Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: Top Accurate Psychics Readers Of 2022

People have preferred psychic readings, whether online or in person, to gain insight into the complex conclusions the future holds, unpleasant occurrences the past has brought, and live issues the present faces. So, if the user is dealing with life’s thorny issues, such as the user’s love life, professional choices, life’s major decisions, and so on, opting for a psychic reading is a fantastic offer to go with.

Choosing an online psychic reading during times like the current crisis, when the entire world is quarantining and adopting social-distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is the frosting on the cake.

Despite the fact that psychic readings have a wide range of positive outcomes, determining which psychic reading site is the best option can be difficult. Users frequently have concerns about the legitimacy of the readings and services provided by these sites and whether they are worth the user’s confidence, precious time, and hard-earned money, among other things.

Many of these online psychic readings platforms or businesses provide their patrons with highly accurate readings from exceptionally gifted psychics, while others may be a complete waste of time and money. Therefore, we have reviewed and ranked the top-rated psychics based on their services, value, accuracy, and user ratings. The four top psychic sites for accurate readings are listed below.

Best Psychic Reading Websites Of 2022: First Look

Here’s an introduction to the top 4 online psychic reading websites:


Kasamba has over 20 years of psychic reading expertise and has helped over three million people achieve genuine love, happiness, professional success, and self-empowerment. By simply looking at the website, you may examine mini-profiles of accessible psychics, including their faces, areas of specialization, ratings, and price. Such openness indicates that the psychic network in question is legitimate and trustworthy.

It’s reassuring to know that you have options with this online psychic reading platform. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular psychic reader, simply click on their profile to learn more about them and their psychic services.

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Purple Garden

Purple Garden offers its services via a mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It was created by a well-established and well-experienced psychic services firm. Purple Garden features sister sites such as Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics, which means it has a total of three websites.

It’s simple to find psychics, read their ratings, add funds, and interact with them right from your phone, 24/7. This mobile app allows you to contact a psychic whenever you need one.

At first appearance, the site appears to be simple to navigate, making it a wonderful place to start dipping your toes into the world of online reading.

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California Psychics

California Psychics has refined their psychic reading and tarot card reading services with over twenty-five years of experience. They have many professional psychics who specialize in different topics, charge different rates, and have diverse levels of experience in the field. Clients can choose whoever they feel most at ease with because there is such a wide range of options.

California Psychics has gained the faith of the fortune-telling community, resulting in a huge number of psychics and seers registering on the website. This huge diversity is beneficial to customers because it means there are more psychics to select from.

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Psychic Source

Psychic Source is the most experienced psychic reading online service today, with over 30 years of expertise.

To say the least, knowing that this psychic site has been dedicated to the cause for so long is heartening. Their commitment to their clientele, though, is where they truly shine. The aim of Psychic Source appears to be centered on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

They provide a variety of readings, so there’s a good chance you’ll find something that suits your needs. And since vetted psychics do the readings, there’s a slim chance you’ll run into a fraudulent psychic here.

You can now avail yourself 3 free minutes and low rates of $0.66/minute after the trial period ends.

#1. Kasamba


Kasamba is an online psychic network where people can connect with professional psychics and spiritual counselors who can assist them in their quest to understand themselves better and live a fulfilled life. Kasamba has helped over 3 million individuals over the last 20 years by delivering high-quality psychic services 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone.

Kasamba recognizes that some individuals are dubious about psychics and their services, especially if they have never had a similar experience before. Kasamba provides a well-designed website where newbies can peruse their many service options and network of spiritual counselors for free before deciding how to proceed.

Not all services are suitable for every individual, so having a wide range of service options is so important, and Kasamba excels in this area. Some people are looking for a specific style of psychic reading, while others would prefer to have a variety of choices. Consequently, Kasamba provides a wide range of psychic readers to meet the needs of all customers.

Kasmaba divides its psychic counselors into eight primary categories before sorting their greatest psychic reading services. Then there’s a list of more specialized services for each of those areas. Psychic readings, aura readings, love readings, tarot card readings, dream analysis fortune-telling, and more services are available through Kasamba.

You may look through each psychic’s profile to learn more about them and their areas of expertise, and you can also check which advisors are now accessible for online chat sessions or phone readings. This is a fantastic feature because it allows people to speak with an advisor right away.

The registration process is simple once you’ve decided which advisor you’d want to talk with. Simply select the “click to chat” option, and you’ll be guided through the registration procedure step by step. Before you may chat with a psychic, you must first create an account and add a payment method.

