Best Bad Credit Loan Services (2022) Top Bad Credit Lenders

Are you looking to secure a loan but are worried that your bad or low credit scores might prevent you from getting approved for the loan? If yes, then this article is for you. In this review, we’ll not only show you where to get the best bad credit loans, but we’ll also show you the top bad credit lenders in 2022.

The good news is there many bad credit loan providers. The bad is some of them have super-high interest rates, terrible loan recovery practices and can take away your peace of mind with their constant contact.

But we have taken the time to find the best bad credit loan providers whose lending process is easy and those with reasonable interest rates and good repayment practices.

And these bad credit lenders are willing to lend you money regardless of your credit score. So, it doesn’t matter if your credit score is low, average, or even nonexistent; you can still secure a loan for your needs.

The Best Bad Credit Loan Providers in 2022

Below are the top bad credit loan providers available:

  • MoneyMutual
  • BadCreditLoans
  • PickALender
  • CashUSA
  • PersonalLoans
  • LendYou
  • Next Day Personal Loan
  • Upgrade Personal Loans
  • Payzonno



This is one of the leading bad credit lenders in the country. MoneyMutual has helped over 2 million individuals and businesses get access to take loans since its inception. This online money lending platform serves as a “middleman” between people seeking a loan and over 120 lending institutions here in the US.

The platform can help you secure as much as $5,000 in one day. To get the loan, you have to submit all the necessary information to the lenders, review your application, and send the money within a day.

Here’s where it gets interesting: MoneyMutual doesn’t charge you any fees for taking the loan –they understand that if you need a loan, they shouldn’t be deducted from the money you’re borrowing. How cool is that?!

Once the loan is disbursed through MoneyMutual’s platform, you’ll get the deposit in your preferred account and go on to use it for whatever you need.

To recap: MoneyMutual allows you to borrow up to $5,000 in 24 hours regardless of bad, low, or nonexistent credit score.



Another service that allows you to borrow between $500 and $10,000 is BadCreditLoans. All you need to do is fill out an online application, including your date of birth, the last four digits of your social security number, and your zip code. Once that’s done, the service will immediately notify you of your qualification and the amount you can get based on those details.

BadCreditLoans also doesn’t charge fees for using their service and getting the loan you seek. Instead, they bill the lender. The company serves as a “middleman” agency that connects lending institutions with borrowers.

The service is big on transparency, so you’ll see everything about the lending process on their website. There are no hidden fees, APRs, or any surprises whatsoever. With BadCreditLoans, what you see is typically what you get.

If you’re looking to get the best loans possible with a low credit score, you should try BadCreditLoans.

To recap: BadCreditLoans can help you secure between $500 and $10,000 in loans within 24 hours.



PickALender might be the best option for anyone with a low credit score if you need more money. PickALender helps borrowers like you lend between $100 and $40,000 from lenders. And it doesn’t take any time at all.

All you have to do is fill out their application form online and get access to lenders near you. As with the first two services above, PickALender doesn’t charge you, the borrower, any fees. Instead, the lending institution pays PickALender for connecting you to them.

Their platform is straightforward and makes the entire loan application process very easy. How much you get from lenders depends on their risk assessment.

To recap: PickALender allows you access to up to $40,000 in loans within a day.



CashUSA allows you access to loans of up to $10,000 that you can use for everything from vacations to business expenses. And you can do this with bad credit or a low credit score.

The loan application process is pretty straightforward to use. You can receive a loan offer within 5 minutes of filling out the online form and submitting it. Like PickALender, MoneyMutual, and BadCreditLoans, CashUSA also provides a means for borrowers to connect with lending institutions.

This saves you time wading through many search results to find good, bad credit lenders. With CashUSA, you can easily access the loans you need from lenders who are willing to give loans to people with bad or low credit scores.

The company is transparent about its entire process, its fees –you don’t pay anything, and the various terms provided by the lenders. Most importantly, CashUSA endeavors to get you the money you need as quickly as possible –usually within 24 hours.

To recap: CashUSA allows you access up to $10,000 in loans in 24 hours.



With PersonalLoans, you can quickly access loans between $1,000 and $35,000 in 24 hours. The process is fast, seamless, and discreet. Plus, they offer these loans to everyone, regardless of their credit scores.

