Best Online Psychic Readings: 100% Free & Accurate Psychic Readers Online In 2022

The world of psychics has expanded its presence to the online mode, touching the lives and deeds of millions of people around the globe. With the growth of online psychics, many people have been introduced to the seemingly magical world of psychic readings and their role in people’s lives. People seek a guiding hand in times of distress and at times when they cannot find a path that leads to the future they desire. Whatever the reason might be, attending psychic reading sessions has the potential to change your life.

There are different psychic reading platforms available, both as psychic reading done in person, just searching for a psychic near me, and online psychic reading websites. The choice is yours to make while both have their pros and cons. While meeting with a psychic in person has the advantage of seeing everything and experiencing it with the naked eye, the growing digital world has made the virtual psychic experience equally interactive and fruitful. Since plenty of online psychic companies offer services, it is imperative to look at some pointers before choosing one.

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The main reason for the increasing popularity of online psychic reading websites is the ability of users to connect with expert readers from any part of the world and from the comfort of their homes. However, you should conduct a thorough research about different online psychic websites’ functioning before jumping into a session. Read along to find out the best 4 online psychic reading websites and the reasons why they stand tall in the industry.

Best Online Psychic Readings Websites for Ultimate Answers to Your Life Questions

  • Kasamba – Get ready to uncover your life and career questions from specialized experts at Kasamba. Get the exciting offer of 3 free minutes + 70% off for the first psychic online session.
  • Keen – Get answers to life present and future life questions through the live psychic sessions at Keen. Get the special new user offer by adding $10 to get an additional $40.
  • Psychic Source – Get accurate readings from professional psychic experts with decades of experience. Get an additional 3 minutes free by selecting a value package.
  • Purple Garden – Get access to honest and trustworthy reviews from top qualified psychic reading experts at the purple garden.

#1. Kasamba – Affordable Readings with Satisfactory Results


Kasamba is a leading online psychic reading that is paving the way for miracles and boons in people’s lives. If you wish to explore yourself and find answers to questions that trouble you, Kasamba is a great place to start your psychic journey. This popular online psychics platform is backed by professional experts who have extensive experience in dealing with people and their many life situations.

The user-friendly website of Kasamba will help you navigate through different reader profiles and find out the best one that suits your expectations and needs. It is always advisable to do your research before choosing a psychic reader and scheduling a session. Apart from the years of experience and expertise, you should also cross-examine the customer reviews and ratings written along the reader profiles to get clarity on what each reader stands for.

Luckily, you can be assured of Kasamba’s place in the psychic reading community because of its experienced readers who have gained popularity over the years. These experts are proficient in dealing with many aspects of psychics. They use different psychic mediums to provide an unforgettable virtual experience that could do wonders to your present normal life. You can go through the official website of Kasamba to find out what makes it one of the best in the industry.

Love psychics by specialized readers

Kasamba is known for its wide number of love and relationship psychics who have been specializing in the field for a long time. If you are stuck in your personal love life and are clueless about where to turn to, you can always seek help from the psychic reading experts at Kasamba, who are blessed with supernatural talents. These psychics possess the special ability to see beyond the normal sights and derive insights into your future and of your loved ones.

Kasamba operates with the best psychics who are determined to help you in the journey of spiritual fulfillment. You can approach the readers to find out what is the secret recipe that will help you and your partner sustain a long, healthy, and happy relationship. This online psychics platform opens up a way for learners to vent their innermost feelings and unavoidable situations and thereby lending them a hand to find suitable solutions to it.

To find the best psychic advisor specialized in the field of love and relationships, you can thoroughly study each psychic reader’s profile and find it under the columns ‘About My Services’ and ‘Experience & Qualification.’ You can also read through the customer reviews and ratings on the profiles of each reader to find out the best expert advisor among the lot.

20 years of experience

The legacy of Kasamba continues to be in full swing, backed by 20 years of experience and expertise in the field. The most trusted psychic reading platform with more than two decades of experience has managed to transform the lives of a large number of people from various walks of life. The experienced psychic readers and advisors at Kasamba possess special gifts and talents that help them connect with people and find answers to their questions.

The online psychics platform at Kasamba is highly rated among customers, and it is evident in the customer testimonials and reviews. The psychic advisors at Kasamba make use of both ancient and modern tools to guarantee a magical experience through each live session. The success rate of these psychic’s platforms has increased because of the ease and comfort with which you can attend the sessions and meet with gifted minds from different parts of the world.

