Buy Delta-9 Gummies Online: 3 Best THC Edibles You Should Try [2022]

Over recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the hemp-based product market. Among the various cannabinoids available, delta-9 has caught quite a few people’s attention.

Delta-9 or other cannabinoids are sold in various products such as vapes, cigarettes, oils, and edibles. People who don’t smoke often go for the edibles. Among the edibles are delta-9 gummies which are highly potent and delicious. These gummies have so much to offer other than being yummy; they help relieve pain, ease discomfort, and help improve sleep patterns.

Due to its increased popularity, you will find various brands selling delta-9 gummies and other hemp products. This increased number has made it hard for people to choose an online store legally selling these products. Therefore, it is essential to check out the whole brand in-depth to check its authenticity and the quality of its gummies.

These products directly impact your health, so you must be sure of the quality and safety of the product before making a purchase. We’ve done an extensive amount of research for you. This way, you will save a lot of time from researching every brand on the internet. After long hours of careful research, we’ve come up with three authentic brands that contain top-quality hemp-based products, especially delta-9 gummies.

Best Brands That Sell Delta 9 THC Gummies & Edibles:

The following three brands surpassed all our brutal critiques to be able to be considered suitable enough for the list.

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Brand Selling Delta 9 Gummies, Editor’s Pick
  2. Delta Extrax – Top Ranked Brand For Delta 9 Gummies & Weed Edibles
  3. Mr. Hemp Flower – Most Popular Hemp-Derived Variety Of Delta 9 Gummies

#1.Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Brand Of Delta 9 THC Gummy Brands, Editor’s Pick

You might’ve heard quite some positive talks about Exhale Wellness – and rightfully so. Exhale Wellness is among the pioneers of the hemp market, and the brand has made quite a name for itself in recent years. Exhale Wellness has a team of various experts who work to find highly potent hemp products by researching, testing, and using high technology.

The company also has a blog to help and guide first-time users. The team uses the blog to educate people regarding hemp products and help them to choose the best product according to their symptoms.

Today Exhale Wellness has become the go-to brand for all hemp-based edibles, especially for delta-9 products. They are considered to be the best in the market when it comes to their gummies. The delta-9 gummies are among the first products of theirs. These gummies have grown to be everyone’s favourite, and new exciting flavours are being introduced all the time.

Product Highlights

Quality Ingredients: In terms of quality, the delta-9 gummies are made up of only the top-quality ingredients using leading technology. They have successfully kept all of their products away from any artificial flavouring. The team is devoted to giving its users an exciting yet safe experience. Moreover, they do not use any harmful toxins.

The brand is against any sort of animal cruelty, and so they use only vegan-friendly ingredients. The amount of THC is less than 0.3%. Moreover, Exhale Wellness offers delta-9 gummies in three exciting flavours, i.e., Passion Fruit, Berry, and Green Apple.

Advanced Extraction Method: Other brands use various technological methods to extract delta-9, which can cause harmful chemicals to be extracted. Exhale Wellness uses the CO2 extraction method, which not only extracts a highly potent form of delta-9 but separates the toxic chemicals as well.

100% Money-Back Guarantee and Discounts: Other factors show that Exhale Wellness is not only here for the money but also to help out are their money-back guarantees and various offers and discounts. If you are not satisfied with their products, you can easily return them and get all your money back. The brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Moreover, they offer a 20% discount on every user’s first order. From time to time, they put up various offers on their websites.

Transparency: When it comes to our health, it can be hard to trust a brand, and we need complete transparency from their side. Exhale Wellness offers complete transparency, and they are entirely open about their hemp source, extraction method, ingredients they use, and their product’s individual lab reports.


  • Third-party lab tested
  • 100% organic and cruelty-free
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Well-reputed company
  • Highly potent and long-lasting


  • All products are only available online
  • Limited flavours

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2.Delta Extrax – Top Ranked Brand For Delta 9 Gummies

The second brand that made it to our top three list is Delta Extrax. This brand is known for its edibles. It was first established in 2015. Delta Extrax has become a renowned brand. They not only sell cannabis and hemp-based products, but they also have a blog where they educate their users.

They offer various products on their sites. Moreover, they provide a wide variety of highly potent delta-9 gummies. They infuse their gummies with pure and clean terpenes, giving excellent customer satisfaction.

The brand follows the law by not exceeding 0.3% THC in their products. Despite crossing various milestones and gaining the general population’s attention, they have not slowed down on their quality or quantity.

Product Highlights

Various Flavours: After careful research and looking at various reviews, the majority of the users liked the variety of flavours. They offer the following flavours: Blueberry Citrus Burst, Caribbean Cool Live Resin, Green Apple Chronix, Guavaberry Fruit, Kiwi Mixer, Peach Citrus Pomegranate, Pinkberry Live, Sour Strawberry Live Resin, Wild Cherry Chronix, Sweet Slices, Tropical Raspberry and lastly Sweet Watermelon.

