Best Online Psychic Reading In 2022: Top 5 psychic Source For Astrology Answers| Get Tarot Card Reader For Spiritual Reading & Future Prediction

You can take multiple avenues to seek clarity with your love life, finances, or future. These may include prayer, meditation, professional advisory, tarot reading, and psychic readings. People have trusted these practices for thousands of years, yielding reliable results. Not all these avenues are trustworthy, nor do they work for everyone. Therefore, finding a reliable option may be costly and troublesome.

Psychic reading is a psychic’s attempt at discerning information regarding your life through intensified cognitive abilities and extended human senses. The process involves using sight, smell, sound, taste, and instinct to answer some of your questions about certain life aspects. Online psychic reading is simply the in-person psychic process made easier and more accessible through an online platform. We have reviewed and compiled five of the most authentic online psychic reading services that give you a premium experience.

Best Online Psychic Reading Services

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Sites On The Market
  2. Kasamba – Most Popular Psychics Online For Free Tarot Reading
  3. Keen – Reputed Tarot Readers To Get Spiritual Readings
  4. Asknow – Most Convenient Platforms To Know Horoscope Reading
  5. Oranum – Trusted Astrology Readers For Accurate Psychic Reading

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Psychic Reading Sites On The Market


Purple Garden has some of the highest-rated psychic advisors globally who provide services via their unique app. Their psychics offer their services through live psychic video calls, texts, and voice calls. The app of Purple Garden is easy to use and immediately provides you with a sample of qualified advisors. You can choose from a panel of psychics that users voted as most accurate. In addition, there are trending psychics and advisorsthat users recommend.

They offer tarot readings, relationship coaching, palm readings, oracle guidance, angel insights, dream analysis, and psychic readings. They have excellent service, plus they are transparent, ensuring you know everything you need to know about the psychics aboard. You can review each psychic based on their stats, profile photo, and the introductory video on the app.

There are expert psychics available 24/7, and should one be unavailable, their profile will have a Busy button. You can search for a qualified advisor based on their specialty or the type of reading you want. Each psychic has a specified rate; they have rates ranging from $1 per minute to $15 per minute. If you want to know which advisors are popular amongst users, each psychic’s profile has a rating out of five.


The Purple Garden app has a user-friendly interface and a safe plus authorized payment method. Moreover, once the app authorizes your payment, you can start communicating with your chosen psychic and get your reading. Purple Garden also offers a unique ‘Journeys’ feature that lets you view and learn about other people’s advisory experiences. You get to explore people’s various life issues, plus how a Purple Garden psychic helped them at no extra cost.

Additionally, each psychic has a reading tally that lets you know how many readings they have done and when they started. This tally may be helpful if you want a psychic who has more experience with online psychic readings. If you are unhappy with the service you receive, you can claim a refund within three days after the consultation. They have simplified the online psychic reading experience by making it interactive; you have 100% control over every aspect.


  • Multiple reading types
  • Visible customer rating
  • Easy to use interface


  • Unverified psychic qualifications
  • No guarantee policy

Customer Reviews

The majority of advisors on Purple Garden have four-star and above ratings, which signals superior customer satisfaction. Since the app allows you to give feedback on an advisor’s profile, you can vet psychics based on testimonials. Most customer testimonials praise the psychics for their beneficial readings. Moreover, Purple Garden pledges that they will not delete negative reviews, so you can trust the ones you see.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba: Most Popular Psychics Online For Free Tarot Reading


Kasamba has provided excellent quality online psychic readings for over 20 years. They aim to help you achieve a life full of love and happiness by hiring only the best psychics. Their psychics – old and new – are seasoned professionals who have passed rigorous testing and meet Kasamba’s quality guidelines. Their advisors utilize various spiritual tools to give you reliable answers and powerful insights.

This psychic service offers you a distinct way to connect with psychics online on a chat platform unlike any other. While communicating with your chosen psychic, you can also see them typing their response to you in real-time. You can think of it as a conversation between you and a friend, adding a personal feel to the consultation. Thus, your connection with a highly rated advisor is immediate and in-depth.


Kasamba offers you the option to have your psychic reading offline without compromising your service quality. This feature uses a mailbox where you ask your advisor questions and get an answer within 24 hours. The response you get is informative and in-depth, plus there are no extra charges or hidden costs associated with this option.

