Best No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval In 2022: Top Direct Lenders Of Online Personal Loans For Bad Credit

When in a hurry and in need of money fast, we tend to make mistakes, such as applying for loans online without thinking of the consequences. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with applying online. However, many things can go wrong if we don’t choose a proper lending platform, including hard credit inquiries that will damage our credit scores even more.

If you want to avoid those hard pulls but need money as soon as possible, you need a reliable loan service. There, you can find lenders willing to give you no credit check loans online and save yourself the trouble of repairing your credit.

We found excellent no credit check loan lending platforms and reviewed them, hoping that we’ll help you find the most suitable one. Let’s check them out!

Top No Credit Check Loans For Fast Cash

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best No Credit Check Loans Online; Editor’s Pick
  2. BadCreditLoans.com – Top Rated Lenders Of Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval
  3. Radcred – Most Popular Loan Company For Instant Cash Advance
  4. CashUSA.com – Trusted Fast Loans & No Credit Check Personal Loans
  5. Personal Loans: Reliable Personal Loans For Bad Credit With Current Mortgage Rates

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best No Credit Check Loans Online; Editor’s Pick


Platform overview

With more than ten years of experience, MoneyMutual is one of the best lending platforms where you can obtain a loan with bad credit. Besides convenient and safe loan forms, the company joins forces with numerous lenders that may give you a loan even without checking your credit history, thus, not hurting your credit score.

This platform was established after the founders spent time analyzing the economic abilities of the people. After seeing negative results that show every 4 in 10 Americans doesn’t have money on the side, not even $400 to cover an emergency expense, the founders decided to open and develop this online lending marketplace.

Today, MoneyMutual is a one-stop loan platform known for its quick service, friendly support team, straightforward loan form, and vast network of credible and reliable lenders. The best feature, though, is that MoneyMutual doesn’t request extremely high eligibility criteria and collaborates with lenders that may give loans even with bad credit.


Eligibility criteria

As we said in the overview, MoneyMutual is a suitable lending platform even for those with low or bad credit scores. Unlike many other companies with numerous eligibility criteria, you don’t have to worry about applying here because you’ll most likely qualify.

That’s because MoneyMutual has standard rules typically required for loan applications. However, remember that we’re discussing the platform’s criteria here. This means that even if you comply with those rules, you still may not receive a loan offer because the lenders may have additional standards.

So, in order to be able to send a loan request through this platform, you have to be at least 18 years old. Otherwise, the company won’t offer you its services. In fact, you won’t even be able to send the application without submitting proof of your age. This is not unexpected, given that no lender or bank collaborates with people younger than 18.

Furthermore, along with proof of your age, you’ll have to submit evidence that you’re a US citizen or have permanent residency permission. That’s because MoneyMutual offers services only within the US and only for US clients.

Other requirements include evidence of your monthly income. The company accepts requests from people that are employed, self-employed, or receive social security benefits. However, regardless of your situation, you have to make or receive at least $800 to qualify.


Through MoneyMutual, you can find lenders that offer one or more financial products. Therefore, you may qualify for installment loans, personal loans, cash advance loans, payday advances, short-term loans, lines of credit, auto loans, and others.

The company collaborates with credible lenders willing to send offers even to those with bad credit at reasonable terms as long as the borrowers comply with the lenders’ criteria. Usually, the lenders found in the company’s network offer loans from $100 to $5.000.

Unfortunately, MoneyMutual can’t guarantee loan approval, given that the company is not a direct lender. Also, it can’t advertise or provide information about the actual loan terms, rates, fees, or APRs. While the site has more positive features than negative, not providing possible loan terms bothers some clients. However, it’s understandable why MoneyMutual doesn’t make any claims.

Loan form

Besides offering an educational blog, connections with credible lenders, and a friendly support team, MoneyMutual’s best feature is its loan form. The company has developed a comprehensive yet straightforward loan form where you can enter all data required for sending a loan request.

