Best Online Psychic Reading In 2022: Top 5 Tarot Reading Sites For Astrology Answer

Everybody wants to have a glimpse at the future, but since time travel is still a pending feature, many people turn to online psychics. If you want to satisfy your curiosity and take a sneak peek, you should be very careful when approaching psychic readings.

Reaching out to unreliable psychics can cost you a lot of money and your precious time. But if you manage to find a trustworthy medium, your session might be a good investment and allow you to embrace a better approach to life.

So if you’re looking for authentic psychic readers, we have some pretty good options for you. In the following article, you will find genuine mediums and a proper understanding of online psychic reading.

So if you’re interested to see what the future holds, take a look at what we’ve prepared for you.

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites

  • Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Sites; Editor’s Choice
  • Keen – Get Online Tarot Readings From Top Fortune Teller
  • Kasamba – Top psychic mediums To Know Your Horoscope
  • AskNow – Most Trusted Psychic Source For Spiritual Readings
  • Oranum – Best Psychic Reader To Find Astrology Answers

#1. Purple Garden -Overall Best Psychic Reading Sites; Editor’s Choice



Purple Garden is undoubtedly our first go-to website when it comes to psychic readings. It is also voted the most accurate one, so you’re guaranteed to get premium quality service for your money. Purple Garden offers various services, including psychic readings, tarot readings, love advice, palm readings, astrology and horoscope, angel insights, and dream analysis.

As one of the most transparent psychic reading services, it features all ratings and comments for every psychic. Apart from that, you also get a sneak peek into the profile of your reader, which is in no way controlled by the platform. Instead, each psychic is given a chance to share as much or as little knowledge.


  • Journeys

Purple Garden has a unique feature called Journeys. Through Journeys, you can share your psychic experience and get into all the details that you’re comfortable with mentioning. By sharing your Journey, you’ll help other users make the right decision regarding a specific psychic. You also get to read other people’s Journeys to determine which medium to choose.

You can browse through the vast library of Journeys and explore common life issues, such as breakups, infidelity, relationship problems, career struggles, decision-making processes, etc.

  • Simple use

We and many other users keep coming back to Purple Garden because of its clean and straightforward user interface. It allows you to browse through services and psychics effortlessly, and you can quickly find a suitable medium in less than 3 to 5 minutes.

The impeccable psychic service is available through a mobile-friendly app that’s pretty intuitive to work with. That way, you can spend less time navigating and more time working on your issues and getting questions answered.

The payment method is also pretty simple. You can use both Apple and Android accounts to top up your Purple Garden profile without worrying about money transfers and get started as soon as possible.


  • You can contact your psychic through chat and video calls
  • Highly rated psychic reading site
  • Wide range of different reading services
  • A comprehensive network of experienced readers


  • No free readings

Customer experiences

Overall, users are pretty content with the quality reading services they get from Purple Garden’s psychics. The platform works with verified psychics, but Mia_The_Psychic, Spiritual Elaine, and Sagest are currently top-rated by users.

Whether you’re looking for oracle guidance, love advice, or career forecasts, Purple Garden has a trustworthy psychic waiting to give you an accurate reading that will change your life entirely.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba – Top psychic mediums To Know Your Horoscope



Kasamba is one of the oldest and most reliable psychic reading sites. The platform uses its vast history and experience to provide you with one of the most unique psychic adventures. It features a comprehensive network of experienced mediums that will listen to your problems, offer a piece of advice, and help you see and change the future.

Kasamba will help you take a glimpse at the future through online and offline sessions. So if the thought of contacting a psychic online is a bit intimidating, you can email your questions and get a quick response without talking to the medium.


  • Free minutes

Finding a suitable psychic medium for your troubles or curiosity can be challenging at first. That’s why Kasamba offers you the chance to have a short conversation with each new psychic entirely free of charge. After signing up on the platform, you’ll get three free minutes with your psychic of choice. You can use that time to establish an initial connection and see if you click with your reader. If not, you can always use the free minutes and contact a different psychic.

Three minutes might not look like a lot of time, so make sure you go prepared and think about any questions you’d like to ask before starting a session.

