5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For Most Accurate Readings Of Tarot Deck & Astrology Signs: Get Free Trials Of Live Psychic Sessions From Top Fortune Teller & Psychics Of 2022| Cheap Psychic Mediums To Get Future Predictions Via Phone, Chat Or Video

Is it time to make an important decision? Do you want to know more about your future? Are you curious about how your latest endeavor is going to go? If yes, then what you need is an online psychic reading.

Being at an uncertain time of your life can be stressful. To help you get some clarity, an online psychic reading through phone, chat, and video would be ideal. This is great because you can get an accurate and helpful reading from the comfort of your home. Online psychic readings can let you get help at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

Many people turn to online psychic readings to get insight into their lives. You can be the next to have a clear path laid out before you. Finding the perfect one can be difficult, though. Luckily, there are many online psychic reading options to avail. We help you find the best online psychic reading sites for you.

Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Platforms For Live Tarot Sessions:

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Site For Accurate Psychic Predictions
  2. Kasamba – Top Psychic Reading Platform To Meet Your Psychic Reader Online
  3. Keen – Recommended For Tarot Readings To Get Love & Career Advice
  4. Asknow – Expert Tarot Readers For Spiritual Readings
  5. Oranum – Most-Popular Psychics Networks With Multiple Psychic Mediums

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Site For Accurate Psychic Predictions


Purple Garden is a mobile app with the specialty that it provides the best psychic readings. Their target audience is “truth-seekers,” They aim to satisfy their customers with high-quality readings. Purple Garden is one of the most accessible online psychic reading services and has the simplest process for use. The platform is filled with enthusiastic readers who are more than willing to help you through life’s challenges. Their recommendations and advice are accurate and reliable as all physics are thoroughly vetted before joining the program.

Purple Garden is the most famous online psychic reading app. Their website also has thousands of customers who are more than satisfied with the service.

With a great variety of soothsayers, clairvoyants, tarot readers, and more, Purple is the place to go for the most accurate psychic reading online.

In a short time, Purple Garden has become the top online psychic reading website. They have rare types of readers, which makes the website even more attractive. Go to Purple Garden to find empathetic mediums, ascension career advisors, esoteric alchemy readers, etc.


  • The website has free advisors who provide advice on who to choose to assist you in real-time. They also have an option to start with a free trial.
  • You will get to taste the great quality they have to offer in their readings. If you are a first-time user, then you can avail this offer.
  • They also use your search results to optimize the reader selection process. This helps prove that their site is legitimate and that they are specifically catering to you.


  • Instant service
  • Choose between text, video, or call
  • The most reliable services for life, love, and career readings
  • Free trial and free minutes initially
  • Many specialized psychic readers


  • Pricey with fewer discounts

Customer Reviews

This genuine platform is worth a shot if you want an accurate online psychic reading. Thousands of users prove that the site is not a scam. Their users view the site as genuine, efficient, quick, accurate, and helpful.

They also love the simple user interface, making their search for a reader very easy.

People have said that the readers here have helped them make life-changing experiences. They also commend the site for its fair pricing, and they feel assured that each trader is verified.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba – Top Psychic Reading Platform To Meet Your Psychic Reader Online


Kasamba is well known specifically for astrological and tarot readings. They started in 1999 and have serviced over 3 million customers since then.

The site only provides a chat option, but you can get many types of readings, including tarot, astrological, dream or energy healing.

They also have a profile for every psychic reader. Here you can see their level of experience and their reviews and specializations.

They also show off their top psychics, which is great if you are new and looking for the best reading possible.


  • New users get a 50% discount and 3 free minutes on their reading.
  • These free minutes will come on every time you use a new psychic. Use this to find the best psychic for you and decide who will cater to you the best.
  • They have over 180 readers to select from, so you will find an amazing one.


