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When we encounter uncertainty, online psychic readings can be what we need to give us clarity and guidance. These readings can help address concerns and answer queries about your career, future, or love life. Getting an online psychic reading can help you be more confident about your decision. Additionally, it may help you see things from a different view, something you might not have done before. You’ll be able to resolve any uncertainties in your life and charter a way forward with greater confidence.

There are many websites on the internet offering online psychic reading services. However, we all know some are better than others. While the best online psychic reading websites screen their experts, others do not.

We scoured the internet to find the best and most trustworthy online psychic reading websites. Our list of top online psychic reading sites offers the best you can get.

Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Websites

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Platform For Online Psychic Reading; Editor’s Pick
  2. Kasamba – Top Psychic Source For Mediumship & Horoscope
  3. Mystic Sense – Reliable Psychic Reading services For Spiritual Reading
  4. Keen – Get Accurate Astrology Answers From Top Psychic Medium
  5. Psychic OZ – Top Tarot Reader For Love Reading, Career & Destiny

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Platform For Online Psychic Reading; Editor’s Pick


Purple Garden has risen to become the number one online psychic reading website in a very short period. The platform offers exceptional services and accurate tarot card readings. Additionally, it provides a variety of rare reading services. These include esoteric alchemy, love Ascension career, empathic medium, and many other readings.

People using the website always praise the quality of service and accuracy of their readings. As such, the website is consistently featured in major publications across the globe.

Most importantly, the website provides users with an interactive tool to help them find a suitable psychic according to their needs. On top of this, all the psychic mediums are certified and offer genuine and accurate psychic reading services.


The brand understands how confusing it can be for some to find a suitable psychic medium online. To resolve this issue, the platform provides real-time customer advisers. These advisors are not psychic mediums but customer service agents helping clients connect with the right psychic mediums.

For experienced users who know what they want, the search function provides a quick way to find a psychic medium. It optimizes the results based on your search phrases. As long as you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find something that fits your needs.

Many people also line up for free minutes, which gives them a taste of the real thing. The first few minutes of an online psychic reading are free. This is to let the client decide whether or not the reading services are a match for their needs. If you think you’ve got the right match, you can pay to continue the reading. If not, you can stop and won’t be charged any money.


  • Initial few minutes are free
  • Offers esoteric readings
  • Readings available via text, video, and call
  • Quick connection


  • Not every reader is available online

Customer Reviews

This online psychic reading service platform has several positive reviews. Most users praise the quality of services and the accuracy of their readings. They love the fact that Purple Garden verifies all its psychic reading mediums. Most importantly, clients love that the services are affordable, unlike other brands that try to overcharge customers.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba – Top Psychic Source For Mediumship & Horoscope


Starting back in 1999, Kasamba boasts a track record of serving over three million people. Few other brands can compete with such a legacy in the online psychic reading industry.

The website is a household name for online astrological and tarot reading services. Users can get reading services through email and online chat. Services offered include tarot card and psychic readings, dream interpretation, astrological readings, and sessions on energy healing.

All the psychic mediums on the platform have a profile page. Most importantly, users can view a psychic’s profile page to learn more about their services, specializations, and experience. Additionally, the review section lets customers view the feedback left behind by the psychic’s previous customers.


One of the website features is the top psychic section, which lists high-rated psychic mediums in different areas. It is crucial to note that this offers a quick way for users to find the best online psychic reading experts on the platform.

The website offers a variety of incentives to new customers looking to use the platform. To begin with, they get complimentary three free minutes which they can use on any psychic reading session of their choice. The free minutes allow new users to test the services offered by the mediums on the platform and develop transparency and trust. Furthermore, once the customer has a feel for the services provided by a psychic, it makes it easy to decide whether or not to continue with the paid option. In addition to this, new customers also get 50% off the regular fee for the first reading session.

Kasamba has a selection of more than 180 online psychic reading experts. With that many psychics, you’re sure to find someone just right for you.


  • Three free complimentary minutes
  • More than 180 psychic mediums
  • Offers readings for tarot cards, career, and love and romance
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Mobile app services available


  • Mobile app services only for members

Customer Reviews

Most customers are impressed by the affordable prices for different reading services. In addition, people love that they can get a three-minute free sample to know if they want to proceed with the paid experience. The initial 50% discount also removes any hesitation. So far, most people using these services have not had to ask for a refund as they always leave satisfied and feeling better than when they came.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#3. Mystic sense – Reliable Psychic Reading services For Spiritual Reading


Since its inception in 2005, psychic advisors on mystic sense have assisted thousands of consumers in gaining insight into their lives. In addition, the brand is raising the game by providing its customers a free 5-minute psychic reading from any online psychic reading medium on the platform. However, there is a condition. Before you can earn the free five minutes, you must first spend a certain amount of money.

Moreover, mystic sense does provide a money-back assurance, so there are no worries for first-time callers. Prices start at $1 per minute for 20 to 30 minutes, cheaper than normal competitor rates. These rates are not regular prices, but rather introductory

discounts. Consequently, this makes mystic sense one of the cheapest dollar-for-minutes discounts platforms available.


