Delta-8 Carts: Top 5 Delta 8 Brands For THC Carts & Vape Pens Of 2022| Buy Weed Carts & D8 Pen Infused With Hemp| Delta 8 Carts Near Me

Delta-8 is the hot new cannabinoid everybody wants a piece of these days. And to all you vapers out there, wait till you try this stuff. Or maybe you already had a puff of your friend’s vape and wanted some for yourself.

Finding the best brands can be a chore, but this article should suffice. Here, we will show you the top five brands of delta-8 cartridges and where to buy them.

These carts are flavorful and potent, and the companies selling them are fast to ship as well. So whether you want an uplifting strain or a calming one, we’ve got it. Have a look at the top five best delta-8 carts brands.

Top 5 Picks For Best Delta 8 THC Carts

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta-8 Carts On The Market
  2. Budpop: Most Potent THC Carts Infused With Delta 8 Isolates
  3. Hollyweed CBD: Most Popular D8 Brand For Full Spectrum Delta 8 Carts
  4. Diamond CBD: Wide Variety Of Flavored THC Vape Carts
  5. 3Chi: Best Value Delta 8 Weed Vape Pen

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta-8 Carts On The Market


These are our top-ranked carts because the name Exhale Wellness is one of the utmost quality. They are blazing a trail for themselves within the cannabis industry, and it will become apparent why very soon. They’ve featured in magazines like Men’s Health and LA Weekly, which has undoubtedly propelled them to fame.

This company is a California-based company that’s all about making highly potent high quality products that are safe and well-researched. Therefore, you’ll receive nothing but premium delta 8 offerings whenever you purchase from this brand.

Exhale Wellness has partnered with Colorado farms to make their hemp fresh, grown organically, and of course, safe. The hemp grown here is done so under stringent farming standards. These standards ensure the hemp is of the highest quality and can provide you with a memorable delta 8 experience.

Exhale Wellness utilizes the CO2 method of extraction for manufacturing their delta-8 distillate. This method makes specific the extract is free of toxins that could have found their way into the product, which usually happens with the use of solvents. In addition, every product here is organic, and hemp is non-GMO.

The vape carts proffered by Exhale Wellness are flavorful and potent. There are ten great flavors to enjoy. If you can’t decide, go for the Pineapple Express, an old favorite, or try the Fruity Cereal for something new and exciting.


It’s a potent product as these carts contain highly concentrated delta-8. There are no artificial additives or flavors or additives within.

Natural terpenes are present in reasonable quantities in the flavors you enjoy.

The carts are packed with full-spectrum oil and contain no cutting agents like VG, PG, PEG, or MCT. They are, of course, safe for people with dairy or gluten allergies. They are suitable for vegans.

These carts are tested in third-party laboratories to ensure purity and safety. They also ensure the product remains federally compliant and contains 0.3% or less delta-9 THC.

Moreover, these tests also show you the cannabinoid profile of the cartridge, and they demonstrate the carts are free of toxins. These reports are easy to find on Exhale Wellness’s website.

We’ve seen more potent carts elsewhere, but for most vapers, you’ll find that these 900mg carts smack! They’ll get you a smooth body high and help you unwind and relax. As you vape the carts, you’ll find what works for you in terms of puffs and seconds drawing in.


  • Top-quality, USA-grown hemp
  • Ten great flavors to enjoy
  • No fake ingredients or cutting agents
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase
  • Safe for everyone (vegans, people with allergies to certain foods)


  • We wished there were different potencies to choose from

What Customers Think

Thanks to their incredible flavors and fair price tags, the Exhale Wellness delta-8 carts are highly revered among customers. Customers also enjoyed getting free shipping on their orders regardless of the dollar amount spent. In addition, they felt that the carts were helpful when fighting insomnia and finding an excellent way to relax.

