Finding the perfect gift is always a challenging task. This list of Christmas gifts for college students makes it a bit easier. Find something they are bound to love!

Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for College Students They Actually Want

Come holiday season, we all start feeling a bit panicky. So many gifts to choose! And we want them all to be great. But also affordable, without looking cheap. Thoughtful and personal, but something we can arrange ASAP before the shipping rush overwhelms delivery services.

If you have a college student on your Christmas list, whether your child, sibling or friend, things get even more complicated. Dorm rooms have limited space, so gift classics like books, oversized stuffed toys, kitchenware, and many other options are out of the picture. You are lucky if they have a wish list. If not… you are still lucky because we took care of that! Here are our picks of Christmas gifts to wow any student in your life.

Supply of Snacks


Picture credit: snackmagic.com

First of all, food is always a good gift if we talk about students. Studying into the wee hours of the night, boosting their energy during the day, or hosting an unexpected party in their dorm room, they can always do with more food than they actually have.

Second, by giving them an assorted box, you choose what exactly they will consume – and it’s a chance to sneak something wholesome into their diet. Now, when they are far away, every opportunity is precious. Choose healthier snacks that will give them all the nutrients to stay energized and focused.

Send them a huge box or choose a subscription to ensure that the snacks are evenly spaced around the year, creating a steady supply. This is genius because moderation and good planning is a rare talent in the best of us and even rarer in college students. Choose one of the companies that specialize in this. Alternatively, arrange monthly or weekly delivery from a local business in their area.

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There’s another database – Magic Learning, which boasts a similarly sized library and is more affordable but doesn’t provide any free stuff to assess the offerings before committing. That said, either subscription will make a great Christmas gift, especially if you’ve already missed all shipping deadlines. Online goodies don’t have this problem!


Picture credit: wowessays.com

Lap Desk


Picture credit: amazon.com

Students live in front of their laptops. They keep notes during lectures, research, write, collaborate with peers, make video calls, watch movies, and do a dozen more things peering into the screen. However, they might want to switch their desk for something more comfortable when relaxing. This is where a lap desk will come in very handy.

You see, despite them being literally named “laptops,” these things shouldn’t go on your lap. If you do place your device this way, it overheats, sucks in dust and fibers, and forces you into the crescent-shaped posture with a tech neck that never made anyone healthier (or better looking, for that matter).

A lap desk keeps your laptop safely removed from your body and on a hard flat surface, while also allowing you the flexibility of sitting, lying, kneeling, or doing yoga while you write your paper on a digital detox or watching your favorite movie. I wish I had a thing like this while living in the dorm!

Bedside Shelf


Picture credit: walmart.com

Nightstands just don’t exist in dorms, but how can you live without one? Where do you put your coffee mug that is still too hot to drink? Where does your book go? Or phone, for that matter – let’s be more realistic! Your scrunchie, your hand cream? You either have to reach overhead to get it on the wall shelf (if you’re lucky to have one so near) or get up and go to your desk.

That’s a bummer, especially if you are ready to go to sleep on the top of a bunk bed. Even if you are at the bottom, that’s not ideal. So most students just put everything on the floor for often-catastrophic outcomes. The elegant solution comes in the form of a bedside shelf, easily attachable and convenient. No more coffee splashed all over the floor or screens dead by stomping.

You can get an organizer shelf like the one in the picture from Walmart or search for simpler, tray-like designs on Amazon. Whichever you choose, make sure it is compatible with the bed in your recipient’s dorm. Plus, go for a sturdy thing with an elevated frame to prevent things from slipping off. A spill-proof coffee holder is also a plus.

Aroma Diffuser


Picture credit: amazon.com

College life is hectic. Keeping up with its pace is the main challenge of any new student. Their familiar routines go out of the window – together with circadian rhythms and discipline. The right scent helps you relax and fall asleep faster or focus on studying instead. It also creates a homely atmosphere in a dorm room. Ultrasonic diffusers are an excellent option for students since dorm rules often prohibit candles – scented or otherwise.

Aroma diffusers come in various designs and sizes. Still, ultrasonic ones have the added benefit of humidifying the air in a room. The air is often too dry indoors due to heating. That leads to numerous problems, such as worsened allergies, skin problems, sore throat, dry eyes, nosebleeds – you darling dorm dweller doesn’t need any of that! Fill their room with fragrant mist for health and mental equilibrium.

Some models (like the one in the photo) also have a timer feature, LEDs that serve as nightlights, and… drumroll, please… a remote control. This will save them the trouble of getting up – they can just stick the remote into a bedside caddy you got them.

Ring Light Kit


Picture credit: amazon.com

College is when young people search for their true passions and try new things. Many dabble in creative areas, starting their channels, websites, podcasts, and tentatively putting their work out there.

Don’t let their confidence suffer because of the picture’s poor quality. Good lighting is an absolute must for a budding TikTok celebrity, the next Youtube sensation, or a passionate photographer! Help them on their way to a dream with this semi-professional kit! It includes dimmable LED ring lights, a stand, a clicker, and two plastic color filters to control the temperature of the light and create artistic effects.

Whether your college student is a beauty blogger, videogame streamer, pop culture theorist, movie critic, or comedian, this gift will definitely make them gasp, “How did you know I wanted THIS?”

Christmas Gift Ideas for Students in Your Classroom

Of course, I couldn’t leave without help and tips all the teachers frantically looking for inexpensive presents to give their students. Although preschool and kindergarten children are easier to please with holiday-themed printouts and crafts, elementary and middle school kids still appreciate small tokens of your love that they can carry home and show their families.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for students to make with your own hands and some easily accessible supplies that won’t set you back:

  • Boxes of TicTacs in different colors with funny holiday labels will make your students giggle: for example, “Snowmen Noses” on the orange mints, “Reindeer noses” on the red ones, “Snowflake seeds” on blue boxes, or “Grinch poop” on green ones. Use your imagination and create other holiday and age-appropriate associations or get a ready-made design from TeachersPayTeachers.
  • Christmas ornaments. Waste not, want not. A fun and creative way to upcycle broken crayons is by melting them down and placing them into molds shaped like snowflakes, candy canes, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, and other holiday attributes. Add a piece of yarn before the melt solidifies, so your students can hang it on their tree at home. Additionally, use glitter, paint, or markers to personalize each piece with a student’s name.
  • Hot chocolate bags. A small bag of hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, candy cane pieces, chocolate chips, and other edible ornaments assorted into a “Snowman soup” make a delightful gift. It can also be shaped into a conical reindeer muzzle with googly eyes and a tiny red pom-pom nose.
  • Treat rolls. Fill paper-towel rolls with candies, M&Ms, and loose sweets. Decorate and seal them with gift wrap, foil, glitter, and ribbons. You can shape the wrapping into a giant candy, a cracker, a rocket, a robot, etc., and personalize it for every student.
  • Coupons. These don’t cost anything – just print them or write by hand on cards or pieces of craft paper. They can grant your students anything you are okay to allow: 10 extra points on any assignment, half-day of reading, half-hour of recess, half-day of playing board games, etc.
  • Build-a-snowman kit. Put 3 large and 2 mini marshmallows (for feet), 3 M&Ms (for buttons), candy corn (for the nose), 2 pretzel sticks (for arms), and a gummy worm (for the scarf) in a clear treat bag and attach an instruction. Personalize it with each student’s name, or add a poem about a showman. Children will love it!

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