5 Best Online Tarot Reading Sites: Top Tarot Reader & Psychics For Real Readings In 2022| Psychic Network With Pool Of Fortune Teller To Give Cheap Psychic Reading Services| Most-Accurate Tarot Readings For Love & Career Growth

Psychic readings are a great idea, especially during these uncertain times when the globe is following distancing and quarantine measures because of the epidemic. Having access to online tarot reading sites is like frosting on a cake that has already been shown to be beneficial to a large number of individuals. If you’re feeling lost and have no one to turn to for guidance, checking out tarot reading websites is a nice place to start.

Many people have a negative attitude about astrology and psychics. However, it is always a good idea to explore new things if they can serve you in your best interests. Many people talk about their psychic reading experiences and how life-changing they were. Even if you don’t have any important problems, you can use tarot for entertainment purposes.

Best Online Tarot Readings From Top Tarot Readers Online:

  1. Purple Garden – Best Online Tarot Reading Services For Live Tarot Sessions
  2. Kasamba – Top-Recommended Psychics Online To Get Psychic Predictions
  3. Keen – Trusted Tarot Reader & Fortune Teller For Accurate Readings
  4. AskNow – Reliable Psychic Reading Platforms For Astrology & Spiritual Readings
  5. Oranum – Most Preferred Tarot Deck Readers With Free Tarot Live Minutes

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. PurpleGarden – Best Online Tarot Reading Services For Live Tarot Sessions


On this website, you can choose a psychic to do tarot card readings for you. Each card represents something different, and you’ll have a lot of fun analyzing the cards and their meanings here. A psychic might be chosen based on their reading style and the tools they employ. Some people consult angel cards, crystals, or astrology.

PurpleGarden is one of the more recent online tarot reading sites available on the internet. The website offers genuine readings and features online psychics and hosts from practically every country on the planet. You can select from a huge network of psychics that are experts in different fields. Selecting one from hundreds might be a daunting endeavor; however, our site makes it simple for you by using a smart-filtering system to help customize your searches and shortlist your favorites.

In terms of appearance and functionality, PurpleGarden is fairly comparable to the other platforms on the list. The platform’s biggest feature is that it offers free updates on accurate daily horoscopes to all users. They also have a comprehensive protocol in place for identifying mystic professionals on their site. PurpleGarden is one of the more recent psychic reading websites available on the internet. The website offers genuine readings and features online psychics and hosts from nearly every country on the planet.

Why should you choose PurpleGarden?

This website is well-known for its angel card readings and provides one of the greatest tarot readings on the internet. Their psychics are highly skilled and qualified. Along with its unique discounts for first-time users, it is admirable that it is committed to protecting anonymity. A tarot reading from PurpleGarden may help you get insight into your past, present, and future by choosing cards and understanding their meanings. Furthermore, the opportunity to connect with the psychics by numerous means, including phone, chat, and video call, is something to be appreciated.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PurpleGarden


  • Full refund
  • A wide range of tools different psychics use
  • Many options of contacting a psychic
  • 5 free minutes
  • An informative blog containing psychic-related topics


  • Considerably less experience than the other sites

Customer experience

Their psychics are highly skilled and qualified. Along with its unique discounts for first-time users, it is praiseworthy that it is committed to protecting anonymity. Customer feedback is mainly favorable, and the site is well-received, as they are quite pleased with their psychics.

#2. Kasamba – Top-Recommended Psychics Online To Get Psychic Predictions


Kasamba has been named first on a list of the year’s best psychic reading sites. This psychic reading platform has been in operation since 1999, and they have progressively been regarded as the most popular online psychics website. Kasamba has amassed over 4 million pleased subscribers in the psychic readings sector in over 20 years of service. They were able to meet this standard by giving the most precise readings on the internet.

