Best Loans For Bad Credit In 2022: Top 5 Online Lenders To Get Loans For People With Bad Credit

Having a bad credit score closes almost all the doors for getting bad credit loans in a conventional way. It is almost impossible to get a bad credit loan if you have a bad credit history. This is generally due to banks having to execute extensive credit checks every time someone seeks a bad credit loan. Normally, you need to have a fico score of 660 or above if you want to get a bad credit loan easily from banks.

So, what about those who have bad credit scores? Well, they have the best shot with online bad credit providers. There are plenty of platforms on the internet where you can get a bad credit loan regardless of your credit status. There is an ocean of bad credit from direct lenders through various platforms. We will thoroughly talk about these platforms one by one in this guide.

We have come up with a list of the most reliable and best bad credit loan companies. It is not difficult for people with poor credit scores to get bad credit loans from these online providers. Remember that bad credit loan companies are merely a platform and do not provide you with the loan. It is their network of lenders who will get in touch with you.

Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans On The Market
  2. RadCred: Get Urgent Loans For Bad Credit From Direct Lenders
  3. BadCreditLoans: Trusted Platform For Bad Credit Loans Online
  4. CashUSA: Top Payday Lenders For Fast Cash Advance Loan
  5. PersonalLoans: Recommended Online Personal Loans With Bad Credit

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans On The Market


Founded in 2010, MoneyMutual is one of the most reliable online lenders in the internet marketplace. The company’s objective is to assist people with bad credit scores in getting loan approvals. This online marketplace is not the place for direct lenders; however, this bad credit loan lender acts as a bridge between the lender and the borrower.

The online process of applying for a bad credit loan is straightforward. All you have to do is to visit the official website of MoneyMutual and fill out the form. The form will ask you to give information regarding your bank account, personal loans, credit score, credit history, etc. In addition, the company will also ask about where you live, your age, and your financial status. After that, the platform will send your loan request to a network of direct lenders.

MoneyMutual has partnered up with over 100 direct lenders that are trustworthy and ready to lend money. Once your request is sent to lenders, interested lenders who are ready to give payday loans will accept the loan request. You can negotiate the loan agreement and terms even after accepting the offer.

Once you accept the payday loan offer from the lender, the funds will get transferred to your bank account immediately. The average period of funds to get transferred into your account is 24 hours. Moreover, the company also has 24/7 customer support available on its website. MoneyMutual is recommended as the best online loans for bad credit by theislandnow.


Encrypted and Secure Website: MoneyMutual website security and encryption is appreciated by many customers. It has a robust level of security and an end-to-end encryption system that makes all loan processes safe. Above all, the encryption of customers’ personal data in MoneyMutual is powered by Norton’s 256-bit.

Informative: The official website of MoneyMutual has a user-friendly interface with informative data. You can easily do credit check loans for bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals through the website. In addition, the company also provides useful tools that help new users understand more about bad credit loans online.

Annual Percentage Rate: Since over 100 lenders are connected to MoneyMutual, the annual percentage and interest rates differ from online lender to lender. However, lenders from MoneyMutual usually charge competitive rates no matter what loan amount you want. Even if you have a poor credit score, you will surely get guaranteed approval loans for bad credit.

Transparency: MoneyMutual has complete transparency regarding all their information like the loan application, interest rates, credit loan, payday loan, direct lender, etc. You can assess the company’s operation and check its legitimacy for yourself. Above all, MoneyMutual provides FAQs, customer reviews, and additional resources for website visitors.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual


  • Simple and easy loan application process
  • User-friendly website
  • Borrowers can get loan approval and receive funds within 24 hours.
  • Large network of trustworthy lenders
  • Encrypted and secure website
  • Services of Money Mutual are free of cost


  • Provides credit loans to US citizens only
  • Does not provide credit loans in New York

#2. BadCreditLoans: Trusted Platform For Bad Credit Loans Online


BadCreditLoans is another company that gives guaranteed loans by connecting borrowers and lenders. This company was started in 1999, and they have been delivering bad credit personal loans and emergency loans to people with bad credit. BadCreditLoans is an amazing place to get loans with guaranteed approval.