Reasonable rates for effective sessions

The best part of the psychic reading sessions at Kasamba is the affordable packages offered by different advisors. The prices vary based on the level of experience and customer ratings of the psychic reader. You can read through the customer profiles and find out the best provider that suits your case and proceed with the payment option using a credit card. Kasamba provides an extremely welcoming offer for new users, 3 minutes of free psychic reading online sessions, along with 70% off for the first session you attend.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Throughout the years, one thing that stands true for the psychic reading platform Kasamba is its honest and trustworthy approach to users’ problems. You can understand clearly from the customer response and review that every psychic session at Kasamba is bound to give you 100% satisfaction and peace of mind. You can approach any psychic reader at Kasamba to pose your questions and hope for answers that will enlighten your present and future life. The wide number of online psychic readings and the 4 million satisfied customers stand testimony to the glory of Kasamba.

Variety of psychic options

Apart from the traditional psychic methods used by online psychics from all over the world, the one thing that Kasamb takes pride in is the wide variety of psychic reading options that are available on display. Anyone who is approaching the world of online psychics for the first time can read through different types of psychics and how they can affect one’s life. Kasamba specializes in a variety of psychic options like numerology, astrology, tarot readings, among other psychic readings and psychic mediums.

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#2. Keen – Explore Psychic Mediums and Discover Yourselves


Keen is a rising platform known for its reliable and accurate online psychic reading services that have changed many people’s lives for the better. The experts at Keen are ever ready to conduct live psychic sessions with you no matter which part of the world you belong to. You can sit in your bedroom and still connect with world-class psychic readers by accessing the official psychic reading website of Keen, who have the potential to dig deep into your mind free from all the uncertainties.

The online psychic readings at Keen have a variety of options to choose from. You can read through the specialties offered by different psychic options and choose the one that stands out as the best pick for your questions and concerns. The online psychic readings provided by different readers will help you discover new paths in life, be it in terms of love or relationships, career paths, or any events based on past life. You should be clear about what you expect from a psychic session before reaching out to a reader.

The experts at Keen are ready to help you solve your concerns and find the answers you are actively seeking. The online psychics platform has established its name in the minds of customers worldwide through an honest and trustworthy service. More than 2 decades of experience in dealing with different kinds of psychic reading have prepared the advisors at Keen to be capable of dealing with different life situations and emotional occurrences in your life.

Find a suitable psychic advisor

The user-friendly website of Keen allows newbies to easily choose a favorable psychic advisor that suits their best interest. The psychic reading platform has a filter option that will help you easily find the specific reader within your preferred area of expertise. The filter option contains a list of different types of online psychic readings, including life questions, tarot reading, love and relationships, spiritual readings, and psychic readings. You can choose the one that is fit for you.

After choosing the type of psychic, you have the option to select your preferred mode of communication, be it phone psychics or chat psychics. You can either select the call or chat option or even go for the third option that is ‘any’. After the two steps are completed, you can choose the pricing list that you can afford. Once you set all these parameters right, you can click on the ‘Search’ button to get the list of all available psychic readers that match your specifications. The online psychics platform of Keen is filled with a large number of advisors with gifted minds.

Experience psychics at its best

The level of divine experience offered at the Keen platform has transcended the physical boundaries to provide the topmost rewarding experience for users through virtual means. While most people are still doubtful about the accuracy of online psychic reading platforms, Keen online psychics stand tall by providing a magical experience to all. The company has seen 20 years in the field of psychics and has dealt with many people along their psychic journey. Over the years, the advisors at Keen have become experts in creating magic at all levels.

Top reviews from customer

Since its inception in 1999, Keen has carved a place in the heart of customers through its effortless and efficient services. Throughout their psychic service period, Keen has helped over 35 million customers to reach their level of 100% satisfaction through their enlightening live sessions. The customer testimonials on the official home page, along with the reviews and ratings on the reader profiles, prove the popularity of Keen online psychic’s website. You can be assured to get satisfaction and definite results through all the sessions you attend on Keen.

Expert astrology advice

The psychic readers at Keen are known for a variety of specializations, and the one that stands out is their knack for providing accurate astrology readings. The online psychics website company consists of highly experienced readers who are proficient in astrology and numerology. The readers make use of your birth chart to arrive at specific conclusions that can affect your present and future lives. They will also take instances from the past life to provide the best online psychic readings that will help gain clarity to the events that are happening at present.

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#3. Psychic Source – Phone, Chat, or Video Psychics


Psychic Source psychic reading online platform is one of the finest companies that have been providing excellent services to users for over 3 decades. The years of experience in the field are backed by the satisfactory remarks of millions of customers who have found new paths in life. For people who are wishing to enter the world of psychics to experience something new in life, Psychic Source is the perfect place to start your journey. You can make use of the expert psychic reading sessions at Psychic Source to do wonders in life.