As with other services on this list, PersonalLoans connects you with lending institutions across the country. When you enter your details, the platform will link you up with lenders in your area who are willing to lend you some money.

One of the best features of PersonalLoans is that you can choose a lender based on your preferred interest rates and lending terms. This means you won’t be forced to take an offer from a lending institution just because you don’t have an option.

To recap: PersonalLoans allows you to borrow $1,000 to $35,000 in 24 hours.



Emergencies can and do happen. Just because you have a bad credit score doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get loans that will help you cater to those emergencies.

LendYou helps you secure loans for emergencies regardless of your credit score. The company prides itself on helping borrowers get the money they need quickly. This makes sense because no one wants to or can afford to wait for days when they have an emergency.

Once you fill out the online application form and are approved for a loan, the lender will quickly disburse it to you so that you can sort out your emergency. The company has a few requirements: a monthly income of at least $1,000, a direct deposit account, and no military affiliations.

To recap: LendYou can help you secure up to $2500 in 24 hours.

Next Day Personal Loan


True to its name, Next Day Personal Loan helps borrowers get the loan they need within 24 hours. Getting a loan is as simple as filling out the form on the website.

Once approved, you’ll get your loan within 24 hours. The platform offers access to multiple third-party lending parties who can give you the loan you need regardless of your credit score.

Next Day Personal Loans platform allows borrowers access to loans of up to $40,000. Check out Next Day Personal Loan today if you need some quick cash.

To recap: Can offer you up to $40,000 loans in 24 hours, regardless of your credit score.

Upgrade Personal Loans


This lending platform can help borrowers get up to $50,000 in loans. This is the lender with the largest loan limits on this list. Upgrade Personal Loans connects borrowers to lending institutions through the platform.

The company is very transparent about its processes and allows users to get APRs between 5.94 percent and 35.97 percent and monthly payment options.

The only downside is that people with bad credit may have to pay more than those with good credit. But, the platform still offers both categories of borrowers the opportunity to access the funding they require.

To recap: Upgrade Personal Loans offers up to $50k loans in 24 hours.



Payzonno is another top bad credit loan provider. But unlike the rest that requires you to fill out a form, Payzonno’s approach is different. The company uses a real-time verification process to give you a loan offer through its chatbox.

All you have to do is answer the quiz, and you’ll get an offer that, if you accept, will be sent to your bank account. This platform is excellent because your credit score doesn’t matter.

If you have a bad or low credit score, you may still be able to access up to $5,000 in loans from the service. As with the others, Payzonno partners with lending institutions to get you the best loan offers.

To recap: Payzonno offers up to $5,000 loans in 24 hours.

Our Ranking Criteria for the Best Bad Credit Loan Companies

Most bad credit lenders claim that they can help people with bad loans get the loans they so desperately need. Unfortunately, that’s not the absolute truth. Many lenders are biased towards people with good credit scores.

So, even when they provide loans to individuals with bad credit scores, the interest rates are usually high, and the terms are often more unfavorable. The bad credit loan lenders that we have included in this list are those that truly live up to their claims of providing loans to people with poor creditworthiness.

We consider them the best bad credit loan lenders in 2022 after assessing them with the following yardsticks:

Provide Low Credit Score and No Credit Loans

These companies are committed to helping individuals with bad or nonexistent credit navigate the loan process and get reasonable offers.

Fast Loan Approval and Deposit

Then you have an emergency; you need the money very quickly. These lenders endeavor to get you the cash within one business day. Most send the money fast, and borrowers get it in 6-12 hours.

Lender’s Reputation

It’s essential to deal with lenders who have fair practices and policies. This way, borrowers won’t be unduly hassled and tricked into accepting unfavorable terms and conditions when taking a loan.

Access to Funds

With all the help, you can get there as quickly as possible during an emergency. It’s essential to work with bad credit lending companies who actually value you and provide the money you need quickly. There’s no point in waiting for a deposit from a lender, only for them to withdraw the offer after 24 hours.

Easy Loan Application

You shouldn’t have to jump through a ton of hoops or deal with bureaucratic practices when you’re applying for a loan. You should apply and get the loan you want as quickly as possible. Thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and functional websites/apps, the lenders on this list make it very easy to apply for and receive a loan thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and useful websites/apps.


