Best Private Instagram Viewer: Top Four Instagram Private Account Viewer Apps In 2022

One social media platform that has risen to become known around the globe is Instagram. This app allows users to share experiences and events in photos and videos with over one billion users worldwide. Furthermore, Instagram possesses lots of exceptional features that attract people to it. One of these features is that it allows users to edit their photos before posting and view the activities of their family and friends.

Moreover, users can add hashtags and catchy captions to their posts. Despite being a fun app, Instagram still works on a strict policy. In addition, some people on this app are always cautious of the followers they add to their list. Thus, they often operate private accounts. Furthermore, the username and tiny profile picture of accounts makes recognizing users difficult as these features do not display enough details about them.

According to the setup of Instagram, users can’t see accounts that are private except they receive authorization. However, many people want to view private Instagram accounts. Fortunately, online tools allow users to view private Instagram accounts easily. Similarly, you can view private Instagram accounts when you don’t even have an account.

Perhaps you met someone you want to know more about and don’t want to send a follow request. The apps we will mention in this article will be very effective. Furthermore, you might want to check the content of such individual posts, and you can’t because the account is private. You can read through to discover online sites that help you with such features without stress.

Seeing how effective private Instagram viewer apps are, many scammers have developed low-quality ones. We’ll let you know that most companies advertise their applications as effective while they are filled with errors and frustrating features. To prevent getting the wrong app, we decided to list the best private Instagram viewer apps that will meet users’ requirements and offer more than what they bargain for. Hence, we ensured that the four sites on this list have exceptional features that make surfing a private account fun and stress-free.

Best Private Instagram Viewer App In 2022

  1. Glassagram– Overall Best Private Instagram Viewer; Editor’s Choice
  2. uMobix– Top Private Instagram Viewer Without Human Verification
  3. mSpy– Exclusive Platform To View Private Instagram Account
  4. eyeZy– Most Recommended Site To See Private Instagram Profile

#1. Glassagram– Overall Best Private Instagram Viewer; Editor’s Choice


In 2017, a group of five guys came together to create software that allowed users to view other users’ Instagram accounts, whether private or not. These guys founded this software because they decided to take a broader look at Instagram as the social media platform holds many secrets about people’s lives. With the invention of this excellent software, these guys fulfilled the desire of everyone interested in watching other people’s accounts without actually following them.

Glassagram allows users to get details about an Instagram account without the owner’s knowledge. Thus, you can get fun information as well as insightful ones easily. To grow on this social media platform, you need to get information that has helped others grow their accounts and businesses. According to theislandnow Glassagram is an important private instagram viewer tool to get the details directly.

Unlike other softwares that select phone types to work with, Glassagram works on Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, when you install this software, you don’t have to keep a constant check on the Instagram accounts as the app does. You only need to set a preferred time to get notifications and updates. Most importantly, you enjoy these privileges without knowing the account’s owner. Thus, it will be easy for you to get the needed information about how you target a specific audience and grow your followers organically.


Fast Setup Process: Glassagram possesses a quick installation process. As a result, you can download your Glassagram app, set your account up, and get it running within five minutes. Before creating an account, you must choose a subscription plan per your needs. After that, you can immediately begin to view popular Instagram accounts from the inside.

Real-time Updates: Another feature of Glassagram that many users like is its real-time updates. The software updates its data reports every five minutes. As a result, you will get all the information without missing any detail. As a result of these updates, you don’t have to be on the private account before you get notifications of new posts or DMs.

Affordable Price: Despite being effective and filled with beautiful features, Glassagram runs at one of the best prices. This company is preferable compared to various brands that produce private Instagram viewer apps for its reasonable price offers. Moreover, the app is popular among users worldwide as it allows them to get an exceptional app without going beyond their budget.

Safety: Glassagram is 100% secure. The company will not disclose your information to any unauthorized third party. For this reason, you should rest assured that all the details you provide are safe with the company.

Anonymity: Since you will be viewing a private Instagram account from the inside, Glassagram ensures that you are kept completely anonymous. Your views of the user’s stories or posts will be kept from the profile’s owner. Furthermore, it won’t display the date and time of your visit to the person’s page.


Overall best platform for viewing private Instagram accounts

100% safe and secure

Quick installation

Real-time notifications and updates

Easy to use

Relatively affordable


Some features on the platform are restricted

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Glassagram

#2. uMobix– Top Private Instagram Viewer Without Human Verification


As children grow older, it becomes more difficult for their parents to shield them from the diverse threats on the internet. The founders of uMobix realized this and decided to help parents keep track of their children’s online activities. uMobix is a cell phone and tablet spyware that lets parents keep a tab on their children on forty-one social media platforms using a single medium. Thus, if your child has changed his Instagram account to a private mode, you can use this app to monitor their activities and posts.

