Best Online Psychic Reading Sites of 2022 – Top Psychics For Live Chat & Phone Readings

With all the uncertainties that life may throw at you, it gets overwhelming, and you are bound to be under a lot of pressure. You ask many questions to which you do not have answers, only to feel like your life is torn apart. But did you know that you can help yourself by considering a psychic reading session? If not, we have more insights for you.

Psychic reading has been practiced since ancient times, and it still is very much done in modern times. Having been around for so long and even more people considering it today, it indeed must offer some help.

Psychics are individuals believed by many to have unique abilities and special powers to sense forces or discern information beyond normal human abilities. They can provide essential details about one’s past, current times, and future. They, however, do not predict your future for you.

Top 5 Sites for Psychic Readings

Online Psychic Reading Platform Features


  • The best platform for those who want a budget-friendly site
  • 5 minutes FREE for the first session
  • Unique tools to help you find the perfect psychic advisor

Purple Garden

  • The best platform for mobile use and real-time service
  • A user friendly Purple Garden app for android and ios users
  • An impressive network of more than 3000 online psychics


  • The best platform for anyone looking for love
  • First 3 minutes are FREE
  • Choose from a variety of psychic advisors specialized in psychic love reading


  • The best platform for anyone looking for a phone conversation
  • 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 Minutes for free
  • In-depth phone psychic readings


  • The best platform for a variety
  • Free first 3 Minutes + 50% off for New Customers
  • Easy and secure payment options on the Kasamba psychic website

How We Chose The Sites For Our List?

Curating a list of the best psychic reading online platforms requires several considerations, and that’s what we have done. We evaluated the kinds of readings offered, cost, other services like discounts and free readings and looked at customer reviews.

We also analyzed the site’s ease of use in terms of being user-friendly, having multiple communication channels, intuitiveness, and the psychics’ qualities.

More about attributes of psychic reading platforms we reviewed:


Even though online platforms may offer free readings for some time, they will ask for payments after an entire session. Know beforehand the applicable charges for you to choose a reader within your budget.

Hidden fees

The best platforms are straightforward about their prices from the beginning. Hidden fees are usually a manipulative tactic, and cons mostly use them. If anyone asks for additional fees, it is best to avoid them.

Special offers

Most online platforms will have various things to attract clients and beat the competition. It is always a good idea to choose those with different selling offers. Some platforms offer discounts for first-time clients or free minutes, and they can be a good fit for you if you need a price cut.

You will also find platforms that offer refunds for unsatisfactory readings. But that still requires following specific criteria.

What do people say?

This is a handy factor to consider before attending a session. An excellent psychic’s job mostly speaks for itself, primarily through previous clients. People’s experiences, ratings, and reviews can help you decide the better fit.

Many platforms have a feedback session, and that way, you can determine essential details, including a reader’s charisma. Because people can be biased too, use reviews alongside other metrics.

Communication channels

The best platform is the one that thinks about its clients and takes their needs as a priority. One of the ways online platforms do that is by having different forms of communication. The readers have several reading options- via the phone, live chat, or email.

Having different choices helps you choose the best communication method depending on how comfortable you feel and the amount of engagement you are looking for. Therefore, analyze the methods in advance to get a good reading.

Below, we offer you sites reviews and more information about the help psychic predictions can give you.

Mysticsense – The best platform for those who want a budget-friendly site

Mysticsense Psychics

Myscticsense is a site that has received excellent reviews in terms of its psychic services. The experts can help you with any pressing issues at affordable prices. The psychics available are from all over the world, and hence you can choose whoever you prefer.

Services offered

There is an ocean of possibilities on Mysticsense for you to receive readings on. The readers on Mysticsense can offer you readings about love, finances, career, pets, spirituality, and more using a variety of divination tools like crystal balls, numbers, and tarot cards.

The online psychics on Mysticsense can also offer you readings about your past life, energy healing, and you can also find psychic mediums to connect with your deceased loved ones.

How it works

The connection is pretty straightforward if you are looking to connect on Mysticsense. You can create an account within a couple of minutes to get access to a variety of psychic experts. The site allows you to select the readers as determined by their prices, making you choose someone who fits your budget. That way, you can get a cheap psychic reading.

You can also filter them by areas of specialization, ratings, strengths, and more. Assuming you do not get a satisfactory reading, Mysticsense provides credits or some time back to try another reader and a different session

The site also has Search tools like the Unique Search Tool to help you with further expert narrowing. The site offers free five-minute readings to users but accessing the bonus still requires a deposit.

The platform follows a strict confidentiality rule to protect its clients and customers.


