Best Online Payday Loans: Top 4 Lenders For Cash Advances & Instant Approval With No Credit Check | Get Direct Lender For SameDay Loans | Best Payday Loans For Fast Cash In 2022

Why online payday loans? The pandemic had a catastrophic impact on the economy. Many people lost their livelihood as a result. They burned through their emergency savings just to survive. The economy is starting to recover. Yet, people have limited options to get back on their feet. It’s still a long way out of this dark tunnel.

The economic meltdown hit everybody worse than a tornado. The government sent stimulus check payments and financial support. People living paycheck to paycheck felt the pressure most. It’s like getting caught in a vicious storm without shelter.

Without a steady income, even paying for groceries became a financial challenge. Electricity, gas, and car bills don’t wait. Somebody must pay the mortgage, rent, school, and the list goes on.

The wealthy managed to stay afloat, but others didn’t have an emergency fund in place. Some people found refuge in online payday loans. These are short-term loans that borrowers can pay from their monthly salary. In reality, it’s not the ideal solution for a financial setback of this degree. Still, it helped many people put food on the table and pay urgent bills.

Online payday loans help people overcome financial strain. Borrowers who rely on these loans can get them online and repay them over time. It’s a sure-fire way to achieve some financial stability in a world gone mad. Everything is becoming more digital, so the brick-and-mortar lenders moved online too.

Borrowers can save themselves the “back and forth visit” to the lender’s shop. After that, they follow the terms of the agreement to pay the loan in full. These borrowers can’t afford to miss a payment. Instead, they can receive the loan in their bank account. Thus, they plan even before sending the request online.

If you’re one of those pandemic victims left to fend off for yourself and your family, this article is for you. We’ll introduce you to several online payday loans marketplaces in the next few minutes. These platforms will help you request and apply for a payday loan. So, if you want to learn more, stay with us. We can assist you with quick online installment loans or a line of credit for financial emergencies.

We have some good news for you. Whether you need quick cash for an emergency or vacation, a payday loan might be a good choice for you. Sometimes, you want a quick fix to move on with your life. A payday loan offers that and more.

4 Best Payday Loan Lending Companies 2022:

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Lender For Online Payday Loans, Editor’s Choice
  2. BadCreditLoans – Best For Bad Credit Borrowers With Guaranteed Approval
  3. CashUSA – Best For Bad Credit & Emergency Cash Advances
  4. PersonalLoans – Best Network Platform For Personal Loan Lenders

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Lender For Online Payday Loans, Editor’s Choice


MoneyMutual is the most established online lending platform in Las Vegas. Both local and national borrowers seek MoneyMutual for speedy online payday loans. They consider it the best financial resource they can rely on in times of need. Several online customer reviews praise fast, courteous, and considerate service.

The company handles connecting its users to licensed lenders around the nation. It’s also a member of prestigious financial institutions. Furthermore, a professional customer service team helps borrowers get their loans fast. The platform complies with the most recent guidelines and codes, making it the safest to use.

Through MoneyMutual, borrowers can borrow up to $5,000 in cash. Users with a low credit score can still apply for a $200 loan. It acts as a bridge between borrowers and lenders. So, people who need an online payday loan will get free access to a web of lenders. They can shop for low-interest loans with reasonable terms as well.

The loan request process is simple. Users can send their information online. Then, MoneyMutual distributes the request through its lending networks. After that, users start to get loan offers based on their situation. It has never been simpler to get approval for an online payday loan.