If you are a blogger or influencer, Kasamba has a worthwhile affiliate program that allows you to earn a referral commission. Your application to be an affiliate partner is easy to submit, and Kasamba will review your application and approve it. The whole process is transparent, and so is the commission plan. You receive monthly payments according to the traffic you bring to Kasamba. Additionally, a user-friendly dashboard lets you analyze your traffic. This dashboard helps you track your earnings and confirm whether the amount you receive correlates to the traffic.


  • Free reading option
  • Location-based online psychics
  • Broad psychic reading categories
  • Readings available in various languages


  • No video call option
  • Refund not given through original form of payment
  • Some psychics are on the pricier side

Customer Reviews

The customer testimonials vary with each psychic, and you can view each advisor’s rating to discern whether the advisor fits you. You can also view the comments alongside each rating to determine whether the psychic is credible. The Kasamba app has a general rating of 4.7/5 from a sample of over 7400 users.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. Keen: Top Shelf Tarot Readers To Get Spiritual Readings


Keen has been in the psychic reading business since 1999, and they have assisted over thirty-five million people. They have a wide range of advisor categories, including psychic readings, mediums and financial outlooks. Plus, they offer services regarding love plus relationships, tarot readings, astrology advice, and spiritual readings. In addtion, Keen offers more focused categories like Mayan astrology, Feng Shui, Numerology, Chakra cleansing, Pet Psychics, etc. Each encounter with a psychic is unique and requires great trust, so Keen ensures 100% transparency.

This company comprises a trustworthy network of spiritual advisors focused on improving lives by answering life’s questions. Accordingly, their mission is to connect you with the most compatible psychics who guarantee elite customer service while preserving your privacy. The personal information you provide will remain confidential when communicating with your psychic, plus you only need to enter it once.


Keen understands that the initial step to getting trustworthy online readings is to choose the correct type of psychic reading. Additionally, they provide directions you should follow before, during, and after the reading to equip you with the necessary skill set. These directions are in video format, and they include notable tips from featured psychics and psychic reading dos and don’ts. Thus, they have a psychic matching feature that helps you select the best reading type and psychic for you.

Readings happen via chat or phone, and if you want to ease the selection process, you can apply a filter. The filter feature allows you to downscale the list of possible psychics based on factors fundamental to you. You can search for a specific advisor or apply your preferred rate to the filter if you are a regular. This filter ensures that you find a psychic that matches you.

Keen’s services are available round the clock because there are over 1700 psychics available. The 24-hour assistance is accompanied by a special Keen Psychics promo code redeemable with the initial reading. Keen has a strict recruitment process to ensure fully qualified psychic readers they bring on board.


  • Informative blog plus articles
  • Psychic matching feature
  • Psychic reading introductory videos
  • Quick, efficient service


  • No video readings
  • Not every psychic has a headshot on their profile

Customer Reviews

Every psychic under Keen has a review section that features honest feedback and a star rating. The review has a date stamp next to it so you can track the psychic’s progress and determine their competency. Many customers who entrust Keen with their online psychic journey are satisfied with their readings. The overall service has an average rating of 3.8/5.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#4. AskNow: Most Convenient Platforms To Know Horoscope Reading


AskNow is a premier psychic network that connects you to gifted and considerably qualified psychic advisors whenever you seek them. They offer their services over the phone and online chat at any time convenient for you. AskNow’s team comprises experts who guide love, dating, career, and other life aspects. Their goal is to provide maximum customer satisfaction, so they have policies and services that ensure you get that.

This online psychic service has a straightforward setup process, and you can choose a psychic in a few steps. Once you set up your account, you can select an advisor from their home page or under the Psychics tab. You may browse by psychic type, reading category, and price range. When you’ve decided, click the Call button. Should the psychic you choose turns unavailable, you can schedule an online call-back whenever.


AskNow has a Favorites list onto which you save your favorite psychic should you require another reading in the future. This list is helpful if you want to connect with an advisor you already know without diligently searching the entire catalog. AskNow has a satisfaction guarantee when your reading doesn’t go as expected, which is normal. The warranty allows you to end a reading if your psychic is not a good match. AskNow then credits you with 5 minutes to consult with a new advisor who might be better.