They liked getting high without bothering others with the typical weed smell. Finally, buyers felt that the shopping experience was smooth and easy, and the customer service staff was accommodating when it came to questions or concerns.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Budpop:Most Potent THC Carts Infused With Delta 8 Isolates


Imagine you and a group of friends decide you want to start a business to change something you don’t like. That’s what happened with Budpop. A group of young business-minded people created Budpop and a brand focused on spreading the word about what hemp can do for your wellness.

Budpop is very new to the game, having started only in 2021. But since then, they’ve developed a following on their social media and website. In addition, they’ve expanded their brand reputation to include CBD as well.

They recently began offering delta-8 tinctures alongside their stellar vape carts and gummy edibles. Many other reviewers have touted the goodness of Budpop, and we are inclined to agree.


The brand is committed to using the best of the best products. They source their hemp from sunny Nevada, grown on an organic farm. It is non-GMO hemp as well. Broad-spectrum oil goes into these cartridges.

Yes, Budpop is careful about laboratory testing! You can find results for all their products listed on their website. Their test results show the cannabinoid profile, the absence of harmful contaminants and harmful chemicals, and the products are federally compliant at 0.3% delta-9 THC or less.

The brand offers a 14-day return policy. So, after you get your item, you have 14 days to send it back. Your item has to be in the same condition as when you purchased it- that is, unused, with tags and in original packaging.

They also have a policy in place if your item is damaged or defective. All you have to do is email them to get the manufacturing process started.

Budpop has a fun and interactive quiz buyers can use to determine what product is best for them. It helps them make an informed selection and enter their email to join the mailing list and get coupons.

The carts Budpop offers contain 800mg of delta-8. These carts are not as potent as Exhale Wellness but ideal for beginners. The site lets you purchase the carts in bundles as well- you can get single carts or opt for 3 or 5 packs.

Flavors: The carts are available in two flavors- Strawberry Gelato and Grape Runtz. No artificial flavors are present, and natural terpenes help give it flavor. In addition, the carts are free of additives such as PEG, MCT, PG, and VG.


  • Two flavors make it easy to choose
  • Fast shipping
  • Subscribe & Save options are available
  • Plenty of positive customer reviews
  • Carts are third-party tested for safety


  • Other companies have a more extended return policy

What Customers Think

Customers enjoy the vape carts sold by Budpop thanks to how smooth and delicious they are. In addition, they indicate that Budpop carts feel great on the throat and aren’t too harsh when you take a draw.

They felt the carts were perfect for times when you need to relax and chill. They praised the customer service team for being fast and friendly. They noted that the team quickly took care of problems and shipped out orders.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Most Popular D8 Brand For Full Spectrum Delta 8 Carts


Hollyweed is on a mission to provide buyers with excellent quality delta-8 products. The founders of this brand are experienced in medicinal cannabinoids and have since turned their experience into a business.

The company has an extensive selection of delta-8 products, whether you’re after a pre-roll, a tincture, or something different like an edible gummy. Of course, there are delicious vape carts for sale- ten varieties to choose from, to be exact.

As you’ve come to expect, this brand is all about maintaining quality standards and believes in transparency regarding how they make their products. Third-party lab testing is applicable on all products, with lab test results posted on the website for all to see.

Hollyweed gets the hemp used in its products from the beautiful state of Colorado. The hemp is Non-GMO and organic, and the company uses CO2 extraction to derive its oils. This method keeps toxins out of your carts and provides a clean experience.

Your order will be processed quickly, and shipping is free. On top of that, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can use to get yourself a refund should you be unsatisfied with the products you received.


This company uses only organic ingredients. These carts contain nothing but organic stuff inside, are naturally flavored, and contain zero contaminants. They are free of PEG, PG, MCT, and VG. The carts are made with full-spectrum oil to bring you the entourage effect.

Ten flavors are available when you shop with Budpop. If you’re not sure what to go with, try an old favorite like Pineapple Express. Our team enjoyed the Blackberry Kush- the flavor was delightful, and the draw was smooth and easy on the throat.

You can subscribe to this brand and save money. Many companies offer a subscribe and save discount; with Hollyweed, it’s no different. Consider subscribing to have your vape carts sent to you each month at a discounted price. You’ll never run out of relaxation that way, and you don’t have to go to the store.