The form is the company’s strongest feature because it doesn’t take much time to complete, and it’s very clear. Thus, applicants won’t get confused with the questions and will submit their applications in less than 10 minutes.

After receiving your loan request, the platform will quickly review it to see if you’re eligible according to its criteria and will search for a suitable lender within its lender network. The lenders will review your information and check whether you comply with their standards. If they decide to work with you, you may receive an offer within minutes after submitting the form.

According to the customer reviews, many clients received loan offers within 15 to 30 minutes after sending the loan request. Those who managed to make a deal with a lender received their money as soon as the next working day. That’s why MoneyMutual has more than two million (and counting) clients.


  • A user-friendly platform
  • Vast lender network
  • Secure and protected site
  • Loans with bad credit
  • An easy-to-fill loan form


  • Not available for applicants in some states

=> click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans.com – Top Rated Lenders Of Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval


Platform overview

If you have a bad credit history, the last thing you need is a hard pull on your credit score. Unfortunately, many lenders do these activities before sending you a loan offer to check your financial habits and ability to repay the money.

However, your hope to find a lender is not all lost. BadCreditLoans.com may connect you with a lender that may give you no credit check loans even if your credit score is not so bright. That’s because the platform collaborates with numerous state and tribal lenders, and thus, the chances for borrowers to find suitable lenders are bigger.

The founders started their business in 1998, and ever since, they have successfully expanded both of their networks: the one with the lenders and the other with satisfied clients. So many people choose BadCreditLoans over other lending services because the platform offers fast services. The clients usually receive answers within minutes after applying.


Eligibility criteria

You don’t need a perfect credit score to apply for a loan on this lending platform. BadCreditLoans.com serves people with various monthly payments abilities, monthly incomes, and credit histories. However, you have to remember that with bad credit, you may not receive as favorable offers as with a better score. Of course, that depends on the lenders’ criteria.

But, before going any further and finding out what your lender requests, you have to comply with several criteria set by the lending platform. You’ll notice later in our article that all platforms have similar eligibility criteria. However, we have found companies with the lowest requirements so that you qualify regardless of your current situation.

To get back on BadCreditLoans.com – the platform accepts loan requests from US citizens or permanent residents. So, if you are from outside of the US, you can’t apply for a loan. Also, you have to be at least 18 years old to send a request.

The company may help you find a suitable lender only if you have a regular monthly income. So, you have to be employed, self-employed, or receive social security or disability benefits. We couldn’t find information about whether there is a minimum income required.


Through this platform, you can request loans for multiple purposes. Whether you need a personal, business, student, home, mortgage loan, or money for credit cards, BadCreditLoans may connect you with lenders that offer loans from $100 to $10.000.

As with the other online lending marketplaces in our article, BadCreditLoans.com isn’t a direct lender. Therefore, the company can’t advertise or claim the loan terms you’ll receive. The terms depend solely on the lender, and your history, credit, financial habits, income, and other factors, such as why you need the money and how long you have a job.

However, the company is so confident about its network of lenders and their credibility that it can give its clients the big picture about the conditions they may receive. According to the website, the platform collaborates with lenders that usually give loans with 5.99% to 35.99% APRs.

Additionally, the company says that you may receive a loan with a loan term from 90 days to 72 months. Again, the conditions vary from lender to lender, and you should read the loan offer before accepting it.

Loan form

BadCreditLoans.comhas multiple excellent features. One of those that we think that applicants will most appreciate is the company’s loan form. If you’re tired of going from a bank to a bank every day, this platform is suitable for you. You’ll need around ten minutes to enter the personal and financial information required by the platform and send the request.

The form is straightforward, and doesn’t have an endless list of questions. Moreover, the company has numerous shortcuts that can connect you to customer service if you have any difficulties with the application.

