Best Online Psychic Readings: 100% Accurate Psychic Reading Sites For Future Predictions & Valuable Insights

More and more people are increasingly trying the universe of psychic readings in this advanced age of creation and uncertainty. The traditional online psychic readings sessions are being replaced by technologically advanced free psychic reading online sessions that can reach many individuals across the globe. There are many people in search of a directing hand that can assist them with enduring occasions. Suppose you are someone who is constantly attempting to sort out the mind-boggling meaning of life occasions to make progress toward a superior future. In that case, online psychics are the best decision that can aid you in this excursion.

The psychic readings industry is prospering worldwide by assisting individual humans in sorting out their lives through clear-cut dreams and ideas. Since many live psychics sites are available online, it is necessary to pick the best one that offers authentic and reliable assistance. It would be best if you always ran exhaustive research before selecting a suitable site. Many factors, including the ease of navigation, cost of sessions, client support, and aptitude of the readers, can help decide the best psychics sites.

Below are the 4 best online psychic readings sites of 2022, reviewed based on many factors by specialists in the field. Read through the detailed review before making an educated choice. You ought to always be extra cautious and vigilant about the various categories of online psychics and their prevalent presence in the mainstream media.

The Best Online Psychic Readings Websites Of 2022 With Free Trial: First Look

Kasamba – Highly Accurate Psychics Providing In-Depth Readings

California Psychics – An Ideal Place For Accessibility To Large Variety Of Skilled Readers

Keen Psychics – Availability Of Highly Experienced Online Psychics, User-Friendly Costs

Psychic Source – Leading Choice For Financial And Love Readings Through Video Calling

#1. Kasamba – First Choice for In-Depth Definite Free Psychic Reading Online


Kasamba has ascended to the best free psychic reading website by giving the best client support insight, an easy to understand and advanced website, and smooth and precise readings that have a helpful way of providing assistance with redressal of your evil behavior and progress in life.

Kasamba permits you to go through profiles of multiple psychic readers and pick the one that suits your necessities. The user can browse through the reviews also to affirm that the reader will want to respond to your inquiries with their experience, expertise, and instinctive forces.

After having chosen the reader, you can book an arrangement. Kasamba offers phone psychics too for people who could need to get psychic assistance over a phone call. You can look at the different types of free psychic reading, including those you don’t generally discover while searching for a psychic reader close to me. Kasamba offers pet readings, aura reading, crystal reading, energy recuperating, and more.


  • The data of the readers is in the shape of a public profile that is open to all. They can thoroughly be understood through their profiles.
  • The initial three minutes of the free psychic reading are not charged. The session can be ended if you don’t discover the reader’s services well inside the initial three minutes and do not spend anything for the session.
  • The psychic reading offered is classified. You can decide to have a mysterious reading where you wouldn’t have to share any personal data.
  • An exceptional offer for the clients who register interestingly. These clients can get 75% off on any psychic reading online session they book site wide.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. California Psychics – Home to Various Highly Proficient Online Psychics


California Psychics has gotten quite possibly the most popular and confided in websites that offer free psychic love reading online as of late due to their faultless services in tarot reading, love psychics, and other such abilities that are profoundly sought after. In addition, the site has a smooth system of benefits that the clients can profit from to get discounted or even free psychic reading sessions.

While registering, you get a fixed measure of benefits. More the issues, more prominent will be your entrance to different offers and occasions that are facilitated at the website. The platform also offers incredible discounts on birthday events and other such significant days.

The readers are accessible for a phone call or chat psychics. But, unfortunately, the alternative for live psychics over video calls isn’t accessible yet for the clients.


  • Get the initial five minutes of the free psychic reading online session free by availing of the code ADD5. If you decide to have the free psychic reading session continued after the initial five minutes, $1 is charged for every minute.
  • The site offers admittance to reliable and experienced psychics who represent considerable authority in various types of free psychic reading.
  • The client assistance group is accessible to address your necessities 24/7.
  • It gives constant information and accessibility to the reader, so you don’t need to stick around to get a free psychic reading session with your preferred reader.

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics

#3. Keen Psychics – Benefit Of Connecting With Supremely Experienced Readers At The Most Moderate Prices


With a client base of more than 30 million globally, Keen Psychics demonstrates that it has provided first-class services regarding free psychic reading. Furthermore, the outcomes that clients have acquired from free psychic reading online sessions are so precise and positive that you want to return for additional bits of knowledge.

Keen Psychics offer their services through the foundation of the website and application. The application is supported on all working systems, including Android and iOS. Different filter choices are accessible on the application and website to track down the ideal reader for you in seconds without going over the profile of every reader.