You’ll note that there are fewer online psychics than other rival sites on our list. However, each psychic on the platform appears to have a more amazing CV. Some even focus on psychology, life counseling, and esoteric expertise.

On mystic sense, you’ll get the usual tarot card readers, psychic guides, previous life readers, and spiritual mediums. However, some have rare qualifications such as reiki master certification, an MA in counseling, auric healer certification, and more.

Furthermore, an email horoscope reading is available for free. However, the true draw for first-time callers is the minimal price of psychic reading services. When you’ve found a psychic with whom you connect, you may ask them for readings about dreams, love, money, astrology, career, and spiritual healing, to mention a few topics.

Although mystic sense’s searching options aren’t as broad as Keen’s, you can still search by pricing, communication mode, availability, and reading specialty. This is sufficient, in our opinion, to identify a suitable match. Furthermore, each psychic biography includes information about their experience, qualifications, specializations, languages, and even astrological signs, which is a wonderful touch.


  • Offers competitive rates
  • A wide variety of psychic readers
  • 24/7 phone reading services
  • Free bonus of five minutes
  • Easy to find the right psychic medium
  • Reliable psychic advisors
  • Up to date blog
  • Group forum available
  • Spanish psychics available


  • No video sessions
  • Not many mediums choices

Customer Reviews

Most customers have positive things about mystic sense and the online psychic reading services their mediums offer. Users can quickly find the right psychic by using the search function on the website. Everyone loves that the platform’s psychic advisors are available 24/7 to assist customers with any issues or concerns they encounter. The phone readings from mediums on their platform are accurate and pocket-friendly.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of mystic sense

#4. Keen – Get Accurate Astrology Answers From Top Psychic Medium


Since starting the business more than 20 years ago, Keen has established itself as one of the premier online psychic reading platforms. Even though it is one of the oldest websites in the industry, it manages to keep itself relevant by adding new features to keep up with customer requirements. Furthermore, the platform has been featured in several prominent publications like Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, and Women’s Health.

The platform offers online psychic readings via email, chat, and phone. It has a collection of more than 1,700 psychic mediums for customers. Also, the mediums on the website offer a wide range of online psychic reading services. It does not matter whether you are looking for a love reading, numerology reading, angel card reading, or even a pet psychic; Keen has it all.

As you would expect from any major online psychic reading website, Keen provides an interactive feature to help users find a suitable medium matching their needs. Customers can also search the website for psychics based on different variables such as user rating, price, and availability.


Whenever searching for a psychic medium on the website, you can click on the profile of each to view their rating, experience, and pricing details. This is a quick way to gauge whether or not the psychic will be a match for your needs. Once you have found your preferred medium, getting through to them is as easy as clicking the chat or email button. Also, there is an option to book an appointment for a later date. Keen is also available on Android or iOS. Consequently, this allows you to get online psychic readings even when you are on the go.

Like other major online psychic brands, Keen gives its users three free minutes, which they can use for consultation. Furthermore, frequent offers give users the chance to buy minutes at a reduced price. These offers are great for new customers to test out reading services before committing to the paid options.


  • Reputable brand since 1999
  • More than 1700 mediums
  • Best love readings
  • Different online psychic reading services
  • Customers rating available


  • No free trial

Customer Reviews

Customers are impressed at how easy it is to find a suitable psychic medium for their readings. Initial free offers and other discounts are appreciated and praised by platform users. Furthermore, all customers rave about the affordable prices for reading services from mediums on the site.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen

#5. Psychic OZ – Top Tarot Reader For Love Reading, Career & Destiny


Psychic OZ is not just one of the best online psychic reading services; it is also very modern and with the times. The platform is unique because of the exceptional service it offers customers. All online readings are conducted through a live webcam video chat. On top of this, all the psychic mediums available on the platform have to submit a weekly live reading session so customers can see them in action.

Furthermore, the platform provides its customers with an outstanding search utility that lets them quickly find psychic reading experts in various fields. Some of the most exceptional services offered by experts on the site include love readings, sound therapy, dream analysis, tarot readings, and astrological readings. Apart from offering different readings services, the platform has experts providing psychic readings in various languages apart from English.


Another thing that makes Psychic OZ unique is that they do not offer the usual complimentary minutes. Instead, they freely allow their customers to converse with the psychics on their website before they choose to commit. This is one of the things pushing the website to new heights and increasing its popularity on the market. Additionally, this approach lets both the users and psychics have a good connection before going forward. Also, when a new user signs up, they get a $9.99 credit to use on services and experts of their choice.

The free chat rooms available on the platform allow customers to talk to other users and experts when they have questions. It allows them to collaborate and get quick answers to various questions.


