Latest Brown Fat Science: Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) Guide

Brown fat or Brown Adipose Tissue has gained tremendous popularity in the weight loss industry. Supplements like Exipure helps to boost the brown fat in the body, and it clearly shows that the fat is essential.

The BAT melts fat naturally, making it a great shortcut to burning excess fat in the body. Brown fat is usually produced when you get cold, and your body is forced to burn BAT to increase your body’s temperature.

Most people believe fat is not suitable for weight loss, but that is not the case here. Many studies have proven that brown Adipose Tissue is excellent for reducing body weight as it allows you to enjoy sustainable and real weight loss.

If you want to know more about brown fat, keep reading this review to understand what brown fat is, how it works, and how to raise its levels in the body.

Why is Brown Fat Special?

Brown Adipose Tissue is found all over your body, and it is a special kind of fat that helps produce heat in your body when it gets cold. The brown fat is activated to keep you warm, and in the process, it generates heat. This is known as thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is a process that is essential for fat burning. This is because it boosts your metabolic rate and calorie burning. It means that your body can burn more fat than usual even when at rest. BAT is an excellent shortcut to reducing excess body weight.

The latest research has also shown that BAT does the following;

  • Regulates appetite by balancing the production of leptin levels
  • It makes weight loss and fat burning easier
  • Controls the production of insulin and blood sugar
  • Improves energy levels to last you the entire day
  • Allows your body to burn calories throughout the day by improving metabolic rate

Apart from that, one study proved that individuals with high levels of BAT could burn up to 200 calories in a day. Due to all these reasons, people believe that brown fat is an excellent shortcut to burning excess body fat.

How Does BAT or Brown Fat Work?

Brown fat is more special than normal fat (white fat) because it contains mitochondria. According to science, Mitochondria is a powerhouse for most cells in the body. They act as engines in the brown adipose tissue and, in turn, burn fat for heat production which is where supplements like Exipure try to help support the production of BAT.

Unlike the regular fat that is filled with lipids or fatty acids, brown fat contains mitochondria. This makes these two fats very different from each other. The mitochondria found in the BAT cells take in the white fat and sugar to burn then for energy production. This also shows that brown adipose tissue can keep much energy within a small space compared to white fat.

When temperature changes occur, the brown fat is activated in the body. It usually happens when your body gets cold, and norepinephrine is produced. Now, the thing is that brown fat contains norepinephrine receptors. When they sense the production of the norepinephrine hormone, they immediately signal the mitochondria in the BAT cells to produce energy.

Much recent research proves that brown fat works effectively in weight loss, but several scientific analyses are still conducted based on brown adipose tissue.

Brown Adipose Tissue and Weight Loss

BAT is suitable for weight loss as it contains fat-burning properties. It can be well utilized to help get rid of excess calories, and the best part is that it allows you to lose weight even when you are at rest. This means you can easily maintain a caloric deficit, which will enable you to quickly and easily get rid of excess body weight.

Brown adipose tissue is extra special as it melts calories for fuel, and that way, it helps in weight loss. The BAT pushes your body to burn regular fat and calories through a process known as thermogenesis. When this happens, weight loss results are accelerated.

How to Boost Brown Adipose Tissue

According to several studies, brown adipose tissue is higher in lean people as compared to obese and overweight individuals. The best part is that there are ways to raise the brown fat levels in the body. Exercising and eating healthy foods are some ways you can boost BAT.

Exercising, in particular, is essential for increasing BAT levels in the body. This is because it allows you to build brown adipose tissue in the entire body. When levels of BAT are evenly distributed throughout your body, it becomes easy to lose weight through thermogenesis.

Brown Fat vs. White Fat

Brown fat and white fat are two different kinds of fat found in the body. Both fats have specific functions in the body. Brown fat is excellent for fat burning, but white fat cannot support weight loss. Let’s look at their differences in depth;

White Adipose Tissue (White Fat)

White adipose tissue (WAT) or white fat is the most common known fat in the body. This type of fat is found throughout your body and accumulates around your organs when in excess. Its function is to keep the body warm and insulate your organs. However, white fat is bad for your health. When the fat is at high levels, it can potentially cause diabetes and heart diseases, the leading cause of death globally.

Brown Adipose Tissue (Brown Fat)

On the other hand, brown adipose tissues or BAT are filled with mitochondria, which have iron, hence the name brown fat. This iron found in the mitochondria provides a brown color to the brown adipose tissue.

When thermogenesis occurs due to cold, your body is forced to burn excess fat and calories in the entire body. Years back, weight loss experts believed that about 5% of a baby’s weight is made up of brown fat. But research has also shown that adults have a minimum amount of brown fat reserves in their bodies. Minimum quantities of brown fat are located throughout the body, but high brown fat concentrations are in the neck and shoulders in minimum deposits.

How to Raise Brown Adipose Tissue Levels

Every individual is born with a certain amount of brown fat, referred to as constitutive brown fat. Even though this is the case, you can use specific methods to boost your brown fat concentration. This is possible because your body contains what is known as “recruitablefat,” which means that you can convert some of your fat into brown fat under specific circumstances.

