Best Online Psychic Readings: Real Psychic Online For Accurate Readings Via Phone or Chat

In past years, online psychic readings have grown in popularity. However, this does not imply that everyone is aware of the concept. Psychics and other sorts of spiritual practices are familiar to individuals all over the globe. When we say the term ‘reading,’ we generally think of books. Local psychics, on the other hand, aren’t confined to reading words off a page. They can read people because of their specific abilities. They can blend into their clients’ aura.

As a result, they can learn more about their past, present, and future life. Individuals look to a psychic medium to control the situation when their lives become so perplexing that they seek solutions from every potential cause. Many individuals think that a psychic can better guide them and help them make critical life decisions.

Prophecy is comparable to having a sixth sense. A psychic reading did not start today; it has existed and lived in various civilizations since the dawn of time. Psychics may possess unusual abilities and gifts that enable them to perceive more than the average person. Many of these extraordinary abilities existed in the past, and some folks thought they were magical or weird.

The reality is that a psychic reader can assist in issue solving. Psychic readings have evolved due to technological advancements like the internet and online psychics and they now provide a variety of services that individuals can utilize to their advantage. This connection between the adviser and consumer occurs through the phone, live chat, mail, webcam, or even text message during online psychic readings.

Top 4 Best Online Psychic Readings Networks Of 2022

To help you with choosing the correct online psychics for you, we’ve curated an all-inclusive review of the top four free psychic reading websites:

Kasamba : Best for new clients with legitimate and authentic online psychic readers.

Psychic Source : Get an excellent psychic reading with a money-back guarantee.

California Psychics : Offers affordable and good-quality psychic readings for all.

Keen : Best for love and relationship advice with genuine psychics.

#1. Kasamba: Best-Rated Psychic Mediums for Online Reading


Kasamba has been in operation for more than twenty years and is known for its simplicity and usage efficiency. Kasamba has always received overwhelmingly positive feedback, bolstering its reputation and authenticity. Kasamba is an online platform that unites local psychic experts with clients and the other way around. It’s a location where psychics may register their names on the map and where customers looking for psychic services can find the best ones.

Since its inception in 1999, the organization has provided consumers with a variety of online psychic readings. Kasamba is an online psychic network centered primarily on chat and call. They provide a variety of services, including fortune-telling, general psychic readings, love readings, personal astrology, and tarot. We conducted some digging and learned that Kasamba had worked hard over the years to dispel myths about psychic readings and normalize the process of seeking help from a psychic.

Types of readings at Kasamba

Kasamba psychics who specialize in specific genres are available in each customer segment offered on Kasamba. The major categories and their subclasses are listed below. For example, if you’re looking for a Love and Relationships psychic, you can narrow down your selections by whether they specialize in divorce, soulmates, or short-term affairs.

Kasamba psychic readings get divided into the following categories, as seen on their website:

  • Psychic readings
  • Love Psychics
  • Tarot readings
  • Fortune telling
  • Dream analysis
  • Astrology reading
  • Career forecast

Kasamba Website

Their web app is one of the best psychic reading online available right now, and getting a psychic reading is as easy as clicking a button. They’ve simplified it to make it easier for anyone to get a chat psychic reading and a phone psychic reading. All that you have to do is select the chat button to start a real-time conversation with your psychic. Many people, especially high-ranking professionals, prefer this way because it is more in-depth than face-to-face.

When you register into the back-end of Kasamba, you would be able to interpret over preliminary talks you’ve had with different local psychics or even the same, as well as receive texts and check to see whether your favorite psychic is available. They made it easy to use, as well as quick and efficient.

That’s the same with their static website, except it’s a little out of date.

Their app, accessible on Google Play and the iPhone store, is much more excellent than the mobile site. The best thing you can do is join up using the URL provided above and then use your sign-in details to get into the app on your phone.

Kasamba Presto Chat

They’re also among the first services to release a mobile app called “Presto Chat,” which allows you to get predictions on the go. It means that rather than waiting for the psychic platform to write out what they’re going to say, you’ll get it faster because it’ll type it out line by line. It also makes reading on your phone much more convenient than navigating to the website.