Low Prices: While it is not mentioned, we also compared the prices of all brands and selected reasonable ones. Unlike others, the pricing of the delta-9 gummies is relatively lower. They offer a pack of 10 gummies at a low cost, each containing 10 mg of delta-9 THC.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product does not sit right with you. We think buying products at reasonable prices and returning them is excellent.

Quality Ingredients: The delta-9 gummies are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. The brand uses pectin in place of gelatin, and they contain no genetically modified organism GMO. Moreover, the flavorful gummies are entirely gluten-free, making them the perfect supplements for vegans. The hemp is 100% organic and grown naturally while following all the laws. The brand claims that their gummies help with various conditions, including easing pain, soothing your nerves, and anxiety-relieving properties.

Advanced Extraction Method and Transparency: The Delta Extrax teams consist of experts who carefully extract the delta-9 using the advanced CO2 extraction method. Moreover, the staff are entirely professional and have a history in this market. Due to their extensive experience, they are constantly on the go to invent new products while still ensuring purity and quality remain. Third-party laboratories test every product, and the lab reports for their products are available for users on their websites.


  • Excellent gummies quality at appropriate prices
  • Wide variety of gummies
  • Various therapeutic and analgesic effects
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


  • No free shipping

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta Extrax

#3.Mr. Hemp Flower – Most Popular Variety Of Delta 9 Gummies

The last brand that managed to make it to our list is Mr. Hemp Flower. Mr. Hemp Flower was founded by two friends whose primary reason for introducing it to the world was the provision of high-quality hemp products.

Even after several years of remaining in the business, the brand has remained true to its quality. They are based in North Carolina and are directly licensed by US farmers, and their delta-9 gummies are made under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Do you think that the information provided on the website regarding a product is not enough? You can quickly get more in-depth information by scanning every individual’s unique QR code. If you visit their website, you can see that they provide a wide variety of hemp goods, including tinctures, vapes, pre-rolls, and especially their delta-9 gummies, which are the users’ favourite. The brand uses full-spectrum delta-9 and terpenes, ensuring absolute quality and effectiveness.

Product Highlights

Friendly Ingredients: The delta-9 gummies sold by Mr. Hemp Flower are made up of only natural and organic ingredients, and they add no preservatives or artificial flavouring to their gummies. Moreover, the gummies contain no GMOs and are entirely cruelty-free, making them the perfect supplements for vegans.

Transparency: Mr. Hemp Flower has displayed every product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) on their website for everybody to see. They get all their lab tests done through a third-party laboratory.

Flavours and Potency: The delta-9 gummies come in two flavours, Watermelon and Blue Raspberry. The team sells their gummies in two different quantities; a 5-pack and a 30-pack. If you’re new, then a 5-pack would be a great way to test the product out. Otherwise, 30 gummies per pack is a great deal based on its price tag. Each gummy contains 10 mg of delta-9.

Refund Policy: If you don’t find the delta-9 gummies up to the mark, you can quickly just contact the brand, return the product, and get your money back. Mr. Hemp Flower offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you successfully return the products within 30 days.

CO2 Extraction: All the products are made using a safe process. The delta-9 is extracted using the CO2 extraction method. This extraction method distils the purest hemp, and the hemp sourced is entirely organic.


  • Zero artificial flavouring or preservatives
  • Non-GMO and gluten free
  • Budget-friendly
  • Third-party lab tested
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • CO2 extraction process


  • Only two flavours
  • Available only online
  • 10 mg might not be suitable for beginners

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mr Hemp Flower

How We Chose The Psychoactive THC Gummies Brands of 2022

Before starting our hunt for the best brands, we put together a list of distinguishing features of every brand. After putting together that list, we researched various brands and studied whether they had a particular set of factors that matched our criteria. Following are the features that we looked for in every brand.

What We Looked For

  • Brand Reputation: Often, brands don’t seem to match the expectations they create by exciting their products. Brand reputation is a great way to get the gist of a brand and its products. We looked at every brand’s review, especially how they talk about their customer service and product quality. We shortlisted brands that have great reviews regarding their products and efficient customer service.
  • Hemp Quality: We made sure that the hemp that was being used in the products was of top quality and grown within the US. Within US soil, hemp is grown according to all the legal US farming laws. Moreover, we ensured that the hemp is free from any pesticides or toxins and is safe for consumption.
  • Ingredients: Wouldn’t you find it fishy if brands who have taken on selling hemp-based products don’t display their ingredients? The third factor that we looked for in every brand is whether they displayed the ingredients and what ingredients they used. We selected the brands that were forward and open. Additionally, the brand must have the ingredients and lab tests available for the consumers to view. We also ensured that the selected brands didn’t use any harmful components but only organic ones. The top brands we chose had delta-9 gummies that are free from any artificial additives and harmful toxins.
  • Customer Reviews: A few bad reviews can tank a brand. We explored the websites of all brands and looked up users’ reviews on Reddit. We only selected brands with positive reviews on every platform.

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying Delta-9 Gummies

How will you know what you want to buy or look for in a product? Everyone has different tastes and perceptions. It’s necessary to dig into all the brands and their products before selecting one. To save you from the hassle, we’ve done it for you. Here are some factors to check that we’ve picked out for you. Whenever you buy delta-9 gummies, make sure all the brands fulfill these criteria.