It offers free psychic reading in different structures, including video calls, emails, text, and chat to ensure that the client is satisfied. All the data and information shared during a session in any structure is shielded and encoded from the two finishes. The readers at Keen Psychics have significant involvement with free psychic reading concerning love, aura reading, and other such readings.


  • The services at Keen Psychics are accessible nonstop. You can get profound aides whenever of the day, even on siestas and during the end of the week. Accordingly, people all across the globe can get to the services of the site.
  • The site offers an offer of the initial three minutes of the free psychic reading session accessible. The start and end of 3 minutes will be told so that you can conclude whether to end the session or proceed.
  • If you wind up disappointed with the services given, you can decide to apply for a complete refund. The client service group offers certified assistance any time of the day.

⇒ Visit the official website of Keen

#4. Psychic Source – Supreme Option For Monetary And Love Readings Through Video Calling


With over 30 years of involvement, Psychic Source has acquired a client base that puts stock in the precision of the services given by the readers accessible on the website. You can get some information about different themes to the client, and discover arrangements that you can follow up on to improve results. These points incorporate profession, finance, love, training, family, lost articles, pets, individuals who have died, and so forth.

Psychic Source guarantees that every one of the readers that are accessible on the website has a credible record and experience with the field of free psychic reading. In this manner, they hold a broad screening test that confirms the subtleties of the readers. The readers are added to the data set of the website just when all their data has been checked altogether. You can profit from the offer of the initial three minutes free to track down the correct counterpart for them. If you don’t like the services of a specific reader, you can end the session inside the initial 3 minutes.

Notwithstanding, if you and the reader feel a connection that seems to be uniquely guiding you, then maybe proceed with the free psychic reading online session.


  • Quite possibly the most expensive productive websites with different alternatives accessible to fit the spending plan of each reader. The free psychic reading session is accessible for free for the initial three minutes.
  • The tarot readings at Psychic Source are remarkable and most definitely appraised by administration. You can choose from an enormous exhibit of readers accessible on the website.
  • The site has the best client services accessible. They offer a full refund and quickly assist with canning profit before, during, and after the session.
  • Anyone can get a session over a video call, psychic reading by phone, chat psychics, and surprisingly through email.

⇒ Visit the official website of Psychic Source

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. List some different kinds of psychic readings.

Different psychics display affinity to other abilities. Based on certain necessities, pick the power you believe will give the most precise answers. The psychic reader will utilize different tools that will suit the path of free psychic reading. With the following methods, an experienced psychic will have the option to point out potential issues and guide you through the best way towards clarity.

Pet reading

A few psychics have a significant association with animals. These can develop the craft of animal reading in which they interpret and obtain the psyche and insights of an animal. With animal reading, the customer can interface with their pets and understand their sentiments as well.

Chakra cleansing

Chakras are related to the energies encompassing an individual. These energies can place somebody in an emotional trench, making them feel anxious, irritable, and even lethargic. Psychic readers can distinguish when the chakras are hindered. They reset the equilibrium between these chakras and restore their energy with the object that can retrieve your mental, physical, and emotional strength.


Automatic composing happens when the directing powers and creatures that encompass us impact the psychic reader to such a degree that they can create a piece of writing straightforwardly. The interaction, also alluded to as psychography, happens when the psychic reader composes words on the paper without any informed idea. The terms are either a force of the supernatural or the power of the psyche mind.

Soulmate tarot reading

The expertise of foreseeing your soulmate’s information is known as soulmate reading. A particular kind of psychic reading can see the association between two individuals already in each other’s substance or are yet to find each other. The reader can anticipate the situation in which you can find your soulmate, the time, the environmental factors, and even the nature or characteristics of the soulmate.

Akashi reading

Akashi Records are the records taken care of in the higher measurement. These records detail the considerations and actions brought into the world by each human. The psychic readers who can drill into these experiences can more readily understand each individual’s past. With the information gained, the readers can readily assess your current condition and guide you to a viable future based on your past actions and behaviors.


By the ability of clairvoyance, the spiritual readers can view and understand the future. The skill of divination is based on the hunch that a great many individuals have that a specific occasion will happen. They can decipher the suspicion so they can get real feelings about the upcoming experiences.


Another ancient sort of psychic reading is tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography. During the pattern of tea reading, the reader makes some of the team utilizing free tea leaves. The energy of the customer is coordinated towards the tea leaves through the cycle. The pattern shaped by the tea leaves at the lower part of the cup is used to give the answers to any spiritual inquiry that the customer has.

Dream interpretation

Dreams hold the hidden meaning of our internal identity. It is accepted that the mind is at its freest state when it is dozing. In this manner, deciphering and investigating the meaning behind the dreams can assist the reader with seeing your fortune. Furthermore, the readers who can translate and explore dreams can understand the importance of specific imagery and articles that appear to surmise the message that the dream wants to pass on.