  • Low Qualification: MoneyMutual offers a simple loan request process. Borrowers don’t have to meet impossible requirements to apply for a loan. Anyone could be eligible for a loan with the lowest requirements in the industry. Unlike traditional banks, MoneyMutual is much faster to approve.
  • No Credit Check: Users with low credit scores can still apply for online payday loans. Lenders on MoneyMutual use criteria other than a credit score to qualify borrowers. Likewise, bad-credit borrowers can apply for a loan without harming their credit score.
  • Screened Lenders: MoneyMutual takes care of allowing only trusted lenders its roster. Thus, the loan offers are more tailored to each user. Users could compare between lenders before accepting loan terms. So, lenders follow transparent practices to earn lenders’ trust.
  • Secure Website: MoneyMutual’s website puts in place best-of-class security technologies. So, it’s secured against frauds, identity theft, and leaks. Users can submit, encrypt, and store sensitive information in a high-security vault.
  • Informed Decisions: MoneyMutual users get free access to a wealth of information. For example, MoneyMutual gives users free financial tips and borrowing advice. It’s a complicated process by nature. So, the company equips users with the tools to make an informed decision.
  • No Down Payment: MoneyMutual is free to use for all borrowers. The loan request is free to submit, and users don’t have to pay any upfront fees to apply. Furthermore, lenders seldom ask for an origination fee. So, users can focus on loan repayments only.


  • Low credit score accepted
  • Tailored loan offers
  • $200-$5,000 online payday loans
  • Fast loan pre-approval
  • Easy qualification
  • Professional customer service
  • Regulated
  • Licensed lenders
  • Celebrity-endorsed
  • High-quality educational material


  • Restricted for borrowers in New York City
  • Loan amount change based on income level
  • Loan appraisal fees
  • Delayed loan terms
  • Proof of income

#2. BadCreditLoans – Best For Bad Credit Borrowers With Guaranteed Approval


As the name suggests, BadCreditLoans is the lending marketplace for bad-credit borrowers. Qualified borrowers may request online payday loans equal to $10,000. The company offers all the tools to make the process easy as pie. It also gives users access to more lenders without any fees. So, it has many positive online reviews from users with different needs.

All lenders on BadCreditLoans can offer fast, secure online payday loans. They meet strict legal standards to protect borrowers from fraud. Furthermore, they present affordable interest rates. So, borrowers can get their loans and pay them within the loan terms.

Furthermore, BadCreditLoans offer specialized financial services such as auto loans. It also provides loans to pay mortgages, student tuition, and business upgrades. Borrowers would find a loan for every situation. Thus, lenders have experience in helping people with all their financial needs.

The specialized lenders can also design their loan offers based on each customer. Borrowers can choose a loan that fits their situation. For example, a borrower looking for a payday loan for a vacation can find a lender to fit that need. It’s more convenient than getting a loan from general lenders.

All in all, BadCreditLoans offer all types of online payday loans under one roof. The company already did the heavy lifting by filtering lenders.


  • Customer-focused: BadCreditLoans put the customer first. The company focuses on improving customer experience in every way. It reflects on everything they do. For example, customers appreciate customer service for their excellent attention to detail.
  • Variety Of Options: BadCreditLoans also offers a variety of financial products to borrowers. Borrowers get more choices with more lenders and loan offers. More options let borrowers be picky about what they accept.
  • Online Application: Users can use BadCreditLoans online. They can request a loan, agree on terms, and transfer money to their bank account. So, there’s no need to drive for miles from home to the lender’s shop to the bank. Everything is through a secure digital environment that lets users do it from home or office.
  • Extended Loan Duration: Customers can get short-term online payday loans. Still, they can pay them at their pace as they build financial stability. Some lenders may even cancel the penalty in the loan terms. So, borrowers can pay their loans in years.
  • Tribal Lenders: BadCreditLoans will also connect borrowers with tribal lenders. They offer more generous loan amounts, and they’re more community-friendly. Thus, tribal lenders are a better option for borrowers from minority groups.
  • Credit Cards: BadCreditLoans offer prepaid, secured credit cards and debit cards products. Users can use these credit cards to pay off their debt and improve their credit score as a result. It’s another way to get out of debt for borrowers.


