2022’s Best Online Tarot Reading: Top 5 Recommended Sites With Accurate Spiritual Readings For Clarity & Happiness, Love, & Future Prediction | Get 100% Live Sessions 24/7 Via Phone, Chat, Or Video| Tarot Deck Professionals & Psychics Near Me

Tarot cards can help you in more ways than you currently imagine. They help you get answers to some of life’s burning questions. Therefore, they are an excellent way to know your next steps.

However, there are so many tarot reading sites out there. It might be hard to pick out which one is right for you. We came up with a list of some sites that offer the best tarot reading services. We narrowed it down to the top five from the various sites out there.

Purple Garden offers high-accuracy tarot card readings by experts. Also, it provides the best bonuses and free minutes on its mobile app.

Keen also connects you with experienced tarot readings with realistic readings and timely predictions. Thus, you always act in productive ways with whatever life throws at you.

Kasama is the oldest one with a collection of tarot reading styles drawing from ancient traditions. You can be confident you’ll get top-notch readings at affordable rates.

AskNow is the most user-friendly tarot reading site for beginners. You’ll find tons of free resources to learn about tarot readings.

Oranum is an on-demand psychic social platform that you use to get live tarot readings. You also get access to exclusive interpretations made for you only.

Most Accurate Tarot Card Reading Platforms Of 2022:

  1. Purple Garden – Best Tarot Reading Platform To Get Live Tarot Sessions
  2. Kasamba – Renowned Tarot Card Counselors In Spiritual Readings
  3. Mystic Sense – Recommended Psychic Reading Sites For Future Predictions
  4. Keen – Best Platform For A Tarot Reading Enthusiast
  5. Psychic Oz – Popular Psychics & Tarot Readers For Life Guidance

#1. Purple Garden – Best Tarot Reading Platform To Get Live Tarot Sessions


Purple Garden is the largest online tarot reading site with a proven track record. It’s a superior website, Android, and iOS app, offering accurate online tarot readings. Furthermore, it’s the best psychic network giving you the best tools to solve your most complex dilemma. Download the app today, and don’t miss the free credits and minutes.


Purple Ocean is the most established network, with millions of users worldwide. It cares about your privacy, providing military-grade encryption technology to protect your personal information, and that’s why it attracts thousands of users every day.

Tarot advisors on Purple Garden provide different styles of online tarot readings. They specialize in specific domains, from career and relationships to emotional release. You can always find a specialized answer in your desired area, and it’s accurate.

Get chat, voice, and video calls on Purple Garden. It’s the only online tarot reading site that offers video calls for users, and it’s as simple as logging in to your account from your device and making a call.

Purple Garden tarot card readers are honest and straight to the point. They’ll tell you the truth without sugarcoating. They’ll follow up even if the connection gets lost. So, you’ll get your answers quickly.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden


  • Available on all devices
  • 15+ years of experience
  • Privacy-friendly
  • Video call available
  • Starting at $0.99 per minute
  • Get the credit back if you’re not satisfied


  • Video recording forbidden
  • No free tarot online reading
  • No access to free blog posts

Why We Recommend

Other online tarot reading platforms only offer chat options with tarot readers, but Purple Garden offers video calls. Thus, the experience is more personal, direct, and friendly.

We recommend it because of its push-button online tarot reading feature. You only need a mobile phone with an internet connection, nothing more.

#2. Kasamba – Renowned Tarot Card Counselors In Spiritual Readings


Kasamba is one of the best online tarot reading sites for tarot lovers. Also, it weeds out mediocre tarot readers, ensuring that only the best rise to the top. On top of that, it filters newcomers to guarantee the most accurate readings for its users. It’s no wonder Kasamba has the highest ratings on review platforms among online tarot reading sites.


Kasamba offers a unique system to help you find the right fit. You can propose a different rate than the one given by the tarot reader. While it can help you spend less, it’s up to the advisor to honor your request. The brand offers a free tarot reading for the first three minutes, allowing you a risk-free introduction to the service. Kasamba also takes pride in offering a full refund policy in case a customer is not happy with their tarot reading session.

The mobile app offers more functions than the website. For example, it gives you access to more reviews, including the negative ones. Thus, you can make an educated guess before choosing a tarot reader. Also, you get a faster and more stable connection with the mobile app.

Furthermore, your first three minutes are free to help you assess a tarot reader’s ability. It’ll minimize your risk because you know whether you want to get more. It’s also the best way to compare two tarot readers when you can’t make up your mind.