The psychic sessions at Psychic Source are available in different modes of communication, including phone calls, chat, or video calls. The modes can be selected according to the likes of the user. You can check the reader profiles to find out the communication modes preferred by the psychic advisors. The expert psychic reading services can be accessed with comfort and ease right from your personal space. You can connect with different readers from across the world to get an unforgettable psychic experience that will change your life for the better.

A wide array of psychic reading options

The highlighting aspect of online psychics services at Psychic Source is the long list of psychic reading options it provides. You can thoroughly take a look at the different types of readings and research a little about their features before choosing the one that seems right for you and your life story. Among the numerous types of psychic reading available on the website, the main ones are angel readings, numerology readings, past life readings, relationship psychics, spiritual psychics, and clairvoyants.

Apart from the mainstream psychic reading types, the experts are also specialized in dream interpretation and pet physics. It is always advisable to find the topic you need to explore and then approach the readers who are specialized in similar areas. If you are particularly curious about your love life, you can search for psychic advisors who specialize in the field. Whatever may be the choice, you will be able to find an expert at Psychic Source at your service anytime and anywhere.

Exciting value packages

The psychic reading online platform of Psychic Source provides exciting offers and value packages for users. Those who wish to take part in a live session can choose the psychic reader of their choice and then make the payment according to the provided packages. The most popular package will amount to Rs. 2229 for 30 minutes of the session. With the selection of any online psychic readings package, Psychic Source provides an additional 3 minutes free for users. This is done to encourage and spread the wonders of the psychic world.

24/7 customer care service

The main reason for the popularity of Psychic Source is the expert customer service provided to users. You can get in touch with psychic reading professionals in the field and seek answers to your questions 24/7. If you have any queries or questions regarding the working of the site or the steps involved in a psychic session, you can contact the customer care officials for a better understanding. The loyalty and trust of customer’s point to the expert working method at Psychic Source.

Availability of free chat transcript

The feature that makes Psychic Source unique among other psychic reading websites is the special provision of free transcripts available to users. You can get access to chat transcripts immediately after the online chat session is over. The transcripts can be used to derive valuable insights that can help you forget your present and future lives. The psychic reading online platform makes it a point to aid users in their psychic journey.

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#4. Purple Garden – Accurate Live Readings by Experts


Purple Garden is an emerging name in the field of online psychics and psychic readings. The official website of the purple garden is filled with a large number of psychic experts with different specializations. You can choose to try out the psychic reading online platform at the purple garden if you wish to explore the world of online psychics in a different light. You can glance through the reader profiles and read about each reader’s service descriptions and categories.

What makes the purple garden an exclusive choice among the users of online psychics is the availability of a large number of experienced readers and the clarity with which their respective services are mentioned. The profiles of all psychic readers are systematically arranged in an easy to comprehend design that allows you quickly understand the areas in which the psychics hold expertise. You can run a comprehensive search before selecting a suitable reader.

Detailed reader profiles

The online psychics platform at the purple garden has become popular among users for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons being the detailed and descriptive reader profiles present on the psychic reading website. The profiles will provide details about the number of readings performed so far, the year of joining the profession, the available mode of sessions, description of services, categories of specialization, and a short personal description.

Apart from these neatly arranged descriptions of each psychic reader, the purple garden psychic reading website also contains customer reviews and ratings on individual reader profiles. This allows learners to understand the mode of psychic reading done by different psychic readers and their specialties. The long list of authentic and honest reviews will give you a crystal clear first-hand narrative of different psychic advisors at the purple garden. This will further assist you in the journey of online psychics by making it smooth and hassle-free.

Specialized psychic readings

The psychic experts at the purple garden have extensive experience in different types of psychics that range from traditional card readings to the modern methods of online psychics. The unique specializations and experimentations done by psychic advisors at purple garden make them in demand all the time. These extremely talented psychics are specialized in palm readings, dream analysis, crystal gazing, spirit channeling, and other varied forms of psychics.

Professional screening test

The reason why the psychic reading online sessions at purple garden can become an effective part of your life is because of the groundwork that happens in the selection of psychic readers. The experts who are included in the reader profiles at purple garden run through an intensive and detailed screening test. This final selection test will ensure that all the psychic advisors who are offering their services on the purple garden website are professionally eligible to carry out the online psychic readings.

