phone conversations are unpredictable or that they will use up too much of their three free minutes. In that case, they may always contact Kasamba psychics through text.

The signup procedure is straightforward after a user decides which adviser they would want to meet with. Choose the “click to chat” alternative, and you’ll be taken through the enrollment procedure step – by – step. Before a talk or chat with a psychic, it is a must to first create a profile and add a payment method.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba

#4. California Psychics : Accentuate Your Spiritual Pathway


California Psychics is an online psychic reading service that allows customers to contact psychics and gather information about their life. They’ve been providing this assistance since 1995, and approximately 6 million people have benefited from it. California psychics are amongst the oldest psychic reading portals, having just celebrated their 20th year in business and assisting people in making their life better and more satisfied since then.

The phone psychics readings on this platform are so good that merely hearing their voice over the phone may provide folks with accurate information. However, there is no need to be concerned in such a scenario because this site also offers various types of psychic mediums, such as psychic readings through smartphone chat, email, and high-quality video calls.

Finding one’s life’s mission, course, and the aim is difficult. California Psychics’ psychics may use their knowledge and experience to assist individuals in comprehending these issues. People might develop confidence and clarity in their actions in life by participating in unbiased conversations. Everybody has problems with love, money, family, work, etc.

According to the user’s demands on the California Psychics websites, filtering and sorting psychics is a fantastic approach to locate a precise match. There are numerous filters for style, techniques, talents, specializations, and other factors that can assist users in finding their ideal partner and having a beneficial connection that leads to an engaged and entertaining dialogue. The platform also has a psychic quiz for visitors to take to locate the right fit. The quiz asks questions more about the user’s needs and then presents the physics that best fit those demands.

The discussions are highly private and personal. Users may feel comfortable because their information is kept confidential. Furthermore, users do not need to be concerned about mind-reading or uncovering secrets. The psychics will only tell the individual what they want to understand and will never go off on tangents.

Users need to click on the California Psychics website and go through the many psychics offered to answer their queries. On the webpage, they have several psychic biographies. Each profile includes information about a psychic’s specialty, Price, qualifications, and ratings. Users can obtain an idea of what will be helpful by reading the description and specializations.

Various services offered by California Psychics at phone psychics

  • Palmistry
  • Tarot Readings
  • Crystal Ball Reading
  • Astrology
  • Numerology

The per-minute payment for psychic readings at California psychics ranges from a low of $ 1 to a high of $30. In addition, a person may obtain a referral bonus at California psychics by using the coupon code “ADD5”, which can be found on the web.

These coupons will also assist readers in obtaining additional benefits and other offers and savings throughout phone psychics readings. The average cost at California psychics is divided into three categories: Preferred, Popular, and Premium, appropriately.

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics

Things to Look at While Choosing an Online Phone Psychics Reading Service

On the internet, there are a plethora of psychic reading websites. When it comes to this service, users are spoiled for options. However, how can people make an informed choice when it comes to their favorite website?

Comparing and contrasting the benefits of each online psychic reading service is the best approach to do it. It not only assists consumers in making a decision, but it also helps to emphasize the site’s remarkable characteristics.

  • Look for recommendations

    When it concerns something as significant as choosing a psychic for consultation, another point one should attempt to do is acquire a personal referral. A reference from somebody you know and respect, such as a relative friend or close friend, is required. If they have used psychic phone readings before and suggest them to an individual one will have a lot more peace of mind.

  • Check the availability

    Finally, verify the schedule for a phone psychics meeting to see whether they can meet your demands in terms of the day and time of the consultation. When someone has a psychic reading online, they might discover that the Psychic has a lot more flexibility and is more willing and able to accommodate them at their preferred time and day.

    Furthermore, this may save them a tremendous amount of effort and is an excellent way to obtain a reading for someone who is doing it for the first time. These are just a few of the things that one may do to improve their chances of choosing the right Psychic for their next reading. After that, they may anticipate an excellent encounter.

