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Got a question about relationships, romance, or family stuff you are dying to ask, but not sure where to turn? Need some ideas on what to do next? It could be time to consult an online psychic for some ideas.

These sites feature psychics available around the clock. So, whether it’s 3 PM and you are curious, or it’s 3 AM, and you can’t sleep because you need guidance, these psychics may be able to provide it.

Let’s go over some brief reviews of these best online psychic sites and some valuable tips so you can fully enjoy yourself as you speak with a psychic.

5 Best Online Psychics & Tarot Readers For Live Psychic Sessions:

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Online Services For Real Readings
  2. Keen – Reliable Online Psychics For Spiritual Readings
  3. Kasamba – Top Psychics Reader For Live Psychic Sessions
  4. AskNow – Genuine Psychic Readers With Tarot Card Readers & Career Psychics
  5. Oranum – Recommended For 100% Accurate Psychics Online
  6. MysticSense – Trusted Tarot Reading Sites With First Free Minutes

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Online Services For Real Readings


Purple Garden has earned a spot on our list as one of the greatest astrology websites on the internet. When it comes to love and relationships, they are regarded as one of the most important factors.

You can choose from a large range of online tarot readers to find one that meets your requirements. Choose love and relationship astrology readers, for example, if you have a love-related question. To make things easier, you can filter your preferences to make things go faster and attract more readers.

All of the psychic readers who work with Purple Garden have undergone significant training and supervision. This was done to ensure that only verified astrology readers are available on the Internet, and that when desired results are sought, they are delivered promptly.


  • Free access to the entire website
  • Accurate tarot readers for online psychics on call
  • Best readers for love, relationship and career


  • Customer assistance is available 24/7
  • Categorized online tarot readers
  • Free initial minutes with some selected readers


  • Not all readers are available online everyday

Customer’s Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed the online psychics on call. The accurate reader was very professional and I loved it” – Sara Laurence

#2. Keen – Reliable Online Psychics For Spiritual Readings


For two decades and counting, Keen has helped people get the answers they need. They have experience in what they do, and it shows in their site’s construction and overall customer satisfaction.

They have been featured in popular publications such as Refinery29 and Cosmo.

Many spiritual services are offered when you consult Keen. Phone readings are offered, or you can use an email reading to get some answers and have a written record of the information rendered to you.

You can pick from 1700 psychics, so you are sure to find somebody you connect with. In addition, they have many services available, such as numerology, love readings, and tarot.

You can also take a short quiz to learn which psychic is best for you. You can search for various gifts; for instance, clairvoyance or tarot readings are just a few filters you can apply to get the people you need. You can also search by style of reading. You may also search by price per minute, user rating, and other parameters.

Once you have determined that a psychic is right for you, you can begin by calling them up or by chatting/emailing. Keen also has a helpful app you can use to talk with a specialist, useful for Android or iPhone.

The first three minutes are free, and there is a special introductory offer for $1.99 available to you. They are the best of the best, so give them a go.


  • The company’s been operating since 1999
  • Ratings of advisors are openly displayed
  • Every session is kept private
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy to find just the perfect reader for your scenario


  • Readings are offered 24 hours a day
  • All psychics are vetted, and background checks are performed on them
  • Many price points available to suit everyone


  • They do not do video psychic readings online

Customer’s Reviews

From Sitejabber:

“So, I love this site, their satisfied customer guarantee is the best. I had a problem with an accidental charge, but I got my credit back right away- they take care of you.”- Bianka.

“I have been speaking to psychics on Keen forever, and they are great and so is customer service.” -Nicole.

=> click here to visit the official website of Keen

#3. Kasamba – Top Psychics Reader For Live Psychic Sessions


Kasamba has the best tarot readings around. Their prices for this service are competitive. If you would like a tarot reading, we highly recommend Kasamba. There, psychics will utilize their skills in divination and cartomancy to help you understand what the future holds.

They offer more than just tarot readings. Astrology, finance, numerology, career, and love readings are also offered. You can get advice 24 hours a day, as they have psychics working around the clock.

Kasamba has been offering its psychic services since 1999, and since that day, over 3 million people have found comfort in discussing their concerns with their psychics. In addition, first-time customers may take advantage of a free trial reading, indicative of the company’s commitment to affordability.