After submitting your request, the company will review it, and if you’re eligible, it will send your form to its lenders’ network. Your form will be reviewed again, only this time by the lenders. If some lender wants to work with you, they will send you an offer. Of course, you’re not obligated to accept anything if you don’t like the conditions.


  • Convenient website
  • A huge network of state and tribal lenders
  • Encryption technology
  • Installment Loans with bad credit
  • A hassle-free loan form


  • Some clients with credit scores lower than 500 couldn’t get more than $1.000

=> click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. RadCred – Most Popular Loan Company For Instant Cash Advance


Platform overview

This is another excellent lending platform with more than 20 years of experience. Radcred was founded in 1998 with the goal of providing a secure and comfortable online space where borrowers and potential loan providers can meet. Luckily, the founders have found the right formula to establish a convenient platform and maintain its high-quality service for people in need of quick cash.

Today, this Houston-based company is one of the most visited and reviewed lending services in the US. With more than 580.000 monthly visits to its website and thousands of satisfied clients, Radcred is one of the best matchmakers for loan-related products.


Eligibility criteria

Given that the company has operated for years, we’re not surprised that it has higher loan requirements than some other platforms. We believe that its criteria come from the experience that resulted in higher standards in the company’s lender and client’s network.

We think that over the years, Radcred had time to establish its rules and codex, which led to collaboration with credible loan providers. Thus, the company had to raise the standards required from the borrowers in order to make a balance in both networks.

Like the case of the other platforms, Radcred serves only Americans of age or those who are permanent residents. To confirm your age and residency status, you’ll have to enter a valid social security number (SSN) and ID or driver’s license.

When it comes to your repayment ability, you’ll have to submit evidence of your monthly income. To be eligible for a loan, you have to be self-employed, employed, or receive social security or disability benefits.

Even though the page that contains the requirements list doesn’t have an exact number of minimum monthly income you need to have, we found other information further below. The company has listed three loan types that you may request, and all of them have a minimum income requirement of at least $2.000. We’ll not make any claims regarding the monthly income, but we’ll remind you to read the offer before accepting it carefully.


Radcred collaborates with many lenders that can offer you multiple loan types. Depending on your needs, you can request payday loans, money for home improvement, debt consolidation, emergency expenses, credit repair, credit relief, personal loans with bad credit, etc.

In this lending company, you can request a loan from $1.000 up to $35.000. Of course, these numbers can vary because you may find a lender that is willing to give you more if you meet their requirements.

When it comes to loan fees, Radcred can’t make any claims and guarantees because it’s not a direct lender, and it doesn’t participate in making any decisions. However, the platform can inform its clients that the lenders in its network and the other lending partners usually give loans with APRs from 5.99% to 35.99%.

Additionally, the loans have repayment terms with a duration from 90 days to 72 months. Still, you’ll have to arrange the loan repayment schedule with your lender. The same goes for the installments amount, the fees, and the other loan-related conditions.

Loan form

Besides its industry-standard security system and the wide lenders’ network, we included Radcred in our article because it offers convenient online access to potential lenders. The platform is straightforward, and the loan form can be submitted within minutes.

For starters, you’ll have to enter information about yourself, including your first and last name. The company will also ask you how much money you would like to borrow, the loan type you’re interested in, and why you need it. Of course, you’ll have to add proof of your citizenship, age, and monthly income, as we said previously, to confirm that you’re eligible.

However, remember that Radcred has slightly higher loan criteria. Therefore, you’ll have to enter your finances and credit score information. The lenders may conduct a hard inquiry to check your repayment patterns or your financial habits that may affect your credit score.

After submitting your request, Radcred will review your form, and if you’re eligible, it will try to find you a suitable loan provider. From the customer reviews we have found, clients received loan offers shortly after sending the request. Those who have accepted the offers obtained the money within 24 hours of requesting (on business days).


