5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For 24/7 Psychic Interactive Sessions Over Phone Or Chat: Trusted Fortune Teller & Tarot Card Reader To Cast Love Spells| Cheap Psychics Near Me

When you’re starting a business, you go to a consultant. When you’re in legal trouble, you go to an attorney. It’s the same with spiritual matters.

So, if you’re looking for an authentic online psychic reading, you’re in the right place. Many people dismiss psychics because science doesn’t always support their claims. Since you’re reading this article, you’re not one of those people.

When it comes to spiritual consultations, you can find thousands and thousands of psychics offering their services. The problem is that it’s not always easy to get genuine advice that’s worth every penny. This article presents the best online psychic reading websites with the most security, privacy, and accuracy.

Furthermore, you’ll find several categories of psychics to assist you in spiritual, career, and love matters. They’re highly professional, trained spiritual consultants and verified by each platform. So, read on to learn and choose the best online psychic platforms that fits your needs.

Best Online Psychic Reading Services For Live Chat Readings In 2022:

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Websites For Live Psychic Sessions
  2. Kasamba – Top-Rated Tarot Readers To Get Spiritual Readings
  3. Keen – Most Affordable Psychic Mediums With First Free Minutes
  4. AskNow – Best Cheap Psychic Phone Readings & Chat Psychics
  5. Oranum – Psychic Social Network With Profession Fortune Teller

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Psychic Reading Websites For Live Psychic Sessions


Purple Garden psychic reading website boosts the top talents in the industry. A professional staff hand-pick every psychic on the website. Thus, you can be sure to get in touch with only pre-screened advisors.

You can turn on your camera, jump on a face-to-face video call, and get your online psychic reading live. If you’re a private person, you can opt-in for an audio call instead. Live chat is also available if you want more anonymity.

Purple Garden connects you to advisors in specialized fields like mediumship, tarot, and dream interpretation. You can get a highly accurate reading with many options by tapping your resonate spiritual tradition. Go ahead and visit the Purple Garden and see for yourself.


Purple Garden lets you research your advisor before you commit. It helps you save lots of time and energy on advisors that don’t fit what you want. Without any pressure, you have all the time you need before selecting one or more advisors for various bits of advice.

Most advisors on Purple Garden are fun, friendly, and private. The atmosphere is equally pleasant, and you’ll feel relaxed and open to working with your chosen advisor. Establishing a connection is everything, and it’ll be easier to connect on Purple Garden than other online psychic reading websites.

Whether you’re struggling with your relationship, career, or spiritual well-being, an advisor can help you. It can free your energies to flow so you can see clearly and make sound life decisions. Using Purple Garden could open you to the possibilities you aren’t attentive to now.

You might also get mentorship if you’re a psychic or a private spiritualist. Many advisors on Purple Garden come from different traditions and backgrounds, and you can learn from their experiences. So, if you’re serious about your spiritual development, Purple Garden might be the website for you.

Ultimately, you’re in control of what you do with your life. Purple Garden advisors will support you through tough times and guide you in the right direction. They’re like a supportive family that encourages you to release pent-up energies and move forward with your spiritual and physical development.


  • 5% cash back program
  • Credit for referring friends
  • Highest rated advisors in the industry
  • Unlimited access
  • User-friendly app


  • Partial refunds
  • No video recordings

Customer Reviews

Customers agreed that Purple Garden is addictive but in a good way. You might also agree with thousands of others who use it regularly. Check it out for yourself.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba – Top-Rated Tarot Readers To Get Spiritual Readings


Kasamba has evolved to include a wide variety of online psychic reading services over the past 20 years. You’re sure to find a reading that works for you. Whether it’s relationships, mental health, or parenting, there’s a psychic for that at Kasamba.

The online psychic reading website also gets high ratings for its live chat system. They give you a quick, stable connection to your favorite fortune teller. Prices also are affordable, so you’re sure to find an affordable reading instantly.

Join Kasambda @and get different perspectives from various spiritual traditions. You’re more likely to find a spiritual discipline that resonates with you with many styles available at your fingertips.


Do you want to find the love of your life, advance in your career, or even curse an enemy? There’s a spell for that! Skilled spellcasters on Kasamba could do it on your behalf.

Spiritual advisors could also support you emotionally through a breakup or divorce. Offering spiritual counsel helps you focus on your well-being to overcome any challenge. It may involve soothing rituals, prayers, or spells.

Clairvoyants and remote viewers on Kasamba can also help you retrieve lost items. If someone stole a valuable thing from you, remote viewers could locate it for you. Furthermore, they can help with finding lost or missing persons.