BadCreditLoans covers many financial loans, such as bad credit loans, debt relief, credit scores, credit ratings, credit checks, medical loans, etc. They also provide emergency loans to people with a bad credit score.

The platform has plenty of choices for you when it comes to lenders. The network loan providers can help you make good decisions about getting online loans. Moreover, you are not obligated to accept the first offer you receive. You can skip as many direct lenders as you want until you find the online lender that gives installment loans or any other loan with reasonable interest rates.

Depending on your needs, you can request an amount loan ranging from $500 to $10,000. Short-term loans and installment loans are also available at BadCreditLoans. As a result, this online loan company is flexible and offers various repayment modes. Users can repay personal loans and other types of loans within three years.

The interest rates in bad credit loans can vary with different terms and conditions from multiple lenders. Usually, we found that the interest rates can be anything from 5.99% to 35.99% APR.


Customer Service: BadCreditLoans has mustered up an amount of experience that it is safe to say they provide credible and trustworthy lenders. Their customer service is online 24/7, and you can contact them via phone call or the online portal. In addition, many customers and businesses have high rated this website.

Transparency: The company publicly informs you about the procedure for the loan request so you can get loans with guaranteed approval. They are transparent, making them a reliable source for credit loan approval. On top of that, you can read about their terms and interest rates directly from the website. They provide loans with guaranteed approval, and you will receive funds within 24 hours.

APR and Interest Rates: BadCreditLoans do not provide direct lenders; hence, it is impossible to declare the fixed APR and interest rate. However, the company has set a cost restriction which makes the online lenders not charge high APR or interest rates to the borrowers. The rate should be between 6% to 36%.

Obligation Free Rates: You will receive a wide variety of loan offers from the network of lenders in bad credit loans. Since there are obligation-free rates, you are not restricted to accepting them within the first few offers. You can choose the best offer that suits your criteria and has guaranteed loan approval. You can easily decline offers that do not have personal loan guarantees or other factors that are not included.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bad Credit Loans


  • Fast application for payday loans and personal loans
  • One application from the borrowers is sent to multiple potential borrowers
  • 24/7 customer support is available
  • Follows their guidelines and protocols


  • Requires personal credit history and other financial information to connect with potential borrowers.

#3. RadCred: Get Urgent Loans For Bad Credit From Direct Lenders


RadCred provides customers small loans and same-day loans without any charges. This financial platform gives you no obligation to agree to the loan terms set by lenders like other platforms might do. RadCred has a large network of lenders and other third-party networks where customers can get personal loans. The annual percentage rate of RadCred is based on the amount you take as a loan. However, the general APR range of RadCred is from 5.99% to 35.99%.

There is an advanced level security and encryption system that has intricate protection capabilities. As a result, customers’ data are always protected in safe hands with RadCred. Besides, RadCred does not ask for credit history or your fico credit score.

You will get all the necessary information regarding the terms and conditions of a bad credit loan. Hence, you can decide whether you want to proceed with the loan agreements further. The online application process is basic, and your information is used to find your ideal lender. After reaching the loan agreement with the lender, you will receive the funds within 24 hours.

The eligibility criteria of RadCred are that you must be at least 18 years old, a legal citizen, and has a social security number. The application process includes a proper account checking of the applicant’s information. This crucial information is needed by lenders who require a check stub or pay stub.


Flexible Repayment Options: RadCred has flexible repayment choices that allow borrowers to repay the loan amount for as long as 36 months. This is an excellent feature for borrowers looking for long-term loans and looking forward to improving their poor credit scores. Moreover, the company protects all its customers’ data. Many people love the level of transparency because the company also shares customers’ data with ethical lenders.

Fast Fund Transfer: RadCred specializes in making quick fund transfers without any issue. They always deliver funds on time, making it a great choice for a bad credit loan company. You will receive the funds after a few hours of reaching the agreement with the lender. Above all, RadCred gives excellent servicing without charging any extra cost.