It’s easy to contact this brand. The company wants to make sure you have the chance to contact them with any questions or concerns you might have. The company’s phone numbers and email/mail addresses prominently feature at the bottom of the website.


  • 900mg in every cartridge
  • Subscribe and Save options are available
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Cartridges are made with Pyrex to prevent breakage
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Ten strains to enjoy


  • No varying cartridge potencies

What Customers Think

Customers were happy with the fast shipping times Hollyweed offered. Every order is available within three working days. Every order is av along with a tracking number, so you can keep track of where your items are/when they arrive.

The customer service is excellent at Hollyweed, and they will be glad to answer any queries you think up. Customers felt that the prices were fair for Hollyweed. This company has a promising future ahead of it and a great product selection to keep everybody happy.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

#4. Diamond CBD: Wide Variety Of Flavored THC Vape Carts


Diamond CBD is from sunny Florida, whose goal is to create the most flavorful and exciting vape carts you’ve ever tried. Their selection is unmatched by any other brand name on this list, and you’re sure to be pleasantly overwhelmed as you attempt to choose just one of the great flavors the company offers.

The Chill Plus line of carts is, without a doubt, some of the best vapes you’ll ever come across. They taste great and contain USA ingredients and full-spectrum hemp.

There are 11 flavors in total from which to choose when shopping here. You can enjoy flavors like Mango, Lemonade, Grape Ape, Lemon Squeeze, and more. The terpenes in the cartridges are balanced, and the delta-8 THC does a great job at helping you relax.

If you prefer disposables, they have an extensive selection of disposable vape carts to enjoy. Try out the 10x brand for the best in potency and flavor. These are a great way to enjoy vaping without committing to a specific device.

They’re great if you have the unfortunate habit of misplacing your vape, as we have done so many times. All the disposables are potent, with 900 mg of juice for you to enjoy and all the terms you want.

If you can’t choose, try the Wedding Cake strain. It was buzzworthy and tasted phenomenal.


All the products sold at Diamond CBD are lab-tested to ensure purity. They utilize the CO2 extraction technique to get the hemp oil from the plant before turning it into the unique products you see for sale. Every product sold with Diamond CBD is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and contains 0.3% delta-9 THC or less.

Diamond CBD is great about including a delicate balance of plant terpenes along with delta-8 THC. You’ll enjoy all the benefits but none of the paranoia you get with delta-9 THC. This high is an excellent body high you’ll enjoy over and over.

The taste of these carts is incredible. If you don’t like that “hemp” after taste, this brand is the place to go because you can hardly taste it when you draw in and puff out.

Accessible to Contact: You can call, text, or email Diamond CBD with your questions/concerns. They make it a breeze to be a customer.


  • Disposable and regular cartridges are available.
  • Massive selection of vapor products to enjoy and try
  • Great website and easy to find what you need
  • Free shipping over $100


  • New customers may find the product selection confusing.

What Customers Think

Customers liked shopping with Diamond CBD for the many perks they received. For instance, you get free express shipping when you spend $100 or more. In addition, they include a 30-day return policy on all their products.

The site has many perfect resources for new customers, such as the “Learn” area, where you can read about CBD, delta-8, and other emerging cannabinoids. In addition, customers overall loved what products they purchased, as you can see in the hundreds of five-star testimonials.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi: Best Value Delta 8 Weed Vape Pen


3Chi was the first brand in the US to bring delta-8 products to the masses. Their founder is a biochemist who boasts over a decade of experience in the field. After learning how to extract delta-8 safely, he began to turn his findings into products people everywhere love and enjoy.

3Chi is a top brand for delta-8 products in the US. Their many delightful vape flavors reflect this. They have everything from edibles to distillates to tinctures and beyond. In addition, their cart selection has everything you could ever want.

The company uses USA-grown hemp in making its products. The hemp is non-GMO. The bulk of the products are plant-based and contain no allergens.

These vape carts are some of the most potent ones you’ll see around and offer robust flavor.