Fortunately, this app works on all Android OS 4.0 and above, iPhones, and iPads. In addition, you can check the compatibility of your phone with the app through the store that the company provides. Unlike other platforms, uMobix allows the connection of Android to Apple devices and vice versa. Furthermore, the company allows you to try the app for free to check if it meets your needs before making a long-term commitment. You can use certain features while checking a private Instagram account.

Moreover, you do not need to access your children’s devices before installing uMobix on iPhones. You can remotely install the app on your device since it is possible to install uMobix on iOS devices through the details of the target’s iCloud. As a result, the app can work on any smartphone brand.


Full Access to Your Child’s Account: While Instagram is educative, it has its potential for harm. Additionally, statistics show that social media platforms are one of the most common forms of bullying. Moreover, children and teenagers are more exposed to activities that they need to be protected from. uMobix not only helps to detect inappropriate Instagram activities, but they help to counter them at the right time. When you install this app on your phone or tablet, you have full access to your children’s accounts.

Additionally, it is easy to navigate freely on this app. You can configure settings, block users and unfollow irrespective of contents. Thus, you have maximum control of the account. Uniquely, the app also reports updates to users via screenshots.

Works on More Than 30 Social Media Apps: uMobix’s services are not only secluded to Instagram as it works for more than thirty platforms. You can monitor your child’s activities on WhatsApp, Twitter, Snap chat and many more. Since the app offers services to various social media platforms, many parents love it, as it is the one tool for all their needs. In addition to having access to your children’s activities online, you also enjoy an accurate real-time location update and a history of the visited places.

Compatibility Check: What makes uMobix stand out from the rest because it offers compatibility checks for potential users. Hence, this feature lets you check if your phone will be compatible with the target’s device. This check often approves devices be it android, apple or tablets. This check is always free for all. This prevents the disappointment of buying an app that isn’t compatible with your devices.


Provides value for your money

Simple user interface


Straightforward data synchronization

Fast installation


iOS platform displays only a few features of the app

⇒ Visit the Official Website of uMobix

#3. mSpy– Exclusive Platform To View Private Instagram Account


Are you suspicious of your child’s sudden change in outings? mSpy is the app for you to monitor your child’s movement and activities without having to rack your brain for possible guesses. This spy app helps parents get notifications of messages entering their children’s private Instagram accounts. In addition, you can track your child’s movement without having to tail their car. mSpy has made it all easy.

Nowadays, strangers find it easy to send direct messages to unsuspecting children. Thanks to this app, you can automatically view these messages, then block the senders if necessary, as you have full access to the target account. In other words, mSpy allows parents to manipulate phone calls, text messages, and social media activities. Significantly, you can enjoy all these benefits without letting your child know or leaving the comfort of your home.

mSpy has improved its features over the years. The company has allowed it to view deleted messages, call logs, and posts. Hence, you can see the information your children intend to hide from you. Moreover, the company boasts of other excellent features like a screen recorder. The presence of the screen recorder helps parents to save certain activities that their children indulge in. Due to the effectiveness of this app, it has been recommended to many people over the years. In other words, the number of customers who trust the app has increased significantly.


Easy Install: It takes five minutes or less to install the mSpy private Instagram account viewer. The installation process is also pretty straightforward. When you download the app, you should follow the guidelines to begin using it. You don’t have to be exceptionally good with phones or applications before understanding how to make the app work on your phone. This is because it has an easy layout.

No Need to follow: Private Instagram accounts owners can accept or decline follow requests. Thus, if you send a follow request to your child who made his account private because of you, he obviously won’t grant you access to his account. Fortunately, mSpy allows you to view such an account without following. You can view the account from the inside without letting the account’s owner know.

24/7 Support: mSpy offers exceptional customer support. Some companies have splendid products to offer, but when there is no satisfactory support for clients, they lose them. Markedly, the company recognizes the benefits of supporting customers, and thus, they offer users support at any time of the day. The company’s well-trained customer care representatives answer the submitted questions on time and accurately. For this reason, people choose the brand as they are assured of guidance in a time of need.

Completely Hidden: While using mSpy, it is completely hidden from the target’s device. Since you do not have to physically connect to the device of the private account’s owner, no app appears on the person’s phone. As a result, such a person will have zero knowledge of you viewing their social media activities from the inside. This feature of remaining hidden has appealed to many users.

