Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: Top Psychic Mediums & Fortune Tellers For Future Predictions & Astrology Answers| Know How To Cast A Love Spell In 2022 & Get Free Tarot Cards Reading Trials

One can’t know what the future holds, but that does not stop us from thinking about it or imagining it. Most people hate being in the dark; they want to get information about their love life, ambition, career, and personality. Recently, knowing these have been possible, and we will be enlightening you and how to.

Psychic readings. This might seem a little off for you, but it would seem like a feasible solution when you are desperate to know these things. You might find yourself in a difficult situation in that you are oblivious of what to do and how to get yourself out. Not being able to control what life throws at you next creates a feeling of uncertainty.

Psychic readings will help you find closure on events that have passed or help you be in the know of what the future holds and teach you how to navigate the future situation. This solution might sometimes be something we are not expecting or are uncomfortable with.

Getting these mediums to have a psychic reading is not a difficult task; the issue is whether you can trust the readings you will get from these platforms. Therefore, we have time to curate a list of the top five (5) platforms that we believe you can trust.

These best online psychic reading platforms are known for the quality of their readings, and their accuracy level is too notch. Many people have dropped reviews on the services these platforms have offered, and they have earmarked that they are the best. People have gotten clarity from these readings, while some have gotten closure.

Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Sites Of 2022

  1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Site, Editor’s Choice
  2. Kasamba: Best For Accurate Tarot Reading
  3. Mystic Sense: Meet Professional Tarot Readers For Spiritual Readings
  4. Keen: Popular Cheap Psychics & Multiple Psychic Mediums
  5. Psychic OZ: Affordable Psychic Reading Platform To Meet Your Psychic Reader

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Site, Editor’s Choice


This brand operates through a mobile app that is solely meant for psychic readings – individuals that feel they need the truth to serve as closure or to direct their future endeavors are met with the purest and most truthful reading possible. This platform is easy to use, and users can easily get to the psychic without any hassle.

They offer users psychic sessions, either live or recorded. When you meet an enthusiastic reader about their job, they tend to get quality judgments due to their diverse interpretation ability. This ability helps them get different meanings of different situations. So, they can read into most life situations.

This platform SI is a popular platform with a vast range of users. They house thousands of satisfied customers that have raved about the quality services of the platform. The psychics available on the platform are regarded as some of the best, and they do not house only psychics.

They house soothsayers, tarot card readers, and others. You should feel at ease when you go to the platform for reading, their psychics are friendly, and they make the session enjoyable for the customer.


  • Psychic readings are not the only service available to those wanting to know about the future or closure from their past. Tarot readings, caregiver and goals, spiritual guidance, astrology readings, numerology, previous life readings, dream analysis, etc. Users can also select the language they want their reading to be carried out. This platform also allows the users to see how busy their favorite psychic is for the week to schedule a good time for them, and it fits into the readers’ schedule.
  • This platform is not expensive; getting a reading on the platform does not drain most of your money. The price range is calculated per minute and costs $0.99 to $14.99. Also, as a new customer, you get to enjoy a free five (5) minutes reading from one of the best psychics on the platform. Also, some people are available via chat to give you a reading on your love life, career, or financial stability.


  • You do not have to see the reader physically before getting a reading.
  • You are not restricted to one reading style; you can choose from diverse options available.
  • Readings can be carried out via chat, video, or voice calls.


  • The website is easy to use.
  • The price of their reading might not be as high as others, but it is still pricey.
  • They do not offer users plenty of discounts.

Customer’s Reviews

Customers recommend this brand because they offer users legit readings at an average price. They have an amazing website that is easy to surf. The readers available on the platform are of the best quality. And if you are after something more in-depth, you should consider using this platform.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba: Best For Accurate Tarot Reading


To us, this is currently the best reading platform in the industry. This platform is not focused on a few types of readings; they offer varieties of readings and maintain top quality with each type of reading. They offer users readings concerning horoscopes, dream analysis, tarot, and fortune-telling. This brand is the master of all trades.

This platform has over twenty (20) years of experience in the reading business. They have been offering readings via phone calls, live chat, or emails. The only way any platform could have maintained top-level status for twenty (20) years is if they have been offering top-level service for that number of years. The platform has maintained its goodwill by being authentic with its readings and offering accurate analysis.


  • The types of readings available on this platform are vast; users can choose various readings. In addition, their psychic readings are also differentiated into types, such as tarot reading, crystal reading, and rune casting.
  • This platform from the outside looks expensive due to the types of reading that are Sub under psychic readings. However, their prices are quite affordable. As with the others, this brand charges their readings per minute, and their charges come at $1.99 per minute. Although, this price may increase depending on the reader you select to carry out your reading. But they are still affordable.
  • For the first psychic you choose for a reading, you will enjoy free three (3) minutes reading; courtesy of the platform. However, only first-time users are allowed to use this benefit. Also, they offer first-time users a 15% discount on their future readings.