Ways to reach out

That brings us to another element we found useful (for both customers and clairvoyants): Kasamba’s consultants are available via various channels, including phone calls, emails, and live chats. Taking advantage of their trial offer can assist you in deciding which one to test.

A chat feature is frequently available on the website, allowing you to connect with a psychic for a conversation session. After establishing a connection, the individual can tell the right psychic about their difficulties. The psychic will use their specific psychic abilities to determine the actual cause of the problems and offer answers.

Clients loved the complimentary 3-minute consultation with online psychics as a new customer on the website, as well as the 50% off first session. But keep in mind that if you don’t wrap up the call or terminate the discussion inside those three minutes, you’ll get billed immediately for the service providers.

While Kasamba has an excellent name, there are several issues regarding it, notably whether or not it has real psychics. It doesn’t help that some of the psychics there don’t use their names, and the site rarely receives negative feedback, which might make it appear suspect.

Pros VS. Cons of Kasamba


  • For any spiritual topic, there is a vast choice of professional psychic consultants.
  • Numerous psychics from across the world offer readings in several languages.
  • Live chat is accessible by phone or the internet.
  • A newly built, feature-rich software that makes chatting even more convenient.
  • Since 1999, they have developed reliable notoriety.
  • Offline meetings happen via email.
  • When you try out a new adviser, you automatically get the first three minutes of chat free.
  • If you’re not satisfied with your first session, you’ll get a refund, plus a 15% discount for new sign-ups.
  • They provide a comprehensive help department that will address all of your questions.


  • There is no way to view or video chat with your advisor.
  • It can be challenging to choose a psychic when there are lots of choices!
  • Kasamba psychics choose their rates according to their accessibility and expertise, with some charging upwards of $20 per minute.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. Psychic Source: Online Psychics with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Psychic Source has offered the most remarkable psychic readings and trustworthy online tarot card readings for over 30 years, with psychic consultants accessible for live chat, phone, and video readings. All psychics are meticulously screened for trustworthiness, according to Psychic Source, to ensure that they’re not pretenders or frauds searching for quick money. According to few Psychic Source testimonials, their real psychics did not give reliable readings. Psychic Source offers a complete money-back guarantee in such situations.

Among the most user-friendly psychic networks on the internet is Psychic Source. The website is simple to use, and visitors may jump right into a live reading or browse various functional materials as soon as the main page loads. From the initial Psychic Source review, it was clear that this was a fantastic service. After extensive research of customer evaluations, customers get a pleasant image of how the website functions and what they may and may not anticipate. The service’s key advantages are the psychic counselors’ professionalism and respect and their excellent client service.

Types of readings at Psychic Source

All of the reading alternatives at Psychic Source have received positive feedback. Psychic Source may provide a reading for every event, depending on the topics you’re concerned about, your past experiences, or even your current mood. The website offers a variety of readings, including some of the top rated psychics reading:

  • Angel card readings
  • Astrology readings
  • Energy work
  • Love readings
  • Past life readings

Psychic Source Website

The webpage for Psychic Source is fantastic. It’s quick, simple to use, and well-designed with all the features you’ll ever require. It’s also simple to locate a psychic that meets your requirements. If you understand what you like and want to chat with, you may quickly access their profile by searching for them by name or phone number.

Every psychic’s page includes information about their availability, the types of predictions they offer, and more. People can then arrange for a reading at a time that is more suitable for users. If you agree on a session on their page, most cheap psychics will accommodate you.

If you’re not sure which cheap psychic to contact, their searching and filtering technique is fantastic. The psychics may be sorted by their accessibility, psychic abilities, psychic reading method, equipment used, client ratings, and much more. It’s as simple as buying anything else on the internet.

Psychic Source Pricing

The New Client Offer tab is where a new customer can join up. Psychic Source will keep you up to date on all of their current deals. Their most recent beginning plan includes three free minutes applied to your first session, followed by $1 per minute after that. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which Psychic Source customers love.