Dream analysis experts can also help you interpret your weird dreams, especially recurring dreams. If you keep dreaming of the same events, persons, or objects, it might be a message from your subconscious mind. You might need someone to decode their meaning, and Kasamba experts can help.

Seers on Kasamba could also see your future and can help with career decisions, relationships, and spiritual matters. It might be an unexplained sensation tugging at your core, so you have every right to get to the bottom of it. Join Kasamba, establish a connection, and get on-target online psychic readings today.


  • Powerful live chat system
  • Variety of spiritual traditions
  • Trusted and used by many people every day
  • Instant, live, and personalized online psychic readings
  • Professional, courteous spiritual support


  • No video calls
  • Advisors may keep you waiting or disappear

Customer Reviews

Some users claim they get better readings from free YouTube videos. On the positive side, many users attest that it works like magic. So, be a little cautious.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#3. Keen – Most Affordable Psychic Mediums With First Free Minutes


Keen connects you with advisors who help you understand yourself and your mission in life. It enables you to understand your unexplained experiences, making sense of your world. Think of it as a spiritual self-care toolbox, with each tool helping you with different aspects of your psyche.

It’s all about helping you find the advisor to aid you in your spiritual journey. As a result, you may feel comfortable in your skin and overcome the obstacles to your spiritual enlightenment. There’s a psychic for every life situation on Keen; you only need to do some research to find your ideal advisor.

Luckily, online psychic reading websites like Keen provide the tools to do that. Use Keen to get answers you wouldn’t find using other conventional methods. Whether for pure fun or spiritual dedication, Keen can help.


Your first three minutes will be free. So, you can get a feel of your psychic advisor and decide whether you want to work with them. If you don’t feel a connection, you can move to the next advisor until you find something that works.

Keen is especially praised and recognized for the proficient tarot readers & psychic readers on the website. Tarot readers can help you explore different aspects of your life from a unique perspective. Indeed, the tarot has more answers about your past, present, and future than you imagine.

Keen Horoscopes is also a compelling reason to join. It’s like real-time, specific-for-you daily news crafted by competent astrologers delivered to your email inbox for free. It’ll make you aware of the messages the universe is sending you, and it may improve your decision-making at a glance.

Furthermore, Keen offers a massive database of free articles covering different spiritual topics, from love advice to self-improvement. Make sure you delve in and read as much as you can. Who doesn’t like free psychic education, especially from the experts?

Whatever the problem is, Keen psychics could help you find answers to your questions. Whether it’s about your love life, finances, or work, solutions exist for you.


  • The first three minutes are free
  • Free daily horoscope by email
  • Free educational articles
  • $25 credit back for unsatisfying online psychic readings


  • No video calls
  • You can’t use a refund outside Keen

Customer Reviews

Keen has some of the best psychics on the internet, and most of its users agree. With many psychics, users also recommend doing your research and taking your time with someone who feels right.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen

#4. AskNow – Best Cheap Psychic Phone Readings & Chat Psychics


The website is a psychic network with some of the best advisors online. Open 24/7, AskNow helps you connect with qualified psychics through online chat and phone calls. AskNow is one of the rare online psychic reading websites to offer introductory packages.

AskNow offers a fast, secure connection to qualified psychics when you need an emergency psychic reading. No waiting line or weather condition could get in your way to get a psychic reading when you need it the most. AskNow psychics are always available to lend a helping hand.

Furthermore, AskNow offers an easy-to-use website. It also protects your privacy because you don’t need to register an account to start chatting. Once you decide you want to get more readings, you can create a free account and start accumulating bonus minutes.


AskNow offers the best introductory packages for best online psychic readings. Their fees are the cheapest in the market, and both come with a five-minute bonus.

At those rates, AskNow gives you the time to introduce yourself and get thorough answers to your questions. You’ll get enough time to form your opinion about your psychic and get five minutes back if you don’t like the reading.

With every package, you can also ask a free question and get an instant answer from one of the active psychics. It’s another way to tip your toe before investing more time in AskNow. Also, you may access top-rated advisors with either package when you get bonus minutes.

AskNow offers a free daily horoscope service that you can join via email. Join for free and start receiving your daily horoscope and assess the accuracy and relevance to your life. Consider joining and getting a live reading for more guidance and insight if the horoscope readings are accurate.

Through the Psychic Spotlights feature, you can find and connect with the highest-rated psychics on AskNow. It might help you avoid wasting time on unfit advisors by getting straight to the real deal. You can further refine your search and hone down the perfect psychic for your situation.