This type of fat is found in the whole body, especially in the white fat and muscles. Converting the recruitable fat will significantly help you lose weight. The following are science-backed up methods to raise brown adipose tissue levels in the body as per the peer-reviewed research;

Expose Your Body to Cool Temperatures

Staying in cool temperatures for a few hours every day can greatly help increase brown adipose tissue levels. Research shows that exposing your body to temperatures of about 66 degrees Fahrenheit or 19 degrees Celsius helps transform recruitable fat into brown fat. 2 hours are enough to boost BAT levels.

Many individuals have taken this to the next level and expose their bodies to extreme cold temperatures by using ice baths and cold showers. This can significantly help in improving levels of BAT. It is not necessarily that you go in the ocean for swimming. You can reduce body temperature at home or go for a walk in the cold to create more brown fat.

Consume a lot of Food

Is it possible to lose weight while eating a lot of food? Well, that is what brown fat experts are suggesting. In one mice study, experts proved that the mice who ate a lot of food had higher BAT levels compared to the ones who ate an average amount of food.

Even after the mice ate plenty of food, they stayed lean because they had more brown adipose tissue in their bodies. The mice were also skinnier and healthier as compared to the under-eating mice. What’s surprising is that the overeating mice had zero risk of experiencing metabolic diseases and obesity. Even though overeating may cause excessive weight, it can help you create brown adipose tissue.


Exercise is one of the best ways to create brown fat in the body. Studies have also shown that individuals who exercise have a higher concentration of brown fat as compared to those who rarely exercise. When one exercises, a protein known as irisin is produced and converts the white fat into brown fat, and when your body is dormant, less irisin is produced, which creates low levels of brown fat. But you should know that specific exercises create a powerful impact on brown adipose tissue development—for example, intense aerobic training boost BAT levels in the body.

Further research is still conducted to determine the relationship between exercise and brown fat. But generally, exercise is a great method to raise brown fat. This is because both humans and mice produce Irisin, and the mice study could be enough to prove that exercise is excellent for boosting BAT levels.

Pay Close Attention to Genetics

There is a possibility that genetics and the creation of brown fat are linked to a certain extent. Some studies have shown that individuals with a particular gene expression have more brown fat than people with another gene expression.

In one brown fat study, experts used a certain gene mutation to breed mice. The gene mutation restricted a protein known as Type 1A BMP-receptor. Due to the restriction, the mice converted white fat to brown adipose tissue when in cold temperatures.

In another study, experts found that another protein called B-cell factor or Ebf2 was essential in creating the brown adipose tissue. Mice were bred using this protein, and they showed a significant transformation of white adipose tissue to brown fat. Scientists also discovered that the BAT cells used more oxygen, which showed that the brown fat burned fat, produced heat, and aided in weight loss.

Use Mirabegron

Mirabegron is a drug used for overactive bladder. Studies have shown that it can help to boost brown adipose tissue in the body.

In one study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, 15 lean and healthy men were given a placebo or Mirabegron. After the results, experts realized that the Mirabegron group had higher levels of brown fat.

Apart from that, they discovered that Mirabegron raised the resting metabolic rate, the amount of calories your body eliminates naturally throughout the day. The drug has been shown to eliminate 203 calories in a day. This could be possible because when the brown fat is increased, it boosts your metabolic rate, allowing you to lose weight quickly.

The study also showed that this drug stimulates the white fat in your body, providing you with an easy shortcut to reduce body weight.

How Brown Fat Aids in the Management of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Brown fat is well known for its ability to help support weight loss, but it has also been proven to control the risk of diabetes and heart problems.

Experts have gone through several brown fat studies to develop a better conclusion about brown adipose tissue. According to analysts, brown fat is suitable for burning fat, regulating blood sugar, raising insulin levels, and preventing diabetes. Then this is why a BAT-boosting supplement like Exipure tries to formulate its ingredients around the latest breakthroughs in science surrounding the “adults have brown fat too” discovery.

Aside from that, researchers concluded that brown fat is also good for minimizing the risk of issues related to high cholesterol, such as heart disease. It does this by eliminating fat from your blood.

Now that you know losing weight is essential for fighting diabetes, heart disease, and weight loss. It is crucial to take advantage of brown adipose tissue to lose excess weight and treat obesity.


Here are common questions about brown adipose tissue and weight loss. Read on to get all the answers concerning BAT and fat loss.

Q; Is there any difference between white fat and brown fat?

A; Brown fat and white fat are the common types of fat found in your body, and there is a huge difference between them. White fat is usually the most common type of fat and is found throughout the body. It accumulates typically in the body when you take in more calories, and they are stored to be used later.

On the other hand, brown fat contains iron-rich mitochondria, which gives the BAT cells their distinctive color. BAT is usually activated when it’s cold and thus helps burn excess fat, making the weight loss process easier.

Q: How does brown adipose tissue work?