  • A user-friendly website
  • A huge network of lenders and lending partners
  • Top-notch security and privacy
  • Convenient loan form


  • You shouldn’t have active or recent bankruptcies to be eligible
  • Higher loan requirements

=> click here to visit the official website of Radcred

#4. CashUSA.com – Trusted Fast Loans & No Credit Check Personal Loans


Platform overview

This lending platform is one of the best places for personal loans, where you may get instant loan approvals.CashUSA.com is a very popular and respected company because of its privacy policy and advanced security system that protects its clients’ personal and financial information.

This company is stationed in Las Vegas. Even though we know that it has operated for multiple years, its official website doesn’t offer much information about the founders and the exact date when the platform started to work.

However, we think that the years of experience don’t matter so much when it comes to CashUSA because the platform has a lot of satisfied customers. According to the reviews, clients are very pleased with the speed and quality of the services, the reliability of the lenders, and the helpful staff hired in the support team.


Eligibility criteria

When it comes to application requirements, CashUSA.com has a bit higher conditions than some other companies. In order to consider and review your loan request, you have to meet these requirements, but you have to remember that you may still not obtain a loan.

That’s because CashUSA is not a direct lender. It has established those criteria as a zero point from where your application will start. The lender that is willing to work with you may have additional criteria that you’ll have to meet to get a loan.

For starters, you have to be a US citizen or permanent resident of at least 18 years old to submit a loan request. To prove your citizenship and age, you’ll have to enter your SSN, driver’s license or ID, and the ZIP code.

When it comes to the money you earn each month, CashUSA collaborates with lenders with different requirements. However, the platform serves those with a minimum income of $1.000 per month. The loan provider may have higher requirements for minimum monthly income. Also, you’ll have to prove that you’re employed for at least 90 days.

As with the other platforms, you’ll also have to enter your home and work phone number, valid email address, and checking account in your name.


We feel obligated to repeat that the platforms we review here are not direct lenders or banks and don’t make any loan decisions. That’s also the case with CashUSA.com. Therefore, the platform can’t guarantee any approvals or claim the loan terms and fees.

However, the company collaborates with loan providers that usually give loans with APRs from 5.99% to 35.99%. Also, CashUSA.com collaborates with lenders that offer loans from $100 up to $10.000. When it comes to the loan term, you’ll be able to return the loan in installments between 90 days and 72 months. Of course, this may vary depending on the deal you’ll make with your lender.

CashUSA has another feature that can make your loan repayment even more convenient. You can arrange with your lender to withdraw funds from your checking account when your installment is due. Thus, you won’t have to go to a bank and deposit money to repay the loan.

Loan form

Again, we selected and reviewed a lending platform that doesn’t want to waste its clients’ time. This means that you’ll need no more than ten minutes to complete the loan form, where you’ll have to enter your personal and financial information.

The application contains three stages. In the first stage, you’ll have to enter basic information, such as how much money you need, why you need it, where you are from, and how old you are.

In the second stage, you’ll have to enter contact information. This is where you’ll write your phone number, email address, ZIP code, and home address. You’ll also have to enter employment information, identity, and bank information, such as driver’s license, state ID, SSN, and your checking account.

In the last step, the platform has added several questions so that the lender gets to know you better. These questions may affect your loan approval, but they also may not have any impact. For instance, you’ll have to enter your job title and your next payday date.

After submitting your form, the platform will check whether you meet the criteria and will send your request to the lenders in its network. According to the reviews, most of the clients received loan offers within minutes after applying.


  • Convenient
  • Comprehensive number of lenders
  • A bank-grade security
  • Straightforward loan form


  • You have to be employed for at least 90 days to apply for a loan.

=> click here to visit the official website of CashUSA.com

#5. Personal Loans – Reliable Personal Loans For Bad Credit With Current Mortgage Rates


Another valuable addition to the list of best no-credit-check loan providers is Personal Loans. It is a platform that allows borrowers to connect with suitable lenders quickly. Personal Loans are a savior for those in crisis. Moreover, the lending company ensures a safe and quick no-credit-check loan process.