We also sampled the Angel Card Reading on Kasamba and recommended it. It presents additional reinforcing messages to an online tarot reading. People interested in tarot cards should try it.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • Effective filtering system
  • Fast mobile app
  • Ability to read reviews
  • Free three minutes
  • Cartomancy experts
  • Affordable rates
  • Find the answers you need


  • Payment method verification required
  • Video calls unavailable
  • Website bugs

Why We Recommend

We spotted a few overpriced tarot readers on Kasamba. While we got a partial refund, we still paid a lot. However, we recommend it because we received valuable insight from genuine tarot readers.

#3. Mystic Sense – Recommended Psychic Reading Sites For Future Predictions


Mystic Sense is famous for directing users towards the path of intuitiveness and success. It claims to provide you with the world’s best psychics to answer your life-related queries, which are available both on voice and video calls throughout the year.

It uses a rigorous vetting process to accept psychics worldwide on the online tarot reading platform. In addition, the results of psychic readers’ background, qualifications, and certifications are shown on the website for better searchability and user security.

Moreover, the official site’s searching tool lets you filter the psychic readers based on their reading style, unique tags, tools, status, and specialties.


  • Pricing starts from $0.99 per minute
  • Five minutes for a free trial
  • Proficient tarot readers
  • Confidential reading sessions

=> Visit the Official Website of Mystic Sense


  • Customized psychic readings
  • Extensive network of professional psychic readers
  • Background check info of the registered psychics available
  • Readings’ availability via video call, chat, or voice call


  • Free five minutes do not apply to all psychics
  • Live psychics are limited

Why we recommend

When you need a specialized psychic reader according to your needs and budget, nothing can beat Mystic Sense. It only entertains registered psychics whose background checks and information are revealed to the public.

Moreover, you can effortlessly reach psychics via video calls, voice calls, or chat, and you can enjoy five full free minutes to try Mystic Sense.

If you ever feel troubled with your love life or relationships, you can register on Mystic Sense and book an appointment. After using your free five minutes, a $10–20 top-up is needed for a new reading session.

#4. Keen – Best Platform For A Tarot Reading Enthusiast


Keen is a go-to site for finding trusted tarot readers to provide answers to life’s tricky questions. Will he come back to me? Is she still in love with me? Should I start a new business? Keen will connect you with expert online tarot readings to give you those answers.


With hundreds of tarot readers from different “schools of thought,” you may experience paralysis by analysis and find it hard to find practical answers. However, the Keen Psychic Matching tool will help you filter and choose the best advisor. The brand is the most affordable site for an online tarot card reading.

Not only will Keen give you online tarot reading, but you can also do it offline. You can get your reading wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Your tarot reading is one phone call away. Call 1-800-ASK-KEEN (1-800-275-5336).

Keen is open 24/7, but tarot readers aren’t always available. Thus, you can schedule an appointment when your favorite tarot reader is ready for you. It’s a neat feature that will help you follow up and remain consistent with your readings.

Keen is one of the only online tarot reading sites to offer a Satisfaction Guarantee credit through a friendly customer support team. When you’re not the happiest with your online tarot reading, you can reach out and get your credit back.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Better matching
  • Qualified tarot readers
  • Phone calls available
  • Schedule appointments that fit your timezone
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Lots of free articles
  • Accurate predictions


  • No video calls are available
  • High caliber tarot readers command higher rates
  • Account registration required

Why We Recommend

Keen gives new users free three minutes to sample the service. See if you want to invest more with each tarot reader. Also, get your credit back if you don’t like what you see.

#5. Psychic Oz – Popular Psychics & Tarot Readers For Life Guidance


Psychic Oz feels like a social network of tarot advisors. It has a built-in payment system as you purchase coins and pay for services. It’s full of live chat rooms that you can watch for free. Often, tarot readers do live readings for viewers and offer some education. The best way to enjoy Psychic Oz is getting a private one-on-one online tarot reading because you get the reader’s full attention and care.


Always find an available tarot reader on Psychic Oz, even if it’s an emergency. The live chat feature guarantees that you access tarot readers instantly in a face-to-face setting. Get a feel of what’s in store before spending a coin.

Purchase exclusive tarot reading available on your favorite tarot reader’s profile. Also, unlock their posts and stories when you subscribe. We believe the underground aspect of Psychic Oz adds to the mystique, and there’s always a pleasant surprise waiting for you to discover it.

Users can also download the Psychic Oz app to engage with tarot readers. Use it to get your online tarot readings when you can’t access your laptop. It’s a great experience to share with friends and family when you’re gathering during holidays and feasts.