Mysticsense does not have a mobile app, but it is an excellent site dedicated to a 24/7 service. Users can access it through their mobile device or computer for a phone, online chat, live, or email reading.

Kasamba – The best platform for a variety

Kasamba Psychics

You will never hear about online psychic platforms and miss the name Kasamba. The site is highly rated with some of the best psychics. Kasamba has served millions of happy customers since it began operation in 1999. Kasamba is always dedicated to offering its clients the best services to alleviate any possible prejudices.

Services offered

You can get all kinds of readings on Kasamba. You can find tarot cards, astrology, numerology, palm, and aura readings. All these will be able to help you with matters regarding love and mediumship, relationships, dream analysis, energy healing, and career decisions.

How it Works

Every reader on Kasamba has put together a profile that will offer you information about what they specialize in, how long they have been in operation, and the other readings they can cater for. There are also reviews written by previous users, which will help you learn more about the available experts.

If you can’t figure out the psychic to choose, you only need to head over to the Top Psychics section, where you can find the exceptionally rated readers on the site.

When you are on Kasamba, you get a free three-minute reading and a discount as a new user. The free readings are applicable every time for every reader, not just the one you get to first. With these offers, you don’t feel cheated for readings.

For clients who may feel the psychics did not offer the best reading, Kasamba offers a money-back guarantee. However, you have to contact their customer service in case of any complaints.


Kasamba has phone psychics, but you can still get a chat reading. If you are not really in a hurry for a reading, you can also email your inquiry and wait for the insights and feedback.

Purple Garden – The best platform for mobile use and real-time service

Purple Garden Psychics

Purple Garden may be a relatively new platform, but it has gained immense praises and reviews for its services and convenience. There are talented readers on the platform.

Services offered

Purple Garden’s primary services are tarot readings, dream analysis, relationship readings, palmistry, oracle guidance, astrology, horoscope, and spiritual readings.

How it works

Purple Garden has been optimized for desktop and mobile devices, so you don’t have an excuse for not getting a reading. You only need your email address and a password for account creation to start. Once you log in, you will find that the functionalities of desktop and mobile versions differ slightly.

Purple Garden is primarily mobile-focused, and its app is excellent compared to other platforms with apps. Browsing the various categories is easier and more pleasant on Purple Garden.

The prices of the Purple Garden psychics are tiered with different packages. Every package is associated with metrics like the reader’s popularity, how preferred by people they are, and expertise. The advisors are at liberty to set individual rates. The readers are very skilled since they have to meet different criteria for registration before starting and give correct information about themselves.

You indicate how much time you may need with an advisor. The minimum time is five minutes, while the maximum is one hour. Each duration has different evident prices so that you can work within your budget. Assuming you pay for more minutes but use less time, the unused balance is not credited to your card but to your account.


The Purple Garden’s desktop version can provide you with. However, if you need a phone call or video reading, you need to use the platform’s app. These options, however, do not fit all readers.

Keen – The best platform for those on the go

Keen Psychics

Keen has been in operation for over two decades, making it home to famous psychics. The platform has an up-to-date website which has also been published in Cosmopolitan, Bustle, and Women’s Health. With more than a thousand psychics, you can be sure to get a satisfaction guarantee reading on Keen.

Services offered

You can obtain several services from Keen, including love, angel card, chakra cleansing, mediumship, career, pet readings, and more. The readers on the platform also use tools like numerology, tarot cards, and astrology to obtain insights.

How it works

The platform has an interactive tool that will be useful as you are looking for an expert. Users can browse live psychics, and to narrow them down, they can be filtered by availability, price, or user ratings.

By clicking on a reader, you are also directed to their profile which shows their full bio and reviews. You don’t have to worry about your information getting leaked as the sessions are confidential and 100% private.

You can get cheap psychics on Keen- users get free three-minute readings, and first-time customers also get a special discount. These are excellent and thoughtful methods to try one or several psychics with a minimal investment.


To get in touch with a Keen psychic, you can opt for an online phone or chat reading. You can also get a reading via your email inbox or a live session. Keen has an app available for Android and iOS. You only have to pick your device anytime, and you are all set even if you are on the go.

AskNow – The best platform for anyone looking for a phone conversation

AskNow Psychics

The platform has been operating since 2005 and continues to offer a variety of readings. AskNow is also very favorable as it offers readings in Spanish and English. Readings are discreet and confidential.

Services offered

You can get a variety of readers to help you with matters about career, financial input, love and relationships, horoscope, mediumship, dream analysis, and spiritual aid. AskNow also has astrologers and tarot card readers.

How it works

Users can filter the available experts on AskNow using different ways. You can filter by the kind of session you want, category, or price. The pricing filter also includes narrowing readers down to their rate per minute.