Protected Information: Like the other top brands on this list, mSpy takes privacy seriously. The company will not share any of the information you submit during installation with unauthorized third parties. Furthermore, the app uses an encryption mode to store all the details of its users so that other people will have no access to it. In addition, mSpy will never request sensitive personal information. The company is not a loan company nor a mortgage institution. Therefore, they will never ask you for your bank details. They are only after your name and the username you would like to use.



Straightforward installation

Easy tracking of target’s location

Comprehensive instructions

Suitable for Android and iPhone users

Compatible with jailbroken devices

Round-the-clock customer service

Free first trial


One plan per device

⇒ Visit the Official Website of mSpy

#4. eyeZy– Most Recommended Site To See Private Instagram Profile


A group of concerned parents founded eyeZy. They believed that to be better in parenting, parents had to know and not only stay limited to guessing or hoping. These people decided to bring peace of mind to users through an easy-to-use application that can keep track of their children. Since only information can put humans’ minds at ease, these people invented eyeZy to bring their children’s online activities to the tips of their fingers.

Significantly, eyeZy works with all devices regardless of the smartphone type. As a result, you can pick up your phone or tablet at any time to download the app without restrictions. Users of this app all have positive testimonies of how it was to install the app and put it to use.

Uniquely, this application uses artificial intelligence that surpasses that of its counterparts. The private Instagram account viewer can monitor multiple phones conveniently at a go. Furthermore, the company used this advanced technology to improve its spying ability, hence a more accurate result. The app not only monitors social media surfing but is also effective for monitoring physical movements, calls, and texts.

Despite being an exceptionally effective app, eyeZy is budget-friendly. You only need to pay a small fee to begin using the app. Markedly, it is not restricted to parents who want to monitor their children alone, as employees and spouses can also find the app useful.


Trustworthy: We can boldly state that eyeZy is one trustworthy monitoring solution. The app offers what it has and nothing more. The app’s founders ensured that it delivered nothing less than what it had been ordered to do. Hence, we recommend you choose this application as it has all the features needed to get an extensive sweep of the target’s private Instagram account.

Powerful Technology: Significantly, eyeZy uses advanced technology in running its app. The feedback from clients worldwide shows that people love the product’s technology. While surfing the target’s private Instagram account, you can stay anonymous and decode the present location of the child. The app also offers advanced Wi-Fi network analysis. eyeZy has a file finder that locates what is saved on the phone. Notably, you can also view and control the websites that they visit as they wish.

Sets Boundaries: You can use eyeZy to set boundaries on your children’s phones. When they go beyond where they ought to, you get the notification. For instance, if they are chatting or surfing for controversial or inappropriate subjects, eyeZy will notify you immediately. Furthermore, the app will let you know if your children are going to sites they shouldn’t visit. eyeZy termed these notifications as magic alerts. Overall, eyeZy’s advanced technology has made it easier for parents to keep track of their children’s mobile activities.

Three Easy Steps: To begin to use eyeZy, download the app and select your preferred membership option. Then follow the steps to install the application on your phone. If you are stranded while installing this application, you should contact the customer service administrators as they are available 24/7. After the installation, you should log in to your dashboard to discover what’s happening in specific private Instagram accounts. This way, it will be easy to dispel doubts and unnecessary fears.


Uses multiple languages

Quick and fast setup

Access to Instagram messages and media files

Authority to block specific sites

Ability to check mobile and online applications

Wi-Fi system monitoring

Relatively affordable


Can’t work on Android below version 4

⇒ Visit the Official Website of eyeZy

How We Made This List Of Instagram Profile Picture Viewer

Before selecting the top four sites in this article, we ensured that they ticked specific criteria. This ensures that users have no complaints when choosing any of these brands. As a prospective private Instagram viewer app user, you should ensure that you go through the list to know what we considered to create this list.

What We Looked Out For

Brand Reputation: A company’s reputation goes a long way in putting users’ minds at rest concerning its product’s effectiveness. Likewise, a brand must have done things right before becoming well-known for offering the best. Furthermore, you do not have to do too much research before discovering a good product, as it will be at the forefront. Knowing this, we chose private Instagram account viewers with a good reputation. To ensure we didn’t choose wrong, we checked the customer reviews section of the sites and ensured that they all had positive track records.