All products sold by 3Chi are lab tested for safety and purity, with lab results easy to find by clicking at the top of the page.


These carts are highly potent. If you are new to carts, carefully follow the dosing instructions. This dosage could be pretty harsh on your throat if you aren’t used to using concentrates like this. Make sure to take small puffs and not exceed 3 seconds on the draw.

They offer Indica and Sativa strains for your enjoyment. You can choose between 25 different strains. Thirteen include terpenes derived from cannabis; others are in botanical sources.

The carts are made with CCELL bodies and have a ceramic coating, so flavor and potency are at their peaks. Just $99 worth of product gets you free shipping and the chance to stock up.


  • There are many great strains to choose from with this brand
  • You’ll get a great buzz and none of the hallucinations or paranoia
  • No cutting agents used


  • No refunds or exchanges are available beyond 10 days of receiving your order.

What Customers Think

Customersenjoyed the highly potent carts, and you can see this in the many five-star reviews left on them. They felt the cartridges were potent and great-tasting. They liked the selection of vape carts and cannabinoids as well.

=> Click here to visit the official website of 3Chi

How We Chose These THC Products

Making this list of the top five delta-8 carts was not easy, but it was fun once we set forth the standards for making cartridges great. So many companies out there have delta-8 carts, and they all claim to be the best of the best.

To help you know which ones are worth the money, we ensured that each cartridge and brand stood up to these criteria. So you don’t have to worry about buying a fake cart when you go with the brands on our list.

  • Third-Party Testing

Don’t ever buy a cartridge that is not third-party tested. You should always verify that the company you’re buying from has a recent lab test for the carts and other items they’re selling.

After refining the product, the lab tests will show you no solvents or contaminants leftover. The test will also show you the cannabinoids and terpenes within the cartridge you’re buying. Every brand on our list has recent lab tests that demonstrate the cartridge’s safety to you.

  • Customer Opinion

You should look at what other customers are saying about the product. It is the best way to tell whether something is worth your money. If the people buying it left poor reviews, chances are you won’t have better luck.

We checked out product reviews on the company website and other review sites to see what others said. Thankfully, most reviewers were happy with what they got, whether buying and keeping a product or having an easy return experience.

  • Brand Transparency

We wanted honest and upfront companies. Meaning they weren’t afraid to talk about how they manufactured their vape carts. We demanded companies that told you right away where the hemp came from, the extraction method the brand used, and what third party labs they use for third-party testing.

Companies that encouraged you to contact them with any questions or concerns also got high marks from us. For example, Hollyweed has its phone and email displayed directly at the bottom of the site, meaning they welcome your questions.

  • Value For Money

Vape carts that are potent, full of flavor, and offer you lots of puffs for the money spent are what we want. We demanded the carts be not outlandishly expensive, but not so cheap you are unsure about buying them.

We wanted to select cartridges built well, made of safe and high-quality materials, and packed in a reasonable amount of vape oil. We also made sure they were free of harmful contaminants and cutting agents. So while some carts may seem expensive on our list, you can be sure you’re getting something great.

  • Strains Available

Some buyers will already know what they want when choosing a strain; others will be on the lookout for something different. We made sure to select brands rife with variety so buyers could select what mattered to them. That way, it’s easy to try something new or stick with what you know. We wanted brands in the cannabis market that served the varied needs of our readers.

Buying Guide On THC Vape Carts

Cutting Agents

Look out for reputable brands that do not use cutting oils. This caution ensures your product is potent and you stay safe. PG, VG, MCT, and PEG are the most common cutting agents. Why does this matter?

PEG and PG could expose you to carcinogens when they get up and subsequently inhaled. In addition, one of these cutting agents plus pesticides could degrade and assume the form of even harsher toxic matter when exposed to the hot temperatures of vape devices.

Make sure to stay away from brands with flavoring agents, PG, PEG, and other cutting oils, unless they’ve been safety tested for heating and inhalation.

