Advice for new Chevy dealer

Competitive competition and new businesses are positive additions to our area, but here is a bit of friendly advice to the new boy in town. If you have the best prices, we will know it. If you have the best service, we will know it. If your deals are honorable, we will know it. And if not, we’ll know that too.

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Appreciate sponsors of Centennial Mural Project

We wish to thank everyone who has supported the Centennial Mural Project on Main Street. Unfortunately, our artist had too many commitments in Seattle and did not make it back to finish before the cold weather set in. He promises to be back, as soon as weather permits, to finish the wall.

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Will initiative make them effective listeners?

I heard on the news the other day that our governess was going to Spokane to hold a town hall meeting and to find out from the “people” how the government of Washington State was doing. This meeting has come and gone by now and I haven’t heard anything about what the governess may have learned from this get together. But after looking at my license renewal notice for my 13 year-old pickup I wonder if any one in the town hall group was allowed to ask the hostile question of whatever happened to the initiative that the people of Washington state passed by some 60+ percent margin, that reduced our vehicle license tabs to $30? Now I suppose one could look at a fee of $188 and call it “investing in Washington” as Bill Clinton might say? Or could we say that going from $30 to $188 is inflation caused from “Government by Democrat,” there is probably a variety of terms that could be used to help numb the effect.

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State cuts mean lean times at the food banks

It has come to my attention that the State of Washington is going to cut back on the budget to our local food banks unless “they prove the need” of the needy. Also local donations have been low these past several months. With the holidays coming up, what’s going to happen then?

When I first moved up here four years ago and times were difficult, I was thankful I had somewhere to go to help stretch my dollar to feed my children. When things got better the next year and many years after that, I made sure to donate food during the holidays. I’ve given back to the community who so generously gave to my children and me.

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A call to arms

3:00 in the morning. Woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Don’t know what that has to do with anything except that I turned on the TV and there was a documentary on the war, World War II that is. It was on because we are fast approaching what once was referred to as Armistice Day and now is known as Veterans Day. Or at least it should be known as either one or the other and yet I feel that many within our nation don’t even know that such a day exists.

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Should back up statements with evidence

I enjoy a respected friend who sometimes seems just another hysterical doom-crier making politically expedient, overwrought statements like:

“…freedom in the U.S. has already been so severely compromised that most of us would notice little change in our lives if Martial Law were imposed tomorrow and presidential elections discontinued.”

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Getting lost can be rewarding in itself

I am not a member of the National Organization for Women, but in my 80 years have observed men professionally as well as non. I enjoyed publisher Bill Forhan’s article and wish to respond with my “tidbits.”

We have a bicameral brain (two-chambered). The right brain sees in pictures in contrast to thinking in words. It is also capable of photographic memory. It is able to see events and grasp the whole overall picture at once in an instant.

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Pray you don’t have to go through this

I’m writing this letter in response to Mr. Dixon’s letter. Mr. Dixon, can you truthfully say you’ve never had a drink then got in your car and driven? I don’t know too many of us who haven’t.

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Mine the ocean not the mountain

I listened to an interview recently on Canadian radio (CBC) with a man who described the Nautilus Project for Undersea Mining. He said massive deposits of gold, copper and zinc have been located in the oceans and that mining these deposits will be fully functioning by 2010. In two years!

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Hiring Safco ‘a good choice’

Safco Excavating has gone back to Idaho. They were the guys who did the new sewer in the south end of town. In my opinion they did an excellent job while they were in town. They treated us and our yard with the utmost respect and consideration.

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