Reiki (Energy Healing)

The interaction of the healing energy of an individual in Japan is known as Reiki. The psychic helpers who are knowledgeable about Reiki can heal the customer’s power with their ability. They utilize their hands to scrub the aura of the customer. For a psychic reader to conduct Reiki, they should have good practice, a calm mind, strong instinct, and the ability to interface with the aura and personal energies of the customer.

Angel card reading

A great many individuals are bewildered that angel cards and tarot cards work the same way. Notwithstanding, angel cards need accurate instinct as well as clairvoyance. The psychic readers can tune into the directing creatures, for example, angels that furnish them with their spiritual minds. The angels can direct the individual that they are caring for.


Numerology is the investigation of the relationship between numbers that happen customarily in the life of the customer and the simultaneous occasions. There can be specific numbers in your life that have a strange connection with your past, present, and future. These estimates can be those that happened to your notification during a momentous occasion or numbers that have been with you for what seems like everlastingly, for example, your birth date, anniversary date, birthdates of your parents, and so forth

Tarot reading

Tarot card is another kind of psychic reading that has been popular for a significant long time. Tarot card readers build an association with a specific pack of cards. These cards assist them with deciphering the future and fortune of the customers. The cards have pictures and designs on them that are prepared from mythological narratives and social culture. To understand the fortune of the individual from the drawn cards, one necessitates great concentration and ability. It demands years of practice to form a comprehension with a specific deck.

2. List some tools used by psychics for a psychic reading.

Tools are an integral component of psychic reading. They help reinforce the force and spiritual connection of the reader and assist in providing more precise insights. Some of the most well-known tools utilized during a free psychic reading online session and their uses and explained underneath.


Runes are crafted of stones or other such material that doesn’t lose its shape. They are engraved with images that have ancient meanings in various societies. The photos, also known as the runic alphabet, address a special meaning that can reveal insight into the arrangement of the customer’s issue. These runes can also advise the customers to all the almost certain adapt to the misfortunes that they are by and by facing in life.

Star charts

Astrologers use star charts and sky maps to answer various inquiries regarding the life and future of the customer. The readers create the star chart according to the date and season of birth of the individual. According to the star chart, the reader can infer the answer for important choices like work, marriage, child, and so forth. They are also applied to determine the character traits and behavior of the client.

Deck of tarot cards

The utilization of tarot cards to give psychic guidance and spiritual assistance to individuals has been accomplished for a significant long time. A standard deck of tarot cards has a sum of 78 cards. Every card in the deck is illuminated with photographs, pictures, and paintings that discuss a particular culture’s story, event, or story.


Pendulums are used when an individual’s cognizance hinders the reader from reaching inside their inner mind and extracting the hidden answer inside it. The pendulums strengthen the customer’s association with their internal identity to all the more readily understand themselves and find the foundation of the issue they are facing. It amplifies the reader’s reach to the hidden contemplations of the customer with the goal that they can give a considerably more accurate reading.


Crystals of various sizes, tones, and shapes are used for multiple purposes –

  • A psychic reader that works with crystals enhances the psychic abilities of the individual.
  • A few crystals are predominantly used to actuate a prevalent healing and calming impact on the customers to relax and relinquish their concerns during the reading session.
  • A few crystals are used to balance the negative energies that a few customers might have.

These negative energies can disturb the infinite powers of the reader concerning the nature of their reading. Therefore, the crystals formed of minerals are used to equalize the negative energies.


These divination instruments are also being used throughout ongoing hundreds of years. Highly trained and determined psychic readers use them to understand the certified significance of the signs that the reader can view and obtain the customer’s answer.

Oracle cards

Another deck of cards that is ordinarily used to enhance the quality of the free psychic reading is oracle cards. They are considered to have a free stream. A deck can have as many as 100 cards. Nonetheless, there may be no standard theme followed across all the cards. They can give insights regarding more genuine and taboo subjects.

3. What are some matters I can discuss in a free psychic reading?

Your psychic reader can answer anything that might be upsetting you, and can approach several other matters with the reader to dig further into the mysteries of life and gain certainty and clarity of your thoughts and mind. Here is a comprehensive rundown of all the subjects that can be asked about during an online psychics reading session –

Blood relations

Family and the relationships that attach us with blood can be an alarming subject for many individuals. Unique psychic readers can give in-depth reading to the readers who are stressed over their family life. It very well may be a question within the family over cash or property or negative energies that encompass the whole family, making the atmosphere of your home go bad. There can be several reasons why there’s anxiety about your family, and a functional psychic reader can assist you in attaining peace of mind by providing answers and supervision related to the family.