Psychic Source Pros Vs. Cons


  • Many skilled experts are available for a quarter of the price of advisers on other platforms.
  • Many of the channel’s highest-rated experts are accessible for a live psychic reading for as little as one dollar per minute.
  • Assurance of satisfaction
  • Customer care representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you.


  • Psychic advisors’ fees can vary significantly.
  • Communication routes might become muddled at times.

⇒ Visit the official website of Psychic Source

#3. California Psychics : Wide Range of Professional Psychics for Readings


California Psychics has honed its cheap psychic reading and tarot card reading offerings with over twenty-five years of professional experience. They have many elite psychics who specialize in different topics, charge varying amounts, and have diverse knowledge in the areas. The network, which has existed since 1995, takes pride in providing economical, dependable, and high-quality readings. They want their advice to enlighten customers and provide clarity in all aspects of their lives.

If you’re considering receiving online psychic readings, you’re undoubtedly considering several options. And if it’s your first time, you’ll want to be sure you’re working with a reputable organization. Clients can choose whomever they feel most at ease with because there is a wide range of options. Even still, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with their service. The site dedicates itself to forecasting what life has to offer for you and assisting you in making plans and decisions as you move ahead. California Psychics organizes its readers into three categories: popular, preferred, and premier. Psychics of all levels are accessible, but those who are favored or premier are in higher demand.

Types of readings at California Psychics

California Psychics get divided into categories based on their specific reading subjects: love psychics, pet psychics, assures who advise on your job, life path, wealth, relationships, mediums, and more. This wide range assures that whatever a prospective customer is looking for, they will find it. The most famous psychic near me choices are:

  • Tarot readings
  • Astrology
  • Love psychics
  • Dream analysis
  • Career advice
  • Numerology
  • Crystal reading

California Psychics Website

California Psychics provides its users with an easy-to-use website and an application. When interacting with consumers from a millennial population, who are more dubious of the psychic arts than others, the company’s cross-platform connectivity is a significant benefit. Every psychic has a webpage with rich personal information to assist visitors in making their decision. We liked the amount of information in the profiles, which ranged from written explanations of the psychic’s method to statistics about their specializations, techniques, equipment, and the overall number of readings they’d done.

Screening process at California Psychics

Experienced psychics are all subjected to rigorous screening, regardless of their tier. It’s worth mentioning that their selection process is so stringent that only two out of every hundred psychics who apply get admitted.

The commitment to anonymity and security is one of the most crucial responsibilities of competent psychics. Their phone psychics are unable to read your thoughts. They will not compel you to do something you do not desire. They will maintain the confidentiality of your conversation with them. All of this ensures that their consumers receive the most accurate and reliable results possible.


California Psychics is a relatively cheaper psychic reading service. They have some excellent introductory discounts for new customers. The most popular bundle is $1 per minute, the recommended package costs $2, and the premium plan costs $4.

California Psychics Pros Vs. Cons


  • Psychics must go through a rigorous vetting process. As a result, they are competent and reliable.
  • For new clients, the introductory rates are significantly lower. It extends not just to the company’s usual prices, but also the prices of other rivals.
  • There are numerous types of readings accessible.
  • New customers frequently obtain the guidance they require and return for future appointments. As a result, many clients have long-term connections with their readers.


  • They do not offer free readings to new clients, unlike several other perfect psychic reading services. They have, nevertheless, lowered rates for new clients.
  • Email interpretations, online chat readings, and in-person readings are not available. If you prefer to communicate over the phone, California Psychics is the company for you. However, if you want a different messaging platform, this is not the firm for you.
  • Some clients have expressed dissatisfaction with their readings, claiming that they were too unclear.

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics

#4. Keen Psychics: Best Readings with Most Flattering New Customer Offers


Keen is a respected website that has claimed to have supplied 35 million readings since 1999. Keen Psychic is one of the most well-known websites in the area, providing readings to people with special requirements and assisting them in comprehending the complete psychic understanding. They have a fantastic site that describes everything in detail, and they do their best to persuade all of us that psychics have actual legitimacy.