Kasamba may be the ideal option for you if you’re looking for a psychic for no particular reason other than to improve your general quality of life. With the expertise of your chosen psychic, you may explore a wide range of concerns impacting your personal life here. There are a number of psychics that specialize in tarot, so you may choose someone who suits your needs. It’s important to remember that psychics with more expertise charge more than those who have less. Kasamba psychics provide the confidence, mentorship, and guidance that clients desire.

Their website also features an annual love forecast feature for each zodiac sign, as well as a detailed daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope chart. All users may see the tarot readers’ profiles, which include information about their services and prices. An account is required to view these profiles and book a session.

Why choose this website?

Their top-rated tarot card readers offer live tarot readings online and via phone to address your most important worries about love, relationships, money, and other issues. A tarot card reading may help you anticipate a pleasant future or prepare you for an unfavorable incident.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • 20 years on the market
  • 3 minutes of free reading
  • Optional refund if you’re not satisfied with a reading
  • A mobile-friendly app for faster service
  • Phone readings via live chat
  • 24/7 customer service available online
  • Price variations between $1.99-$20 per minute
  • 50% off on all types of psychic services for all new clients


  • The highest-rated psychics are more expensive

Customer experience

This website employs certified psychics that are trustworthy, offer accurate readings, and provide high-quality services. Customers have expressed that they have gained greater stability in their lives, as well as the optimism and bravery to embark on new projects.

#3. Keen – Trusted Tarot Reader & Fortune Teller For Accurate Readings


Despite the fact that psychic readings are available for a wide range of purposes, individuals are sometimes confused as to which online tarot reading sites are the best choice to throw some light on their love life. This is due to the fact that some individuals are skeptical about psychic readings. Keen psychics is widely known and trusted by millions of satisfied clients, and many people feel it is the greatest website for tarot card reading.

Keen psychics do not currently provide live video chat. Their dynamic team is made up of 1,700 skilled psychic counselors with exceptional clairvoyant abilities. As a result, clients can quickly search the Keen psychics forum for an expert of their choosing. This website is a well-known free psychic reading website that clients may simply browse while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Keen has also created an app that consumers like since it allows them to get a psychic reading online at any time and from anywhere. Clients can keep their favorite psychics, as well as their future predictions and current life conditions, in the program’s simple user interface. You can listen to your recorded readings later to be sure you didn’t miss anything important.

Why choose this website?

Keen psychics are able to create a friendly environment for wandering spirits. Everything about psychic reading online is simplified, from the user-friendly interface to the dedicated staff of psychic consultants to the price bundles. Their tarot readings include the usage of 78 tarot cards to gain a better knowledge of the past, present, and future, and they provide one of the most trustworthy readings available on the market.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Extended consultations for new clients
  • Highly accurate readings
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Affordable and experienced psychics
  • Psychic readings by email, phone, or chat
  • 3 minutes free
  • Low price point between 1.99 and $20


  • They lack bilingual psychics
  • Introduction available for the first tarot reading session only

Customer experience

Keen is one of the top astrology sites since it has always committed to its goal of maximum client happiness. We discovered that Keen has offered its consumers comfort, clarity, and improved quality of life.

#4. AskNow – Reliable Psychic Reading Platforms For Astrology & Spiritual Readings


AskNow is an online business that provides you with psychic readings through phone or email. It has been at the top of the spiritual world since 2005, and it is one of the most popular online tarot reading sites. Thousands of seekers have benefitted from the network of skilled and certified spiritual counselors on this website.

Depending on your needs, the site offers a choice of options from which to pick. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re having difficulties coming to terms with a particular situation or uncertainty in your life. Their specialty is meeting your spiritual needs and allowing you to reconnect with yourself.

Its psychic analysts, mediums, and spiritual readers are all highly skilled professionals with years of experience. They counsel customers on whatever problems they are having via phone calls, online chats, and video conferences so that they may make the best decisions possible. They also ensure that all of your information is protected and secure. You can also ask for help without revealing your identity, so start using AskNow to gain access to a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and advice.

Why choose this website?