  • Affordable interest rates for online payday loans
  • Excellent customer service
  • Many loan options
  • Community lenders
  • Secure application processing
  • Hand-picked lenders
  • A national network of lenders
  • Large loans up to $10,000
  • Scam-protection


  • Compound interest accumulate fast
  • High interests in small loans

#3. CashUSA – Best For Bad Credit & Emergency Cash Advances


CashUSA is a Las Vegas-based online lending marketplace for online payday loans. It allows borrowers to request and get loan offers online. The company’s services are free to use, and the process takes less than 15 minutes. Furthermore, it complies with statewide lending laws.

Lenders on CashUSA will offer their loan offers based on a bidding system. So, borrowers receive highly targeted loan offers to their loan requests. It also allows lenders and borrowers to agree on fair loan terms faster. Furthermore, borrowers may receive loan offers with an interest rate as low as 5.99%. They can also repay that loan for up to 72 months.

With CashUSA, borrowers may borrow small $500 and large $10,000 loans. Approved borrowers can also get obligation-free loan offers from lenders. That way, they get to select the best loan before they sign the loan agreement.

CashUSA will help borrowers get access to trusted lenders all around America. Borrowers can also find credit repair, debt consolidation, and wealth management services. So, users get free access to this network from the privacy of their homes.


  • No Collateral: CashUSA lenders can provide unsecured online payday loans. It means borrowers don’t need to use their home or car to guarantee repayment. Lenders can’t seize and sell prized possessions from the borrowers. So, the risk is minimal.
  • Wide Distribution: CashUSA sends the borrower’s loan request to many lenders at once. In effect, the loan request will reach many more lenders. Then, these lenders can make loan offers, and the borrowers can take the best for them. With the loan request in front of many lenders, borrowers improve their chances.
  • Automated Lending: While CashUSA isn’t a lender, it connects borrowers to lenders fast. The company offers an effortless process for borrowers to request a loan. So, users don’t need to search and approach lenders. Instead, lenders would qualify borrowers and send their best offers.
  • User-Driven Platform: CashUSA users drive the process from beginning to end. It takes a few minutes to prepare and submit the loan proposal. Next, they can wait for the loan offers to come to their inbox. So, users don’t have to meet lenders in person.
  • Non-discriminatory Lenders: Lenders on CashUSA can’t discriminate against borrowers. Users can even sue lenders in case of discrimination. So, borrowers from different backgrounds have equal opportunities to get online payday loans. Regardless of ethnicity, race, or religion, borrowers have rights.
  • Transparency: When users use CashUSA, they can be sure they’re safe. The company is clear about its terms and conditions. They offer protection by hiding users’ financial information from lenders. So, lenders can only contact borrowers without access to other information.


  • Moderate interest rates
  • Payments in months or years
  • Risk-free application
  • Low requirements
  • Big loan amounts
  • Friendly loan terms
  • Convenient platform
  • Direct bank deposit
  • Experienced lenders
  • A bad credit score allowed


  • Bidding system for lenders
  • Low-income loans unavailable
  • A large volume of advertising
  • A bank account is a must
  • High loan fees
  • Employment duration proof required

#4. PersonalLoans – Best Network Platform For Personal Loan Lenders


PersonalLoans is a Utah-based lending network serving borrowers nationwide. It’s a member of several financial institutions that earn the trust of borrowers everywhere. It helps borrowers find online payday loans from legitimate lenders. Furthermore, the company offers a secure connection that aids users stay safe online. There are no hidden fees with PersonalLoans, and their loan request process is simple.

Borrowers looking to apply for online payday loans are in safe hands with PersonalLoans. The process is simple, fast, and secure through the website. Thus, users can get loans without doing tons of work. People can also find a variety of financial products with PersonalLoans. The company offers home improvement loans, debt consolidation, and bad credit loans.

Moreover, PersonalLoans uses state-of-the-art technologies to streamline their online payday loan services. It doesn’t charge users for using the service either. With PersonalLoans, the interest rate ranges are within reach for borrowers with different income levels. All it takes is to send a loan request. PersonalLoans find lenders and connect them with users.