  • The platform has two (2) decades of experience providing quality and accurate readings.
  • Your reading can be carried out via phone call, text, or email.
  • First-time users get to enjoy free three (3) readings with the first psychic they select.
  • They offer readings at an affordable price compared to the other platforms.


  • Depending on the psychic you choose, the price of your reading may skyrocket through the roof. You can be charged as much as $20 per minute.
  • After your first reading, there is no guarantee from the platform that you will be satisfied with your other readings.

Customer’s Reviews

The customer reviews about this platform online only speak good of the offered services. Users have earmarked the accuracy of their readings as the top reason why most of them go back to the platform.

The free three (3) minutes of reading is enough for most people to get the answers they are looking for. People often prefer using the chat feature due to the intense situation of the reading. Users who feel unsatisfied with the reading from the psychics are entitled to as much as $50 as compensation.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. Mystic Sense: Meet Professional Tarot Readers For Spiritual Readings


Mystic Sense has consistently worked with talented psychics who can provide accurate readings and make you feel the situation. This platform has become one of the most talked-about platforms.

They have built a rapport with customers who love to get readings that will relay messages from their dead loved ones. They offer this service accurately along with other reading services.

The psychics available on this platform operate with very high standards, and the services they offer are not limited to one. They do horoscope readings, love life, and future readings. You can get these readings via video call, live chat and phone calls.


  • This brand has built itself a reputation of being one of the most affordable platforms. As a new customer, you are entitled to the first five (5) minutes of your first reading to be free. The platform also offers reading services for as low as $1 per minute.
  • Within the free five (5) minutes of your reading, if you are not satisfied at any point, you can switch psychics to another that you feel will be of good value. The platform will often connect new users with the best psychics available, and these psychics are expensive. This ensures that the customers are unwilling to switch to a more affordable option. They would see the switch as a downgrade.
  • This platform offers various types of readings, including connecting with the other world; getting messages from dead people. There are several medium options available to get your reading from. Their psychics are famous, and one of the most famous ones is medium Josette. She has been in the psychic industry for over thirty (30) years.
  • This platform offers a variety of services to its users. Users can enjoy their readings via live chat and phone calls. The psychics on this platform are skeptical about running readings via video calls or emails.


  • First-time users are offered free for five (5) minutes of their first reading.
  • You can get your reading through the live chat or phone call feature.
  • Some psychics charge as low as $1 per minute.
  • They have psychics that are well specialized in a horoscope, mediumship, and other psychic services.


  • Some of the psychics on the platform are quite expensive; they charge up to $13 per minute.

Customer’s Reviews

This platform is one of the biggest platforms in the industry, the customers that have patronized the platform have earmarked their service as top-notch, and they have recommended it to other users.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mystic Sense

#4. Keen: Popular Cheap Psychics & Multiple Psychic Mediums


The second site we recommend on our list is keen. This platform has been working to offer psychic readings for decades. They have been in existence for this long, giving them an advantage over the other platforms.

This shows that they are a platform that users can afford to trust as they have been offering reading services for a long time and still have been able to maintain the high quality.

This platform does not offer users varieties of reading types. However, the few reading types they are involved in are regarded by most as the best platform for those reading types. They offer love and astrological readings.

The psychics on their platform have the best quality at these readings, and they carry out different types of reading. This type of reading is not common in the industry; they are Chinese, Vedic, and Mayan astrology readings.


  • The website of this brand is very easy for users to navigate through. They do not offer readings alone; they make an effort to educate users on psychic readings and horoscopes. There is plenty of information available on their website to help you decide on your life, and there are advisors that can put you through the paces of life. They will help you navigate life situations.
  • The psychics working on this platform are some of the most experienced psychics in the industry, and this is due to the sustained years of existence of the platform. They offer readings via text, phone call, or email. These psychics are vastly experienced in offering readings concerning love life, horoscopes, finding closure from the past, and looking for guidance on navigating future events.
  • As a new customer, you can choose any psychic, and the platform will grant you a free three (3) reading with them. After that, if you wish to continue reading, you will be charged per minute, and their charges range from $1.99 to $9.99. Of course, this price range varies based on the quality of the reader selected. But users can pick a price range, and the platform will link them up with a psychic available for that price.


  • The first three (3) minutes of the reading are free.
  • You can get a reading through the text, phone, or emails.
  • The price of their readings is quite affordable.
  • They have long years of experience being successful in the industry.


  • You can only enjoy the free three (3) minutes of reading when you sign up for the first time.

Customer’s Reviews

The main issue that leads one to seek the help of a psychic is information about what is to come and how to navigate what is happening now.

This platform has proven itself worthy of being on this list by offering users quality readings that have helped them navigate life properly. In addition, if you go through the customer reviews on the brand, you will notice a high level of satisfaction.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. PsychicOZ: Affordable Psychic Reading Platform To Meet Your Psychic Reader


PsychicOZ believes in its transparency as users can see the whole process and experience it also. The platform offers its services mostly via live chat and emails. You also get to experience the whole reading process and see the accuracy. This can be helpful when it comes to tarot readings and crystal readings.