Easily Accessible Customer Support: RadCred serves as a mediator between lenders and borrowers. They excel in what they do, and as a result, they have a good reputation in the bad credit loans online market. You can visit the website and experience their services at any time. Customer support is always available to help you with any problem. Moreover, you can submit your application through the website if you want a personal loan.

=> Click here to visit the official website of RadCred


  • Applicants with low credit scores can apply for bad credit loans online
  • No additional fee or charges
  • Can take up to $35000 as a loan
  • Low annual percentage rates
  • Easy access to the website


  • $1000 is the minimum loan amount
  • Does not provide independent lending services

#4. CashUSA: Top Payday Lenders For Fast Cash Advance Loan


Not many online loan providers offer bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. However, you can rely on CashUSA to get guaranteed loan approvals for your payday, personal, and short-term loans. This platform gives out loans without considering the credit history of the borrower. Therefore, if you have bad credit scores, you can still get a credit loan from CashUSA.

CashUSA is a well-received online lending company that many people trust. Poor credit scores or bad credit personal loans do not impact lenders when lending you the borrowed amount. As long as you are financially stable, you can get lenders from the vast network of lenders of CashUSA. The lenders from CashUSA do not care about your bad credit personal loans or a bad credit personal loan. Hence it is one of the best bad credit loans provider.

The loan terms and conditions are also flexible, making the borrowers easily take installment loans. The loan request is simple, and you can borrow up to $1500. Keep in mind that the interest rates of CashUSA range from 5.99% to 35.99%.

The application process is similar to other providers that give loans without checking credit scores. All you have to do is fill out a small form that includes basic information about your age, name, email address, and the loan amount you seek as the loan request.


Security and Privacy: CashUSA is one of the few companies that uses the new encryption and security system that protects data. This goes for both the financial information and the personal data of borrowers. On top of that, there are also regular check-ups of the site’s security to ensure no security leaks.

Fast and Simple Process: You must fill out one application form to seek loan requests from lenders. After that, potential lenders will get in touch within a day, and you can talk about loan terms. In addition, the company ensures that you get guaranteed approval for loans.

Online Payments and AutoPay: You can make the repayment manually online or make auto payments. Auto payment functions allow CashUSA to take care of the loan repayment without borrowers having to take care of it.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA


  • User-friendly experience
  • Has more than one million users monthly
  • Flexible and easy repayment options
  • A vast network of lenders
  • New encryptions and security system


  • Too much information is needed in the application process

#5. PersonalLoans: Recommended Online Personal Loans With Bad Credit


PersonalLoans is one of the market’s most reliable bad credit loan companies. They strive to provide convenient and guaranteed loan approval without any credit checks. They work with many lenders dealing with low credit scores and financial agencies that aim to assist people with bad credit scores.

The company does not ask for much information about the borrowers and gives guaranteed loans to them. The company will help you get loans without them asking about why you need the money or at what time you need the money. In addition, PersonalLoans also have a secure, safe, and fast fund transfer.

PersonalLoans is based in Utah and has been operating online bad credit loans with guaranteed approval for a long time. During this time, they have gathered the trust of thousands of customers who highly praise this platform. In addition, PersonalLoans go one step ahead by providing a fast and easy application process. After completing and submitting the application process, that information will be sent to potential lenders. After that, those lenders can give you a loan which can also be a part of unsecured loans. It is a flexible process with everything happening in quick succession if you find the lender.


Multiple Lenders Offered: You can select from the wide range of offers available in the network of PersonalLoans. In addition, you can also select any agency or company within the network if you find them more suitable. Moreover, third-party lenders are also an option that customers can see in advertisements on the website.

Late Payments: PersonalLoans work with those types of lenders that have leniency with the borrowers. This means the lenders give borrowers plenty of time for repayments. You can take your time to pay the installment loans with competitive interest rates. Above all, you can contact customer support and request to extend the deadline for repayment.

Privacy and Security: PersonalLoans have one of the best privacy and security among online lending companies. This financial institution protects your information, including sensitive data about yourself and your bank account.