In conclusion, PersonalLoans is one of the most reputable lending marketplaces. It’s also one of the safest to get payday loans that accept bad-credit borrowers.


  • Direct Payday Lenders: With PersonalLoans, borrowers can work with direct lenders. They can negotiate the loan terms with the lenders without a mediator. The company doesn’t interfere between borrowers and lenders. So, they have the freedom they need to reach a mutual agreement.
  • Next-day Loans: Borrowers in a hurry can get next-day payday loans. Furthermore, they can get a same-day payday loan. Some lenders can even approve a loan in one hour. The speedy loan request and approval make borrowers love and trust PersonalLoans.
  • Limited APR: Borrowers with a low income can enjoy capped APRs. It means the loan payment schedule won’t get out of control. Thus, they can plan their loan from start to finish. Furthermore, borrowers can see the APR before they sign the agreement. That way, they can have a realistic loan repayment plan.
  • No Paperwork: PersonalLoans offer a digital process for users who hate paperwork with a passion. From requesting a loan to getting loan approval, it’s all digital. Furthermore, users can scan and digitize their documents and send them online. So, they can enjoy the benefits of a paperless process.
  • Low Credit Payday Loans: Borrowers with a low credit score can still apply. Most lenders on PersonalLoans can help low credit score users get online payday loans. Moreover, users with bad credit scores can request a loan and get approval the same day.
  • OLA-member: PersonalLoans is an OLA-approved lending platform. It means the company follows federal laws. Thus, customers have protection against frauds, scams, and predatory lending practices.


  • Large loan sizes up to $35,000
  • Transparent loan terms
  • A digital loan request process
  • Easy qualification
  • Few loan limitations
  • Same-day bank deposit
  • Variety of loan products
  • Risk-free
  • Affordable monthly loan repayments


  • Lenders may charge an origination fee
  • Loan terms vary between states
  • High credit score for big loan size
  • Lenders might ask for more information

How We Made This List When Searching For Online Payday Loans?

When loan seekers have little time and the dire need for money, they take the first offer they get. They often do a little research before they sign the agreement. That pressing, urgent need is the primary reason borrowers get in trouble. Predatory lenders know it well, so they take advantage of their customers. Thus, borrowers only borrow from lenders they know and trust.

With borrowers’ safety in mind, we set out to build a list of lending networks. These platforms open the door for finding trustworthy lenders. That way, borrowers can get several loan offers from many lenders. After that, borrowers can compare between lenders and choose a suitable offer.

So, we made this list by reviewing several lending platforms to find the best of them.

What We Looked For

We applied several qualitative and quantitative research methods to filter our list. Those factors look beyond popularity to justify why these companies are different. So, at each step of the way, we cut down average platforms in favor of the most trusted ones. Finally, we could make this list possible by looking for industry-specific benchmarks.

  • No Credit Score Qualification: Most banks run a credit check for a loan. We ensured lenders on these platforms have low credit score requirements. So, borrowers with low credit scores can request a loan without worry.
  • Fair Agreement Terms: We also made a point the lenders will offer reasonable loan terms. That way, users can repay the loan without trouble. These aren’t predatory lenders that take advantage of the situation.
  • Licensed: We checked for licensed lenders. Licensed lenders can help borrowers within the limits of the law. Borrowers can pursue legal action if they feel the lender is playing games.
  • 24-Hour funding: Online payday lenders will approve loan requests fast. It’s vital to get loan approval within 24 hours in an emergency. We verified that lenders would follow their promises as well.
  • Privacy: Borrowing is a sensitive issue. Thus, we confirmed that lending platforms and lenders would protect users’ privacy. So, people can borrow and repay in private.
  • Convenience: Lending platforms are easy to use. They make the loan request process accessible to all. Borrowers should find the platform easy to use and find information straightway. We made sure of that.
  • Low-Interest Rate: It’s not always possible with online payday loans. Still, we did our best to find the lending platforms that offer the lowest interest rates in the industry.