AskNow also has multiple introductory promo codes and packages for new clients. They offer bonus minutes when signing up for the essential package, allowing you to better connect with your psychic. AskNow has readings available in both English and Spanish to cater to a larger audience.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • In-depth information on all advisors
  • Highly experiences readers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Bonus minutes


  • No bonus reading without payment details
  • Lack of deals and promotional codes

Customer Reviews

Some of the advisors have suspiciously systematic reviews from the same customers. These reviews might indicate that comments are not credible or that they aren’t bot checked by AskNow. Most of the comments lack substance and insightful descriptions of how the readings work, which could discourage potential customers. Most psychics receive four to five-star ratings, which indicates how effective the readings are.

=> Click here to visit the official website of AskNow

#5. Oranum: Trusted Astrology Readers For Accurate Psychic Reading


Oranum is a widespread spiritual community providing spiritual guidance for millions of people for over ten years. Their team includes an assortment of specialized psychics, astrologers, and spiritual experts. Oranum’s community of advisors focuses on providing spiritual assistance to those in need, using world-renowned spiritual tools. Its mission is to connect, empower and inspire the spiritual community by introducing ancient divine knowledge to the digital world.

The service is available on the Oranum website and app, letting you have a private chat, video call, or voice call. A Free Chat section is available if you’d like to get to know a psychic before settling on them. In this section, you can ask about their abilities and discern whether they’ll be able to assist you or not. They have ensured that you get an excellent online reading with zero surprises.


Oranum has a particular currency that is unique to its psychic services. You can only use Coins to pay for a personalized reading or a call with an advisor. There are several Coin packages you can purchase on a verified payment system. This currency makes the billing process a lot easier plus; you can get free Coins when you perform specific activities. Oranum is also one of the few psychic services that send you a full transcript of your reading.

To make your online psychic reading fun and distinct, Oranum lets you send surprises to your advisor during the reading. All you need to do is click on the Surprise icon for a range of gifts to pop up. This feature lets you express yourself and your gratitude during the consultation, nourishing your relationship with your psychic. You can also ask Oranum psychics to perform special requests in the form of Yes or No games and ‘Pick a Card.’ If you want to stay updated on your favorite psychic, you can view their Stories and get daily updates.


  • Free videos
  • Expert psychic subscription service
  • Premium videos
  • Easy and effective payment method


  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • No confirmation of psychic credentials

Customer Reviews

Oranum does not display the customer reviews on the psychics on the website. There is no obvious way to decipher how customers feel about the services they receive from Oranum. You can use the list formulated by Oranum members that rank the psychics to decide each psychic’s credibility.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Psychic

  • Psychic Reader Credibility

Many online psychic reading services do not adequately assess or vet the psychics that they hire. Therefore, you must locate and confirm your chosen psychic’s certifications before reading to prevent disappointment. You should avoid anyone who claims to have ‘superhuman’ skills as they are likely unqualified. It’s a good idea to request answers to personal questions before the reading. If you aren’t impressed with the response, you can opt-out. Doing this helps you determine whether the psychic is credible or not.

  • Identify the Type of Reading You Need

The most crucial aspect of requesting an online consultation is deciding the type of psychic reading you want. There are a plethora of psychic readings, each focusing on various life aspects, and none are the same. All readings can be done over the phone, via video call, and by text. You choose the communication platform that works for you, then find a compatible service with the reading type you want.

  • Customer Testimonials

When it comes to online psychic readings, reliable customer reviews should be your best friend. Being thorough is probably the most effective way to find some of the best psychics online. You must pay attention to details in the testimonials, the timestamps, and whether verified members wrote them. If possible, check for recurring comments made by the duplicate accounts, as these might be pre-scheduled and disingenuous. Read through both the positive and negative comments; if there is no negative feedback, take this as a red flag.

  • Pricing

Another fundamental factor to consider is the rates of service. Most online psychic advisors set their rates; therefore, knowing when you’re being ripped off can be challenging. The range for most psychics is between $1 and $20 per minute. So, if you find yourself paying more or if the rate deviates significantly from the average, you should reconsider. It is always good practice to compare the different rates across various websites and measure them against the customer testimonials.