They also offer three minutes free for those trying out a new psychic. In those minutes, you can see if you would like to end the session or keep going. And if you decide to stick with the reader, your first session on the site is offered at 70% off.

We did notice they do not offer phone chats or video chats. However, online messaging readings are available, and you can take yours through email or via their chat services. You can also partake in astrology reading and energy healing, among others.

Be sure to read the profiles of the psychics found at Kasamba. Here you can see what services they offer. If you are stumped about where to turn, check out their “Top Psychics” page.


  • Enjoy a deep 70% discount on your initial session
  • Every three minutes of new sessions are free
  • You can work with psychics from all over the planet


  • Horoscopes offered each day
  • They take PayPal
  • Only vetted psychics can do readings/services
  • Cheap readings are available
  • 3 minutes free with each new advisor


  • The site lacks video readings/consultations

Customer’s Reviews

From Trustpilot:

“Great readings, all on point. Customer service explained everything to me when I didn’t know how to use the site.” – Mich.

“Psychic Truthful was able to tell me things so specific about my relationship, I felt we had a connection. He gave me direction that was crystal clear. I will work with him again.” – Ashley.

=> click here to visit the official website of kasamba

#4. AskNow – Genuine Psychic Readers With Tarot Card Readers & Career Psychics


This is one of the most trusted but inexpensive online psychic platforms out there. Here you will find answers to all your toughest queries, and this could get you the clarity and peace of mind you desire in life.

They offer psychic readings over messages and phone calls. This is great because they cater to people who prefer telephone chats and people who may feel too shy to speak or prefer written communication. So, feel free to book a session and get ready to enjoy guidance in a way that works for you.

AskNow runs 24 hours a day, which is a massive relief for those of us that can’t sleep at night because something is on our minds. You can speak with a psychic day or night, no matter how crazy your work schedule is. This makes it convenient for many customers.

Aside from catering to customers’ needs for time flexibility, we’ve also found that this accurate psychic reading site offers many price points for customers that need psychic services. You can review the profiles of every psychic reader and then review the prices they charge per minute, along with their specialties, availability, and experience before you book.

You may take advantage of their search filtering options as well. Here, you can list your desired years of experience, price range, and specialization, among other criteria. The home page will display only psychics that meet your parameters. This way, you save time and also save the effort you spend putting into finding the right reader for you.

The homepage also showcases the psychic talent that is top-rated and experienced. Take a second to look at their profile and read them over. It is very easy to book these top-rated psychics if you need an answer quickly.

AskNow has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find that you are not happy with the reading, you can get a $5 credit on your account. It is easy to contact customer service and discuss your experience. If you are brand new to the site, there are psychic reading sessions available for just a dollar a minute.

Various services are available, too. You could get readings for astrology, tarot, dreams, romance, and career matters. They hire talented and gifted live psychics from around the world. Every reader is screened first to ensure satisfaction.


  • Bilingual readings can be found here, great for Spanish speakers
  • Live chat and phone readings are available
  • Use their mobile app for guidance away from home


  • You can try them out for just a dollar a minute when you pre-pay for the time.
  • It is easy to extend your reading
  • Anonymous readings guaranteed


  • Video chats not offered

Customer’s Reviews

“I waited for a psychic and got a male- I was very nervous at first. He was quick and to the point, I learned a lot in 14 minutes. He interacted with me but not too much. You just need to find the right psychic for you.” – Kelsie M.

“My favorite psychic is Michael Sky. I think he is for real, and he is capable of picking up on details fast and getting you honest answers.” – Lora I.

=> click here to visit the official website of AskNow

#5. Oranum – Recommended For 100% Accurate Psychics Online


Oranum is highly affordable but fun to use, as they offer live video readings. Customers truly feel like they are sitting with the psychic as they would at an office where readings are traditionally conducted.

You, as the user, are free to speak with your advisor using messaging before you book the service. This helps you feel at ease with the person who will be doing your reading. Additionally, you can decide if you would like to stick with the advisor or simply bid them farewell.

You will enjoy a $9.99 credit after you complete the signup process. This is a great method of drawing in customers and showing them the great services offered by Oranum. You may use this credit to book a reading at any time. You can take advantage of such services as a horoscope, sound healing, dream analysis, or tarot card readings, among many others.

You will be glad to know they hire psychics from around the world that may speak a foreign language as their primary and English as their second. So, it is easy to find somebody who understands you culturally and lingually in this sense.