Safety: It might not sound like much, but choosing brands with guaranteed safety is advisable. With this in mind, we picked safe websites. It would help if you always remembered that when you view a private account with an unreliable app or website, you are in danger of facing security issues in the future. Thus, it is crucial to choose a secure platform. All the brands we chose have 256-bit SSL protection.

Privacy: Another criterion we looked out for is the site’s privacy. You might face problems later if you subscribe to an unreliable and insecure private Instagram view app. Thus, we ensured we went through the apps’ privacy settings before selecting them. You should never forget that using a reputable private account viewer app is advisable to protect your information. Furthermore, you should know that reputable and reliable websites will not request personal details like account details and other unnecessary details.

Customer Service: Companies often lose customers because of poor customer service. This is because they fail to recognize the good of being friendly to customers. With this in mind, we looked for brands with satisfactory customer service. Thus, you can reach out to the reps if you are stranded or have inquiries. The brands we selected have physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers for users to contact easily.

Price: Price is another factor we considered before choosing these four private Instagram viewers on our list. Many brands offer their apps for exorbitant rates and claim them to be the best. In contrast, the high cost of a product does not guarantee its effectiveness. For this reason, we searched through the sea of private viewers and picked those that were effective and affordable as well. This way, you don’t have to go well over your budget before you can pay for the subscription of the viewer app you select.

Buying Guide: Factors to Keep In Mind When Choosing Best Private Instagram Viewer

If you have looked through the four brands on our list but want to choose another private Instagram account viewer on your own, you should look through this buying guide. We put together some factors to look out for when choosing a brand to get a top-notch app. In addition, this guide contains criteria that users should consider when purchasing products in general.

Reputation of Brands

The first factor to consider before choosing a brand is its reputation. Ensure that you check the brand’s reputation among users by looking through the official website and other third-party sites. It is important to check what the most disappointed users had to say. We advise that you look through third-party websites because some companies often lie about their products on their official website, especially when they are new. Moreover, you should ensure that the third-party websites you use are trustworthy and known for being truthful.

Refund Policy

We’ll have you know that brands with refund policies demonstrate confidence in the effectiveness of their products. All businesses aim to make a profit, not lose. Thus, if a brand is willing to offer customers their money back if they find their app unsatisfactory, it shows their trust in it. Therefore, while selecting a private Instagram viewer, you must choose one with a backup, provided they fail on their promises. Then again, you should read the refund policy information to know how the company works. This is because some brands offer this satisfaction guarantee but make sure it is difficult to get.

Users’ Reviews

One of the easiest ways to ascertain the reputation and claims of a company is to check the customer review section. Hence, you should review users’ feedback to know if the private Instagram account viewer app is worth downloading or subscribing to. Clients are usually unafraid to post their experiences and thoughts about an application. As a result, you should read the positive and negative comments from these people to know if the app meets your requirements.

Cost and Subscription Rates

You are not limited to a particular price range. Thus, you can select an app of your choice no matter how high or low the price is. You should ensure you choose one that suits your budget and your needs. While searching for an app with an affordable price, you should check for the features to prevent going for a cheap and ineffective app.

There are diverse subscription options available, with each having distinct features. Before choosing a subscription plan, compare it to others to determine if it’s worth the fee. However, it is sure that the apps with lesser prices will simultaneously have fewer features and options.

Customer Support

Lastly, you should choose a brand that offers satisfactory customer service. You might need urgent directions from the company’s representatives, especially if you are a novice, and a good brand should be able to lead you correctly. For this reason, select a company that takes the satisfaction of its clients seriously. Hence, you will have someone to turn to if you have concerns or inquiries. Also, consider the support channels that the company offers. Only select one that you are comfortable with.

FAQs: IG Profile Viewer

Q1. What does a private Instagram viewer mean?

A private Instagram viewer is a software that allows people or stalkers to view images and activities on private accounts. This software assists blocked individuals or people whose followers have been denied to see the content of the target account. Thus, you can see the actions of the account owner regardless of if he has blocked you or denied your request to follow.

Furthermore, this tool is effective for a variety of purposes. If you are a parent who wants to know the activities of your child on social media, you can download this app to do so. In addition, you can check the private accounts of business owners to see how they reply to orders or attract customers. This way, it is easy to grow your account organically.

Q2. Is it right to use a private Instagram viewer?

Although social media has brought many good results to users over the years, it has also been a problem among users. While you can share positive events and experiences and gain more income sources, you can also discover that you have unknowingly walked into an unwanted situation through social media.