Choices that rotate around finance and money can also cause inconvenience, especially when the amount of cash included is very substantial. In some cases, a person cannot get over a choice and is stuck in the pattern of thinking about whether the option is right or wrong. Through free psychic reading based on finance and money, one can get the viewpoint to take a gander at the higher perspective. The insights can help the client maintain caution to make monetary choices that are beneficial and add value to their life.

Love & relationships

Quite possibly, the most well-known themes that are asked in most psychic readings are love and relationship. Issues in your love life can affect all other aspects of life. Whether one is unhappy with their partner, searching for one, or cannot appear to find peace and tranquility in their relationship, love psychic reading can direct them to achieve clarity. This clarity will help them make choices related to their love life with assurance and certainty.

Health concerns

Health is one of those subjects that any psychic reader cannot answer. It requires specialized abilities and expertise by which efficiency can be accomplished. A suitable medium can elucidate questions associated with diseases that you might have or contract.

The answers obtained from a psychic reader can reaffirm the perspectives given by a medical professional.

Future prospects

The future has been a theme that has always confused the human mind. What will happen in the future? Which opportunity will they get? What measures can they take to make their future better? Such inquiries have kept individuals spiraling in confusion. With prospective psychic reading, one can determine how to beat the misfortunes and frustrations they face in the present. Gaining insight into the future can provide you with new hope and motivation to live every day with enthusiasm and certainty.

If you are unhappy with the present and want direction for your future, then address a psychic reader to cast light on the concerning subjects of the future.


Relatively few beings approach the subject of death openly. However, if you need a spiritual standpoint towards death or are afraid of death, then enquire about it to a skillful psychic reader. The psychic readers can translate the essence of signs around you and your connection with death. Furthermore, they can alert you against characters that approach death. You can likewise discover how life after death is managed, how to gain peace following death, and whether your pets and dear ones end up in heaven or not.


When a person experiences the death of a near-and-dear, then in such cases, they may find it hard to find a conclusion. Moreover, there are times when the person might blame themselves for the death, accident, or a fallout. Seeking closure in such cases can also end up being troublesome and tedious as well.

If the person didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, or is having second thoughts and blames themselves for something that occurred in the past, then they can get the guidance of a psychic medium. The medium can relinquish the directing soul to bestow the client the path to recovery and get over the blame.

How are online psychic readings more suitable than psychic readings near me?

There are various advantages of online psychic readings that make it a much-preferred alternative over readings near me. You will find that these advantages make it a safer choice and add to the reading quality.

Diverse readings

The mediums and readers available for online free psychic reading sessions can be reserved for a reading at any time. Nevertheless, if one requires a reading near me, they won’t have to adjust the appointment time in their schedule yet take care of other aspects such as transportation. The client can access the psychic readers at any time, whenever it might suit them.


The format of psychic reading online ends up being the most extreme comfort for the reader and the client. You can decide to have the reading session from your residence. You can commence a session instantly, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for your adventure. Furthermore, considering the session isn’t filling or rewarding to the reader, you can terminate the session midway. Therefore, a psychic reading online can preserve the time of the reader and client.

Exceptional deals

Most sites that offer free psychic reading online administrations offer various attractive discounts to clients. In addition, multiple sites have unique early on offers for new clients to avail of the administrations delivered for free. The discount offers attract new customers and allow the clients to get a prologue to the administrations without going through any cash.


Suppose you are questioning that your information can be breached or hacked during an online psychic reading. Free psychic reading is amazingly private. You can share personal information about yourself with the reader to improve insightful reading. The sites that offer psychic reading online are scrambled and gotten against any data breach to ensure the personal information about the customers. They are also outfitted with security features to provide the financial information and payment details of the clients.


There are moments, particularly in complicated readings, when the reader doesn’t give the outcomes and deductions of the reading as soon as it closes. Instead, they have to allude to their notes, assess the clients’ behavior, and exercise their intuitive and spiritual ability to reach the outcomes. While during independent reading, you would have to wait for the reader to come to the resolution, in the psychic online reading, you can simply leave the session and return when the reader is ready with the outcomes.

Final Words

The plethora of free psychic reading online sessions and fortune teller available these days advertise themselves as the best alternative out there. First, however, one should guarantee that they check all the aspects, including experience, inclinations, specializations, availability, and testimonials given by the past clients. Then, based on these aspects, they can find an online psychic reading site that fits all their prerequisites. When browsing through these sites, you will come across immensely capable readers and spiritual guides that can offer direction and transparency in your life.

Online psychic reading experts can assist you with fostering a better and more adorable relationship, acquire achievement and development in your profession, and discover harmony inside your life.

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