  • Live webcam sessions
  • Free weekly live readings
  • Free chat rooms
  • $9.99 credit sign-up bonus
  • Different specialist psychics available
  • Available in multiple languages


  • No complimentary minutes
  • Video chat may not suit everyone

Customer Reviews

Most customers leave favorable reviews about the website. A large portion states they would happily recommend the services to their friends and family. The bonus $9.99 credit is also appreciated. It lets users play around and experiment until they find the perfect psychic for their specific needs.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Psychic OZ

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Online Psychic Reading Website

There are many brands that offer psychic readings. The huge range of choices means it can be difficult to pick something that’s just right for you. However, if you know some key factors to look out for, you’ll be able to make the right choice. Our handy guide below will help you learn how to make the right choice.

  • Free Minutes or Credits

Most websites offer complimentary free minutes or credits, or both. This is important; they allow you to assess whether the psychic reader is a match for your requirements within the first few minutes of a session. You’ll save a lot of money because you won’t be spending it on people that leave you unsatisfied. Each brand has a different policy, so check their website for further details.

  • Methods Used to Provide Readings

The way you will receive online psychic readings should be one of the key things under consideration. The best thing is that most of the websites offer a variety of methods for reading. The most common are live chat, live webcam video chat, phone, and email. Chat, phone, and email are very appealing, especially to users that want to maintain anonymity. However, for those who do not worry about being anonymous, live webcam sessions can be a very effective way to get online psychic reading services. Even though the best online psychic mediums can give a good reading even when they do not see you, seeing your environment and body language may help them give you a more accurate reading. Still, you should pick what suits you best; you want to be comfortable.

  • Reputation

Always go for a great reputation over a good or mediocre brand. The best websites have developed a track record of providing quality services. They have a large selection of mediums to meet different client needs. Also, remember to check whether or not the websites do verify their psychics.

  • Customer Feedback

Customer feedback goes hand in hand with the quality of services and professionalism of psychics on any platform. Check for reviews from other customers who use the website. Whenever you are in doubt, look for a different platform. The best online psychic reading websites are the ones that have a tone of positive reviews for the services provided by their psychics. Look at what other users say about the quality of services offered on the platform and how quickly customers get solutions to issues and complaints.

  • Guarantees

Most online psychic reading websites offer customers some guaranteed satisfaction. However, these guarantees vary depending on the site you choose. Some offer free minutes to evaluate psychics, and others offer a full refund. It is important to note that some do not offer refunds but instead allow users to chat with prospective psychics before paying to determine the right match.

Offline vs. Online Psychic Reading Services

Offline psychic readings require you to go, in person, to the psychic’s place of operation. This is a good option for people who live close to the psychic or want a face-to-face physical reading. However, we all know that online psychic reading services offer much more benefits than their offline counterparts.

The greatest benefit online services offer is convenience. Users can find a suitable psychic from the comfort of their home so long as they have a smart device and an internet connection.

Getting online psychic reading services is a lot quicker. Generally, it takes a new customer just a few minutes to sign up to the website, buy minutes or credits and find the right medium.

Another thing that sets online services apart from their counterpart is the guarantee and offers available to customers. New users on most websites are entitled to free minutes and credit bonuses just for signing up. This is not available with offline services. On top of this, most online services offer customer satisfaction guarantees such as refunds.

FAQs About Online Psychic Reading Services

Q1. Are free psychic reading services genuine?

Some people believe that just because something is free, it is not genuine. While it might be true in some cases, most reputable sites offering free psychic advice are genuine. Just think about it a second; if you have signed up with one of the websites we listed, it is surely worth it to get free readings from verified mediums when presented with the opportunity.

Q2. What psychic readings are available online?

There are a lot of different services available online. Basically, all the same services you would get from your local offline mediums. Some of the most common services include love and relationship readings, tarot card readings, pet psychic readings, astrological readings, career advancement readings, etc. Whatever psychic reading you need, you can find it online.

Q3. Why should I use online websites and not go directly to the medium?

One major advantage of using the websites is that some of them verify their psychic medium, which might be very difficult for you to do on your own. On top of this, using the websites means that you will be getting services from the best mediums across the globe. Additionally, the websites offer free minutes and credits whenever you sign up. So, it can be a good idea to give it a try, even if you’re feeling skeptical.

Q4. How many times should you use online psychic reading services?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It all depends on your needs and what you’re looking for; the answer is different for everyone. Just reach out to your psychic whenever you feel like you need guidance in your life.

Q5. What are the best websites to find good psychics?

While many online psychic reading websites are available, choosing the best one to find a psychic does not have to be hard. This is why we made the list outlined above. If you are looking for the best place to find online psychic reading experts, check out the websites on our list.

Conclusion: Top Tarot Readers For Psychic Interactive Sessions

There are many online psychic reading service platforms available on the internet. This can make choosing something that fits your needs a bit of a challenge. It’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the top five websites in the industry.

These websites have built a reputation for offering experts who provide the best readings to their customers. Additionally, most vet their psychic mediums, ensuring that you only receive online psychic readings from real professionals that know what they are doing. They offer different ways to get your psychic readings, such as chat, video chat, phone, and email. This way, you can choose a model that fits you.

If you are looking for the best online psychic reading services, we recommend signing up for one or two of the websites discussed above. After signing up, look at their top-rated psychic experts in your desired field, or let the psychic advisors help you find the right fit for your reading needs.

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