The best bad credit lenders are those with a good number of positive reviews. This shows that they run a good business, considerate their customers’ needs, and have given lots of people loans.

Transparency in the Lending Process

The best bad credit loan companies have a transparent lending process that you can trust. You want upfront lenders’ rates and terms and have no hidden fees or costs.

Fair Interest Rates

Some loan companies charge exorbitant interest rates and other hidden charges as fees for their services. While bad credit lenders typically charge high percentages, the reality is that it shouldn’t be cutthroat. The rates offered by the best bad credit lending companies on this list are fair, considering that they’re taking a massive risk of lending to individuals with poor or low credit ratings.

4 Top Tips for Securing Bad Credit Loans

Securing a bad credit loan should be as hassle-free as possible. The good news is the top bad credit lenders make it very easy to apply for and get a loan. If you’re thinking of securing a loan from one of the ultimate bad credit loan providers, use the following tips to make the process easy:

  • Find out what your credit score is –makes it easy to identify the best lenders for your situation quickly
  • Look for good, bad credit lenders –while there are many providers, the ones on this will provide you with more than enough options to choose from.
  • Get all necessary documentation –most lenders will ask you for important documents such as your social security number, date of birth, zip code, and relevant financial details. Some of them might require extra information like your debt-to-income ratio and evidence of income (usually your payslip), among others.
  • Complete the application –once you have these details, go ahead and apply for the loan. After this, the lending company will get back to you. You can get the deposit within 5 to 60 minutes in some instances.

Even though the outlined steps seem like a long process, it’s not. It takes a max of 5 minutes to apply and get a decision from the lenders.

6 Benefits of Getting a Loan from Top Bad Credit Lenders

Some of the benefits of securing loans from the best bad credit lending companies are as follows:

No Hassles in the Lending Process

People with low credit scores or nonexistent credit are typically disadvantaged when seeking and getting loans. Many of them cannot approach banks or traditional lending institutions.

And even when they do, their applications are speedily denied. On the other hand, bad credit lenders provide an easy, stress-free way for anyone to access loans they need regardless of their credit scores. If you need money for any emergency and have a low credit rating, you should go for a bad credit loan.

Loans are Disbursed Quickly

One of the significant issues with traditional lenders is the bureaucracy. It can take days, if not weeks, before your loans are approved. Nothing beats talking to these unconventional lending institutions when you need money quickly for an emergency. They’ll approve your loan very soon so that you can use it for whatever you want.

Reasonable Interest Rates

Most bad credit lenders have fair interest rates than credit card providers. For instance, many lenders offer a max of 10 percent interest annually, while credit card companies charge an average of 24 percent.

You Have Options

There are many bad credit loan providers in the market. This makes it easy for borrowers to shop around for the best bad credit lender that meets their requirements.

This means if you’re willing to do some research, you may get considerably lower interest rates and flexible payment options because of the competition.

Helps Increase Credit Score

Bad credit loans are a great way to gradually increase your credit score if you have low credit ratings. All you have to do is pay up on time over time, and your ratings will get better.

Ability to Customize Repayment Options

Every bad credit lender has its repayment terms. Some are strict with a 2-4 week repayment deadline; others choose a 6-month to a 5-year repayment plan. You can choose the repayment plan that best suits you with these options.

What Causes Bad Credit Ratings or Low Credit Scores?

Your credit ratings are usually influenced by several parameters used by the credit bureaus to determine your creditworthiness. These include:

  • How much you currently owe to loan companies, credit card firms, and banks
  • Your repayment history or the lack of one
  • How much of your credit limit you use monthly
  • How long you’ve been using credit facilities
  • How much new debt or credit you’re taking on
  • If you have declared bankruptcy or are in the process of filing one

These are just some parameters that credit bureaus consider before awarding you a credit score. People who repay loans on time, pay their monthly credit card bills, do not max out their cards, avoid taking on new debt, and much more are likely to get good credit ratings.

