Online Psychic Readings: Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For Accurate Readings From Top Psychics Of 2022

When life seems to be full of disasters and undesirable experiences, as every choice stumps and prevents progression in one’s life, a psychic reading might assist in releasing the emotional and psychological load that has been dragging someone down. A psychic reading can give an individual the solutions to the questions that have plagued them for years but for which they have never been able to find an explanation.

A psychic reader is a regular individual interested in and affinity to the discipline of psychic reading. They can link with the cosmic forces that surround us and disrupt the wisdom they carry. They give insights and direction to people who require assistance finding the right route in life, making the right decisions, and living a better love life with this knowledge.

Customers and the media have recently taken notice of Psychic Expert’s great psychic reading evaluations and offers. The website has devised a novel method of online psychic reading. It has recommended four well-known psychic reading specialists who have started doing online consultations.

Now, gain answers and understand many life circumstances through the connection of a psychic. Every reading is unique and has its way and path.

Top 4 Best Online Psychic Reading Platforms Of 2022

Kasamba Psychics : Overall Best Psychic Reading Websites For Live Psychic Sessions

Keen Psychics : Top rated for love & relationship advice

Psychic Source : Most Affordable Psychic Readers With First Free Minutes

California Psychics : Best Psychics Online for Phone Readings & Live Chat

#1. Kasamba Psychics: Top Rated for Love & Relationship Advice


While looking for the best site for telling about the future, Kasamba is the go-to place. It is one of the most accurate places one can hope for while getting a tarot card reading. Kasamba has been in the market and marked its success for two decades now. This phone psychics place will give an insight into the future, in a way one would never imagine. As of today’s date, this psychic reading platform is providing psychic phone readings.

One of the prime features of Kasamba is that they issue a promo code for all the new registrations, free psychic readings by phone for the first three minutes. This free session is also scheduled with the psychic reader of the customer’s choice, after which, if the user wishes to schedule a session, they are given a hefty sum of seventy percent off on their first session.

Kasamba is the go-to platform for customers, but if someone is a psychic reader looking for customers for a session of phone psychics, they can register too. It is easy to create a profile, that is, the Kasamba advisor profile. This page shall accentuate all the psychic reader’s abilities and specialties. Customers can also view the pricing structure on the profile page. Not only this, but each Kasamba advisor also has a review page, where the customers can check out the ratings and reviews of the previous clients.

Kasamba doesn’t allow any psychic reader to create their profile as an advisor. There is a screening process that every psychic reader needs to go through to get themselves registered. Mindwell, this isn’t a piece of cake. One has to be the best of the best phone psychics to get registered at Kasamba.

When a customer goes to Kasamba, they will see different sections such as live psychics, love psychics, tarot readings, etc. They will be able to see expert psychics in each field to get the best of services.

To reduce the language barrier and English, Kasamba also offers its customers a couple of different languages. Communicating in a local language or mother tongue might be a bridge between the client and the advisor. The client will be able to talk more freely with the advisor.

While doing psychic phone readings, if the customer is not comfortable with chat psychics they can even converse over an email, where they leave out no detail.

The pricing structure at Kasamba depends on their advisors only. The factors to consider are the type of psychic reading a person needs, the experience of the psychic reader and the tools they are going to use for the session. In general, the price range varies from two dollars to twenty dollars. If the client feels that they are facing any issue, be it with the service, pricing or otherwise, they can always reach out to the help section. The customer service at Kasamba shall be there to cater to their customer’s needs at any hour.

The advisors at Kasamba don’t follow an orthodox mindset. They are open to new concepts and accept change in society. For instance, love psychics also deal with parental issues, divorces, breakups, and expertise in LGBTQ+ relationships. Be comfortable while booking a session and can talk with an open heart.