  • Trial Reading Minutes

Multiple online psychic reading websites offer free minutes to new members to test out their chosen psychic. The average free time is three minutes; however, some services may offer as long as ten minutes. These free minutes may come with discounted pricing, so you can get a satisfactory service without spending too much. Policies differ but most allow you to terminate before the trial minutes finish should you not want to spend money. A free minute policy is something to bear in mind and consider when choosing an online psychic service.

  • Platforms of Contact

There are three forms of contact available for online services: phone calls, video calls, and live chat. Therefore, a good online psychic reading service will offer at least two or three to suit every customer’s needs. Some proficient services provide you with a mailbox option to send questions to your psychic via email. The psychic will then answer your questions and send them to you for analysis and possible follow-up curiosity. Before settling on a reading service, confirm that they offer the communication medium you are comfortable with.

  • Satisfaction Guarantees and Psychic Reputation

The psychic reading practice has been around for thousands of years, so you should choose a provider with experienced advisors. Your chosen company should have a sturdy reputation amongst its users and a satisfaction guarantee. A satisfaction guarantee ensures that the service you receive matches your expectations and, if not, you will be compensated. Compensation may not always be monetary; it could be bonus reading minutes or free psychic reading. Trustworthy psychic services will leave ample room for you to express your dissatisfaction with the service should you require it.

Online VS Offline Psychics

Like many other online services, free psychic reading online offers you guidance and perspective from the comfort of your home. An internet-based psychic service is convenient and does not require a complicated setup process, plus the reading can be immediate. Online readings can help you maintain anonymity should you not desire a potentially uncomfortable face-to-face encounter.

Online readings are available at any time of the day, which isn’t an available option for offline readings. Offline sessions have many constraints and factors to consider, such as transport arrangements and operating hours. Offline psychics have set hours and don’t operate outside these; online psychics are flexible and can adjust operating hours.

With online psychic readings, you have more control over how your reading goes, and you can receive multiple discounts. You also have an expansive catalog to choose from because most online psychic services offer a community of psychics. You can browse through different advisors to find your perfect fit at no additional cost. When browsing for a psychic, you can see reviews and ratings, which simplifies the vetting process.

FAQs Regarding Tarot Readings

1. How do I prepare for online psychic reading?

Firstly, you must know what type of psychic reading you want. Various psychic readings exist; some include tarot reading, numerology, fortune-telling, and divination. Therefore, you must do adequate research before your session and decide on the reading you want. Once you have selected, you can know what kind of psychic to approach and what questions you should ask. You must also choose a preferred form of communication and find a reliable service site.

2. What can I expect from an online psychic reading?

You must go into a consultation with an open mind and realistic expectations to prevent disappointment. It also helps to study precisely what psychics do; they are not a quick solution to all your problems. Psychics provide insight and direction, so the reading won’t solve every concern you have. Not every reading will be 100% accurate or straightforward regardless of the advisor’s abilities; you can expect hints and glimpses.

3. What should I look for in a psychic?

Each advisor has a specific set of abilities and expertise; their levels of importance are dictated by their relevance to your case. To know what type of psychic you need, you should know what kind of reading you want. From there, you can decide on your preferred psychic’s expertise. To learn how qualified a psychic is and if they are credible, survey the comments and feedback thoroughly.

4. Do all psychic provider websites offer free minutes to new customers?

No, but a large number of them do. Companies offer these to give you a chance to get to know your psychic without the finance-induced rush. You can use these three minutes to decide if the advisor you picked is the right one for you.

5. What is the best time to seek an online psychic’s help?

Whenever you feel like consulting a psychic, you can; you don’t have to be facing a dilemma or unanswered questions. Most people feel the need to seek psychic help when facing difficulties in relationships, work, or finances. Readings may also affirm your decision to venture into a new field or pursue a new path.

Conclusion: Trusted Fortune Teller For Most Accurate Reading

Seeking psychic guidance is one of the many ways to gain clarity and seek advice in life. You can think of online psychic reading sites as the first step to getting answers to some life-related questions you have. The multiple types of online physic readings result in even more online psychic service providers. Therefore, it is fundamental that you discern the credible service providers from the untrustworthy.

Keep your eye out for free minutes, unique features, and special promotions when narrowing down your options. Credible websites will have a visible and valid customer feedback section on their site and ratings provided by customers. To ensure you get the most out of your reading, prepare for it by doing ample research. Doing research also ensures you are less subject to scams by disingenuous psychic service providers.

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