Before you can be listed as a reader on AskNow, you undergo a skill screening process to determine your accuracy and readiness to help others. This process provides users with authentic and professional psychic readers.

Each profile of psychic readers has detailed information about how many years of experience they have, the kinds of readings they do, and more details about their reading style and skills. Due to these provisions, your chances of getting the right psychic are better.

You can ask a free psychic question on AskNow and get a free five-minute reading. If you are a first-time user, you can also get a precious thirty minutes deal that you don’t have to exhaust on the go. The minutes are valid and usable for a year.


The psychics on AskNow are easily accessible mainly because of the variety of communication channels available. You can obtain a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading. In addition, they also have an accessible mobile app. AskNow has a prompt feature to notify you when a psychic you may have missed or want to speak to is online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Psychics Better Than Psychics Near Me?

The earlier and modern days have different meanings for a “psychic near me”. However, the descriptions denote the readily available psychic.

Initially, that was the local psychic you could pay an actual visit for a reading. Today, things have changed. If you head over to the internet and search for “psychic reading near me,” you will be presented with many options, many of which will not mean a local psychic. These are psychics who offer readings online.

Technology has indeed shifted the meaning of “psychics near me”. Many people have also ditched the in-person readings because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, among other reasons.

Some people remain skeptical about taking online readings, but you can still get legitimate readers and accurate readings as you would with a local psychic.

A psychic near you is all about how accessible they are and your preferences.

Who are Psychic Mediums?

A psychic medium is someone who performs a different kind of reading. Mediums connect with the deceased or the spirit world uniquely to offer answers to the one receiving a reading. Spirits possess vast life knowledge of our lives, and mediums can interact with them. Mediums do not “talk” to the deceased, but they can see, hear, and feel the information coming from the deceased.

As the name suggests, they act as channels of communication (medium) to relay information and bridge the existing gap between the dead and the living. The person receiving the reading can then get information, insights, and guidance from a loved one who has passed on.

What Are The Benefits of Online Psychic Readings?


Online psychics are more convenient. You do not have to plan yourself in advance to set a time to see the psychic. Unlike the local psychics, most online psychics are available around the clock.

With local psychics, you would never know if they are fully booked. However, you see who is available online with online psychics, saving yourself the time and money you would otherwise lose to visit a local psychic only to find them busy.

A wider variety

You will find online platforms with thousands of psychic readers and not just those closest to you. Some of them are the best worldwide. You have better chances of getting an excellent psychic reader with a wide variety.

They are easier to work with

Imagine a situation where you are going for your first reading from a stranger, who can also be your local psychic. It can get overwhelming and intimidating. However, when you choose a psychic online, you have the options to choose how you can be open and honest with them. You can choose to chat or do an email reading if you are not into face-to-face conversations.

What types of psychic readings exist?

Psychic reading is a broad term encompassing various readings and the use of different tools to obtain the readings. They include;

Tarot card reading – this is the most commonly known kind of reading and the most used. Psychics use a special set of tarot cards to obtain a reading and offer insights about one’s life while focusing on one’s aura. Every card has a narrative drawn from it that symbolizes something special.

Palmistry With palmistry, the psychic reader uses your palm to draw insights. It is believed that somebody’s palm’s lines, shape, and even fingers contain information regarding one’s life.

Numerology – This kind of reading entails the use of numbers. The numbers used to draw information will usually be very significant in one’s life. For example, it can be the date of birth, anniversary dates, or numbers that someone commonly comes across.

Oracle reading – Oracles are perceived differently as signs of psychic readings by different people. Many think of them and see a magical sphere containing clouds opening after asking a question. But, an oracle can also be any deck of cards or instrument that contains divination ability.

Angel card reading– In this kind of reading, a set of cards is used to offer readings as determined by someone’s direction as guided by archangels, ascended gurus, or saints.

Horoscope reading – It entails using the sun’s astrological aspect to make predictions as a psychic is guided by daily occurrences.

What Essential Things We Suggest You to Know Before You Can Go for a Psychic Reading

Know what you want or what you are looking for

Psychic readers offer a wide array of information about different life matters for more guidance. They include love and relationships, dream interpretation, family, career paths, financial matters, and spirituality. Before you go in, determine what you want your reading to be about.

Go in with an open mind

We recommend that you don’t go in for a psychic reading with a specific agenda. Attending a reading with something specific in your mind can be limiting to you and the psychic.

Psychics can give you answers for things you never anticipated. An authentic psychic reader communicates information, but it comes through them, not from them. They have minimal control over what they may be guided to convey. With that, having a specific agenda can get you disappointed.

Receiving what you want and receiving what you need are different variables. During a psychic reading session, your aim should be to receive what you need.