  • Search for online ratings

    Going online to read about other people’s experiences is a good idea. Finding the top-rated psychics isn’t always straightforward, but reading reviews from other people may help. Reading what other people felt about topics like the Psychic’s efficacy and dependability by doing so. This also gives a decent sense of how they felt about their whole journey. This will allow in learning more about the Psychic’s credibility, allowing one to make a better-educated decision.

  • Look at the price ranges

    One must consider the expense of psychic reading in order to keep within the budget. The cost of reading might vary depending on the psychic one employs and several other reasons. So, while scheduling a reading, be sure to know how much it will cost. Be sure however, to not make a selection hastily.

  • Know what needs to be obtained

    Psychics, like everyone else, have strengths and limitations. Not all psychics are created equal, so it’s important to know what one is looking for in a psychic. The psychic one chooses might be telepathic, conjure spirits, read auras, or have a variety of other psychic abilities. Before choosing a psychic for the phone psychics readings, consider the objectives and how that individual can best assist in connecting with a client’s future, past, and present selves. With the wide range of psychics accessible these days, the options are infinite, so select the psychic reader wisely.

  • Use social media advantage

    Whether someone is looking for inexpensive psychics or highly skilled psychics, finding the right reader doesn’t need to try out every intriguing one. It entails being cautious while interviewing or interrogating them. This is best accomplished through social media platforms, where many psychic readers advertise themselves and connect with distant customers.

Advantages of Phone Psychics Reading

The majority of consumers prefer a psychic reading over the phone psychics. However, that isn’t the only choice. Psychic services are available via live stream readings, text messaging, and email on several websites. Before obtaining a psychic reading online, try to pick an arrangement that you’re confident with. Here are some advantages:

  • Online psychic readings are convenient. One can decide when or where the reading will take place. This flexibility allows one to arrange psychic reading whenever it is most comfortable for them, which is very useful if they have a heavy workload.
  • Before making a purchase, there is a possibility to speak with a psychic over the phone psychics or over live video to determine whether there is a connection. Many online psychic reading businesses provide free psychic readings by phone minutes to prospective customers to discover someone they like without making a cash obligation.
  • Before initiating the discussion, one can decide to go over a psychic’s profile page. Psychic advisors publish their credentials, specializations, and availability on the internet. When choosing the appropriate psychic, taking some time to conduct some research may make a huge difference.
  • For psychic readings through phone chat and video, several businesses offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Hence, one won’t have to worry about fraudulent psychics interfering with the tarot card interpretation or dream translation. If the reading falls short of the expectations, the firm will return the client’s money without hesitation.

What to Expect from an Online Phone Psychics Reading?

  • It will have to get personal

    It would only be natural. The whole idea of going to this individual is to delve a little further, so it’s only natural. A psychic must establish a connection with their customer in order to obtain clearer readings and make sense of the readings and vibes a person provides. Even the most gifted psychic will have to ask intrusive questions and share details about what they saw or learned from a particular individual. Remember that even psychics must be able to comprehend the insights they are giving.

  • You might not click with the first psychic you consult

    The customer and the psychic contacted may or may not form a bond with the person on the other side. This is quite OK; clients should not let this deter them from seeking out another. It’s impossible to describe energies and connect with people, and it’s outstanding if they don’t connect with the psychic that everyone recommended. It doesn’t always imply that something is incorrect or clairvoyant. It just means that there may be less chemistry or the vibe is not compatible. This isn’t to say one won’t be drawn to another psychic.

  • You won’t get answers in the very first interaction itself

    The first session is challenging. A user may be apprehensive and have many expectations, but don’t expect the first session to answer all questions or tell one all there is to know about oneself. As scared as one might be at attempting to seek assistance, the psychic is trying to make sense of all the emotions and thoughts they are receiving from the individual in order to provide them with accurate psychic mediums that make sense.

  • Prepare to pay attention

    One could be tempted to provide precise details and be the talker rather than the listener while seeing a psychic. Concentrate as much as possible on what the psychic is saying. Speak to them only when essential or when they ask for particular information.

How Does Phone Psychics Reading Assist in Changing Life?

When trapped over a problem, a psychic reading might help move on in life and achieve equilibrium. Simple counsel might help when feeling lost or bewildered. Spiritual assistance provides people with the necessary peace of mind and also clarity.