  • A variety of services

Kasamba features a seizable network of experienced and diversified mediums that can help you out with many problems. Therefore, you can choose from a significantly extended range of services. The most popular feature of Kasamba is undoubtedly its psychic readings. Apart from those, you can also ask for love and relationship advice, get a tarot reading, sign up for fortune-telling, dream analysis, etc. Additionally, you can get career advice and forecasts. If numerology, religion, or new age spirituality are your passions, you can always find an available psychic that will help you satisfy your curiosity.


  • A psychic reading platform with over 20 years of experience
  • Experienced psychics available 24/7
  • Anonymous and confidential psychic readings
  • Available via chat, email, and phone calls


  • The satisfaction guarantee only applies to your first session

Customer experiences

Overall, we’ve encountered nothing but positive feedback on Kasamba. User satisfaction is evident from over 4 million 5-start ratings. The best thing about Kasamba is the fact that you can use it to get answers to diversified questions. From dream analysis to career advice, you have it all only a couple of clicks away.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. Keen – Get Online Tarot Readings From Top Fortune Teller



Keen is a reliable psychic reading platform that features talented spiritual advisors. The site has already touched the lives of thousands of people and helped them rediscover true happiness and content. The experienced mediums will provide you with answers to your profound questions and allow you to get closure and find your place under the sun.

The platform features a diversified network of psychic readers, and no two are alike. Therefore, you can quickly find a psychic to whom you’ll be comfortable talking without worrying about judgment.

The Keen community specializes in love and relationship advice, but you can also get your portion of tarot readings, life questions, and more on the website.


  • Perfect match

Wandering around the comprehensive network of psychics on Keen’s website can be overwhelming. Hence the platform features a neat tool that will help you find a perfect psychic match for your needs.

You’ll first have to select your field of interest, answer how you would like the psychic reading to take place, and determine how much money you’ll be willing to spend. After you fill that out, you’ll be provided with a list of results that match your criteria. You can then quickly read through the short description of each medium and find one that will work best for you.

  • A profound psychic experience

With Keen, you’re not only getting a psychic reading but an authentic and profound experience. The platform allows you to truly connect with your psychic by sharing more extensive profiles of each medium.

You can get to know your reader before scheduling a session. Next to the reader’s profile photo, you’ll find a short description followed by an extensive background story. You’ll also get to see their specialties, skills, methods, and for all non-native English speakers, even a list of languages.

Additionally, customer feedback is transparent and available, so you can compare user experiences before contacting a psychic.


  • Available through live chat and calls
  • The first three minutes are free of charge
  • Rating and reviews are available
  • Free advice through Keen’s blog


  • The satisfaction guarantee can only be redeemed as Keen credit

Customer experiences

Keen is a customer-oriented platform, and that’s evident from the feedback we’ve read. Many satisfied customers claim that Keen’s advisors have helped them cope with problems and turn around their lives entirely.

So whether it is love and relationship or more general questions bothering you, you can always rely on Keen for the answers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#4. AskNow – Most Trusted Psychic Source For Spiritual Readings



AskNow is a straightforward platform that effortlessly connects you to a genuine psychic reader. The premium psychic network works with gifted psychic advisors that are available at any time through multiple communication channels.

The psychic platform was established in 2005, and over the years, it managed to accumulate an impressive range of verified psychics.

AskNow is your all-in-one site for psychic experiences. AskNow’s psychics are experienced in many fields so that you can get a psychic, tarot, or horoscope reading, all in one place. You can experience all that and a lot more through chat or a call at any time, or you can also schedule a meeting.


  • Free question

If you’re wondering what could be better and more exciting than a psychic reading, our answer is free psychic reading.

AskNow allows you to get an instant honest answer from a random psychic that’s available at the moment. The website features a neat form that you have to fill in to submit your question. Simply type in your question and some basic information, and ask now!

The feature gets unlocked as soon as you sign up for the platform and is an excellent way to see whether psychic reading is for you.

  • Introduction to psychic readings

If this is your first time contacting a psychic online, AskNow will help you get ready for the experience.