AskNow is one of the most well-known tarot card reading websites. These internet psychic readings are genuine, and you may use them as part of package offers paid for with credit or debit cards. The psychics are evaluated for their abilities on a yearly basis, so you may be confident in the accuracy of your tarot readings.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • 5 minutes free
  • Psychics with many abilities
  • Bilingual psychics
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • $3.99-$13 per minute


  • Video sessions not available
  • Some psychics charge per minute

Customer experience

Many users have expressed gratitude to the psychics who helped them overcome their fears, listened to them calmly, and gave them the confidence to find love again. Clients are pleased with the accuracy of tarot readings and have begun to use them on a regular basis.

#5. Oranum – Most Preferred Tarot Deck Readers With Free Tarot Live Minutes


Oranum provides you with a diverse variety of tarot readers from which to pick. Before you begin using Oranum, one of the first things you should do is carefully examine its credit system. It can be difficult to grasp, and it takes some practice to learn how to utilize it. Oranum provides readings via live video conversations. Many consumers prefer to meet their psychic in person rather than simply hearing their voice or reading their email.

The website is home to a diversity of psychics and spiritual counselors, each of whom is an expert in their field. You can watch them live and engage with them for free before joining up, which is a terrific way to get a feel for their service before committing to it with an account. However, if you prefer a more personalized experience, you may join up for a private session and purchase credits.

If you want to find answers about your current situation or get a glimpse into the future of your relationship, a tarot reading can help you find your way to intuition and understanding. Online love tarot reading predicts unusually accurate answers to cloudy judgments in your mind. This is one of the top recommendations if you want the greatest tarot readings at the lowest prices, with free trials and the most experienced psychic.

Why choose Oranum?

Psychics are available at all times and in all time zones on Oranum.com, making it one of the best online tarot reading sites. Many psychics specialize in astrology, which helps to improve the accuracy of a tarot reading. The majority of the psychics speak English fluently, and some also speak one or more continental languages. If you prefer video readings to phone or text readings, Oranum is a good website to visit.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • A mobile app available
  • You can sign up for a tarot reading online anonymously
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • You get free credits if you sign up
  • 1-3 minutes free
  • Free blogs are available on the website


  • Generally higher starting price

Customer experience

You can seek expert psychic advice on family, finance, job, and love, and you can do it via live video sessions or, if you prefer, chat. Overall, Oranum appears to be a solid option for astrology fans. Clients have been loyal to Oranum for many years, owing mostly to the precise readings it offers.

Why Did We Choose These Most Accurate Tarot Card Reading?

  • Trustworthiness

Without a doubt, trust is an important aspect of online tarot reading. All of the platforms on the list feature professional, highly talented, and educated tarot card readers who can take you on the right route and provide highly tailored readings for those in need. Tarot internet readings are best performed by gifted individuals who can read tarot cards. These top options for psychic services are the best in the field.

  • Confidentiality

Third-party data leaks from online accounts are common, and there are numerous examples of identity theft. In every way, this scenario should be avoided. As a result, we reviewed and validated the security policies of various websites. We also made certain that these sites included mechanisms for customers to express their dissatisfaction and report wrongdoing.

  • Affordable deals

With tarot readings rapidly gaining popularity online, an increasing number of sites are popping up to provide affordable and accurate readings. However, not all of them are genuine. With tarot readings rapidly gaining popularity online, an increasing number of sites are popping up to provide affordable and accurate readings. However, not all of them are genuine. The list we constructed offers the most affordable services and many different package deals. You get free minutes for your first-time use and get to choose a corresponding program for your budget.

  • Customer reviews

Going through client reviews and ratings is the most significant consideration for using any online service. To avoid fraudulent reviews, we browsed through various websites where people shared their astrology experiences and rated these astrology sites. As a result, we finalized the list after considering their testimonies, likes-dislikes, and customer support comments.