Kasamba accepts a variety of payment methods. Users can either add a specific amount of money to their account using a credit or debit card or pay in full at the end of their session. There’s also the option of using PayPal to add funds.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. Purple Garden


Purple Garden is a mobile psychic reading website and app that offers chat, video, and voice readings from some of the industry’s most dependable, trustworthy, and accurate psychics. Purple Garden, which is available for iOS and Android, provides quick and easy access to insightful solutions to life’s urgent issues concerning love, money, careers, deceased loved ones, and more.

Psychics interested in becoming Purple Garden readers must first download the Purple Ocean app (the sister site to Purple Garden). Advisors must create a profile on the app and include their legal name, address, and phone number in order to be identified. They must also share their PayPal account information in order to be compensated for the services they provide. All advisors must include a real photo of themselves (no icons or illustrations) on their profiles, an introductory video, and a description of their services.

Following the completion of the profile, potential readers are required to construct and submit a sample video call reading for assessment. Purple Garden will then inform the psychic whether or not they have been chosen. The psychic advisor is responsible for ensuring that their profile is appropriate, that all information is correct, and that the content appropriately reflects their credentials.

Purple Garden psychics have extensive reader profiles that include information about their background, credentials, reviews, and services provided. The advisor’s 5-star rating is displayed at the top of the profile, along with a video introduction, the number of Purple Garden readings completed, the year joined, and the number of positive or negative evaluations.

The advisor then displays the costs for the various services they provide, as well as thorough information about their unique services, an “about me” section, and the types of readings they provide. Finally, there are client reviews of the advisor at the bottom.

Psychic consultants at Purple Garden can set their own charges, and while the firm wants them to be competitive, they are still higher than typical. Purple Garden frequently offers discount codes. The rates range between $0.99 and $4.99 per minute. Chat costs $1.99, a call costs $1.99, and a video call costs $2.99. You are instantly registered in the cashback program for member loyalty after spending $10 on Purple Garden psychic services. You’ll get 5% back on all purchases, and there are no limits on how many times you can receive cashback.

⇒ Visit the official website of Purple Garden

#3. California Psychics


California Psychics has been in business since 1995 and has a reputation for offering the most accurate and trustworthy psychic readings online. California Psychics has put together a team of some of the world’s most skilled and educated psychic readers, each specializing in a particular aspect of psychic reading. One of the best things is that you can contact your chosen psychic expert at California Psychic at any time and receive a precise psychic reading.

California Psychics has provided clients with accurate psychic readings at the most reasonable prices. Their services assure that customers receive dependable psychic readings via chat and phone. California Psychics’ psychics assist people in making important life decisions by providing them with a complete reading about their past, present, and future. They also provide individuals with a clear grasp of their true motivation in life.

One of the best things about California Psychics is its user-friendly website, which is one of the major reasons for its success. The interface is easy to use, and you’ll be able to locate your desired psychic easily, in no time. Furthermore, the website’s sign-up process is simple and quick. It’s straightforward, uncomplicated, and, most importantly, quick. You will not have to wait much to get your reading from the psychic of your choosing.

Psychics here know multiple psychic reading instruments, such as crystal balls, tea leaves, and tarot cards to ensure that clients receive detailed psychic readings. You can choose from three different cost levels at California Psychics, ranging from $1 to $4. The more expensive the reading, the more accurate and dependable it will be.

Over the last two decades, California Psychics has emerged as one of the most popular and reputed online psychic reading websites. Whether you need readings for your wedding, business dealings, love relationships, or contact with a long-lost loved one, you can rely on California Psychics’ skilled psychics.

California Psychics has been at the top of its field for many years, earning an excellent reputation in the field. The best thing is that they want to thank consumers for trusting their service and have come up with several fantastic deals to do so.

The excellent customer service, which is available 24/7, highlights the company’s commitment to providing a great psychic reading service. As a result of this, millions of individuals entrust their psychic readings to the psychics at California Psychics.

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics

#4. Psychic Source


Psychic Source has provided people with accurate, high-quality service for more than three decades. It includes tarot readings, psychic readings online, love tarot readings, astrology readings, counseling, and many other types of readings. Psychic Source psychics are available to clients 24/7 and are dedicated to leading people down a path from which they will never return.

Psychic Source’s members work with empathy and friendliness to make customers feel at ease, allowing them to inquire and keep their concerns openly and without reluctance, resulting in the best mentorship and counseling. Psychic Source covers all types of readings, including phone calls, chat readings, emails, tarot readings, and more, and utilizes every media available.