The platform features an impeccable resource library that will help you understand how an online psychic reading flows and what you can expect of it. But if you aren’t willing to spend hours reading through articles, you can also opt for video tutorials.

AskNow offers valuable video tutorials to help you find the best psychic, get ready for the reading, and make the most of your session. So even if you’re not an absolute beginner, they may come in pretty handy.


  • Bilingual psychic sessions available in English and Spanish
  • Welcoming discounts for new members
  • Affordable price
  • Free 5 minutes for your first reading and a chance to switch the medium if you aren’t satisfied with the reader


  • Video readings aren’t an option

Customer experiences

AskNow is a fantastic psychic reading platform that will help you get the answers you need quickly and accurately. The network harbors experienced mediums with vast experience in psychic readings, tarot, and astrology.

Existing users praise the service, but you can utilize the free question and free 5 minutes after you sign up to quickly find out whether AskNow will work for you.

=> Click here to visit the official website of AskNow

#5. Oranum – Best Psychic Reader To Find Astrology Answers



Oranum is the last on our list of the best online psychic reading platforms. It is a unique service that will help you embrace a new approach to the psychic experience. Oranum features a surprisingly extensive and miscellaneous psychics’ network that works with modern techniques to bring psychic reading a little closer to the broader public.

Oranum is here to compensate for what other major psychic reading sites fail to deliver – video readings. Not only does it offer video readings, but the platform insists on them as the best way to establish a deeper connection between you and your online psychic.


  • Free attendance

Some of Oranum’s psychics are pretty premium and expensive, so the platform allows you to take a sneak peek into their work without making a payment.

You can get free short video calls to learn more about the psychic. You can also join live sessions and observe the psychic’s work from up close. Entering a live session will give you a pretty good idea of how an online reading works. You’ll also get to ask any questions bothering you before your first official session.

  • Recorded sessions

If you’re struggling with a common problem, you can take advantage of Oranum’s premium videos. They are pre-recorded sessions through which the psychic explains the nature of the issue and suggests the best possible solutions.

Apart from targeting specific problems, premium videos also include insightful lessons and guided meditation sessions that you may prefer in contrast to face-to-face video sessions.

  • Expert content

If you’re intimidated by Oranum’s insistence on video sessions, you can get introduced to the platform through its trending astrology content. The trending content cannot be put inside a single category. Some psychics like to express themselves through videos, while others post story-like content with helpful guides and other trending content. There’s a little something for everyone, so you should check it out.


  • Free credit is granted upon signing up
  • Engaging content and blog posts
  • Oranum provides a limited range of free sound baths


  • Video calls may be a bit uncomfortable for first-time users
  • The user interface is slightly challenging to navigate across

Customer experiences

Oranum is the best place for you to experience psychic readings for free. The platform offers free initial credit and free attendance to some live sessions, where you can get the psychic experience without paying anything.

According to user feedback, some psychics charge pretty expensive fees. However, Oranum also has more modest options, so you can quickly contact another psychic if your first choice seems outrageously expensive.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

Things to Consider While Choosing an Online Psychic

If you’re interested in contacting a psychic to help you reveal what the future holds for you, online readings can be a perfect fit. However, for the best experience, you have to find a psychic that you can easily connect to, which can be easier said than done. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of factors you should consider before choosing the best option, so let’s take a look:

Communication methods

Your convenience is all that matters during a session. If you’re not entirely comfortable during the reading, the psychic might struggle to establish a connection and provide you with an authentic reading. So the first thing you should consider is how you’ll be most comfortable communicating.

Psychic reading websites offer you multiple communication methods that will allow you to be more comfortable during the reading. You can choose between email communication, live chat, phone, and video calls.

  • Email or messaging

Emails and messages are the simplest and least demanding way for you to start communicating with a psychic. If you’re not entirely comfortable with live sessions straight away, you can choose to message as a simple way to get started with the experience. However, you shouldn’t expect too much of a profound connection to be established through emails or messages, and the communication won’t be exactly real-time.

  • Live chat

Live chat is another popular option many novices choose for their first reading. Unlike emailing, live chat occurs in real-time, and you may have to schedule a session up ahead. It is a good way for you to get instant answers without establishing a more personal connection.