Types of Tarot Card Readings:

There are infinite tarot spreads out there. Some of the popular ones are-

  • The love spread

This sort of reading analyzes the relationship’s significance, as well as its strength and happiness. Every relationship has ups and downs, and with this six-card spread, you can assess your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ties with your lover. This tarot spread is entirely focused on the dynamics between two lovers, analyzing various areas of your relationship that may be points of conflict or unity.

  • Success spread

It’s a highly situational spread. It is commonly used when a person is confronted with a problem or misfortune. It can also help you if you are unsure how to approach or solve a problem because it will point you in the right direction. It helps you determine the true difficulty of the task at hand. It will assist you in determining what skill set and resources you will require to not only solve but also conquer the problem.

  • Celtic cross

Despite its complexities, the ‘Celtic Cross’ Spread has been popular for a long time. This is most likely related to the fact that its significance is derived from its difficulty. Depending on the orientation of the fallen cards, each Celtic Cross outcome can be depicted in a variety of ways. Though not advised for beginners, once understood, anybody may utilize this spread to determine the entire scope of the issue. With enough practice, it may be used to find the solution to any problem. Celtic Cross is concerned with complicated issues.

  • Spiritual guidance

The Spiritual Guidance spread, like the Success Spread, is applied when dealing with spiritual difficulties. These kinds of difficulties are generally connected to a person’s faith. These types of the online tarot card readings are usually requested for future uncertainties.

  • The career path

This spread is for those of us who feel like we’re missing out on job chances. We put out our best effort in the hopes of receiving a promotion but to no avail. It aids us in overcoming the types of challenges we face in our professional lives. These spreads were designed to give you a deeper look at your work self, and they can be applied whether you’re happy where you are and simply trying to figure out where your present job is headed or if you’re searching for alternative career possibilities.

  • Three-card spread

There are many other creative and complex tarot spreads that include 10, twenty, or all seventy-eight Tarot cards. However, if you want to get to the heart of your issue, a basic three-card Tarot reading is the ideal place to start. Because it only uses three cards, the Three Card Spread is the simplest and most practical spread. It is because of this why it is so well-known. This is one of the most powerful spreads, and it can help with almost any issue, whether you’re dealing with difficulties or simply feeling lost or forgotten.

FAQs Regarding Tarot Reader Online:

Q1. Are online psychic readings accurate?

People want their psychic readers to give them exact advice regarding a career, a relationship, or a colleague. However, such a method has the potential to be quite restrictive. The purpose of readings is to provide advice, support, encouragement, empowerment, insights, and comfort. They can help you see things you may have previously known deep down, hadn’t considered before, or haven’t yet recognized. But, in the end, you will be the one who must make judgments about your own destiny.

A psychic reading may present you with a variety of alternatives to consider, as well as decisions to make and actions to take. You won’t be able to change everything in your life and environment, but you’ll have more options and paths to select from than you had before your reading. The purpose of a prediction is to envision the direction in which your life is headed, and it isn’t a definite destiny. A psychic reading on online tarot reading sites may open up a world of possibilities for you to investigate, as well as decisions to make and follow

Q2. How is tarot related to astrology?

Although astrology and Tarot are two very different ideologies, they have a common astral basis and an intimately related context. Tarot is concerned with the mystical forces of the cosmic cosmos, whereas Astrology concentrates on planetary motions for direction. Both activities have mutually beneficial features that assist online tarot readers in overcoming challenges in life.

Aside from stars and planets, there is a spirituality that surrounds both philosophies that puts them so near on a conceptual level. We say this because legendary characters are significant in both Astrology and Tarot. Then there are the constellations, planets, and stars that frequently appear during the course of a Tarot card reading session or an Astrological reading.

Q3. How to recognize a legit psychic?

A genuine psychic will have a large number of positive evaluations from current or previous customers. You may read the outcomes of clients and choose whether or not the psychic is worth your time and money. These reviews might help you understand a lot of things like prices, experience, degrees of pleasure achieved in clients, psychological qualities, and so on.