It is best to let the psychic take the lead

It is always best to allow the psychic reader to be in charge of the session while you help them out. After all, you are paying for their time and for them to do their job.

Even if you feel excited and have many questions, don’t put yourself in a position that may overwhelm the psychic. You may demoralize an authentic reader or overshare with a fraud.

Even if they drive the session differently, be trusting enough to their intuition for guidance. Mainly, the reader will explain issues as they receive insights. Avoid overloading them with unnecessary information and listen as you validate their information. If they have more information, allow them to share it.

You can prepare different questions to ask during the session, but be considerate and ask them during appropriate times.

Avoid over-expectation

Even psychics can get a few things wrong if they are not provided with the best space to connect with the world beyond. They can only help you to unravel things they find solutions to. Avoid expecting too much or unrealistic insights from a reading.

Be keen for credible details and note or record them

When you are getting a reading from an authentic reader, they may give you spontaneous or unusual information. What’s more, you may require time to process some of the information relayed after the session. Having references like written notes or a recording can help you recollect information that may make sense later.

Predetermine if your session is with a medium or a psychic

If you are looking for insights about your past, current, or future life, you need a session with a psychic. If you want to connect with a deceased person, you need a session with a medium.

Mediums are psychic, but psychics are not mediums. If you know who your session will be with early, you can temper your expectations and be clear about the help you need.

End sessions that seem off

If you feel your session is not going right, you are at liberty to end it. If you have questions, you can ask the reader to pause the session and ask for a do-over for better understanding or clarification.

Start With Free Psychic Readings

You may not be aware, but it is possible to obtain psychic readings freely today. Most of them are available online. Platforms for psychic readings online will usually offer them primarily for three to five minutes.

Psychic readers only conduct them for some time, after which you pay if you still want to go on with the reading. Sessions with free psychics give someone a glimpse of what to expect during an actual reading.

You won’t find a platform that offers complete free psychic readings. Most of the online psychic readers are professionals, and they definitely need to be paid for their service.

Top Tips:

  • Real psychics don’t foretell tragedies or expect anything from you, for example, buying some merchandise regularly.
  • If you are going for online reading, beware that finding a con artist or fraud is possible. That is why you need to do some research beforehand to avoid falling for predatory readers. Fake readers will tend to manipulate you to make you see things working in your favor when realistically, they are not. It can lead you to overshare. Inauthentic readers only bluff to earn a buck.

The Help Psychic Readings Offer

Attaining peace of mind

One of the main reasons someone considers a psychic session is to calm their mind. You cannot focus on your everyday life if everything seems chaotic or when uncertain occurrences and questions surround you. But a psychic can help you attain clarity about different matters and also help you clear out worries. Obtaining answers definitely gives you a peaceful mind.

Decision validation

Before a psychic session, you may be struggling with the question of whether to take a particular step or not. This is especially crucial for situations with strings attached or conflicting points of view—for example, relationship or career matters.

A psychic helps you with decision validation by tapping into your aura or energy and helping you act on impossible calls. Psychic readings are good for giving a scoop on one’s future. It may not be the entire map, but the details given, however small, can significantly help you prepare for impending changes.

Finding purpose

The information psychics give you about your past, present, or future can help you embark on the right path to find and fulfill your purpose.

Motivation and inspiration

There are times we just need a little push to adjust our lives. You can get the uplifting you need to make a bold life change through a psychic reading. If you get an authentic reader, you feel uplifted and ready to navigate life, or whatever may come by the end of your session.

Attaining closure

Doing a reading with a psychic medium can be substantial in helping you obtain closure from a traumatic death experience. A psychic reading can also help you obtain closure from an ended relationship that has been troubling you. Such life-changing events become more understandable and bearable as you receive all the insights.

A generally happy life

To lead a generally happy life or live to your fullest, you need to control the things you can. A psychic reading can help you get practical information for better perception. A psychic offers you confidence and a better understanding of what is going on in your life.

Final Thoughts

You can help yourself understand unexplainable and various life mysteries through different types of psychic readings. Our top five platforms are a good go if you have been searching for reliable and reputable sites that can offer you excellent readings. We have highlighted how they vary and what makes each site distinct for you to decide based on your needs.

Going for a psychic reading requires some bit of preparation as there are things you may not be aware of, especially as a first-timer, and we have discussed them too. Because of the many options available for obtaining readings, you must weigh them right to settle on what will help you.

By following most of our recommendations and suggestions will get you an excellent psychic consultation and avoid getting duped. Authentic psychic readings can be significant in helping you take on different aspects of life. Try a session if you haven’t. It may be the eye-opener and rejuvenation you need.

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