Kasamba’s Biggest Takeaways:

  • Tarot Cards phone psychics App for on-the-go Predictions and the Best Online Psychic Prediction Site for Love Sessions
  • Any new Psychic Advisor gets 3 free minutes. For new clients, there is a 70% discount on free psychic readings by phone.
  • 100% consumer satisfaction is guaranteed through phone psychics.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. Keen Psychics: Reasonable Rates With Accurate Readings


Taking on big life decisions has never been an easy task. That’s where Keen Psychics step in to help you. Psychics reading today has been completely shifted to the use of phone psychics. This helps customers to reach out to psychic readers all over the world. Keen psychics take pride in offering their customers the best psychic readers and spiritual experts worldwide.

Let us have a look at the clean slate record of Keen Psychics. They have extended their psychic phone readings to over thirty-five million people to date. Once a customer signs up with their basic details, they are routed to the home page. The home page at Keen Psychics consists of profiles of psychic readers with a little information on them. When the customer clicks on the profile, they can view detailed information on the expert.

Once the customer has decided which physics reader to opt for, they can leave a message with the chat psychics tool. If the psychic’s reader is busy for the time being, the customer can also send them a connection request, after which they can schedule a meeting.

The key feature that Keen Psychics is famous for is its accurate psychic phone readings. The experts at Keen Psychics hold an analysis at regular intervals. They evaluate all the features with the in-depth analysis that they provide. Along with that, they assess all the psychic phone readings that are made. Based on this report, they take necessary actions to rectify if any loophole emerges.

Keen Psychics offers its customers an affordable pricing structure. The pricing structure mainly depends on the psychic reader one is choosing. They vary from one dollar to thirty dollars per minute. The rates for a mediocre psychic reader are around six dollars per minute.

Keen Psychics’ phone psychics come bearing good news for all the first-timers. If the client is joining and availing services with a psychic reader at Keen Psychics, they only need to pay an amount as low as two dollars approximately for the first ten minutes. The customers can easily make the payment with debit or credit cards. Paypal is also an option.

While looking for a psychics reader for yourself, there will be a choice from over seventeen hundred physics. If you are stuck anywhere, customer service at Keen Psychics will be available round the clock.

Keen Psychics’ salient features

  • The most popular site for psychic phone readings on life’s most important decisions.
  • Tarot Card Predictions, Cartomancy, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Past-Life Readings, and many other services are available.
  • Readings of the highest quality and validity phone psychics consultations, email readings, and in-person visits are all options.
  • Most Reasonable Readings, for example, are only $1.99 for 10 minutes. To clients, they guarantee complete satisfaction.

⇒ Visit the official website of Keen

#3. Psychic Source: Preferable For New Users


For the ones who are looking for a reading for Love Psychics, the psychic Source might be the suitable option for them. They provide the customer with the most accurate love readings, future telling and all sorts of tarot card readings. Psychic Source mainly operates on phone psychics.

Psychic Source has been providing its customers with accurate psychic reading for over three decades now. All the members and psychics at the Psychic Source are extremely friendly towards its customers. They try to put themselves in the customer’s place and hold great empathy for them. They try to lead them on a better path, where no one needs to look back.

Psychic Source is popularly known for its predictions and the visions they hold. They are known to excel in healing a person and eliminating all life complications that their customers have with the power of psychics.

During the hiring process of the psychics at Psychic Source, they have a strict process and need to meet the standards. They need to provide the most accurate psychic phone readings. This is mainly because Psychic Source will never let its customers return unsatisfied. They provide the best reading.

The pricing structure at Psychic Source is extremely affordable and within budget. Even the most expert phone psychics are available at low costs. For all the newcomers at that platform, the first three minutes of psychic reading shall be free for them with any psychic reader.

The experts at Psychic source conduct sessions just like a YouTube live session. With psychic reader sherbet available, with a live screen where the customer can watch them. At the same time, one can post their questions and doubts with the help of chat psychics. The reader shall address the queries on the live screen. The customer need not have a webcam to communicate.

The experts at psychic Source aim to create the best platform for phone psychics. The aim is to deliver the most promising and accurate results to all the customers.