If you’re thinking about hiring a psychic, look into the company’s qualifications on its website and seek bad complaints or criticism through the internet. Because the psychic profession is unregulated, it is difficult to identify frauds and get a refund. It is ultimately up to the client to evaluate the credibility of a specific psychic before giving your money.

In addition to visiting the website and screening by phone, you can seek referrals or the solution to a test question, such as a yes or no question, a general reading, etc.. Don’t bother scheduling a reading if the answer does not please you. There are numerous other psychics to get in touch with.

Be mindful of psychics that ask a lot of questions and then offer imprecise answers to your concerns. Their attitude may appear calm and informed, yet they might be gently pressuring you for answers to your own question. Don’t consult a psychic if you are in a state of emotional instability.

Some people are so terrified by tragic events or so turned off by doctors and counselors that they will embrace any lifeline of knowledge offered by deceptive psychics. It is preferable to get a psychic reading when everything is relatively calm, and you have reached a state of calm in your life.

Q4. How does the tarot work?

For ages, people have acknowledged the power of tarot cards. The cards are utilized for consultations, spiritual growth, meditation, and even spell casting. Numerous ideas exist regarding the origins of tarot power. One of the most prevalent beliefs is that we all have a guardian angel that watches over us from birth to death and provides guidance to tarot readers. In every case, the guardian angel sees into the future and knows what is best for the asker. According to this concept, the tarot card reader acts as a channel between the guardian angel and the client who asks the questions.

Tarot, at its most fundamental, offers stories about the cycles of our life. Shuffling the deck, selecting cards, and arranging them in order shows the many difficulties and tribulations we may experience on any specific occasion. However, the cards in the major arcana do not always reflect us in a reading. They may reflect someone else in our life, or they may indicate broader concerns. Tarot is a complicated language, and each online tarot card reading is unique. Similarly, each psychic reader is unique, as is the approach they employ to understand how the cards interact.

Q5. Can a tarot reader predict my future?

Many experts enhance their knowledge with techniques such as tarot, astrology, and numerology. Your advisor will act as a bridge for the messages revealed by your tarot card spread. Finding an appropriate medium is essential for a good reading. Look for certified psychics that specialize in love readings when searching online. Client feedback from prior sessions can reveal a lot about the advisor’s energy and whether or not their interpretations were correct.

A tarot card reading might help you find the answers to your personal love issues. After you’ve asked your question, your guide will pick tarot cards and explain their meanings. Future love and compatibility tarot card spreads are popular readings. Because the cards are neutral, these readings might be a useful method to reveal harsh realities.

Tarot card readings have a rather beneficial impact on people’s lives by giving them hope for a better, brighter future and aiding them in molding their destiny. Professional tarot readers can provide exact answers to any of your issues, whether they be about your financial life, love life, or spiritual journey. If you’re interested in your future, you should try getting a tarot card reading online from a professional psychic.

Q6. Can a psychic give you imprecise reading?

Yes, it is possible for some Tarot readings to be incorrect; however this is uncommon. They are typically true to some extent, but the psychic’s interpretation of the material may distort the findings, making them incorrect. Because readings are based on the energy received from a person or event, it is possible that the reading picked up on different energy, maybe from someone else close to you.

In fact, psychic readings aren’t all about making precise and exact predictions. Tarot is an empowering and guiding tool that is, by definition, open to interpretation. Tarot readings are more of a reflection of what is going on inside you and what you are attracting based on your energies. If a psychic predicts an exact date or time in the future, they are most likely a fraud.

Concluding – Expert Tarot Reading Sites For Live Psychic Readings In 2022

If you’re looking for guidance to brighten your life path, stop looking because tarot can considerably increase your life quality while keeping you entertained. Tarot readings will help you realize that we attract what we experience and that we alone have the capacity to change it.

A psychic will be essential in assisting you to recognize the barriers you have created that block rays of light and hope from entering your life. An unclear scenario usually raises lots of questions, which, if unanswered, might rip a hole in someone’s heart. A psychic may be important in addressing all of your concerns, offering closure, and restoring your trust in love and hope.

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