Buying Guide To Online Payday Loans

Online payday loans borrowers should be realistic about their expectations. Financial planning can save people from late payments, penalties, and loan default. The crucial factors to consider are the loan size and duration. Plus, the interest rate that a borrower should pay. Calculating these factors will give borrowers a realistic loan repayment strategy.

Furthermore, there’s no way around reviewing loan terms. Borrowers can and should understand their loan agreement before they sign it. They can ask the lender for clarification as well. Plus, they should negotiate the loan terms to the best of their ability. Next, here are some other factors that borrowers should consider:

  • Joint Loan

Borrowers can get a large loan if they have a low credit score. They can enlist the help of a good credit score family member or business partner as a co-signer. Co-signers share similar responsibilities of on-time payments. So, two or more people could join forces and get a large loan, split it, and pay it together. Still, the lender must agree to this arrangement.

  • Economic Stability

Like other industries, the lending industry is subject to the ups and downs of the economy. Thereby, borrowers should choose a fixed interest rate payday loan when possible. As a result, they can prepare in advance to pay their loan repayments on time. Even if the circumstances change, they can still follow the promises to repay the loan amount. Lenders on lending marketplaces will offer these fixed interest rate payday loans.

  • Credit Repair

Payday loan borrowers can hire a credit repair company to fix their credit scores. That way, they can get a large loan from the lenders. It’s because a high credit score is a sign of financial stability. Borrowers can even request a free credit report and look for ways to improve their credit score. Some information might be wrong. It’s also free to dispute credit score errors and fix them in 30 days.

  • Loan Size And Duration Balance

Borrowers should be careful not to borrow more than they can repay. The longer a borrower pays for a loan, the more interest will accumulate. For example, a 12-month $1,000 loan is cheaper to repay than a 24-month with the same amount. In mind, lenders can offer automatic bank withdrawals to pay the loan faster. In the long run, borrowing one big loan can be cheaper than borrowing several small loans. By contrast, smaller loans may be best in specific situations.

  • Avoiding Scams

Borrowers should be cautious with unlicensed lenders. These scammers might call the borrower and offer a loan. Then, they ask borrowers to send them gift cards to get loan approval. Since gift cards are untraceable, scammers can get away with the money. It’s rare to get the money back in these cases.

According to FTC guidelines, nobody can guarantee that borrowers will get a loan if they pay first. Loan appraisal and origination fees are legitimate, but upfront costs aren’t. Take note of how most marketplaces don’t request any fees to apply for a loan through them.

FAQs regarding Online Payday Loans

  • Are there any legitimate online payday loans?

MoneyMutual lets users get legitimate online payday loans. It’s the most recommended lending platform on our list. It helped two million nationwide borrowers to get payday loans for well over two decades.

It also provides users with a streamlined loan request they can submit in five minutes. Furthermore, MoneyMutual lenders can lend up to $5,000. These lenders are pre-screened by a professional team at the company. So, users get to find hundreds of lenders around the country with a simple, free application. Lenders are also fast to approve and deposit the loan amount to the borrower’s bank account.

  • Can online payday loans take me to court?

Lender or debt collection agencies can take you to court if you default on your loan. Furthermore, they may sue you for late loan payments and agreement violations. Yet, online payday loans can’t put borrowers in jail. In practice, lenders prefer to negotiate with borrowers due to the high legal fees.

Nonetheless, if a lender sues you, you must show up at court to defend your case. Often, lending partners count on your absence to get a favorable verdict. Plus, you can usually make a new, better agreement through the court.

  • Will online payday loans garnish my wages?

Lenders can’t garnish your wages without a court order. If you don’t show up or lose the case, the court will order your employer to garnish your wages. Furthermore, lenders can garnish your bank account as well. The limits will vary from state to state. In general, social security, veteran, and disability benefits are exempt from garnishment. So, don’t fall for intimidation and threatening tactics. Lenders and debt collectors can’t take all your wages by law.