Active reviews through the mobile app

The user-friendly nature of the purple garden psychic reading website is made more convenient to users with the help of its mobile app. The app has all the main features available on the website and would allow you to access all reader profiles with utmost ease. You will be able to take part in interactive live psychic’s sessions through your smartphones and gain valuable insights from expert advisors situated in different parts of the world. All you have to do is to download the app and see the magic unfold at your fingertips.

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Types of Psychic Reading

There are different types of psychic readings available on online platforms. It is important to read about each type of reading and their specialization before choosing the right one that suits your life. You can explore each option by attending introductory sessions and find out what suits you the best. Given below are the main type of online psychics available:

  • Tarot readings : This type of psychic reading online makes use of a special deck of tarot cards to analyze the person attending the sessions. The reader will take insights from the present circumstances and from their intuitions to take the session forward.
  • Crystal balls : This is a specialized type of psychic reading online wherein the reader makes use of a crystal ball to proceed with the session. Clairvoyants make use of these crystal structures to derive insights and pass the images to the person involved with them.
  • Palmistry : This is yet another common type of psychic reading that studies the shape, color, lines, and structure of fingers through a palm reading process. Through palm reading, you will get to know details about life, health, future, character, and other areas.
  • Numerology: This type of psychic reading makes use of numbers to reveal highlighting information about an individual. The psychic reader takes into account certain calculations and their interpretations to predict the fortune of your life.
  • Astrology : This is a popular type of psychic reading that makes use of the time, place, and date of birth of a person to arrive at particular conclusions. These details are then connected with the position of the planet to find out more about the life of the person involved.

Tips to Find Out the Best Psychic Reading Platform

Since there are a whole lot of psychic reading online websites available, each claiming to be the best in the field, you should be familiar with the features of a good psychic reading platform. If you are wishing to get into the world of online psychics, it is always better to start with websites that have gained years of experience in the field. Experienced advisors are always a plus point since they are proficient in dealing with different types of people and their needs.

Apart from the experience and expertise, another point to be analyzed is the customer satisfaction provided by these services. You can get a glimpse of it by reading through the customer reviews and ratings, both of the website and individual readers. You can also personally get in touch with previous users to get a clear perspective. Apart from these, you should also cross-check the payment and refund policy, user-friendliness of the psychic reading website, and privacy settings.

What Do People Gain from Psychic Readings?

There are different things a person can gain from an interactive online psychic readings session. It depends on the type of psychics you choose and the expertise and skills of the psychic reader who is guiding you. To make the most out of each online psychic reading session, you should prepare yourselves for the best and try to maintain a calm and welcoming posture. Most people attend psychic sessions in an attempt to attain a level of peace and calmness that is lacking from their otherwise mundane life.

Apart from attaining peace of mind, people crave ways to help boost positive energy in their lives. The psychic readers who will connect with you through the online psychic readings sessions will help you formulate ways in which you can nourish your soul and mind in the simplest and most effective ways. You can approach the readers with any type of specific concern that is making your life miserable. The readers will always provide a comforting hand in times of distress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to attend psychic reading sessions free of cost?

Yes, it is possible to attend psychic reading sessions online free of cost. Some websites provide free psychic reading options to users in the hope of encouraging them. You will get a few minutes free of the online psychic’s readings session and you can decide whether to continue it or not.

How can I prepare for a psychic reading session?

Before the start of a psychic reading online session, it is important to prepare yourself. You should take some time off from your regular work if possible and try to calm your mind. Once your mind is cleared, you will get clear thoughts and can jot down your questions and concerns for the session.

Are online psychic readings accurate?

Yes, online psychic readings are provided in an accurate and precise manner guided by experienced psychic readers or advisors. These experts with special skills can look beyond the virtual world and arrive at enlightening conclusions about one’s life based on different psychic mediums.

Can I ask questions to the psychic experts during a session?

Yes, you can ask as many questions as you want after taking the permission of the psychic reader involved in best online psychic readings session. If you want to get descriptive answers about something, always try to ask open-ended questions and not yes or no questions.

Can I stop the session whenever I want?

Yes, you can report to the customer care center of the website in case of any problems with your session. If you are not satisfied with the way any psychic reading session is proceeding, some websites even give the provision of a refund option and you will get your money back.


The phenomenon of psychic reading has helped many people in discovering their true selves and living a life of happiness and peace. The world of online psychics has grown over the years and has become popular in the lives of many people.

If you wish to find answers to questions that are disturbing your mind or if you want guidance about a significant path of your life, you can turn to a psychic near me or rather to the world of online psychic reading to meet some expert minds over the virtual sites. You should always keep in mind the factors like years of experience, pricing, reviews, and customer support before choosing the website.

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