  • Bonus minutes
  • Chat and audio calls
  • Free daily horoscope
  • Robust chat system
  • Affordable introductory packages
  • iOS app
  • Available in Spanish


  • Partial refund
  • Algorithms aren’t always 100% accurate
  • No Android app

Customer Reviews

AskNow has some of the most elite psychics you can find online. Their psychic readings by phone are accurate, but some customers complain about timeliness. A late, after-the-fact psychic reading isn’t always helpful. However, you might enjoy their forecasts in retrospect.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow

#5. Oranum – Psychic Social Network With Profession Fortune Teller


Oranum is a social network-like psychic community that helps you get a live online psychic reading through video calls, voice calls, and chat. It has been active for over ten years, helping users find competent psychic advisors for different specialties. The social aspect of Oranum makes it a unique community for advisors and spiritual seekers alike.

Use Oranum to watch live videos of psychics as they work in real-time. You can chat with them to help determine if you want to work with them. Also, some advisors offer free content on their profiles that you can watch before going for a private one-on-one session.

It’s one of the largest networks for psychics covering many spiritual topics such as numerology, tarot, and astrology. Furthermore, Oranum Broadcasters could fulfill your special requests tailored to your needs.


Oranum offers many free blog articles and videos about dream interpretation, love, and mysticism. It might be a good starting point for you to get psychic education before you pay real money. The invaluable advice in this free content should set you up to make the most of your paid online psychic reading.

Oranum Broadcasters have social profiles that you can access for free—another psychic source of free psychic education. Also, you can subscribe to your favorite Broadcaster to access their exclusive content. If you have a special request, you can ask your psychic to cover it in their content.

Access the Awards page to find the most active Broadcasters. These are the most helpful psychics the online psychic reading platform promotes, and they can likely offer a unique perspective. You can also follow them to receive their new content that might help you.

Oranum uses a built-in payment system where you purchase and pay for services in coins. When registering a free account, you’ll get to buy these coins for a minimum of $7.99. You can use them to pay for special requests, private sessions, and exclusive content.


  • Live chat customer service
  • Fast and secure servers
  • Multiple payment options
  • Free content by Broadcasters
  • Bonus coins


  • Without a satisfaction guarantee
  • Outdated mobile app

Customer Reviews

Oranum is a great place to spend your time, and it’s almost like a social network but for psychics. Many users find it easy to browse for free content before they pay for anything. The website is fast, secure, and private, and it has friendly psychic advisors, too.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum

Things To Consider When Choosing Online Psychics & Tarot Readings Online:

Psychics and their ways are a mystery, and they’re another kind of people. We can’t tell how your experience will be, but we can offer some pointers.

  • Don’t Ask Random Questions

Avoid questions about death, pregnancy, and future tragic events. Simply put, you may not be ready for what you may hear. Unless you know what you’re doing, we suggest keeping it light because it could get dark quickly.

Also, psychics can’t offer medical or legal advice. If you have a health problem, consult your physician instead.

  • Watch Your Step

Never rush choosing a psychic advisor. Visit their profile first, and read about their specialties, past reviews, and experience. Selecting the right psychic could genuinely make or break your whole experience.

  • Every Minute Counts

You pay for every minute, whether a video call, audio call, or live chat. So, prepare your questions in advance and be specific.

  • Your Problem

Research is essential because a specific tradition might help you better than others. For example, a Feng Shui psychic might give better advice for cleansing your house. Furthermore, a Mayan Astrology expert might have sound advice for someone from a Mexican lineage. Maybe Runes would be the best for you.

Take advantage of the freely available content in blogs and videos provided by the online psychic reading website. Also, use your free minutes to get a feel of the psychic before committing.

It’ll be like having godlike powers once you find a tradition and psychic that fits your spiritual nature.

  • Be Respectful

Whether you believe in “psychic powers,” you should approach psychics respectfully. You don’t need to mock, spoof, or “debunk” them. If that sort of thing isn’t your cup of tea, don’t go to psychics.

Contact customer service when you’re not happy with your online psychic reading. It’s most likely you’ll get a refund or credit you can use to find another fitting psychic. It may take you a few misses before you experience an authentic online psychic reading, but you should be patient and respectful. It’s as simple as that.

  • Your Mindset

You should also consider your attitude when choosing an online psychic. An online psychic reading could quickly turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that’s where a healthy dose of skepticism will help.

You’re in complete control of your life. A psychic can give you valuable insight but doesn’t feel like it’s the final answer. Working with your psychic is about a win-win situation. So, be open and willing to apply what you learn.

  • Get Involved

You’ll inevitably meet those who give the industry its notorious reputation. These bad apples will waste your time by stalling to charge you for more minutes. While online psychic reading websites are selective and filter all their psychics, some will fall through the cracks.