You can also check out the cool videos of the psychics working there at no charge. You can get an impression of that psychic and subsequently hire them if you find that they are of interest to you.

You might also wish to take advantage of the premium content on Oranum, where you can get information and advice from the site’s highest-rated advisors. Beyond that, be sure to watch customer testimonial videos to learn more about who to hire. This is truly the premier platform if live videos are your preferred reading method.


  • Plenty of interesting content in the form of Snapchat-style stories that are fun to watch and learn from
  • Pet services are offered here.
  • You can get 10,000 tokens just for validating your credit card.


  • Customer service is friendly and prompt
  • Many gifted psychics are available 24 hours a day for guidance and advice
  • Multilingual advisors may be hired


  • Oranum does not have a mobile app

Customer’s Reviews

From Sitejabber:

“I am a huge Oranum fan- used it since day 1. I use only four psychics, but they are very gifted and always correct about the advice they provide.” – Anna L.

“Most of these psychics are quite professional and I loved getting readings. Give them a chance.” – Jade T.

=> click here to visit the official website of Oranum

#6. Mysticsense – Trusted Tarot Reading Sites With First Free Minutes


Mysticsense has been in the industry for several years. They are known for their ability to provide readers with quality online psychic services, something they have done since day one. In addition, they are known for delivering top-shelf service for customers at great rates. On top of this, they have sweet discounts for new clientele.

This company does everything it can to ensure you feel satisfied. You can ask for a refund if you find you are not satisfied with your reading’s results. You do have to agree to their time-refunded policy. They will not refund your cash, but they will credit your account for the minutes used. You must maintain an account in good standing to be eligible for this.

They have a wide variety of services at Mysticsense. If you need tarot, spiritual, astrology, or relationship readings, you should head over to Mysticsense for some guidance. They have psychics capable of addressing any queries you come up with, whether they are regarding relationships, career, romance, or something else.

If you find that you have questions about your past or would like to know what the future holds, they have psychics that are capable of answering those questions. Many customers are surprised about what the psychics can tell them, and we encourage you to read customer reviews to see this for yourself.

All of the psychics working for Mysticsense must undergo testing before practicing their gift, and they must also abide by strict rules set forth by the website. Psychics you meet at Mysticsense are multi-talented, with many working in multiple fields. You are sure to find an answer to every question.

You can get your readings by phone, video chat, or internet chat. They offer a variety of options to suit everybody and help you feel at home. You can end the session whenever you like, and you will only be charged for minutes used. Or you can extend the session if you find it is helping.


  • Services are offered 24 hr a day.
  • The first five minutes are free for the first session
  • You can get a reading via video, phone, or chat


  • Reviews openly displayed for all psychics
  • The mobile site is fast-loading and easy to navigate
  • Plenty of price points to help everyone get the guidance they need


  • This site lacks a mobile app

Customer’s Reviews

From Trustpilot:

“Their psychics are the real deal. They offer genuine answers to problems. Best prices around, too.” – Mukesh

“My questions were vague, but I got specific answers; I got exactly what I was looking for.” – Fred.

=> click here to visit the official website of Mysticsense

Things to Consider When Choosing An Online Psychic Reading Platform:

  • Refunds/Credits

All of the sites on our list possess some kind of customer satisfaction service. This means you may be eligible for a refund if you find that you are unsatisfied with how your reading went. This helps customers retain confidence in the psychic service and keeps them coming back for quality readings.

Some sites might not have such a policy in place, but they may give you credit for the minutes used. This way, you can try another psychic some other time. Other sites may let you speak with the psychic first before committing to any services.

Be sure you read over the guarantee of your preferred website and their policy surrounding refunds before you buy to ensure you can live with it should something go wrong.

  • Communication Types

Everyone has their preferred method of communication. Most commonly, you will get a reading through live video, email/chat, or by talking on the phone.

Whatever you feel most comfortable with, make sure the site you like has it. If you prefer interactive conversations where you can hear tones of voice, phone calls may be best. If you feel a bit shy, an online chat and chat or email reading may be best.

Everybody’s different. Rest assured that these quality sites have gifted psychics that can provide a reading in many forms, so feel free to choose a communication method that works for you.

  • Customer Opinion

Read over what other customers are saying about the website you are most interested in. This will give you a good idea of whether or not you can trust the site.