  • Operating for over 20 years
  • Each reader has their profile page
  • Extensive showing of authentic reviews
  • Free first 3 minutes of every psychic reading session
  • New members get a 70% discount


  • Requires a membership
  • Only has a chat option

Customer Reviews

Users leave extensive reviews on Kasamba. They praise its psychic services for helping them immensely with issues like relationships, careers, and lifestyles. They also recommended Kasamba for its accuracy and authenticity.

Psychics on Kasamba are reviewed as being friendly, open, engaging, and helpful. One thing people love is how cheap the service can be, especially for new users. They also like the option to be paid back if they are not satisfied.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. Keen – Recommended For Tarot Readings To Get Love & Career Advice


Keen has been operating for over 20 years in the online psychic space. Although they have been running for a long time, the site keeps itself updated. They have also made a huge name for themself, being featured on Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Refinery 29, and more.

Keen has many different kinds of services. You can go to the online psychic reading site to book an online psychic reading by phone, video, or chat. They also have a unique option where they will send readings to your home by mail.

Keen has the most number of Psychic readers compared to any other platform. They have 1700 working, verified, and vetted phone psychics on their platform. You will never run out of new psychics to try, and you will always find the perfect one for you.

On Keen, you can hope to find chat psychic reading for any of life’s struggles. You can opt for a pet reading, a numerology reading, an angel card reading, a love reading, etc.

Keen also has an interesting interactive feature. They let you use this to determine which psychic will be the best for you. You can put in what expertise and style you would like to receive, and the service will find the perfect match for you. They also have a perfectly organized system where you can scroll to find psychics sorted according to ratings, price, availability, and more. Click on the listing option on the website and get directed to a comprehensive list of their information.


  • You need to choose a psychic on keen and then select whether you want the reading to be done over the video, phone, or chat.
  • You can also set up a time for an email or mail to be sent to you. Alternatively, you can check out the Keen App, making the process even smoother.
  • They offer you the first 3 minutes of a reading with a psychic for free.
  • New customers also get special deals and discounts.
  • Keen is also the best site for love and relationship-related readings.


  • Hundreds of psychics to choose from
  • An online psychic reading over the phone, video, or chat
  • Advisors are given reviews and rated by their users
  • It has an easy to use app for more frequent use
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Very cheap


  • It does not offer a free trial

Customer Reviews

Customers say that keep is very easy to use and provides you with the easiest to use tools. They have accurate psychic readings online and fantastic service. They also say that Keen has helped them with every kind of issue that they face in life. Their customer service is the best in the online psychic reading industry, and users have high praise for this.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#4. AskNow – Expert Tarot Readers For Spiritual Readings\


AskNow has been operating for over 15 years in the online psychic reading space. They have accumulated a well-curated list of hundreds of vetted psychic readers. They are a reliable and solid service provider for online psychic readings. One unique thing about the site is that it will use psychics to send you messages from your deceased loved ones. They also have great consultancy and guidance on topics from relationships to careers. They also have readers who specialize in different types of fields like horoscopes, tarot, and divination. They provide their services by phone or chat, which makes it very easy to use on the go.


  • AskNow is known to have some of the best prices on the market and the best quality of readings. They offer psychics who charge as little as $1 per minute.
  • They also have great deals for the new users, with the first 5 minutes of your first online psychic reading session being completely free.
  • They also match up their new users to the best of the best who have proved themself as trustworthy on their site.
  • The psychics with less experience are usually cheaper, so you may not like their service as much as a more expensive and vetted psychic.
  • AskNow is very well known for having psychics who have otherworldly abilities. They can provide you with messages from your deceased close family and friends.
  • One of their star psychics is Jozette, who is a very popular and demanded psychic. They have been providing psychic services for over 30 years.
  • The one con of AskNow is that it does not offer a video or email options. However, this can be a benefit as with AskNow; you can have your accurate psychic readings online easily while on the go.


  • Offers new users the first 5 minutes free of charge
  • It has a phone and chat option
  • Very low prices offered
  • Have physic with specific specializations


  • No email or video reading option
  • It can get pricey with some kinds of specialized psychics

User Reviews

AskNow has been rated quite well by its customers. They say that the service is easy to use and that they have received life-altering advice from their psychics. They highly recommend AskNow to anyone looking to get a glimpse of their future and have a guide to help them through it.