Know that genuine psychics are straightforward. If a psychic has something to say, they’ll say it directly. Sometimes, it’s urgent, so they won’t stall or waste your time.

If you fall for a false reading, ask to get your credit back. Also, help the community by leaving a review of your experience. Still, it doesn’t always mean you got a poor reading, so get a second opinion from other community members before passing your judgment.

Online Psychics vs. Psychics Near Me

Online psychic reading websites are available 24/7, and you get to choose and compare between many advisors. With an offline psychic, things like operation hours, distance, and specialty might limit you. If you search for “psychic near me,” it’s challenging to find the specific specialty you need.

Offline psychics and life coaches typically charge you a flat-rate fee. Online psychic reading websites offer incentives like free minutes and give you more freedom. You can end the psychic reading session whenever you want and call as many psychics as possible. You can only meet a handful of offline psychics on a given day.

Furthermore, online psychic reading websites are easy to use, and it’s as simple as making a phone and chat. For offline psychics, you need to drive to them or invite them to your home. Instead, online psychic websites use fast and secure servers to protect your privacy and help you get a reading while you’re in your pajamas.

Nobody will judge you for visiting an online psychic reading online website because nobody knows you use them. On the other hand, you might get adverse reactions from people around you if they see you visit a local psychic. So, you can work in secret without somebody meddling in your business. Plus, these websites use state-of-the-art technologies to protect your personal information.

FAQs About Online Psychic Reading Platforms:

Q1. Are online psychic reading websites a scam?

Online tarot reading websites are marketplaces and legitimate companies. They offer various services, primarily connecting users with psychic advisors. Furthermore, they filter their psychics to ensure the quality of services.

The platforms even offer free minutes and partial refunds when things go wrong. If you pay for online psychic reading, you get an online psychic reading. So, these websites are hardly a scam.

Q2. How to get a free online psychic reading?

If you’re interested in a free online psychic reading, search YouTube using terms like “online psychic reading for [your zodiac sign],” “tarot reading [your zodiac sign], ” or “full moon psychic reading.” An abundance of free videos by amateur and professional psychics will give you a taste of online psychic reading.

Furthermore, you can access free content on online psychic readings websites like Oranum. Psychics on these platforms share some of their secrets freely and might give you another glimpse. You can even DIY by reading the free articles online psychic websites post.

Some websites also offer free minutes you can use to chat with psychics in person. So, you can get a free online psychic reading with a professional psychic using those minutes, and it’s the best way to do it without paying a penny.

Q3. How can an online psychic reading help you?

People tend to perform better in various areas of life like career, relationships, and money when their spiritual life is in order. An online psychic reading could potentially boost your spirit in many ways. For example, it may dissolve the mental blocks that impede your progress in your life so far.

By solving the issues that block your energies from flowing, you can grow as a person. Aside from spiritual matters, an online psychic reading may involve magic rituals and spells to attain material gains. It might help you land a job you want, attract your soulmate, or change your personality.

Online psychic reading isn’t a substitute for professional medical, legal, or therapeutic help. It can help in those areas, but ultimately, you get out of your life what you put into it.

Q4. How to choose a psychic advisor?

Having a psychic advisor on your side isn’t that different from having a therapist. Psychic advisors tell you what you know is true but are afraid to admit it to yourself. Sometimes, it takes a living human being to tell it like it is for you to take action.

Like a friend who points out your blind spots, a psychic advisor gives you the medicine. It’s up to you to do something about the given advice, but you should hear it nonetheless.

Choose a reader you can trust with intimate details about your life like a best friend. A psychic that empowers you is worth their weight in gold. You may get some “tough love” in the process, but if you feel empowered afterward, that’s the healer you should choose.

Concluding – Best Psychic Sources With Cheap Psychics For Accurate Readings About Love, Career & Life:

Online psychic reading websites aren’t the last resort to finding answers to life’s most challenging questions. Instead, they’re a powerful tool in your spiritual development toolbox. If you sharpen this tool and use it regularly, you can ensure better, consistent results. It doesn’t matter if you’re a psychic or mere mortal; you need a solid connection to the other side.

Oranum is an excellent starting point as it lets you communicate with psychics live. Do your research, ask questions, and devour the free content on the blog. Then, you can choose a psychic advisor who’s worth your time. Purple Garden, Keen, and AskNow are excellent networks to shop for an online psychic reading. Qualified psychics are available at your fingertips at different per-minute rates.

One last thing: Most people postpone their online psychic reading until it’s too late. Don’t be like most people. Start today because the earlier you start, the faster you get the desired results.

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