With live chat, it’s the closest thing to getting a tarot reading in real life. You can watch the tarot reader shuffling and reading the cards for you. Enjoy the person-to-person interaction that lets your psychic deliver a thorough reading.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Psychic Oz


  • 24/7 live chat
  • Free blog posts about tarot
  • Webcam chat\voice chat
  • Deeper connection with your tarot reader
  • 10,000 free coins
  • Ability to create a personal account


  • No phone calls
  • Without a money-back guarantee
  • Consume a lot of bandwidth
  • Some gated content

Why We Recommend

We enjoyed the social aspect of Psychic Oz, and we recommend it to bold users who aren’t afraid to open their cameras. Do voice calls if you’re not ready.

Steps Taken To Make This List Of Expert Tarot Card Reader & Platforms Online

  • Positive Energy

While an online tarot reading brings hope to your life, it can also bring negative energy. Our primary concern was keeping the negativity away. So, we made sure the tarot advisors never used black magic or otherwise malicious spirits in their online tarot readings. As a result, you can avoid any harmful side effects.

  • Online Reviews

We collected many online tarot reading reviews and articles and studied them all. Then, we made a list of the most promising tarot reading sites to test them. After that, we signed up for several of them and started getting our tarot readings using the free minutes.

In some cases, our curiosity led us to pay for more minutes to get to the bottom of it. We invested our own money to complete the test.

  • Rates

We want our list to include affordable online tarot readings without compromising accuracy. We compared the rates to the industry average and found the sweet spot. Furthermore, we ensured that the sites offered bonuses and discounts to help the users.

  • One-On-One Experience

Having a direct connection with the tarot reader makes the reading more comfortable and guarantees accurate results. When we worked with the tarot advisors, it was one-on-one. So, we ensured the reader cared about us, giving specific answers to our hard questions.

Beginner’s Guide (For People Using Online Tarot Reading for the First Time)

After reviewing the top online tarot readings sites, let’s share some pointers.

  • Set Your Intention

Divination is a way to successful living, but it’s a sacred practice. Tarot cards started in the 15th century as a card game, and it has evolved since then to become a divination tool. Thus, new users should approach online tarot reading as a religious experience. Prepare by taking a bath, meditation, and being open to receiving whatever messages come through the cards.

No need to overcomplicate it. Relax. If you have any specific questions, have them in mind or write them down on paper. Ask good questions to get detailed answers. You mustn’t set expectations and only listen to what you receive.

After the online tarot reading, sit down and reflect on the answers from several angles. If you get practical advice, plan how you would apply it to your situation. Users shouldn’t rush it or jump to conclusions. Next, follow up if you need further clarifications or when you have new questions.

  • Safety Cautions

Most users will need to register an account on the online tarot reading site. As a result, they can apply, call, and share their information. For these reasons, users need an active email and number. Furthermore, they need a stable internet connection to avoid interruptions during the reading.

We suggest you use a separate email address from your work email. Avoid getting notifications and psychic-related messages to your personal or business inbox. You may also need to keep your password in a safe place away from snoopers.

Your personal information will always be safe on online tarot reading sites, and they use the latest security technologies to protect users. Thus, you don’t have to worry about leaking your information or selling it to third-party marketers.

You may also want to keep your tarot readings private because of their sensitive nature. Do it with friends and family present with you in the room. However, if you want to ask personal questions, it’s best to do it alone. We learned that the hard way!

  • Legal Disclaimer

You can ask any question under the sun, even about your finances, health, or personal life. However, keep in mind that tarot readers don’t offer legal advice. So, users should consult a professional about legal matters.

Furthermore, tarot readers help you relieve anxiety, heal from trauma, and achieve optimal health. At the same time, they don’t offer professional medical advice. In this case, you want to go to a doctor for a professional diagnosis.

It’s up to you to honor their suggestions, but use common sense with grave matters. For example, you don’t have to marry a person based on an online tarot reading. Also, you don’t have to make a business decision because the tarot reader said so.

Ask open-ended questions, receive the information, and run it through your rational mind. Before you act on an online tarot reading, weigh the pros and cons sensibly.

  • Choose the right tarot reader

Remember to read the reviews section in the tarot reader’s profile and collect information before going ahead for a reading with them. Positive reviews are always a great indicator of a proficient advisor. See if you can find them on social media or if they have a website. Usually, you’ll feel a connection to a tarot reader while researching.

You might even feel a tingle in your hands and fingers. In this case, you might get a deep connection with the reader faster. Furthermore, a successful online tarot reading depends on the link between the advisor and the user. We’re not sure why but maybe you share a distant ancestor or mutual spiritual connection. At any rate, it makes the reading more fun, productive, and insightful.