A: When it gets cold, brown fat is activated in the body. It then builds up heat to melt calories in a process referred to as thermogenesis. This, in turn, boosts caloric burn and increases body temperature, allowing you to lose weight rapidly.

Q: How can I boost brown adipose tissue levels?

A: Studies show there are different ways to raise brown fat in the body. They include getting exposed to cold temperatures, exercising, taking advantage of genetic conditions, and eating plenty of food. In one particular study about mice, it was shown that mice who ate a lot of food had high BAT concentrations and were still healthier and skinnier.

Q: Why don’t babies shiver?

A: Babies don’t shiver because they have a higher percentage of brown fat than adults. The fat is located behind their shoulders and acts as a built-in heater. This makes babies generate heat through the non-shivering thermogenesis process.

Q: What is BAT?

A: Brown fat or BAT is a special type of fat in the body rich in mitochondria. It is located in specific parts of the body in small deposits. Some studies show that exercise and cold temperatures can help improve its levels.

Q: What does BAT (brown fat) do?

A: Brown adipose tissue warms your body in a process known as thermogenesis. It burns fat and calories to produce energy or heat, which helps improve body temperature.

Q: How can drugs boost brown fat levels?

A: According to some studies, one particular drug can help to raise BAT levels. The drug (Mirabegron) is used to treat overactive bladder, and it has been tested to ensure it boosts brown fat.

Q: Is it only babies who have BAT OR brown fat?

A: Babies have 5% brown fat in their bodies, and in the past, researchers believed that the fat disappears after infancy. The latest studies have proven otherwise. It shows that brown fat remains in humans in particular body regions like the shoulders and neck.

Q; Is brown fat suitable for weight loss?

A: Brown adipose tissue is good for burning fat. This is because it burns calories and introduces thermogenesis, which helps in a caloric deficit. With this, you will lose weight easily as studies have shown that brown fat can help one lose up to 200 calories in a day.

Q: Is brown adipose tissue bad?

A: Several studies prove that brown fat is good for the body. It helps in weight loss, controls blood sugar, boosts your metabolic activity, and keeps your body warm.

Q: Can cold showers raise BAT levels?

A: Brown fat development occurs when you are exposed to low temperatures. Cold showers can help transform white fat into BAT. Two hours in cold temperatures is enough to boost the BAT levels.

Q: Can cold weather lead to the creation of brown fat?

A: Brown fat is usually boosted in cold temperatures, and walking in cold weather is one way you can increase the BAT levels. Also, staying in your house at temperatures below 66 degrees can significantly help in raising brown fat.

Q: How is brown fat important in diabetes?

A: BAT helps in controlling insulin and blood sugar. Therefore, it can be said that brown fat is good for diabetes.

Q: How does exercise raise brown fat levels?

A: Exercise has a significant impact on brown fat. Individuals who exercise a lot have higher brown adipose tissue levels.

Q: Is brown adipose tissue found in all animals?

A: Brown fat is mainly found in mammals, but not all mammals have BAT

Q: What does thermogenesis entail?

A: Your body stays warm through a process known as thermogenesis. This process converts fat and calories in your body to heat and thus helps you to stay warm.

Q: Where is BAT located in the body?

A: The BAT is found in specific spots in your body and is not located in the same places in everyone’s body. It is mostly located in the neck and shoulder region for most people.

Q: Is brown fat found in everyone?

There are at least a few traces of brown fat cells in everyone’s body.

Q: Are there any supplements that can boost BAT?

A: No studies are proving that supplements are suitable for improving BAT levels.

Q: How is body fat important?

A: Your body naturally stores fat for it to be used later. The good news is that it comes with many functions, including controlling metabolism, improving immune function, insulating body organs, conserving energy, and keeping the body warm.

Q: What calories are in each gram of fat?

A: There are 9 calories in one gram of fat.

Q: Is there any difference between baby and brown fat?

A: Baby fat and brown fat are the same thing. The terms are used interchangeably as now people are aware the brown fat is not only found in babies.

Q: What calories are contained in one pound of fat?

A: There are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat.

Q: How do I explain beige fat?

A: Beige fat has both white and brown cell properties. They usually begin as white cells but transform energy to heat like brown cells.

Q: Does BAT have any effect on the brain?

A: One study has proven a link between brown fat, hunger, and weight loss. According to the study conducted at the University of Michigan, beige and brown fat is activated by leptin, a hormone responsible for controlling body weight by regulating energy and appetite. As per this study, brown fat can significantly help control appetite, allowing you to consume less food naturally.

Final Word

Boosting your brown adipose tissue is one way to promote weight loss. Exipure formula is one supplement that claims to increase BAT levels. The supplement has been clinically tested and scientifically proven. But apart from that, exercising, consuming more food, and exposing your body to cold temperatures can help increase levels of brown fat.

There is also the option of trying a brown fat-focused weight loss supplement such as Exipure too. Check out this Exipure review for more details about brown fat supplementation and how to increase or activate brown adipose tissue levels.

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