Great Customer Service: If you have any doubt about the interest rate, minimum credit score, or any other query, you can contact customer service. PersonalLoans have excellent customer service where you can contact them via email and phone. They are available 24/7 and have a helpline worker who stays online from 6 am to 7 pm. The customer support is known to be very patient and helpful. As a result, they resolve the problems and issues of many clients.

Provides Tools: PersonalLoans also provides educational tools and guides that help the customer understand credit scores, payday loans, unsecured personal loans, etc.,

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans


  • Lenient repayment terms
  • Advance level of security encryption for personal data
  • Borrowers can take loan amounts up to $30000
  • The application process is fast and easy


  • Some lenders only deal with borrowers who agree to pay on a bi-monthly basis

How We Made This List Of Loans With Bad Credit

When choosing the best online lending companies for you, we considered well-researched factors to make this list. These factors not only help us curate the ultimate list of online lending companies, but it also helps you get the best of the best options at your disposal when reading this guide.

What We Looked For

  • Number of Funds: When we search for the best bad credit loan providers, we ensure that they give sufficient funds to a wide range of borrowers. Borrowers come in all shapes and sizes, asking for funds that vary according to their circumstances. In addition, the repayment amount should not be too overboard due to high fees.

We did not only focus on which provider could give the maximum loan amount but also ensured that companies give minimal funds. Borrowers can easily repay a small amount like $500, which is a benefit of paying low-interest rates.

  • Loan Terms and Conditions: All online loans have certain terms and conditions. The loan terms and conditions of these providers in our list greatly favor the customers. You can pick and choose the repayment dates in most companies.

We selected those platforms that have lenders that provide detailed terms and conditions. You can pre-approve the agreement, and you will be able to see the terms and conditions. This will include loan time, total funds, APR, and other charges (if any). After that, you can further process the agreement or decline the offer then and there.

  • Interest Rate and APR: It is important to understand that not everyone will be able to pay off debt with high APR and interest rates. This is why we looked at those platforms that are lenient with their rates. In addition, we selected those companies that can alter their interest rates if the loan amount is small or the borrower is in a position to repay on time. Some companies will do credit checks to determine the charges that you will give when repaying. We made the list of companies willing to set the interest rates for the whole repayment duration.
  • Customer Service: All the providers have more than average to excellent customer support. In addition, customer services are available 24/7, and you can contact them via multiple options. The staff is very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful, which can help you resolve any issues you face. Sometimes, instead of tackling an issue yourself, contacting customer support can save you time and effort and resolve the problem.
  • Repayment Time: Most online loan providers are flexible with the repayment time. Although the loan amount plays a huge role in determining the repayment time, many lenders from these companies are not strict with the deadlines. Some even agree to extend the repayment period but at the cost of higher interest rates.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Urgent Loans For Bad Credit

Before going forth with any lending platform, make sure you take a look at the below-given guide first. This guide will give you an idea of factors to look for and things to avoid before choosing a lending platform.

  • Loan Tenure

If you have decent to great scores on your credit, then go for shorter terms as the interest will be lower. However, you should go for a long-term loan if you have a bad credit score. This is because high interest on bad credit with short-term loans can have a negative impact on your budget.

  • Work Experience

Make sure you have all the paperwork that tells the lenders that you have a steady flow of income. If you have a job that pays you well and a regular that comes along with work experience, you will surely get the loan. If you have many years of work experience, your rates can get lower.

  • Credit Score

Refer to FAQ section question number 4, where we talked about how to improve the score of your credit. Lenders are likely to give loans to those borrowers with good credit. However, you must be aware of the acceptable amount of credit for applying for a loan.

FAQs On Online Loans For Bad Credit

Q1. Do you need a bank account to qualify for a bad credit loan?

You need to provide your account number when getting funds from online lenders from one of the bad credit loan platforms. This allows the lender to approve and send the funds. In addition, the bank account number should be under the borrowers’ names because of the liability terms. Moreover, only these criteria allow lenders to send the funds to the borrowers.