Key features and takeaways:

  • Over 250+ gifted psychics are just a call away, and they’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, live chat, or video call.
  • All psychic specialists are vetted and approved for genuineness and reliability. All new Psychic Specialists receive 3 free minutes sessions and training.
  • Clairvoyants, Mediums, Love Clairvoyants, Aura Readers, Empaths, Dream Analyzers, Tarot Readers, and many other Psychic Advisors are available.

⇒ Visit the official website of Psychic Source

#4. California Psychics : Highly Inclusive Reading Portal


California Psychics’ website is equipped with several features and functionality to assist the viewer in navigating the site. It is now possible to locate the right psychic reader who fits all of the expectations and demands in minutes using the search filters, well-separated pages, and a thorough menu. Several educational blogs linked to psychic phone readings on the California Psychics company website may assist a user get greater clarity and comprehension.

California Psychics recognize that not everyone has the time to visit a psychic. It’s why they are accessible online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to serve clients in even the most remote locations. Their website is well-designed to help people locate their perfect mate. It is purposefully designed to be user-friendly, and every little detail can be accessed on their website for consumers’ convenience.

California phone psychics gives people all of the knowledge they need over the phone. These readings may only be successful if one is in touch with themselves and the queries they’re looking for solutions to. You should choose a peaceful and comfortable location where they’re not interrupted and may think about the essential questions alone.

The astrology section of California psychics is freely offered for free. They have a section dedicated to horoscopes on their website, which covers everything from daily horoscopes to monthly fortune tellers, yearly horoscopes, and zodiac sign affinity. Everything is available for free on their webpage.

The users don’t even have to go through the trouble of viewing the site every day; instead, they may join up for the subscription, which will send them daily zodiac emails. The website has online psychic readers that can give the most accurate career readings and financial advice.

One could also locate readers and services specialized to women, the LGBTQ+ communities, and other groups. It is also possible to sort the readers based on their reading preferences. While looking for a direct reading or a sympathetic reader, no need to waste time looking.

A variety of deals on the site are available, including free psychic readings by phone for the first five minutes, as well as consultations for $1 per minute. As soon as the user registers, they will receive a certain quantity of money. There is an option of purchasing the reward points as well. The larger the number of points, the greater the user’s access to the website’s numerous offers and activities. It also provides special offers on birthdays as well as other significant days.

In a nutshell, California Psychics are:

  • Over 25+ decades of work expertise and a prestigious reputation.
  • The categorization and navigation make psychic search simple.
  • Fees for psychic readings by phone are divided into three categories: popular ($1), preferred ($2), and premium ($4).
  • Psychics are divided into three categories based on their communication styles: inspiring, compassionate, and direct.
  • Real-time conversations and phone psychics calls are available for readings.

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics

How Can a Psychic Reader Change Someone’s Life?

The most important question is what’s next. This question of the next step in life can be disturbing for many people. The idea of not having a plan is devastating. To help one with this plan, psychic readings play an important role. They will accentuate and highlight part of the life, of the future, that will be beneficial for everyone in the long run.

Whether it is a Life Partner, a boss, or a paycheck giving grave trouble, approach a psychic reader to help out from this situation. If someone trusts them, their process and follows their advice truly, it might make a major difference in life.

Like one might have heard, every coin has two sides. Similarly, each problem also has a positive aspect. Psychic readers will help everyone understand this positive aspect as light a Ray of hope within you.

No one knows what is planned for them in the future. But one definitely can prepare for it. Like it’s said, precaution is better than cure. Free phone psychics reading will help to prepare for the future. They will help to understand the positivity in life and inspire one to do better every day.

Just like everyone needs closure after a horror movie, one needs closure to each problem in their life. A psychic reader will help to achieve this closure in life and give the needed peace of mind.

Have you ever questioned yourself, ‘why me?’, ‘what does my life intend?’, ‘is it even worth it?’? A psychic reader will help you understand and identify your purpose in life.

Tools That Phone Psychics Readers Use

Talking about psychic reading, there are many types of it. People are known to consult psychic readers for various causes. Some might have trouble with their love life, while others might be looking for solutions in their business. Let us have a look at the different types of psychic readers.