The process is simple, and you have to fill out your contact information, bank account information, personal details, driver’s license information, and military service status. Moreover, you will also have to answer questions about the loan payment. Once the application process is complete, you will have your funds in the bank account within 24 hours.

A distinctive feature of Personal Loans is that if you cannot find a potential lender as per your requirements, it connects you with third-party lenders as well. This way, you can surely get out of a financial crisis, even with a poor credit score. You will provide your social security number and stable proof of income before applying for an emergency loan.

Other than that, as soon as your application is approved, you will be able to connect with various lenders. After the lenders have reviewed your applications, you will start getting offers. However, you are not obliged to accept the first offer, and instead, you can take some time to review the terms and conditions set by the lenders.

Moreover, the clients can also connect with local banks for bad credit loans. Even a score as low as 580 can allow you to obtain an emergency loan. However, keep in mind that the interest rates may be high. As soon as your application is approved, you can expect the funds in your bank account on the next working day.

Personal Loans offers a variety of loans such as payday loans, home projects, tax loans, student loans, fast credits, and debt consolidations. Moreover, you can also obtain personal installments and personal loans. The best part about Personal Loans is that it has a wide range of loan amounts, between $1000 to $35000. The repayment period can be as long as six months, but it also varies as per the borrowed amount.

The interest rate depends on your credit score and the amount of loan you borrow. Additionally, the firm requires you to be at least 18 years old before applying for a loan. The official site of Personal Loans has many guides to help you understand no credit check loans, budgeting, emergency loans, and tips on how to increase your credit card score.


  • Extensive Network of Lenders
  • No Penalties
  • Risk-Free
  • Quick Process


  • 5% origination fee
  • No same-day funding

Customer Experience

Personal Loans have been given an A+ by the Better Business Bureau, which makes the customer experience excellent. Not only that, but the lending company has fantastic reviews on TrustPilot as well, with a rating of 4.2/5.

The data protection and encryption at Personal Loans is remarkable, and customers have the assurance that their data is as safe as a tortoise under its shell. There are almost no negative remarks about Personal Loans.

Personal Loans offers a unique service to its customers.Customers love that the platform provides a wide variety of loans, which is helpful. Moreover, the repayment period is also flexible for the borrowers. Such features make Personal Loans stand out in the marketplace.

=> click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans

How We Made Our List Of Best No Credit Check Personal Loans:

Before we start with the reviews, we want to present to you the path we’ve been through to create this article, that is, the criteria we used to find the best no credit check loans lending platforms. While there are many online loan marketplaces, not every website is made equal. Thus, we had to analyze numerous companies to eliminate those that don’t provide quality services.

The criteria we used aren’t just a bunch of made-up rules. On the contrary, these are a mixture of industry standards and public opinion in the hope that we’ll find only the best platforms. So, here are some of the norms we followed:

Reputable loan services

The short term loan companies that we have selected have earned respect and appreciation from millions of clients and other credible third-party organizations. They have high ratings on multiple reviewing platforms and forums and have been featured and reviewed by notable research groups.

Additionally, these platforms have many years of experience. We considered their experience as an important factor because we wanted to present you with companies with already-established working principles.

Standard loan requirements

You already know that each loan provider has specific requirements in order to give money. The same rule applies to the lending platforms because they collaborate with lenders. Logically, they can’t send a loan request from an applicant that doesn’t even meet the standard criteria.

However, some companies have extreme requirements. Some of them ask for a high monthly income. Others request too much personal information or for the applicant to be employed for at least a year.

Therefore, we looked for platforms that have basic requirements. Moreover, we especially paid attention to those willing to serve clients with bad credit and those who can’t afford multiple checks that will affect their credit scores.