The Best Bad Credit Loan Alternative Options

People with bad credit scores can borrow money through one or more of the following types of Bad credit lenders:

Online Bad Credit Loan Companies

This is the most common way to lend money from the top bad credit lenders in the country. Online bad credit lenders are more flexible in their terms, interest rates, and loan requirements.

They often offer sizable loans to individuals with bad or low credit because they know that people often have financial needs. Naturally, people with bad credit tend to pay higher interests and fees than those with good credit ratings.

This is a standard practice among lenders because they take considerable risk to provide you with those loans. But the best thing about online bad credit lenders is that they can provide you with the funds you need almost instantly.

Family and Friends

This is a far easier option to explore. Family members and friends will typically give you a loan with or without any interest. And most don’t particularly care about your credit ratings.

However, there’s always the risk of sentiment and emotions. Those can influence their decision to either lend you money or not. Also, there’s always the risk of “bad blood” between family and friends if you don’t repay on time, which can cause a huge rift. So, IF you’ll be going this route, make sure to repay every dime as quickly as possible.

Payday Alternative Loans by Credit Unions

Credit unions can offer you low-interest rates and have more flexible repayment tenures. Unlike payday loans that often require you to repay a loan in one installment, credit union payday alternative loan providers can offer you the opportunity to spread the repayment over a few months.

This way, you won’t be under undue pressure and will be more likely to get your finances together and in order.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Also known as a home equity loan, you can take a loan using your home as collateral. Lenders are more likely to give you the loan if you have collateral.

This is because they know that if you don’t pay the loan, they could foreclose on your property. Just make sure that you can repay the loan before taking out a HELOC. This way, you don’t end up losing your home.

Cash Advance Apps

If you have bad credit and need a cash advance, you can use cash advance apps like Chime, Dave, and Earnin. These loan apps provide interest-free loans to people with bad credit that you can quickly use for your emergencies.

The only downside to these is that you can only borrow smaller amounts from them and meet their requirements. Once those are met and your cash advance requirements are moderate, you’ll likely get the funds you need.

Bank Loans

Depending on your bank, you may be able to get a loan from your bank even if you have a low credit rating. Loans from banks typically have lower APRs and flexible repayment terms.

P2P Lenders

Known as peer-to-peer lenders, these are platforms where you can secure loans from individuals or entities directly. These platforms serve as a meeting point for lenders and borrowers. And depending on the kind of lending entity, the interest rates can be flexible.

Small-Dollar Loans

Depending on your bank, you may be able to get small-dollar loans for emergencies. For instance, US Bank has Simple Loan, while Bank of America has Balance Assist. Ask your bank if they offer a similar product and see if you qualify for it.

Auto Title Loans

You can also take out a loan against your car. How much you can get will often depend on the current market value of your vehicle. However, only take this loan if you’re sure that you’ll be able to repay the loan within 30 days. Otherwise, your car might be repossessed by the lender.

What Do I Need When Applying for a Bad Credit Loan?

Before applying for a bad credit loan, you may need to meet specific requirements and verify certain documents. Lenders have different rules, as do the States. However, the most basic requirements include:

  • Have some income, no matter how small (although some lenders want you to earn $1,000 a month minimum)
  • 18+ years
  • Live in the state that you chose when you applied
  • Have a valid phone number and address
  • Not intending to file for bankruptcy or not being involved in a bankruptcy case
  • Valid ITIN or SSN (not all lenders require this)
  • Ultimately, you’ll likely get the loan if you meet all the requirements.

Bad Credit Loan FAQs

Q: How much can I get as a loan from a bad credit lender?

A: That depends on the loan provider, your credit score, income, and other requirements. Individuals with higher credit scores, proof of employment or income, and others are more likely to get loans close to the lender’s upper limits than those with lower credit scores. Overall, the lenders we mentioned in this article offer up to $50,000 in bad credit loans.

Q: How much do bad credit lenders charge as fees?

A: These loan providers charge between 4.9 percent and 35.99 percent. How much they’ll charge a borrower largely depends on their credit score, proof of income, resident state, and other factors. While these loans are available to people with bad credit scores, the rates tend to favor people with higher credit scores, decent employment or income source, and so on. There may also be penalties for late or missed payments, so always read the fine print.

Q: Which is better: Borrow from a bad credit lender or take a payday loan?