  • Transparency

A key to building a successful client-customer relationship is to have full transparency. Make sure that whatever brand you select they don’t look shady. Check out all their product information and see if it is correct. Many brands online sell products just for money without caring for the customers.

The brands that we’ve selected have complete transparency with their users. You can view lab reports, and they are entirely open about their process. They have blogs where they not only educate people but involve them in their approach as well.

  • Customer Feedback

You can get quite a lot of honest valid information from customer feedback. You can view forums like Reddit, where there will be a review for the product. Another way you can view customer feedback is through the site itself.

Nowadays, brands often hire people to give fake reviews due to a marketing tactic. But you can quickly tell them apart from genuine ones. But don’t go for the site offering the fake ones. The brands we’ve selected have great customer reviews and ratings that don’t fall lower than a four out of five.

  • Ingredients

Make sure to view the ingredients of every delta-9 gummies that you come upon. There might be some allergens in the ingredients list. Moreover, if you’re vegan, some brands (like the ones on our list) also offer cruelty-free delta-9 gummies.

Ensure that your brands do not add any preservatives, artificial flavouring, GMO, or other harmful toxins. Check the concentration of THC that is in your delta-9 gummies. The legal amount is 0.3%.

The brand we mentioned above follows the complete protocols and maintains quality without adding any harmful substances.

  • Hemp Quality

While choosing a brand, check if they grow hemp organically. Moreover, check if authentic US farmers licence it. We selected brands to follow the 2018 Farm Bill and grow organic hemp.

  • Potency Levels

Every person is different, and so are their body functions. Similarly, every person will have a level of potency that will work for them. Delta-9 has intoxicating properties. For a beginner, a hefty dose will have immediate psychoactive properties. So, choose a brand that has more than one potency level available. Also, make sure that there are lower potency levels.

  • Customer Service and Policies

It’s essential to see how easy the overall buying process is. See what payment options they offer. A good and user-friendly interface is also crucial. There is often a website that is so messy and can confuse you. Another thing that is important to note is the shipping rates. Some sites offer free delivery, while others charge money depending on where you live.

FAQs About Delta 9 THC Gummies

  1. Are delta-9 THC gummies safe?

Like most other cannabinoids, delta-9 gummies are entirely safe to use. They don’t have any significant dangerous side effects, but a person can experience minor side effects such as dry eyes, lethargy, dizziness, and nausea. If you have any allergies, it is better to consult with your doctor first before going ahead and using the gummies. Moreover, some of the side effects you may experience, such as nausea and dizziness, might be due to the incorrect dosage.

Another thing, if you take more than what you were prescribed, it can cause you to feel anxiety and paranoia. So, to avoid any side effects, every brand recommends starting from half a gummy a day, and it’s essential to use the correct potency levels.

  1. Which states are delta 9 gummies legal in?

The delta-9 gummies are legal in the following states: Alabama, Wyoming, Colorado, Indiana, Arizona, Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Virginia, South Carolina, New Mexico, Delaware, Arkansas, Vermont, Oregon, Maryland, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Montana, Florida, Louisiana, Illinois, Tennessee, North Dakota, Missouri, Utah, New Jersey, Ohio, Nebraska, and Maine.

  1. Can pregnant women take delta 9 gummies?

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding your little one, you should avoid taking delta-9 gummies. The FDA completely advises against it, and it can have adverse side effects on your baby and can harm it.

  1. Are delta 9 gummies addictive?

Delta-9 gummies contain only 0.3% THC, and this percentage does not develop any addiction in a person. Moreover, you won’t establish tolerance levels until you consume the correct dosage, and a higher than necessary dosage will lead you to develop tolerance.

  1. Can delta 9 THC edibles make me fail a drug test?

Yes! If you’ve ingested delta-9, it can get caught in a drug test. No amount of water can help you get rid of the delta-9 quickly. This is because when you ingest it, it attaches to your body’s fat. So even if you take a drug test two to three weeks after, it will still be detected.

Conclusion : Best Delta 9 THC Gummy Brands

Delta-9 is a psychoactive drug used as a recreational drug in the past. Still, today it is being used to treat various conditions such as insomnia, back pain, and mental illnesses like stress and anxiety. The delta-9 gummies are one of the different fun ways to introduce delta-9 into your system. The gummies are delicious and are available in multiple flavours.

With an increase in its popularity, many producers have sprung up to sell hemp products. This can confuse you and make it hard for you to select the right one. The key to this is researching. We’ve done that for you and established the top three brands that offer the best delta-9 gummies quality-wise. These brands include Exhale Wellness, Delta Extrax, and Mr. Hemp Flower.

All of the top brands have great reviews and have successfully maintained the quality of their products. These three brands offer various potencies and flavours of delta-9 gummies, and you can easily choose the one you desire. The products are tested and free from any harmful ingredients that can be dangerous to you.

Suppose the three brands don’t sit well with you. You can always research brands and look for delta-9 gummies yourself by following our buying guide. Good luck!




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