PUD warns of scam calls

OKANOGAN COUNTY – Okanogan County PUD customers have notified the PUD of a few new telephone scams that they have received.

In the Oroville area, customers reported being called by a computerized auto-attendant. A female voice announced itself as “Okanogan County PUD Collections” and attempted to collect payment.

Another north county customer received a voicemail message indicating they had a past due amount at the PUD and to call an 800 number right away to make payment.

In the Brewster area, a customer received a call stating they needed to make a large payment via Western Union or their power would be disconnected that evening.

In the Tonasket area, a customer received a call from an 800 number indicating he needed to purchase a $500 money pack at a local Rite Aid or Walgreens to keep his electric service from being disconnected.

Please be aware that the PUD does not use auto-Attendants to collect payments nor would we ask customers to make payments through Western Union or any facility or organization other than our own. If customers aren’t sure if a call is from the PUD, he/she should hang up and call PUD Customer Service to verify the information given. If customers believe they are the target of a potential scam, please report it to both PUD Customer Service and your local law enforcement office.


Submitted by Laura L. Richards, SPHR

HR & Customer Service Manager

Okanogan County P.U.D.