Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week 47

Something stinks

Good friends of mine bought a home in AeneasValley in 1994. Their home has a septic system that was installed byprofessional installers at Herriman Speedy Septic Tank, Inc. Herriman, Inc.obviously did a great job on the installation, because my friends have neverhad any problem whatsoever with their septic system during the 16 years theyhave lived in their home.

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Letters to the Editor, Week 46

Limit religious freedoms?

Watchingthe news about the Western Boro Church! If it is a church it belongs to Satanas far as I can see. When the belief of any group of people race’s hate orwhat, can jeopardize the liberty and freedom or even lives or destroy what thisnation stands for, then I believe there should be some kind of law orlimitation on what freedom really is!

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Letters to the Editor Week 24

Already a better way

I feel the needto express a few thoughts on the initiative process of our state. It is myunderstanding that it was put into being to give the citizens a voice whentheir elected officials would ignore a need. Recently refusing to sign theinitiative relating to the teaching of the constitution resulted in mypatriotism being questioned.

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Letters to the Editor Week 21

Neville was mislabeled

Hello Gary, You say Neville Chamberlain was a “Conservative.” Beingcalled a Conservative really doesn’t mean very much. Neville Chamberlain firstran for office as a “Liberal Unionist,” not a “Conservative.”

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Letters to the Editor Week 20

EMSAppreciation Week is May 16-22

As Coordinatorfor the Oroville Ambulance Service, I would like to take this opportunity toexpress my appreciation and to give a big thank you to the Oroville Ambulancecrew. This group of individuals provides the City of Oroville and surroundingareas with round the clock emergency medical services. One has to be trulydedicated in order to meet the demands of our calls, the ongoing training andmeeting the ever-changing requirements in the world of EMS. Oroville Ambulancedoes just that and does it well. I am proud, and it is my pleasure to continueworking and growing with Oroville Ambulance Service. You truly make adifference in the care for our community.

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Letters to the Editor Week 19

Hospital donation appreciated

Regarding the donation of $45,000 for Hospital Construction Project. Dr.David Webber and the Board of Directors of Wenatchee Valley Medical Center:

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Letters to the Editor week 7

Why is Tribe spending money for park?To the People of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation regarding the future ownership of Osoyoos State Park. In a presentation to the Park Hearing Committee last week in Wenatchee, the Tribes proclaimed how they would operate and pay for the maintenance of the Osoyoos State Park.

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Letters to the Editor Week 6

Bad century for conservatives

The publisher’s “Toughweek for progressives” editorial had me smiling. I’ll guess that weprogressives will be able to weather the loss of AirAmerica. After all, we’llstill have all that wonderful left-leaning propaganda on NPR. But I’m wonderingif it ever occurred to Bill Forhan that while we liberals might not have had agood week last week (although personally none of the things he mentioned are abig deal to me) conservatives have had a bad century, and an even worsemillennium.

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Letters to the Editor, Week 34

Content of their character causes concern



I’m writing in response toDan Dixon’s letter insinuating that I, along with other white men who didn’twant to see Sonya Sotomayor appointed to the Supreme Court now think we “arebeing turned into second class citizens.” The point in my last letter was thatS.S. is not qualified because she is an activist judge and that her decisionsas an appeallet court judge bear that out. She opposed a group of fireman in areverse discrimination law suit. But maybe, from her point of view there is nosuch thing as reverse discrimination.

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Letters to the Editor Week 33

Nurse was calm and kind

Dear Editor,

We are looking to thank a nurse who lives somewhere in Nighthawk. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were in a very bad car accident…

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