  • How do online payday loans work?

Borrowers use lending marketplaces to find online payday loan lenders. First, they need to make sure they qualify to request a loan. Next, they work on meeting the lender’s requirements. It’s proof of US citizenship. The documents could be a Social Security Number, driver’s license, or passport. Borrowers must also provide proof of income, age, and employment.

Furthermore, borrowers need to provide valid addresses, email, and contact information. If they wish to receive the loan amount, they’ll need a checking bank account. The borrower submits their application, and the lending platform forwards it to lenders. After that, lenders send their loan offers to borrowers. If the borrower chooses a loan offer, they move on to negotiation or direct agreement.

The lender sends the money to the borrower’s bank account with the agreement in place. After 30 days, the borrower starts to repay the loan through the agreed payment method. The borrower and the lender relationship ends when the borrower pays back the loan in full.

  • Do online payday loans report to credit bureaus?

Online payday loan lenders usually don’t check credit scores or credit reports. Likewise, they don’t mention timely payments to the three primary credit bureaus. They also may not report a payday loan history to the credit companies. When a borrower defaults on a loan, it becomes a debt and affects the credit score. In that case, the lender or debt collector may report it to the credit bureaus. Thus, the loan eligibility is friendlier than banks and credit unions.

The other case is when the lender takes a defaulted loan case to court. The debt will also appear on the credit report if the borrower loses the case. The borrower’s chance to get future payday loans will also decrease. Still, it’s possible to find payday lenders that report timely payments. Borrowers can include an item in the agreement that states this condition. That’s why it’s crucial to use reputable lending platforms to find a high-caliber lender.

  • How do I choose an online payday loan?

When a borrower applies for a loan, the lenders look at the application first. Payday loan lenders consider proof of income, employment history, and past paychecks. They can also do a “soft” credit score pull that doesn’t affect credit score. Each lender asks for different information based on their requirements. So, borrowers can get fair loan terms that work for them.

In contrast, borrowers can also study the loan offer before taking it. They can also research the lending company by looking for customer reviews. Furthermore, they can look into licenses, awards, and memberships in financial organizations. Many lenders have dedicated customer service that helps answer borrowers’ questions too.

  • How speedy are online payday loans?

Online payday loans are a last resort deal for people in an emergency. So, they’re also faster to get than most other loans. If a borrower acts fast, they can get their payday loan the same day, even in a few hours from applying. They can also get it the next business day. Submitting a loan request with a lending platform takes a few minutes. After a few hours, the application will reach lenders, and they’ll send loan offers.

After that, the borrower can examine the loan terms and approve them within a few hours. The lender might also take an hour or two to transfer the cash. So, it’s realistic to expect that a borrower could receive a payday loan in less than 24 hours. Since it’s a digital process, it shouldn’t take more than that. Of course, borrowers can take their time to research the lender and look into the loan terms.

Conclusion: Are These the Safest Platforms to Get a Payday Loan?

Everyone faces financial challenges now and then. In trying times, it’s a lot of drama, and there aren’t many options. If you have fallen into a financial setback, online payday loans can help you. They’re not the best option. However, they still offer a way out of financial trouble.

While payday loans can save the day, they’re a long commitment. Prepare to pay them for months to come. It may cause another financial strain on borrowers. It’s a thin line you’re walking, and you have our sympathy.

That’s why we ask you to consider online payday loans as a last resort. Think about them after you’ve exhausted all your options. We can’t stress this enough; you’ll be paying the loan for a long time. Plus, you’ll pay interest on top of the original loan size.

On the bright side, these loans can propel you forward to take more care of your finances. They can help you pay off urgent bills, debts, or car repairs. So, once you’re out of these debts, try to keep out of them.

Think of it as a bad dream that will soon be over. Keep working on paying off your payday loan. Once you finish, push yourself to learn more about mastering your finances. In conclusion, this is your stepping stone to financial freedom.

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