Tarot Reading

They have the tarot readers. Tarot card readers are not the ones who look into the future. Rather, they go along with their guts. They look at their subject and hear their problems. Then, they select a few cards with their intuition. These cards are known to interpret the person’s nature and how the person can come out of the particular problem.


Then, they have palmistry. These are the psychic readers who read the palm of their clients. Their interpretations are based on what is there in their client’s hands, such as the colors and various skin folds. With the help of these factors, palm readers identify the nature of a person. They can also give insights into their future, such as health, love life and age.

Crystal Ball Reading

A very popular segment of psychic reading is crystal ball readers. This is the most famous description people have in mind when thinking about psychic readers. So, what do crystal balls do? The Clairvoyants popularly use it to have a look into the client’s future. They can see tiny bits of the future, like the trailer or clips of a movie, when they tap their crystal balls.


Numerology is the branch of psychic reading that mainly deals with numbers. The experts in numerology believe that the world is governed by nothing but numbers. With the help of their clients’ birth dates and birth names, numerologists can tell a lot about them.

Dream interpretation

Have you ever awoken with a question regarding the significance of a dream? With the assistance of virtual psychic readers, one may now find out. Phone psychics may use dream analysis to learn more about the subconscious mind and how the dreams affect the past, present, and future.


Then, they have astrology. These are the psychic readers that use the position of various planets and constellations to tell about your problems, their solutions and even a great deal about your future.

Psychic readings

Are you interested in what the future holds? Fortune tellers may give a glimpse behind the veil, revealing what is ahead in both the professional and personal life. Depending on their specialties, psychics may employ oracle, angel card, or tarot reading interpretations to predict your destiny.

Things to Understand for an Online Psychic Reading Session

It’s a two-way street when it comes to psychic readings. In free phone psychics readings by phone, one needs an experienced and gifted psychic reader, as well as an open and receptive client. Here are a few more pointers to help you get the most out of your trip. Don’t go in with a preconceived notion of what has to be achieved. During the session of online psychic reading, you’re likely to have particular queries about which you’d like answers. That’s great, and it is a must to keep your interest alive.

However, don’t go into the session expecting to obtain a single response. Even the most well-intentioned phone psychics sometimes have trouble deciphering what the spiritual realm is trying to tell them. Allow the Psychic to lead through the phone psychic call. Allow a professional psychic to do their job. Whether you’d like to read oracle cards or horoscopes, they know what it takes to receive answers.

The top phone psychics will do most of the talking and just ask one to confirm what they say. Pay attention to important details. It’s possible that phone psychics won’t get all of their answers right away. Instead, one could get reliable information strewn throughout the talk. Keep a lookout for crucial information that might help to answer issues regarding the job, family, or romantic life.

Choose a Reading Method that is Convenient

When you’re upfront and honest with the psychic adviser, the finest psychic readings by phone happen. Choose a strategy that works the best depending on the location and degree of trust. Face video readers, for example, are much more convenient when you’re at home, whereas chat room psychic readings by phone are more convenient when you’re out doing errands. If one is not in a good mood, postpone the conversation or phone session.

Factors to Consider While Choosing A Psychic Reading

Convenience and flexibility

Real psychics or communicators and their customers traveled miles to have a session before the greatest psychic reading was shifted online. However, one may now have a psychic reading session at leisure from the comfort of your own home. The best psychics on the majority of websites work in various time differences.

A strict selection procedure

Individuals who perform psychic services are not chosen at random by renowned online psychic reading sites. When someone seeks to work as a psychic on such sites, they are rigorously checked to ensure they have the necessary qualifications. Most essential, you must demonstrate high levels of maturity, perseverance, and comprehension before being permitted to establish your profile. For their description, there is the option of selecting a psychic site.