With this in mind, it is important to note that you are trespassing when you check a person’s account through the private viewer. This is because viewing the profile owner’s details without authorization means breaching the privacy of such an Individual. Thus, it would help to consider your actions before requesting a private viewer, as you might want to send. However, if you find it imperative to use this sort of app, you should download it and set it up.

Q3. Does a private Instagram viewer work?

If you feel you should use a private account viewer, you should check the factors that guide the choice of the app. This is because there are effective tools, and there are some that are nothing to write home about. Since not all private Instagram viewer apps are recommended for use, we ensured that we went through the sea of available brands, and we discovered certain things.

Firstly, most private account viewers could load images of private accounts. However, they came with specific features that put us off. The apps usually request personal information such as phone numbers if users desire to view written content on their private accounts.

Furthermore, users usually have to perform some human verification, such as completing a survey. As a result, you have to part with your personal information to use some tools on the app. To avoid this unnecessary request, we chose sites that work well and do not need any form of human verification.

Q4. Can using a private Instagram viewer get my device a virus?

Since most private Instagram viewers are web applications, it is easy to get viruses on your device when you download them. Although it is not as easy for phones to get viruses as computers, it is possible. Unfortunately, when your device gets a virus, your information is at risk of hacking.

To prevent this situation, we ensure that the sites on our list do not require verification. Thus, there is no interaction with dangerous external sites. We recommend the tested private Instagram viewers on our list that have proven to pose no risk to devices. The easiest way to know an app’s risks to your device is to go online and read user reviews. Go for the worst comments and find out what most users hated. Also, be careful with apps that do not have user reviews.

Q5. How do I use a private Instagram viewer?

To find a private Instagram, you can put your search, a private Instagram viewer, into Google. Then, you pick the top results. After you do this, you will see old images and posts from the account. Furthermore, there are a few steps to follow before you begin seeing posts and images inside a private account. You need to click a “Request” button to request an invitation to view it. Once you get approved, you get access to view such an account. On the other hand, you will have to wait for some time if your request is not immediately approved.

Q6. What is the difference between a public and private account?

Users of Instagram know that the social media platform has two profile modes. These are the private and public. If you are using the public mode, anyone and everyone can view your posts. In addition, people can follow you on their whim without asking for your approval. In contrast, only followers can view users’ posts with private Instagram accounts. Additionally, private Instagram account users can either accept or reject requests to follow.

Q7. When and why do I need to use a private Instagram viewer app?

Instagram allows users to stay anonymous for reasons best known to them. However, you can use the private viewer app if you need to research an employee, your partner, or business strategies.

While the feeds from Instagram are very educational, they are programmed to disappear after 24 hours. For this reason, Instagram provides updates from time to time bearing additional personal details of users. Thus, you can access these updates with a private Instagram account viewer. Fortunately, you don’t have to be online on that account all the time, as the app provides real-time notifications.

Q8. Can Instagram use my details for its use?

While Instagram collects information from users based on how they use the platform, they do not use this information without the users’ permission. For instance, the app recommends fillers and masks based on how the users have used the previous ones. This way, the app tells users what to expect and its benefits.

Furthermore, there is specific information that the app shares with Facebook if necessary. If you grant the app the approval, they can collect information based on your activities and interaction with the app. Significantly, your details are not used when you view private Instagram accounts.

Q9. How do I make my Instagram account private?

We recommend that people use private Instagram for privacy. When you do this, social media stalkers will not be able to see posts on such an account. It is straightforward to make your Instagram account private. The first step is to open your Instagram app and locate your profile in the lower right corner. Then you will notice three horizontal lines stacked together at the top right corner of your profile page. Click this emblem, then select settings. Here, you will see the private account option when you scroll down. Select this option.

Wrapping Up On Private Instagram Viewer That Works

Instagram is educative and entertaining. However, when stalkers disturb some users, they often switch to using private accounts. We’ll have you know that it is rather unethical to breach the privacy of one’s account by viewing their information without permission. However, if you have a genuine reason, you should consider using one of the recommended brands in this article as they have been tested. These sites possess tools that make accessing the desired private account easy and fast.

Since many private Instagram features have non-effective features, you should be careful when selecting one. If you want to choose a private account viewer app on your own, you can go through the buying guide, which will give you the factors to consider before selecting this app.

Finally, private Instagram viewer apps are often free when you download them. They also come with specific free features. However, you might need to pay for a subscription to enjoy premium features. The best part is that the subscription fee is always affordable. With this in mind, you can choose the viewer of your choice and begin to enjoy its benefits.

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