They disclose how often a psychic has been with Keen, how many readings they’ve done, and client feedback, which can help you identify a genuine psychic. One of the best bargains possible today now is their potential customer promotion offer. They also support a wide range of foreign articles about them, both favorable and critical, which adds to the values of justice. Their website is not a propaganda outlet, and we found it to be quite helpful in that sense.

Types of readings offered at Keen Psychics

Keen provides various readings, including tarot and love readings, from a community of psychics who get verified before being granted access to the service. Keen also has a daily horoscope, published pieces, and a FAQ section. The following are some of the top psychic readings accessible at Keen:

  • Financial outlook
  • Psychic mediums
  • Tarot readings
  • Love and relationships

Keen Psychics Website

Other Keen evaluations claim that their website interface is incredibly user-friendly. When most consumers tried it out, they discovered that the enrollment process was quick and easy. Keen has a straightforward two-step sign-up approach. You must first establish a free account and provide personal information such as your email address and password.

Over the previous few years, Keen’s webpage has vastly improved. The fresh style and layout are appealing to us. Finding psychics, reading reviews, and scheduling readings have never been more accessible. You may sort psychics based on their rating, abilities, and the sorts of sessions they provide, among other criteria. If a particular psychic isn’t available simultaneously as you, you can book a reading with them.

Improved customer service at Keen Psychics

Customer support is one place in which the upgraded Keen.com has made strides. They’ve improved significantly. They provide email help 24 hours a day. However, telephone customer service is only available during business hours. While this is a significant improvement, we would like to see them give telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, like Psychic Source.

Once you’ve signed up with Keen.com, you’ll be able to fix most difficulties through your “My Account” page. You can also seek credit if you were dissatisfied with your psychic reading for any cause.


When compared to its competitors, Keen psychic Reading offers fair costs, according to evaluations. You can purchase 10 minutes for $1.99 to add to your initial package on top of the first three free minutes.

Keen Pros Vs. Cons


  • It offers three free additional minutes as an introductory incentive.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Users can choose from a wide selection of specialties and pricing points.


  • There will be no video readings.
  • Well-known psychics might be pretty costly.

⇒ Visit the official website of Keen

How to Identify and Avoid Online Psychic Reading Scams?

When confronted with life’s troubles and ambiguities, talking to a psychic is the best idea because these are people who have extraordinary skills to help you better comprehend your life. However, you must proceed with caution when seeking answers regarding life, considering several “psychics” out there whose primary goal is to defraud naive consumers.

People can obtain a psychic reading online, and many psychics prefer to use this technique with their clients. The issue with getting a psychic reading online is that several fraudulent psychics prey on unsuspecting individuals. A psychic can defraud someone and ruin the idea of having a psychic read for them for good. Before you decide to have an internet psychic reading, make sure you do your research and select trustworthily and that you are dealing with the appropriate individual. Never fall for a con, and always check to see whether you got duped.

A psychic reading is beneficial because it may help you comprehend what you could encounter in the real world, provide you with some prosperity advice, and look back at your background to see what natural skills you possess. Based on your psychic’s talent, the expansions of these sentiments can manifest in various ways, notably clairsentience (the ability to feel things) and clairvoyance (the ability to see visions and hear people speak).

Who is a genuine psychic?

Let’s see some patterns that can help people differentiate between fraud and reality.

Authentic psychics shouldn’t throw themselves at you

Genuine, gifted psychics with genuinely unique talents do not need to wait outdoors, imploring customers to look in and see them. They don’t have to stop people and pitch their services. When someone possesses unique abilities, word spreads quickly, and people come to see them. There may be instances where free psychic reader seek work on the streets because not everyone has access to a computer or the net; however, the large bulk does not.

In-person psychic fraud

Facial expressions reading is a specialty of in-person psychics. They can determine if you’re terrified, upset, nervous, joyful, etc., by your facial expressions or body motions. The emotions you’re experiencing get against you. They can also throw terminology and phrases to see which ones elicit a response from you and then focus on them.

Good ratings and testimonials

You’d be shocked how many individuals you know have sought the advice of a psychic at some point in their lives. Legitimate psychics do not need to find you, as we previously stated. Word of mouth, recommendations, and reviews are how people learn about them. People can use the skills of an internet psychic to find their missing dog while being told it was slain by her next-door neighbor and given the same site where it got interred. It and a slew of other incredible anecdotes concerning online psychics demonstrate.