Check if reviews are available

Anyone can tell if a website is legitimate by reading what other people have said about it. Almost every online psychic reading site includes a place where consumers may leave ratings and comments about the service they got. This part not only ensures openness but also provides the customer with information on the services they may anticipate. Although malevolent individuals may fabricate information, one may always obtain a larger picture by looking at what the bulk of you have to say.

Expertise and experience unparalleled

As previously said, most internet phone and chat psychic interpretation sites have been around for a long time. They have mastered the most effective techniques for providing consumers with intelligent reading; furthermore, their psychics have a wealth of expertise in the subject, ensuring that one receives a beneficial psychic reading. They are in a better situation to deal with each character differently since they have worked with various people.

Is Online Psychic Reading Safe?

Psychic reading exists and aids individuals in overcoming various problems, which are now evident and in the public domain. Psychic phone readings used to be done face-to-face, but with the advancement of technology, that has changed. The majority of psychic readings by phone are now done online by conversational psychics from all over the world. Even though many people have benefited from the technique, some have been deceived by unscrupulous persons posing as psychics. So, can someone verify phone psychics reading through chat or telephone conversation? It is better than writing on the internet “psychic reading near me.”

What to Avoid When Getting an Online Psychic Reading

It’s crucial to remember that a psychic reading is simply a dialogue, whether it’s a tarot reading or a visit with a psychic medium. Avoid “yes or no” questions while drafting your inquiries since they might lead to a dead-end in the phone psychics session.

It’s also a smart option to refrain from exerting too much control over your psychic reading. As a result, the psychic’s approach may be hampered, resulting in a less satisfying encounter for both. Allow your psychic reader to initiate the conversation, and you’ll be treated with more useful information.

Which Is Better: Psychic Phone Readings or Chat Psychics Readings?

Well, you’ve chosen a psychic reading that appears to be a good match, and you’re available to connect. You could be torn between the two most prevalent ways to interact with an online psychic reader: phone psychics and chatting.

There are several advantages to using virtual chatting. It’s tough to remember everything mentioned during a phone reading, especially if it’s a long one. You get a transcript of the whole conversation with chat psychics that you may refer to at your convenience. Another advantage of chat psychics is that it is almost completely quiet. If it is not possible to conduct a phone reading because of worries about privacy or a noisy location, an online chat psychics reading may be the best option.

For generations, people have used phones to get psychic phone readings. It’s everywhere, it’s accessible, and it’s well-suited to a wide range of applications and devices. If the customer doesn’t want to have a face-to-face discussion but doesn’t want to be stressed out by writing rapidly in a chat session, chatting to phone psychics is a perfect compromise. It might even feel like you’re having a conversation with a buddy.


Psychic readers obtain information regarding you and provide accurate forecasts about your life using various talents that they’ve been educated with and instruments that they have an attraction for. Phone psychics are a pathway to clarity, understanding and closure in some cases. They also aid in the attainment of life’s affirmation, motivation, direction, and motivation. With their knowledge and perspective of life and the universe, a real psychic reader may profoundly brighten a person’s life.


Do California Psychics have experts in various areas?

California psychics have compiled a list of phone psychics who are experts in each profession for each category. Love readings, life counseling, job guidance, dream interpretation, and other topics are included. There are professionals in every field from whom you may pick depending on your needs. You might, for example, seek for California love psychics to receive a thorough reading on the same subject.

What are the payment standards of Psychic Source?

Over 250 extremely skilled psychic specialists work for Psychic Source, spanning a wide range of subjects. Use the code ADD5 to get the first five minutes of your session for free. It provides a three-minute free phone psychics consultation with charges as low as $0.66 per min if you extend the session. You may even obtain a psychic reading anywhere you are by downloading the Psychic Source app for iOS or Android smartphones.

Do any phone psychics reading services offer free reading?

Numerous psychic websites provide free trial readings, with the first three minutes of the call being free and the remainder of the call being charged at a reduced per-minute cost. Others provide free minutes as a portion of an introductory subscription or enable you to talk with a psychic counselor before paying for a psychic reading. For additional information, see our guide to low-cost psychic readings.

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