One con that reviewers mention is the lack of availability of a video and email options. However, their chat and phone services are highly commendable.

=> Click here to visit the official website of AskNow

#5. Oranum – Most-Popular Psychics Networks With Multiple Psychic Mediums


Oranum only offers online psychic readings through video, but this is the preference for a lot of its users. They believe that videos are what offers full transparency to their customers and so they believe that this is the best method. Oranum prioritizes trustworthiness and experience over everything else.

A unique feature of the site is the live option. The readers on the app go live every week to give the app users a feel of what their life and thinking is like. It is great for when you want to get an in depth look at your reader and know if they are authentic. It also helps if you are using the same psychic for a long time as it keeps you up to date on them and makes the experience more personal.

Their readers can speak a variety of languages. They also have a huge variety in types of psychic readings online that can be performed including dream analysis and sound therapy.


  • Oranum only has a video option for online psychic readings.
  • They also have a credit system for users to make payments. This allows users to accumulate points with every phone psychic reading and once you have a bunch of points then you can use them to pay for other readings.
  • They also give you 1 to 3 free minutes when first using a psychic. This helps you be sure before you commit to paying for an online psychic reading from a specific reader.


  • Video chats offer an immersive experience
  • Free minutes for first-time users

Operating for over 10 years

  • Credit system


  • Only in video format
  • Newer psychic readers

User Reviews

Oranum is a well-respected online psychic platform. They have accumulated many users over their 10 years of being in business. Users rate the platform well and review it, saying that the online psychic readers offer very accurate tarot card readings. They say that the psychics have helped them greatly with their lives and decisions.

Some users say that Oranum’s credit system is a little confusing. However, it becomes much easier once you get the hang of it.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

Factors To Consider When Choosing Online Psychics Or Psychic Mediums For Readings:

There are many important things to consider before you pick an online psychic reading site. An online psychic reading through phone, chat, and video is ideal and has many benefits, but it also gives you many options.

Sifting through them to choose the best one can be hard. If it were in person, you would just choose a psychic reading near you, but online you will have to pick the best psychic and psychic reading platform.

First of all, you need to pick a psychic with a very good reputation. Check for references from and reviews made by their past clients. The best part of services availed on the internet is that you can take advice from others who have already tried out online psychics.

Psychic advisors who have been working for a longer time will have more reviews. Check for quantity and quality when deciding which online psychic reading to pick. The presence of older happy customers will mean that you are happy as well.

It would also be good if the psychic is from a good organization or guild- this will make them professional. A psychic who claims to know everything about specific events in your future will not always be reliable.

Next, you need to make sure that you read all the terms in the agreement provided on the psychic reading platform. Here you will find out the cost of readings, and you will know if the psychic is trustworthy.

In terms of the online psychic reading platform or website, you would ideally want one that will allow a free trial. This will let you get a taste of things before committing to an online psychic. A very good online Psychic reading through phone, chat, and video would not be very cheap. Do not look for the cheapest options; instead, do a free trial to gauge the online psychic reading. Then you can commit to proper long, paid readings.

You will also want to decide which method you use for your online psychic readings. You can pick from an online psychic reading through phone, chat, and video. These options are the most personal.

If you are looking for a more in-depth analysis, you might want an expert. If you have specific questions about a specific part of your life, then an expert would greatly help. You can search and find an online psychic expert who specializes in your topic. However, if you want a general reading, then this step will not be necessary.

Another thing that helps when choosing an online psychic is a satisfaction guarantee. This lets you know that the psychic is confident, trustworthy, and sure they will get you what you need.

Lastly, you will have to pick a platform that offers only the best psychics. These platforms will tell you that they promote only the most experienced professionals. The reader themself may lie about their experiences, but a good platform will manage their psychic readers. They will ensure you get the best reading possible.

Overall, you need to look for legitimacy, experience, reviews, and what caters to your wants.