There is no better way to find out how well something works than by reading customer reviews. On that same note, you can also find out the names of some gifted psychics that way and consult their services if you are brand-new and not sure who to hire.

  • Spiritual Services Offered

Before you sign up for a site and put credits on your account, be sure to see what kind of psychic services are offered. Maybe you would like a tarot reading, maybe you need an angel card reading, or perhaps you would like a psychic reading.

Maybe you want all three. You should look to see if the site you are interested in can offer this for you or be prepared to go to a few different sites. Read over the profiles of the psychics carefully; some are capable of performing multiple services.

  • Site Longevity

All of the sites on today’s list are long-standing favorites among customers that seek spiritual services. They have all been in business longer than 10 years.

After that long, you can figure out ways to make customers happy and run business smoothly. These psychic reading sites know what people are looking for and provide it to them.

Do not think you have to settle for a newish psychic website just because their rates are more attractive. You might enjoy paying a low price, but the reading probably won’t be as good of quality. It is better to go with a site you can trust.

Online Psychics Vs. Offline Psychics:

In larger cities and even in small towns, it is not hard to locate psychics you can consult. This may sound convenient, but it is much better to go online for your psychic needs.

For starters, you are not constricted to a time slot. You can keep talking to the psychic as long as you need online to get your answers. Meanwhile, a psychic offline may have other customers they need to see that day.

Second, you can choose from many psychics. Online, it is easy to watch preview videos of your psychic doing their job, so you can get a sense of whether or not they are a good fit. Offline, it is hard to know if a psychic is any good, save for reading Google reviews.

Third, you can have all spiritual needs met online. A local psychic could be limited in the services they are capable of providing. You would end up having to go online anyways to get those psychic reading services- might as well just stick with online so you can get everything you need in one spot.

Finally, online psychic reading platforms usually offer a satisfaction guarantee. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for offline psychics, who may or may not offer such a deal.

FAQs Regarding Psychics For Real Readings:

  • Is There a Difference Between Cheap Readings and Expensive Ones?

Cheaper readings can offer the same insight as pricey ones. You need to ensure you go for the most reliable and best psychic service sites out there.

A bigger price tag does not mean the info you will get will be useful or accurate. You have to be willing to give the reader time and the space necessary to think about your situation and thus get you the productive session you deserve. Be sure you have an open mind as you start the session; this will make it easier for the psychic to offer guidance.

Cheap readings are not offered because these are cut-rate psychics. First off, companies want to make money on EVERYONE, not just the very rich. Second, some psychics choose not to price their gifts highly so that everyone can get the guidance they need.

  • I Never Did a Psychic Reading Before, What Do I Look For?

First of all, understand how your reading is going to work. Psychic readings by phone and tarot readings are considered conversations. Therefore, you would want to ask open-ended questions, one that requires more than a simple “no/yes” for an answer. Failing to do this will lead to dead-end conversations.

You should also allow the psychic to work at their own pace. If you attempt to hurry them along or control the reading, you may prevent them from working at their best. Besides, think of yourself- do you work better if somebody is badgering you?

Be wary of scams as well. The sites listed above are safe and hire only genuine psychics, and you will pre-pay before you get a psychic reading. Be wary of any psychic that tells you bad news (for example, “you are cursed, your family is cursed,”) and asks for exorbitant amounts of money to fix the so-called “issue” for you.

  • I Am in A Tight Financial Spot, Do Readings for Just a Dollar Exist?

If you look hard enough, it is possible to get a reading for as low as a dollar. For example, Keen offers new clientele 10 minutes for $1.99.

So, if you were to ask a single question and the psychic online could offer an answer, and it took less than five minutes, you would effectively be getting a psychic reading for a dollar.

Granted, it is rare to find a reading that is so short, as most people find they have more questions they would like answered which usually makes the online psychic reading session longer.

Concluding – Trusted Psychic Reading Websites For Most Accurate Readings About Love & Career:

An online psychic can be an entertaining and insightful way to get guidance on how to proceed with various issues you may be concerned with, such as relationships or romance.

These gifted psychic experts may be able to help you find your true path in life and offer direction as well. With many psychic reading sites offering great discounts to new customers, it is seriously worth checking out.

Any of the sites you see here will provide you with best online psychic readings, but if you are not sure, try out Kasamba or Keen. They offer psychics at competitive rates around the clock. Enjoy your reading!

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