Other criteria are that the applicants should be at least 18 years old and be permanent citizens of US residents. Moreover, the minimum monthly income of the user’s household must be $10000 or more. After that, they should have a valid email address, home address, work address, and a working phone.

In order to approve the loan, these criteria must be met by the borrower. The eligibility criteria may vary with other third-party bad credit loan providers. In addition, some lenders will require you to put the bank account in their name so that they can withdraw the installment on time. Hence, you do not have to worry about the repayment period since the lender takes care of it.

Q2. How to get a loan without getting your credit score checked?

Generally, you will have to pay the lending company or the lender with high-interest rates. Some institutions also take other types of charges. Above all, you might have to spend extra money to compensate for no credit checks.

Users can get an auto title loan with a credit score check. This type of loan puts your vehicle as a security. The benefit of giving such an asset is extending the repayment period. Above all, there will be no credit check. Other than that, pawn shops do not work as systematically as other financial institutions. This is why you can get loans here with any credit check. However, you have to give them a valuable asset as a mortgage. Moreover, pawn shops will also ask for high-interest rates as well. If you fail to repay the funds with the interest rate on time, the asset that you gave as a mortgage will be taken away.

Bad Credit check loan providers, who are talked about in this article, are one of the best options for loans with no credit checks. The main criteria for these online lenders are looking for financial stability in borrowers. If the borrowers are financially stable, they do not ask for credit scores. However, the APR and penalty charges can be very high for those who give loans for bad credit. Lastly, you can resort to hiring a professional financial advisor who will guide and assist you with improving your credit score. However, they will have high charges again.

Q3. What is the interest rate on a bad credit loan?

As per the general rule, a fico score between 670 and 739 is considered a good or subprime borrower. However, if your fico score drops below 580, it is considered very poor. Some lenders will determine the interest rate according to your fico credit score. On the other hand, some will set their own criteria for approving loans. As a result, it is hard to determine the APR of bad credit loans. Generally, you will see that personal loan interest rates range from 5.99% to 35.99%.

Q4. How to improve a bad credit score or bad credit history?

There are many methods you can implement to improve your bad credit scores:

  • Always go through your weekly or monthly free report
  • Pay all your bills and debt on time to ensure that your credit score does not have a negative impact. Not paying bills on time can poorly reflect on your credit report.
  • If you bought something on installment, make sure that you pay off the installment as soon as possible.
  • It is best to avoid situations that make your credit report seem like there are suspicious entries in it.
  • Make sure you repay all your loan on time with the agreed interest rate.

Q5. What is the maximum loan amount I can take from a personal loan?

Most online lenders give up to $30000 through these bad credit check loans. Apart from that, lenders, in general, can give anywhere from $50000 to $100000. However, the maximum amount you can borrow highly depends on your credit score, income, and bills. Moreover, you should not take a loan of the maximum amount unless you absolutely need it. The more the loan amount is, the more the interest rates will be for the repayment.

You can take $2000 to $50000 as a personal loan from most lenders. You can get more or less than this range if you search hard enough. Although lenders prefer borrowers with high credit scores, they can also lend money to a borrower with poor credit scores.

Q6. How long does bad credit last?

Most of the negative remarks in your credit reports stay in it for 7 to 10 years. It mainly depends on the type of bankruptcy that you are having. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) says that unfavorable information about your credit can be in your report for years.

Wrapping Up On The Best Bad Credit Loan Companies

Getting a loan for someone with an awful credit score has never been easier. With the emergence of many companies that provide online loans for bad credit, you do not have to go anywhere else. As a borrower, you get fast fund transfers with minimal paperwork in these online loan providers.

Online platforms for loans like MoneyMutual and BadCreditLoans always assist their customers. With these platforms, borrowers can avoid getting high-interest rates that they would have to get if they had large loan amounts unnecessarily.

Always remember that the above mentioned platforms are the safest and most reliable platforms for people with bad credit. You need to compare each provider we have in this guide. This way, you can choose the best option for yourself; we hope you can choose the loan provider that meets all your requirements.

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