Cart Construction

What the brand uses to make your vape cart is just as crucial as vaping. For example, cartridges made of cheap materials like plastic could absorb the hemp terpenes of the oil in the tank.

Your cart should not have any loose gaskets, which can lead to leaking. It would be, essentially, throwing money down the drain.

Vapor carts of exceptional quality use heat-resistant Pyrex or other glass, ceramic, and stainless steel. You should also check that the carts are 510 threaded as this is the most common vape battery size.

Lab Testing By 3rd Party Organization

Companies that are confident in the products they sell and provide excellent customer service won’t have any trouble sending their items to a third-party lab for testing. They will also post the results on their website with no worries to review them before buying.

These tests matter as they confirm the product is free of contaminants, is as potent as the package suggests, and has the terpenes and cannabinoids you want. It also confirms that 0.3% or less delta-9 THC is present, as required by the 2018 Farm Bill.

Hemp Used

Make sure you read over the company’s website to determine what hemp features make your carts. Companies using non-GMO hemp are best. They prefer this hemp because it will absorb everything around it within its growing environment.

So, contaminated soil will result in hemp plants that grow with toxins present.

Hemp can absorb cadmium, for instance. However, it will not show outwardly on the plant. So, look for cannabis plants that are grown organically. Hemp from states like Oregon, Colorado, California, Kentucky, and Nevada is product quality stuff.

Dosing/Using Your Delta-8 Vape Cart Safely

Make sure to read the instructions on the packaging carefully when you are ready to use your vape cartridges. These instructions will fill you in on how long you should be holding the puff, along with the serving size of the cartridge.

For example, the 3Chi carts indicate that you should not go beyond 3 seconds for a puff. You should take small puffs as well.

Do keep in mind that these carts are highly concentrated. You may end up irritating your throat if you are not careful or used to vaping such substances. Start slow and see how the recommended amount makes you feel. For some, even a smaller puff works best.

FAQs About Delta 8 & Weed Vape

Q – What Is The Difference Between Delta-9 And Delta-8?

A. Delta-8 is similar to delta-9 when it is in the human body. This similarity is because the two compounds share an almost identical structural bond.

The most significant difference between the two is its impact in terms of intoxication. Delta-9 THC is the most known cannabinoid and has become the benchmark by judging other cannabinoids. Compared to delta-9, delta-8 is a lesser high. The effects are more felt within the body and not the head.

Delta-8 THC is mild compared to the high and the side effects. It does, however, grant you the most enjoyable aspects of delta-9 without being illegal and relatively easy to find. However, it can reflect positive results on the drug tests. Hence, you would want to go for weed detox for passing the drug test.

Q – How Do Other Cannabinoids Work With Delta-8?

A. If you buy a cart with different cannabinoids included, you may wish to know how it will affect you. It will be a positive effect and likely bring you the entourage effect. This Entourage Effect happens when cannabinoids work as a team to increase potency and offer many benefits to the user.

You’ll get a far better experience than you would with just a single cannabinoid. Delta-8 works best when paired with other cannabinoids like CBN, CBD, and CBG.

Q – What Batteries Are Best For Use With A Delta-8 THC Cartridge?

A. Delta-8 cartridges are disposable and are designed to be used alongside reusable batteries. These carts are very cost-effective. The battery type you use will depend on the cart you buy.

The vast majority of the delta 8 thc carts sold can fit a 510 battery. Make sure you find yourself a battery that’s easy to operate and offers variable temp quality control. You might not like spending a lot of money upfront on a high-grade battery, but spending more upfront now will help you enjoy your disposable vape pens for longer and with less hassle.

Wrapping Up On Buying Delta 8 Carts & Vape Pen

Delta- 8 cartridges are easy to find; you can find them online or at local stores. In addition, dispensaries, filling stations, even gift shops can have them for sale. However, it’s best to shop online. That way, you can take your time and read about the products at length, and write or call the company with any questions you might have.

Online stores are also more convenient for busy people. It’s also easier to review the company’s manufacturing methods and COAs. So enjoy your vape cart, wherever you decide to buy one.

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