Online Psychics vs Psychic Readers Near Me:

There are some benefits to offline psychic reading as it gives you a real-life experience. However, online readings are great in the new age. If you are a very busy person, then an online reading is what you should pick.

If you were to pick an offline option, you would have to find a psychic reading near you. With online psychic readings, you can access any psychic from worldwide.

If what you want is face-to-face interaction, then you always have the option of a psychic video reading. If you prefer not to be interacting in real life, then online psychic readings offer you convenience and comfort through text, phone, and email.

For reading to go well, you also need to be comfortable. What place is more comfortable than your own home!

Online psychic readings also allow you to pick from many more options. This lets you choose the timing that works best for you. Scheduling online is easy and simple. The process will be far less time-consuming.

Overall, it is best to get an online reading. It is the most convenient and safe option. As technology has progressed, we can avail of such services with ease. The psychic will be able to satisfy and inform you while you stay comfortable.

FAQs Regarding Live Psychic Readings Via Chat Psychics:

Q. What are Psychics, and what do they do?

A psychic is a person who has special abilities and training to be able to use senses and perceptions to gain knowledge. They are spiritual and have a sixth sense that lets them understand life more clearly.

Psychics observe, process, and provide knowledge that normal people cannot access. They have abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, and knowledge of tarot. They analyze the signs given to them about you and predict how your life may go. They give spiritual advice about things like relationships, personalities, and careers.

Q. Are Online Psychic Readings Reliable?

There is a reason that online psychic readings are becoming more popular. Many clairvoyants do have abilities that will surely help you make some important decisions.

To get a good and trustworthy online psychic reading, you must pick an experienced and well-reviewed psychic. Then you will need to be very clear and open with your questions. If you make sure of this, then you will have a reliable psychic reading.

However, you must realize that psychics can only guide you. A specific answer should not be what you are looking for. Clairvoyance is spiritual and will not always offer you concrete or clear advice.

Q. What will I get from an Online Psychic Reading?

You can get honest, spiritual advice about your future in an online psychic reading. The goal of a psychic will be to keep you informed and motivated. They will guide you about decisions and help you accurately make sense of the path before you.

Q. Are Online Psychic Readings Expensive? Can I Get Free Psychic Reading Services?

Different platforms have varying prices for their services. If you want to be seen by a trusted and experienced professional vetted by the platform, they may be more expensive. Some psychics also have unique and rare qualities like the ability to talk to deceased loved ones or remote viewing or telepathy. These psychics may come with a higher price.

You would generally pay somewhere between $25 to $60 for an online psychic reading. Some psychic websites charge according to the number of minutes you spend talking. These online psychic reading websites usually have a coin system where you purchase coins and use those to pay for minutes.

Q. Should I Get a Psychic Reading at a Specific Time?

Most people choose to get the help of a psychic when they need some clarity about an important life decision or have questions about their relationships. If you are moving house, investing in a new venture, getting a new job, or starting a new relationship, you might want to consult a psychic. They will help you be more confident about your choices and guide you well.

Q. Will a Psychic Give Me Tarot Reading?

Tarot uses special cards to symbolize events that will happen in your future. Someone trained in tarot will be able to read and analyze the cards to tell you about your future. Some psychics also provide tarot reading services. Often a psychic tarot reading will be even more beneficial as they get signs from your energy and the universe in addition to the cards.

Concluding – Best Tarot Readings & Psychics Online In 2022:

Online psychic reading is a great option when you need some clarity about things that confuse you. It will help you find answers to many of your life’s concerns.

Interacting with a clairvoyant or psychic will surely help you start out on the right path to comfort and happiness. With the help of the wonders of the internet, you can now get an online psychic reading easily and comfortably.

Everything you need to know about best online psychic readings has been clarified. With our list of the best online psychics, you should easily be able to find a perfect match. Keep in mind your needs and wants to find someone who caters well to you.

Now that you are equipped with all the information you need about online psychic readings, get ready to have the best experience with the help of the top online psychic reading sites out there.

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