  • Makes one more prepared for a better life

    Isn’t it true that everyone wants to have a better quality of life when they fall in love together? Nevertheless, one can never foresee how their love journey will evolve, no matter how much one wants it to be the greatest. As a result, it’s prudent to be prepared for anything that may occur. You can get the information you need at any time. Overall, if you’re looking for a psychic medium, any of the preceding businesses will connect you with a variety of specialists that are eager to assist you.

  • Having an optimistic outlook on life

    People get depressed due to the numerous difficulties that arise one after another – so many obligations, tasks, and minor concerns that they finally fail. They have forgotten how to appreciate little pleasures in life, and as a result, they become pessimistic. Spiritual advice will not only assist overcoming these problems, but it will also assist in rediscovering yourself. Simply conversing with internet free psychics may turn a person’s life around. The finest psychic will alter one’s outlook on life. In the long term, any kind of advice can be beneficial.

  • Achieving inner serenity and harmony

    Life can be serene, absurd, or completely chaotic. There’s a thin line between one problem and the next, especially if mind and body are out of sync. You have a clean conscience and can view things more objectively when your equilibrium is in the proper position, which means being able to make intelligent judgments without being distracted by opposing ideas. Inability to maintain harmony will eventually have a corresponding impact on both elements, and things will suffer. Seek guidance from a spiritual advisor, and you’ll have the information you need to get back.

  • Allows everyone to put the past behind them and move forward

    Someone may be finding it difficult to move on from a previous relationship to enhance a current one. It’s difficult, notably if they were deeply in love. If you are one of these people, don’t be concerned. All you need is a psychic reading. They can give you suggestions on how to proceed. They will explain why it transpired and the advantages of the break-up.Those solutions will assist in coming to terms with the past and allow enjoying the present.


Although phone psychics reading is not a new discipline, it has advanced significantly throughout time. Cards have risen in potency, and many of the finest psychics now utilize them as valuable tools. Psychics can give a one-of-a-kind experience because of their spiritual talents, expertise, and skills.

Psychics serve as instructors and counsellors, using their remarkable abilities to make life problems more straightforward, guiding a person to understand oneself better and present a future vision. A successful and engaging psychic session may help a person recover and bring optimism and tranquilly into their lives.


1. What are some questions I can ask about love?

Here are some important questions to ask in love phone psychics readings:

Will my lover adore me for the rest of my life

Will my spouse love me for the rest of his/her life

Will my fiance and I get married

Will my current boyfriend and I start a family

What is the best way for me to discover my soulmate?

2. Does Kasamba have life psychic readings?

Yes, Kasamba’s expert psychic readers are guides that show people the right life paths, purpose and observation. All one has to do is choose a psychic for their phone psychics reading and consult them about any worries.

3. Are Keen Psychics available 24/7?

Keen Psychics has psychic readers accessible at all hours of the day and on all days of the week. They offer classes even on weekends, which is ideal for highly busy individuals and only have time during weekend days.

Their availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, makes it simpler for individuals worldwide to benefit from their services, transcending geography and time zones. Users of different races and nations can benefit from Keen psychic readings because the readers are multilingual.

4. What kinds of health-related inquiries do individuals ask over phone psychics?

A lot of individuals are concerned about their health. Although it’s always a good idea to consult a doctor if there are any health issues or an experience concerning symptoms, some individuals seek comfort from psychics.

Here are some health-related questions to ask a psychic:

What can I do in order to live a healthy lifestyle?

What adjustments do I need to implement in order to maintain my health?

Is it necessary for me to modify my eating habits?

What should I get to know concerning my diet?

What are the stumbling obstacles in my diet that I need to overcome?

Is there anything I should eliminate in order to maintain a healthy way of living?

5. What is angel reading in a phone psychics reading?

This reading is conducted with the aid of a unique deck of angel tarot. Spiritual guidance, such as angels, generally provide replies to the advisers. Users can ask inquiries on everything, including schooling, careers, finances, love lives, and relationships. The reader spreads the deck of cards and chooses the card that best appeals to their intuition and perception.

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