  • Over a dozen professional psychics are available on the platform, ready to go on the journey with you via video call. And for the user that feels more comfortable getting their readings via phone call or text, you will not enjoy this feature on this platform. The transparency of the readers is why the platform is after, hence why there is only a video option available.
  • This platform offers its users credits – customers get to earn this credit after every reading. These credits are piled up until it is substantial enough to cater to the cost of a psychic package. Customers who want to get readings from expensive psychics can put their credits together to cater to the cost of the reading. Normally, an expensive reading would cost $35; this is equivalent to 27 credits.
  • Like the other platforms on this list, this platform offers users a free first three (3) minutes of reading. After that, you can gauge the psychic and know if they have what you need and if their service is up to par.


  • Users have up to three (3) minutes of free reading to get more information on their chosen psychic.


  • The platform houses less experienced readers than the other platforms on our list.
  • Their credit system can be confusing sometimes.

Customer’s Reviews

This platform is one of the most respected platforms in the industry. The predictions being made by their readers have been more than accurate.

And the user reviews about the platform are all positive. They offer users varieties of reading types. However, users are usually confused regarding their credit system because no one has a detailed explanation of how it works.

=> Click here to visit the official website of PsychicOZ

Things to Consider to Choose an Online Psychic Reading Site

Due to the steady increase in the number of available platforms offering reading services, it is increasingly difficult for users to select a platform that offers accurate and legit readings.

We believe that this situation is not difficult, especially for those who have in-depth knowledge of the industry and what to expect. We believe some factors determine a top brand and can be used to differentiate the scams.

One of the first factors we recognized was compatibility – when a user is not compatible with the reader, they may be unwilling to share some information.

The second factor we checked was if the brand offered free minutes. These free minutes can be useful to the users. This is their way of knowing if the psychic they have chosen is up to the task or lacks the quality required.

Our third factor is the accuracy of their readings. Platforms that are only after your money will offer just about anything as reading and gaining your money. So, we ensured that the platforms we have recommended above are the best and offer accurate readings. We checked this through their customer reviews.

It is essential to note that we did not compile this list from our head or randomly; we went through a good research process to come up with these brands. We recognize the importance of getting the best reading possible.

Type Of Reading:

You must know what you need before coming on the platform. Knowing what you need will help you select the psychic that offers that service at a high level. The types of readings available are tarot card reading, horoscope, love life, career, crystals, and rune based.

The Psychic’s Talent:

This is one of the pieces of information you should seek immediately after you get on the platform of your choice. Most platforms offer users an information card where all you need to know about a psychic is well stated.

However, Unfortunately, if you try to get a horoscope reading from a psychic that offers tarot card readings, there is a high tendency that your reading will be wrong.

The Psychic’s Experience:

This is one of the determinants of how accurate your reading will be. Psychics who are not well experienced in a certain field might find it difficult to interpret some situations. There is the tendency that you may leave more confused than you came. So, experience matters a lot in determining accuracy.


This is also essential to your reading. Some cheap psychics may not have the other factors listed above, but they are affordable. At the same time, the ones that have all of the factors listed above are usually expensive. So, it is important to budget well before embarking on seeing a psychic.

Online Psychics Vs Offline Psychics: Why is it better to Use Online Psychics

They offer the same services, but each one has advantages and disadvantages. For example, online psychic reading offers the same services as offline reading but adds user comfortability.

Users can get a reading from the comfort of their couch through live chat or phone calls. And those who enjoy experiencing the whole process can have their reading via video call.

While offline reading is conducive for those who do not enjoy the whole technological idea, we will recommend online reading more than offline due to the stress of getting a reading offline. You most likely have to chase down the psychic, which might involve traveling to different locations.

There are great psychics online that offer their services at an affordable rate, you do not have to go through the scheduling issues that come with offline readings, and you can have your reading from any location you like.

Frequently Asked Questions On Online Psychic Reading

Q1: What Are the Different Types of Readings Abilities?

The main ability of all types of psychic abilities is to know information that the human mind can not get to.

But there are different types of these abilities, and they are:

  • The Clairs’
  • Telepathy
  • Intuitive psychics
  • Empaths
  • Mediums
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Cartomancy

Q2: How Can I Get to A Psychic?

We have recommended a list of psychic platforms from which you can get psychic services. These websites are legit, and they offer accurate readings. You can decide to surf through all of them and choose one that works well for you.

Q3: Are the Readings of a Psychic Honest?

Most psychics offer honest readings. However, we can not shy away from the fact that there are false psychics, but most of the ones online offer accurate readings.

Wrapping Up On Choosing The Best Online Psychic Reading

This article was created to offer you details that will help you select the best psychic platform for your next reading without worrying about the accuracy of the reading.

However, we advise that you read up on the topic and try to gain as much information as possible; this is necessary, especially if you are a beginner. Furthermore, it will help you navigate better and not get scammed.

All of the platforms we have recommended above are top-level quality – their readings are true, and they do not charge you too much.

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