When you open the gates with someone, they are typically more than prepared to tell you about their encounter or favorite psychic. They recognize that these skills are a great blessing and wish to help as many people as possible.

What to do when Visiting a Psychic?

  • Research: Before going to the psychic, try to learn as much as possible to make informed decisions.
  • Pose inquiries: If a psychic is uncomfortable responding to questions about themselves, they’re likely trying to hide something and don’t want to get discovered.
  • Be unpretentious: Initial impressions matter to con artists, and if you seem wealthy to them, they will do their hardest to “fish” money from your pockets.
  • Bring a friend with you: You may also want to take somebody with you with who you have a lot of faith to exchange thoughts later.
  • Ask fewer questions: Most phony psychics will take as much time as they need to gain a deeper understanding of your life before providing incorrect information. As a result, try to speak less and let the psychic do the majority of the talking.

During a session, a reputed psychic reader as seen on mercurynews.com strengthens her customers by providing accurate information. An ethical psychic does not use fear to manipulate a customer into investing more and more money on fake rituals, spells, and curse relief. Around psychics near me, be cognizant. Competent psychics will charge a reasonable fee for their services, acquired in specific knowledge and need, rather than a low fee intended to lure you into paying for more expensive services.

Don’t judge based on one reading!

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll detest it and get your cashback; in the best-case plan, you’ll adore it and find answers to your most challenging questions. We also advise you not to make blanket judgments about all psychics based on a single bad reading. Psychics are just like you and me, and they have good and bad days. They may not be as attentive as they could be if they get emotionally depleted.

For empaths, this is particularly true. After an especially tricky session, they should ideally make themselves inaccessible, but they could not even realize they require a break. Try a few different ones until you discover one that you genuinely like.

FAQs about Online Psychics

1. Who will need a psychic reading?

We recommend reading for anybody who has issues or questions about their journey and would profit from the truth, more clarity, and closer emotional growth to themselves.

2. Can a psychic improve my life?

Every day, millions of individuals seek the advice of psychics for a variety of reasons. Psychics cannot make you do things forcefully. They can guide you towards the correct path with advice. However, you are liable for your actions.

3. Should I trust online psychics?

Online psychics are the new way to approach experts from any corner of the world. Although scams are present in every business, you can trust them if you read positive reviews about the psychic site.

4. How often should someone get a psychic reading?

Giving a reading time to announce itself is essential; hearing them too frequently can reduce the prediction accuracy. To avoid encouraging dependent behavior, we propose that clients receive readings no about once every week or two weeks. Waiting for a little longer isn’t a bad idea. Consultations are given to some persons only once or twice a year.

5. I got a wrong prediction. What to do?

Psychics, while endowed with extraordinary intuitive abilities, are also human. They can give can inaccurate reading and make small mistakes too. And, while our perceptions are often very similar, they may not make any sense to you at the moment of the reading. You have nothing to worry about if you’re working with a credible psychic or website or a highly regarded psychic.

6. What can I ask a psychic?

It’s better to ask detailed questions that don’t demand a “yes” or “no” response, such as “What will happen if…”, “Can you see me accomplishing…”, or “What can I do to achieve…”, for example. Before you contact or chat, start preparing your problem(s).

Bottom line

Many real psychics can give you accurate information regarding your life, and such encounters can be highly enlightening. Visiting a fraudulent psychic, on the other hand, might quickly become one of your worst nightmares. As a result, keep vigilant and conduct a thorough investigation before meeting any psychic with whom you have not met before.

A telephonic or online psychic reading is considerably superior to a face-to-face lesson. If the psychic was around, tricks could be used, such as analyzing your physical movements and facial gestures, among other things. But such precision across a phone line or an online platform is incredible.

You can find answers to your problems from the comfort and privacy of your home. All that psychic expects of you during the procedure is that you supply as much info as necessary so that you really can get the most out of each online psychic reading session.

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