You may also want to get familiar with different tarot card decks, especially the one your reader uses. In some way, it’ll help you immerse yourself in the reading and enjoy the experience.

  • Chat, call, or video

At some point, users need to choose their preferred mode of communication. It’s not the same for everyone, so decide what works best for you. We like video calls the most, and we enjoy the face-to-face interaction as we can see the tarot reader and the deck. However, it might be different for you.

Live chat is the most popular way to get an online tarot reading, and it can be more private and practical in many situations. Plus, you get direct answers in a few minutes. Still, you may not feel the connection like you would with a phone or video call.

Phone or voice calls are also private because the tarot reader can’t see your face. It can feel more personal as you hear the reader’s voice, and you can also do a phone call tarot reading anywhere in private.

Email is also possible, but not all tarot readers use email, and it’s still a viable option for busy users who don’t have the time to sit down for a call or chat. Plus, you get to keep records of the reading in your email.

Online Vs. Offline Tarot Card Reading Services

Again, online tarot reading sites give you access to more psychics worldwide. Users have fewer options when looking for local tarot readers. When using an online tarot reading site, you can also see available advisors and choose between them. If you go offline, you won’t find many of them in your area.

Furthermore, you can read reviews about each tarot reader online and decide which one is the best for you. However, it’s hard to tell what the experience of past customers at a local tarot shop is. Online tarot readers are also easier to access from your web browser or mobile phone. You can do it at home or anywhere safe. You don’t need to travel or drive to the nearest tarot reader in your area.

Remember, online tarot reading sites offer bonuses, free minutes, and a money-back guarantee. On the other hand, offline tarot readers ask that you pay upfront regardless of your experience or satisfaction. If you don’t like an online tarot reading, you can switch to another one in a heartbeat. With offline tarot readers, what you see is what you get, and sometimes it’s not enough. Equally important, it’s easier to be anonymous online than offline.

FAQs On Best Tarot Reading Online

Q1. I got several online tarot readings, and they all say different things. Is it a scam?

Every tarot reader approaches an online tarot reading differently, and it depends on their level of experience, tarot deck, and school of thought. So, you might get different results because they read the cards differently. However, you may want to find the common threads and connect the dots. Usually, there’s a hidden connection between them unless it’s a yes or no question.

Q2. Can an online tarot reading predict the future?

Yes and no. Some experienced tarot readers can predict an event with an accurate date and time, and others may give a vague timeframe that’s not so accurate. Remember, tarot cards look at the big picture from the past, present, and future. So, they give you an actionable plan to act accordingly.

Q3. What are the best online tarot reading apps?

Purple Garden is the best online tarot reading, offering video calls directly from your phone. It has over 2.2K ratings on the App Store, with an average score of 4.8. AskNow is also an up-and-coming online tarot reading app with free daily horoscope and lucky number readings.

Q4. Can you start an online tarot reading business?

Yes, online tarot reading marketplaces are always looking for fresh talent. If you think you have the gift, you can join and make money online by giving online tarot readings. Furthermore, you may need to pass through the tests and perform to the Council to get approval.

Q5. What are the different types of online tarot readings?

They’re too many to count, but Egyptian tarot online reading is a popular type. Furthermore, hermetic tarot online readings are more accurate than most. You may also want to try the herbal tarot online reading.

Q6. How can an online tarot reading help me?

It can help you with several areas in your life, such as love, marriage, and work. Remember, these online tarot readings are more general guidance than professional advice, and think of them as entertainment rather than “messages from the dead.” On the other hand, it may provide an explanation and advice when conventional methods don’t work.

Conclusion: Which Online Tarot Card Reading Site Is Best For You?

Do you have questions that you feel embarrassed to ask even to your best friend? Do you feel like nobody will understand you? If you find yourself between the devil and the blue sea, tarot cards can offer answers. Not only that, they can give you solace.

The internet has many online tarot reading sites. In this article, you read about the top five psychic platforms with tarot reading services. They give you many methods to get your online tarot reading safely, discreetly, and accurately. You must understand that the best tarot card reading online may not provide 100 % real accurate information, but the hints will point somewhere. Go ahead and indulge. You’ll find answers even to the most cheek-reddening questions.

Take advantage of the free minutes, bonuses, and money-back guarantee. Engage with intuitive tarot readers who exist to help you relieve anxiety and find guidance. If you’re not happy with your online tarot reading, you can request your credit back. Sooner or later, you’ll find closure and move on with your life. Remember, ask open-ended questions.

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