A: Taking a bad credit loan is often better than payday loans because the latter usually have a 30-day repayment requirement and attract much higher interest rates. On the other hand, bad credit loans don’t attract high-interest rates and often have more manageable repayment terms.

Q: What if I don’t have any credit history or rating?

A: In that case, you might want to search for something called no credit check loans. These attract much higher interest rates, but they can provide you with some money. Just make sure to do your due diligence, as some of these no-credit loan companies are not legit.

Q: How can I take a loan very quickly without dealing with any red tape?

A: Your best option is to approach the best bad credit lenders on this list. You can also take a cash advance from one of the many cash advance apps, speak to friends and family, or trade something valuable for some cash at a pawnshop.

Q: Is it possible to get up to $10,000 in bad credit loans?

A: Yes, this depends on the bad credit lender. Just check some of the options we have here and apply for the loan.

Q: Is there a catch when applying for bad credit loans?

A: Yes, there is in the form of higher interests and fees. The good news is they have to declare all that information up front. Just pay attention to and are okay with those terms before accepting the loan offer.

Q: Will my credit score be negatively affected by taking bad credit loans?

A: No, it won’t. Endeavor to make your loan repayments on time, and it might even help increase your credit score.

Q: Is it possible to get a bad credit loan while self-employed?

A: Absolutely. As long as there’s proof of income from your business, you can qualify for the loan.

Q: How fast can I get the money?

A: Many bad credit lenders will typically fund your account within 24 hours of approval. Many do so within 2-12 hours.

Q: Is it necessary to be gainfully employed before getting a loan from bad credit lenders?

A: No, you can be unemployed while filing for this loan. And even though some of the lending institutions will require proof of income, it’ll suffice if you’re getting unemployment benefits, disability benefits, or other forms of help. As long as there’s some sort of income, use that as your proof of income.

Q: How long does it take for a loan application to go through?

A: Most lenders will instantly inform you if your loan is approved. The entire process takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes.

Q: Do I need to pay any fee to apply for a bad credit loan?

A: No, you don’t. All fees only apply during the repayment.

Q: How will I get the money from the lender once the loan is approved?

A: The lender will typically make a direct deposit to your bank account. But if you prefer to pick up the money yourself, some lenders can also do that. Also, some lenders may be open to other options, including Paypal.

Q: How much time do I have to repay the loan?

A: That depends on the repayment tenure you chose or those offered by the lender. But the typical repayment tenure lasts between 30 days and 12 months.

Q: What’s the best way to repay the loan?

A: Lenders often have dedicated bank accounts that you can pay into or ACH payment options. But they can also directly debit your card(s) or bank account. Check with the lenders to make sure.

Q: Can I repay my loan early?

A: Well, that depends on the lender. Some lenders encourage early repayment, while others have an early repayment penalty. Read the repayment terms and conditions to avoid any surprises.

Q: Is it possible to refinance bad credit loans?

A: Bad credit loan refinancing is possible in some states. See if your state allows this, and also reach out to the lending institution to see if they’re open to refinancing.

Q: Can you re-apply for another bad credit loan immediately repaying the old loan?

A: That depends on the lender. Many lenders allow borrowers to take new loans right after repaying the previous loan.

Q: What happens if I’m late on repayments or unable to pay?

A: First, you should do everything you can to repay a loan and on time too. But if you can’t, you should contact the lender to settle. However, keep in mind that the lender might refuse any settlements and send debt collection agencies after you.

Q: Which bad credit lender is the best?

A: Lenders like Upgrade, PickALender, BadCreditLoans, and MoneyMutual are the top bad credit lenders in 2022.

The Best Bad Credit Loan Providers in 2022 Concluding Thoughts

Estimates show that the average American doesn’t have up to $1,000 in savings for emergencies. Worse, 40 percent can’t get $400 if there’s an emergency. This is very alarming. But thanks to the best bad credit lenders, Americans can quickly assess emergency funding if they need it.

And they don’t even have to have good credit scores to take advantage of this opportunity. People with bad credit can easily access the funding they need, even without collateral.

The process is also pretty fast too. So, if you need a loan in an emergency, you choose from the list of the best bad credit lenders, and you’ll get the money instantly.

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