Loan forms

We selected these lending services because they give convenient online access to lenders through their hassle-free loan forms. If you’re in a hurry and have emergency expenses, you can’t wait for days and weeks to apply and get the money. Therefore, we searched for platforms that can offer you a quick loan application.

Their loan forms will not take you much time to complete because they contain only the most important questions about yourself and your financial status. Moreover, the companies have experienced support teams, meaning you’ll have assistance during completing the form if you need it.

How to Find The Best Place for No Credit Check Loans?

Before we finish, we would like to share several tips that may help you find the most suitable online lending service for installment loans without credit checks. More importantly, these tips may help you avoid those who want to take your info and share it with hundreds of third-party services.

You have to learn how to avoid those so-called bad credit loan companies because you’ll be bombed with advertised content. You may even become a victim of annoying calls from loan providers with catastrophic offers. Additionally, giving information on unsecured platforms may result in a much worse outcome, such as losing money, hard credit pulls, damaged credit score, and even identity theft.

So, we believe that our suggestions may help you, at least a bit, to find a proper and secure online lending marketplace without worrying that you’ll get robbed.

Customer reviews

Before deciding anything, you should check all reviewing platforms you know. People may have written their experiences with the platform you’re willing to try. From their reviews, you can find and learn things about the function of the company, its support team, and the level of efficiency it offers.

Keep in mind that customer reviews can sometimes be subjective. People may have experienced personal problems that didn’t allow them to repay on time, and thus, they faced the consequences. In those cases, clients blame the online lenders and the platforms, which isn’t a very objective view of the platform’s principles.


You’ll probably know how much money you’ll need before considering borrowing. Therefore, we recommend you check the amount offered so that you don’t send a request on a platform that offers less than you need. In that case, you’ll be denied.

If you’re looking for no credit check loans, you should know that most platforms offer loans of up to $1.000 of that type. These loans don’t require submitting a credit score in the application. However, if you need more money, you should ask if the platforms offer larger loans without checking your credit score.

Free service

Lending platforms earn money from lenders by letting them present theirbad credit loan offers and payday loan-related services on their websites. Therefore, there’s no need to use a company that charges the clients for its services.

Additionally, we recommend you choose a platform that offers an educational blog. Thus, you’ll be able to learn new tips and ways to improve your finances and credit history.

FAQs Regarding Loans Without Credit Check

Q1. Can I get a loan without a credit check?

Yes, you can! Many no credit check loan lenders are willing to give personal loans without checking the borrowers’ credit scores. They understand that some people already have poor or bad credit. Therefore, they know they’ll do bigger damage if they conduct a hard credit pull.

To find a lender that may give you money without requiring a credit report or conducting a hard inquiry, you should check some of the lending platforms we reviewed. They collaborate with lenders that give personal or other loans even with bad credit.

Q2. What loan type won’t affect my credit score?

When applying for a loan, there’s always a chance that your request will affect your credit score. That’s because the lenders reviewing your secured loan request can make credit inquiries to see if you’ll be able to repay the money.

However, you still have a chance to get loans that won’t affect your score. If you apply for a loan without a credit check, your chances of keeping your score unaffected are the biggest.

Q3. Can I get no-credit-check loans without a checking account?

Having a valid checking account is one of the most common requirements when applying for a no-credit-check or other loans. Usually, the lending platforms have a specific page where you can read the eligibility criteria. Therefore, to see if a checking account is a must, you should read the platform’s rules or the lending organization where you want to apply.

Conclusion – Get Bad Credit Or No Credit Check Loans Online

We included as much information as possible in the reviews so that you can make an informed decision. We covered the most important features, including the companies’ reputation, working principles, security, lenders networks, no credit check loan criteria, and loan forms.

As you have probably noticed, these five no credit loans platforms are the best in this business because of their simplicity and effectiveness. Therefore, if you’re interested in no credit check loans, we’re positive that MoneyMutual, BadCreditLoans.com, CashUSA, and the other lending platforms will do everything to help you out.

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