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Photo by Emily HansonMichael Scott, 18, riding his board through the bowl in the B3 Skate Park in Tonasket on Friday, July 10.

Skate Park finished; Tonasket skaters see room for improvement

TONASKET – Local skaters in the Tonasket area said they like the new skate park, but see areas for improvement.

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Photo by Emily HansonThe Tonasket Men’s Soccer team for the 2009 Summer season. The team consists of, in alphabetical order: Rafael Aldaco, Santos Alvarez, Rigoberto Bravo, Bruno, Pedro Cocino, Tony Flores, Francisco Guzman, Erick Martinez, Angel Morale

Tonasket men’s soccer team seventh in league

TONASKET – The Tonasket men’s soccer team is seventh in their league after a 2-2 tie game against Okanogan on Saturday, July 11.

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The original cornerstone of St. Martin's Hospital, sealed on Sept. 17, 1952. The construction crew at North Valley Hospital discovered the cornerstone in the wall  of the lobby and within it they found a time capsule when they hit it with a jackhammer. Th

Time capsule from hospital’s cornerstone opened

TONASKET – A time capsule from the original cornerstone of St. Martin’s Hospital was opened during the North Valley Hospital board meeting on Thursday, June 25.

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Photo by Emily HansonA group of children participating in the Sons of the American Legion’s annual kids’ fishing derby. Shown from left to right are: Jamie Wilson, 7, Kali Long, 8, Cassidy Caddy, 7, Andrew Ramsey, 9, Jake Wilson, 9, Andrik Fry, 10, Al

Annual Sons of the American Legion kids’ fishing derby quite a catch

AENEAS VALLEY – There was quite a lot of catching going on at Round Lake on Saturday, June 20; catching of fish that is.

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Photo by Emily HansonTim Cork, the head softball coach for Tonasket High School, teaches one the girls on the last day of the sports camp how to hit a softball off the tee properly.

Second year of Tonasket High School sports camp successful

TONASKET – The second year of the Tonasket High School sports camp was successful last week, with the number of participating increasing.

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Court Report & 911 Calls

District Court

Samantha Kay Clark, 23, Omak pled guilty to three counts third degree DWLS. She was sentenced to 90 days with 88 days suspended, 90 days with 89 days suspended and 90 days with 88 days suspended. She was also fined a total of $2,259.

Clayton Matthew Fink, 26, Omak pled guilty to third degree DWLS. He was sentenced to 90 days with 90 days suspended. He was also fined a total of $653.

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Dumping capitalizam for other failed economic systems

Obama and his Democrat partners in Washington are working hard to make the new economy described in one of those progressive columns I ran a few weeks ago calling for a “new design for the economy,” a reality. Having taken over the banks and the car industry, they have now set their sites on the health care industry. They apparently plan to regulate wages, especially for the fat cat executives and to tell all of these greedy businesspeople how to run their companies.

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Letters to the Editor 4

Ignoring or ignorant?

Dear Editor,

I haven’t written in quite some time because I decided to respond to letters only if they contain obvious misinformation or easily refutable lies.

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Hearings for Kitterman murder defendants Thursday, June 25

OKANOGAN – All four defendants in the Michelle Kitterman murder case will appear in court for another hearing today.

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Campaign of disinformation won’t relieve anger

I have never read anything so lacking in journalistic integrity as the opinion in last week’s edition of The Chronicle. 

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