  • Phone calls

Phone calls are where things get interesting. You get to talk to your psychic in real-time and establish a more personal and profound connection with them. You can get a more personal touch through phone calls by allowing the reader to sense your energy through your voice.

  • Video calls

In our opinion, video calls are the best way to experience a free psychic reading online. With video calls, you establish a deeper connection with your medium, as you both have the chance to get to know each other better. Your reader will definitely have a better chance to feel your energy, observe your mood and see how you react to specific triggers.

Available services

Depending on the platform’s network of psychics, you will be offered different types of services. Some websites focus on specific fields of interest, such as love readings, or tarot, while others offer a broad palette of services, including career forecasts, fortune telling, dream analysis, and even palm readings. Therefore, you should consider what you want before making a decision.


The chances are that you’re not going to click with the first psychic you reach out to. It may take you a couple of tries until you find a person you can rely on and feel comfortable around. You should look for websites that offer free trials or allow you to switch between psychics free of charge. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of money until you find your medium.

Online Psychics Vs. Offline Psychics: Why it is Better to Use Online Psychics

Less travel, more reading

Online psychic readings are a better idea for many reasons. First of all, they will save you plenty of time and discomfort. You won’t have to travel to see your psychic and sit uncomfortably in the reading room. Instead, you can enjoy the reading from the comfort of your home and set up the scene to put you in a proper mood.

Access to worldwide psychics

With online readings, you can quickly get connected with psychics from all around the world. You have more options to consider, and you don’t have to worry about traveling to meet them.

Customer feedback

Psychic reading platforms allow you to see what other users have to say about their sessions with the psychics. That will help you find a medium that’s best suited to fit your expectations, and you’ll also get a better idea of what you can expect from the session. Offline readings don’t offer such a convenience.

FAQs Regarding Tarot Card Reader

Can you get genuine advice from an online psychic?

Many people are pretty skeptical about psychic readings altogether. But the fact is that online readings are just as reliable as conventional psychic sessions. With both options, you could end up with a genuine reader or a fraud. You can expect authentic readings and honest advice if you find a trustworthy medium.

The best way to make the most out of your session is to ask the right questions. Don’t be overly specific and consider more general questions to help you steer your life in the right direction.

How can you tell if a psychic site is legitimate?

If you’re considering a specific psychic reading platform, you can do a couple of things to ensure its legitimacy. The first and best thing to do is go through customer feedback. But not only through the service’s website; extend your search to other reviewing platforms and forums to get genuine testimonials and observe the experiences of other users.

Additionally, you can also run a background check on Google and examine whether all the data on the website is accurate and up to date. Trustworthy websites also offer free trials or money-back guarantees so that you can experience the service before making a payment.

What kind of topics can you discuss with the psychic?

During your session, feel free to ask any questions that fall within your psychic’s range of expertise, just remember not to go into any details. You can discuss love and relationship concerns, health-related questions, financial forecasts, career advice, among other topics.

A good practice is to think about your questions and write them down before the session starts. That way, you’ll be prepared with all you want to know and won’t waste any time or money during the session.

How much do psychic readings cost?

The price of a reading varies between the platform and individual psychics. Generally speaking, on almost every website, you will find pretty expensive psychics and others that charge some pretty reasonable fees.

Apart from that, various platforms have different billing methods. Usually, prices range from $5 to $15 per minute, but some more premium options will cost you even more. Hence we recommend you take advantage of free minutes and avoid paying fees for experimenting with different psychics until you find your perfect match.

Conclusion: List Of Platforms Offering Online Psychic Reading

Getting advice from established psychic readers can be the slight push you’ve needed to get you going in the right direction. And even if you’re skeptical about psychic readings, hearing a positive word can be comforting enough and put you in a better mood.

A psychic reading will help you cope with everyday problems and embrace a new perspective on life. Experienced readers know exactly how to prepare you for the things ahead and help you become a better version of yourself.

So if you’re looking for a reliable online psychic reading with the best possible accuracy, we suggest you take another look at the platforms we’ve reviewed above. They will help you get started with online readings and guide you through every step of your journey.

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