Psychic Source is a popular online psychic readings service noted for its accuracy in predictions and visions. It contains the top psychics from all professions that assist in any way to heal a person or find a solution to life’s problems. Psychic Source assures an experience that will show a person the magic of psychics and how they print a positive impression on our lives. A large number of psychic professionals run it.

The psychics at Psychic Source go through a rigorous screening process. They have the necessary qualifications and experience and incredible outstanding abilities and capabilities. Their areas of expertise vary. However, their accuracy and customer service are commendable. Quality and customer satisfaction are never compromised at Psychic Source.

Even during psychic readings online or on Psychic Source chat psychics, the mentors and psychic readers at Psychic Source coach encourage and engage with the customer. Because there are multiple psychic readers for each specialty, the mentors or astrologers at Psychic Source deliver an accurate and precise reading in each specialization.

Since Psychic Source has many mentors, readers, and counselors, consumers may get confused when picking mentors. However, the filter option on its website and the reviews about each mentor are sufficient for selecting a mentor based on preferences and budget without wasting much time.

Making an account on the Psychic Source is completely free and does not require any financial investment or membership. Following registration, selections for specialty and reading types will appear, along with a no preference option for those who have nothing in mind. People can also use another search option to look for the type and specialty of reading they want to do.

Many psychics will be available online for a call or chat, depending on the customer’s preference. If the psychic of one’s choice is not accessible, there is always the option of making an appointment. After that, connecting with mentors and counselors is simple, and solving any life problem with the correct advice and guidance is simple.

Psychic Source makes its reasonable price and cheap session rates even more appealing. Even the most competent and experienced mentors or psychic readers can be found at a modest cost. Psychic Source’s pricing varies by expertise, and some specializations may cost more. Still, it never defrauds clients in any way, and the guidance and counseling are well worth every penny, and it operates transparently. If a customer is still unhappy, they can contact the Psychic Source help center via the website or the Psychic Source app, write a complaint, and request a refund.

⇒ Visit the official website of Psychic Source


When having a psychic reading online, what should I avoid?

100% free psychic readings, unsolicited emails, unrealistic claims, and other practices to avoid while looking for reputable online psychic reading platforms include scams, unwanted emails, and unrealistic claims.

Should I go for a phone reading or a chat reading?

The most popular means for psychic readings online are undoubtedly online chats and phone conversations. It’s difficult to say which one exceeds the other because they both have advantages.

Phone psychic readings are more private than online chats since they are convenient and leave no trace. People have relied on phone calls for psychic readings for a long time.

On the other hand, online chats are one of the simplest ways to contact your psychic. They also help you remember and keep track of what you discussed and how it went, which is impossible to do over the phone. When you connect with a great psychic reader via online chat, they give you the meeting minutes so you can go back and view them whenever you want.

As a result, both phone psychics and chat psychics are advantageous.

What can I expect from my first free online psychic reading?

reliable online psychic readers provide a variety of benefits. They are likely a good way to get an unbiased view or advice on personal or business concerns, for starters. It’s most likely also a fantastic technique to learn about one’s own future. Several platforms include a variety of online psychic readers who provide correct and dependable answers to their questions at reasonable prices.

When is it best to consult a psychic?

You can consult a psychic at any time, but most individuals do so when they require immediate love advice or are contemplating a major decision. Relocating, investing, changing employment, or attempting something new could all be important decisions. Speaking with a psychic can make you feel more confident about your decision and chosen route.

Final Word

To conclude, we would like to express our gratitude to all of the greatest psychic reading sites that have been highlighted, as their services have truly benefited society. Online psychics have made reading so much more practical and easy for everyone — all you have to do now is go online, connect with an expert, and share whatever you want to obtain accurate counsel and support, all from the comfort of your own home!

The majority of our top options include free readings so you can get a feel for the platform. In addition, new users can frequently get a discount on their first reading. Since most psychic reading websites charge by the minute, you might want to think about what you want to ask a psychic or think more deeply about your concerns beforehand.

Whether you’re concerned about your love life, profession, or future, the greatest online psychic readings can provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions possible. Regardless of your life’s questions, an online psychic reading could be a good place to start finding some answers. A psychic reading online might confirm what you already know, provide you with a completely new perspective that you’ve never considered, or assist you in making changes if the psychic detects impending difficulty.

Working with tarot readers or clairvoyants can provide useful information and can be entertaining. Getting psychic guidance has become easier and more convenient because of the internet.

We highly recommend the four psychic reading websites described above as the best psychic reading service available after conducting a significant study on each of the sites mentioned above. If you’re looking for answers about your future, these websites are good to start.

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